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The two earliest Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Jones Samuel Jenkins Sarah 2-6-1862 31 A, A1
Futch Austin Johnson Amanda 12-31-1875 141 A, A1
Hair Thomas E. Johnson Mary Jane 10-26-1860 26 A, A1
Mann D.C. Johnson Louisa 5-3-1866 52 A, A1
McNeal James C. Johnson Nancy 12-7-1876 168 A, A1
Mitchel Henry (Col) Johnson Hariet (Col) 1-6-1881 224 A, A1
Mitchell T.J. Johnson Sarah A. 1-27-1870 90 A, A1
Nazworth Lewis Johnson Sarah A. 3-13-1867 67 A, A1
Thigpen Joshua L. Johnson Isabella 11-4-1874 136 A, A1
Blue James P. Johnson Mary A. 1-10-1875 146 A, A1
Conner James Johnson Frances 2-1-1866 64 A, A1
Mixon B.J. Jones Elizabeth 11-27-1881 234 A, A1
Walker Samuel Jones Sarah 2-17-1866 49 A, A1
Andrews William R. Keen Elizabeth J. 1-18-1877 171 A, A1
Gibbs John Keen Rachel C. 5-15-1873 119 A, A1
Posey Absalam Keen Sarah 8-15-1858 1 A, A1
Stone William B. Keen Nancy 5-2-1872 111 A, A1
Luck Samuel D. Kent Laura A. 4-1-1866 51 A, A1
Michaell A.J. King Anny 1-9-1885 280 A, A1
Marshial James King Mary 10-24-1871 98 A, A1
Nipper John King Mary 1-25-1883 255 A, A1
Allen A. W. Lacy Veney 12-25-1877 178 A, A1
McCamman Alexander J. Lambert Catherine 10-14-1866 55 A, A1
Gibbs George W. Land Elizabeth 4-7-1878 182 A, A1
Paul Perry A. Land Susan 9-11-1873 123 A, A1
Walker Henry J. Land Milley  5-26-1867 66 A, A1
Young Thomas A. Land Mary 10-11-1874 139 A, A1
Cain Seaborn Land Milla Walker 7-5-1874 131 A, A1
McBryant William H. Lane Martha A. 10-5-1885 277 A, A1
Gibbs Thomas Lawson Mary E. 8-2-1868 79 A, A1
Luke Marcus Lee Mary Ann M. 9-27-1866 54 A, A1
Davis Joseph (Col) Lee Keardee (Col) 6-28-1869 89 A, A1
Bergman Burial Lock Gwen 8-3-1878 202 A, A1
Gibbs Samuel Y. Lovett Sibbie 10-3-1880 220 A, A1
Johnson Ashely Lovett Abigail 10-20-1877 179 A, A1
Wallace Henry C. Lovett Nettia 8-27-1884 275 A, A1
Watts Joseph Lovett Mary 1-10-1875 147 A, A1
Wingett R.L. Lovett Mary E. 1-15-1882 239 A, A1
Calhoun John C. Lovett Martha 2-29-1880 307 A, A1
Hunter James Luke Elizabeth 1-31-1867 60 A, A1
Lee James J. Luke Mary 12-18-1879 201 A, A1
Luke John J. Luke Frances C. 3-22-1866 50 A, A1
Ross William Luke Elizabeth 11-8-1874 133 A, A1
Keen Josiah G. Mann Eliza 9-11-1859 9 A, A1
Hogin James Mann Janee 3-15-1883 254 A, A1
Odom Harmon Marshall Welthy 6-18-1863 33 A, A1
Owens George Marshall Saphronia T. 3-6-1863 31 A, A1
Owens Samuel Marshall Sarah S. 5-23-1858 1 A, A1
Handley T. B. Mashburn Martha R. 2-6-1881 225 A, A1
McDuffie Vance (Col) Mason Vina (Col) 3-15-1867 63 A, A1
Sego John M. Mathews Milinda Jane 7-3-1864 35 A, A1
