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You can subscribe to the mail list in mail mode by sending a message to
GAWILCOX-L-request@rootsweb.com with the word "subscribe" in the
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If you prefer digest mode,  send the "subscribe" command instead to

To Unsubscribe just  send the command  "unsubscribe" to
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Also make sure the Wilcox Mailing address does not get put on your "spam list" or your messages will get dumped before you receive them. 

If I keep getting bounces on your address, I will try to contact you with my personal e-mail address before taking you off the list.

Remember this is a list to share information on your Wilcox County families, so don't be shy about writing a message. You will probably find someone to swap information with if you just keep trying.

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If you have records that pertain to Wilcox County Georgia, please submit them to us, Janet and Janice.  Your help is needed in cemetery surveying, census transcribing, and many other projects. We are also very interested in family stories and pictures, church records, deeds, military records and anything else you would like to share.

Janet Moore and Janice McGough

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