Land John D. Mathy Mary E. 11-16-1873 124 A, A1
Mann William H. McAnally Mary 11-17-1859 10 A, A1
Bowman Benjamin T. McAnally Rebecca 2-13-1866 47 A, A1
Fitzgerald John S. McAnally Anna 1-12-1873 115 A, A1
Crawford James McBryan Dicy 6-17-1860 14 A, A1
Mitchell Moses M. McBryant Julia 9-8-1878 185 A, A1
Hancock Josiah Mc. McCall Mary W. 1-29-1880 199 A, A1
McCall C.S. McCall Josephine 10-15-1874 120 A, A1
McCall Samuel J. McCall Sarah 7-5-1868 81 A, A1
Paul Ansel McCall Susan 10-21-1875 156 A, A1
Rhodes J.E. McCall Betty 12-29-1881 236 A, A1
Statham Norman McCall Sallie 2-25-1883 259 A, A1
Wilson George C. McCall Mary J. 2-1-1878 182 A, A1
Wilson George T. McCall Martha 1-22-1882 252 A, A1
Wilson Manning A. McCall Roberta Zormer 4-22-1875 154 A, A1
Bush William S. McCall Rebeca Mahala 12-19-1878 186 A, A1
Reid M.C. McCormick Sarah 3-7-1879 191 A, A1
Harrell John McCullars Martha 6-5-1885 281 A, A1
Brown James J. McCuller Elizabeth 1-29-1867 60 A, A1
Futch W.I. McDuffie J.D. 11-11-1883 271 A, A1
Gordon Duff McDuffie Abigail 1-13-1876 162 A, A1
Johnson William McDuffie Lauriah 1-30-1879 187 A, A1
McDuffie David McDuffie E.L. (1-9-1879) 188LI A, A1
Mosley C.D. McDuffie Elizabeth 12-8-1859 12 A, A1
Conner Thomas J. McDuffie Elmira 4-30-1868 78 A, A1
Conner Alexander McDuffie Elizabeth 8-7-1873 125 A, A1
Doster Thomas McDuffie Henrietta 12-3-1878 178 A, A1
Harrison W.S. McDuffie Susan 2-19-1868 72 A, A1
Brown Philip McEntire  E.J. 1-18-1866 45 A, A1
McCall Samuel J. McEntyre Mary 9-4-1859 7 A, A1
Johnson George W. McLain Carrie J. 8-19-1879 198 A, A1
Marriett Griffin McLeod Calla 10-18-1876 167 A, A1
Scarborough Perry L. McLeod Elezia 1-25-1872 111 A, A1
Collins Thomas McLeod Anes Adaline 12-22-1875 158 A, A1
Dennard James H. McLeod Flory 11-18-1884 279 A, A1
Ewings Thomas McLeod Eddie 2-21-1883 262 A, A1
Player R.N. McNeese Rose Ann 3-6-1873 118 A, A1
Stone Henry McNeese Josephine 1-19-1871 103 A, A1
Bush Charles F. McNeil Mary L.N. 12-25-1879 209 A, A1
Bullington Edmond S. Merchant Rachael 9-25-1868 73 A, A1
Gibbs Michael Merritt Margaret 2-23-1875 143 A, A1
Gibbs Samuel Merritt Mary 9-8-1875 155 A, A1
Hutto Luke Mims Sylvania 11-13-1859 11 A, A1
Luke William Mims Martha 2-21-1861 26 A, A1
Player Reubin N. Mims Georgeann 3-21-1875 145 A, A1
Young George W. Minshew Cornelia 8-30-1868 80 A, A1
Doster Norman Mitchell  Emmer 1-20-1876 161 A, A1
Adams John Mitchell Elizabeth J. 5-5-1861 23 A, A1
Daniels M.M. Mitchell Margaret 10-30-1860 18 A, A1
Dennard Joseph J. Mitchell Anna J. 1-7-1869 85 A, A1
Fitzgerald James Matthew Mitchell Caroline 1-4-1874 144 A, A1
Gibbs William Mixon Nancy L. 11-25-866 59 A, A1
Miller Mark Mixon Liecy 11-10-1881 234 A, A1
Pope R.E. Mixon Mary E. 2-3-1881 227 A, A1
Hunter Elijah Moore Susan 10-2-1866 55 A, A1
Salter Jonathan L. Morris Martha L. 12-22-1881 236 A, A1
Love Henry Mulkey Sapproney 1-29-1882 237 A, A1
Young Henry Mulkey Susan 2-2-1878 179 A, A1
Brady Andrew J. Mulkey Sarah J. 9-10-1860 17 A, A1
Daniel Marshall Newmans Mary 4-13-1867 63 A, A1
Owens James Nipper Winny 8-18-1881 233 A, A1
Stone Henry J. Nipper Martha E. 1-4-1885 269 A, A1
Taylor Hiram Nipper Martha Ann 9-29-1861 28 A, A1
Bothwell Stephen Nipper Jincey 9-4-1865 65 A, A1
Horsey B.W. Nipper Nancy 3-15-1860 13 A, A1
King Rufus Nobles Mary 10-27-1871 107 A, A1
Taylor Lemuel Odom Sarah A. 3-4-1861 22 A, A1
Coleman L. T. Owens  E. 12-29-1870 102 A, A1
Gibbs Ander J. Owens Matilda 12-28-1879 197 A, A1
Goodwin John Owens Nancy C. 3-16-1873 119 A, A1
Gordon Hardy Owens Polly D. 2-2-1882 243 A, A1
Odom Charles Owens Mahala J. 7-12-1863 32 A, A1
Pitts Anda H. Owens Nancy Jane 1-12-1882 244 A, A1
Smith Joseph M. Owens Nancy E. 4-23-1885 260 A, A1
Cobb  W. C. Owens Mary 9-24-1879 195 A, A1
Coleman James T. Owens Sarah 10-5-1879 217 A, A1
Easters John A, Owens Mary 12-30-1875 160 A, A1
Fitzgerald Thomas W. Owens Sally Matilda 1-13-1881 223 A, A1
Walker Jonathan Owens Charlotte 7-15-1860 14 A, A1
Owens Alfred Parkerson Tempy E. 9-4-1860 15 A, A1
Cayson Thomas Parkerson Mary 2-25-1860 12 A, A1
Hogan William Parsons Mary Ann 6-2-1858 2 A, A1
Barrentine John M. Parsons Nancy 7-15-1875 150 A, A1
Brown Handy E. Parsons Mary 12-04-1874 138 A, A1
Fitzgerald T. Pate  Nancy 11-21-1869 92 A, A1
Gibbs Thomas Pate Sarah 12-27-1874 148 A, A1
Hammons George W. Pate Mary Jane 1-11-1866 45 A, A1
Clements John Pate Nancy 11-25-1877 184 A, A1
Taylor L.D. Pate Elizabeth C. 6-8-1874 131 A, A1
Taylor John D. Paul Leavy 2-17-1870 91 A, A1
Barten  Jno. B. Peacock Julia J. 10-26-1882 246 A, A1
Reid B. Pitt Mary 4-15-1869 93 A, A1
Hunter Hezekiah Player Elizabeth 12-10-1875 44 A, A1
Luke Thomas A. Player Frances 3-14-1861 28 A, A1
McBrayer George (Col) Player Sarah (Col) 12-11-1879 205 A, A1
Peacock H.A. Player Rosanna 11-22-1874 152 A, A1
Reid Drury Player Eliza 1-10-1882 237 A, A1
Tomberlin John A. Player Lucy 3-7-1875 143 A, A1
Walker Samuel D. Player Allis R.J. 5-8-1884 167 A, A1
Coffee Richard Player Julia J. 2-5-1878 183 A, A1
McDuffie A.A. Pope Mary 1-14-1883 247 A, A1
McDuffie Murdock Pope Martha 1-13-1867 62 A, A1
Brown John A.J. Pope Susan 3-2-1879 193 A, A1
Walker James A. Powers Clovah 1-12-1866 48 A, A1
Pritchard Conner Purvis Martha 12-19-1875 159 A, A1

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