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The two earliest Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.


Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Powell Lewis (Col) Elerson Jane (Col) 11-5-1878 99LI A, A1
Powell James Lewis (Col) Elmore Jane (Col) 11-5-1878 182 A, A1
Reid George W. Ewing Elen 10-15-1871 108 A, A1
Parkerson H.L.T. Faircloth Poleyan 4-7-1867 71 A, A1
Warren Alfred Faircloth Nancy E. 2-20-1870 101 A, A1
Warren Thomas Faircloth Queen 6-22-1860 13 A, A1
Holt Bennett Faircloth Mary 12-20-1877 209 A, A1
Holt Eliga Faircloth Sarahann 12-16-1880 231 A, A1
Michael Stephen R. Finleyson S.J. 1-3-1881 228 A, A1
Holt Willliam Finleyson Emily M. 12-30-1872 118 A, A1
Fuller Philip (Col) Fitzgerald Rutha (Col) 8-5-1879 201 A, A1
Gibbs J.J. Fitzgerald Anna 12-16-1860 19 A, A1
Gordon H.J. Fitzgerald Sarah H. 2-22-1866 47 A, A1
King John A. Fitzgerald Leah 1-11-1874 127 A, A1
King Richard Fitzgerald Georgean 12-5-1877 183 A, A1
Love James Fitzgerald Catherine G. 4-7-1873 121 A, A1
McCartney Hugh Fitzgerald Sarah A. 4-5-1868 55 A, A1
Moris James Fitzgerald Susan 8-5-1883 263 A, A1
Odom J.R. Fitzgerald Mary 9-26-1880 217 A, A1
Ragans James A. Fitzgerald Martha R. 6-30-1880 210 A, A1
Scaff John E. Fitzgerald Elizabeth 2-20-1868 87 A, A1
Smith Allen Fitzgerald  Isabell 11-30-1865 44 A, A1
Studstill William C. Fitzgerald Leah 11-22-1860 19 A, A1
Taylor David W. Fitzgerald Mary Ann 8-3-1873 122 A, A1
Barrott Henry J. Fitzgerald Mary 1-16-1868 75 A, A1
Colemen Stephen Fitzgerald Cintha 2-9-1866 46 A, A1
Faircloth Warren Fountain Margaret 2-7-1864 33 A, A1
Land John T. Fountain Sarah 1-12-1878 140 A, A1
Whittle John E. Fountain Celian 6-17-1881 232 A, A1
Cason  L. Fountain Mary L. 2-10-1870 100 A, A1
Conner Andrew Fountain Elizer J. 2-19-1867 61 A, A1
Fountain Drury Fountain Sallie I 10-25-1882 245 A, A1
Harvey David M. Fountain Sarah E. 9-4-1884 267 A, A1
Fuller Warren (Col) Fuller Masury (Col) 7-20-1877 202 A, A1
Lee Luke Fuller Clara Louisa 1-21-1883 262 A, A1
Mitchell Stephen N. Fuller Emmer M. 1-30-1878 180 A, A1
Paulk Martin (Col) Fuller Elizabeth (Col) 11-25-1880 226 A, A1
Reid Bot Fuller Catherine 7-4-1869 92 A, A1
Reid George R. Jr. Fuller Frances E. 5-15-1879 192 A, A1
Reid Robert Fuller Salina 12-25-1877 178 A, A1
Scott Henry (Col) Fuller Reada (Col) 11-5-1868 84 A, A1
Tomberlin Alexander (Col) Fuller Linday (Col) 2-26-1873 117 A, A1
Wilcox Moses (Col) Fuller Louise (Col) 9-5-1880 212 A, A1
Wilcox Nathan (Col) Fuller Emmaline (Col) 9-19-1880 212 A, A1
Willcox Agustus (Col) Fuller Mariah (Col) 3-5-1871 96 A, A1
Young Joseph (Col) Fuller Elizabeth (Col) 1-26-1879 139 A, A1
Allen Warren (Col) Fuller Queen (Col) 1-11-1883 271 A, A1
Bohanna George (Col) Fuller Frances (Col) 11-6-1879 204 A, A1
Dixon Isaac Fuller Lezer 12-21-1870 104 A, A1
Dixon Thomas Fuller Nancy 7-29-1869 95 A, A1
Ewings  David W. Fuller Melissa J. 3-5-1867 74 A, A1
Cooper Franklin Gaff Eliza 7-11-1878 203 A, A1
Lacy Rosman Gardner Nancyan 10-2-1879 196 A, A1
Keen James Gibbs Rebecca 7-30-1882 273 A, A1
King Smith (Col) Gibbs Julia (Col) 12-24-1867 72 A, A1
Lawson Henry A. Gibbs Mahaley 2-8-1879 48 A, A1
Mixon John F. Gibbs Nancy 1-18-1881 229 A, A1
Owens James Gibbs Annie 3-22-1865 37 A, A1
Rollings Bedding Gibbs Roxey Ann 9-23-1877 177 A, A1
Selp James Gibbs Susan 3-16-1877 174 A, A1
Smith G.W. Gibbs Nancy 7-16-1875 150 A, A1
Smith H.W. Gibbs Latishia 2-25-1883 257 A, A1
Taylor Lemuel Gibbs Zempa 12-21-1875 156 A, A1
Youngblood Sandy Gibbs Harriett 3-1-1873 117 A, A1
Clements George W. Gibbs Martha A.  7-25-1875 151 A, A1
Douglas Nelson Gibbs Tempaann 12-7-1882 251 A, A1
Fountain James Gibbs Susan 2-9-1869 88 A, A1
Gibbs Francis M. Gibbs Mozoura 6-28-1879 194 A, A1
Keen Josiah Gibbs Mary C. 7-24-1873 121 A, A1
Mason E.C. Godwin Amelia 1-25-1865 38 A, A1
Wilson J.E. Gordey Elizabeth A. 10-17-1879 200 A, A1
Gibbs William D. Gordon Tibbeann 12-12-1881 224 A, A1
Owens John A. Gordon Rosey 3-18-1880 230 A, A1
Griffin W.A. Gordy Sarah A. 12-13-1885 184 A, A1
Hunter Thomas M. Griffin Elmira V. 10-31-1873 141 A, A1
Roberts George A. Griffin Carry Z 5-12-1873 128 A, A1
Botton Thomas H. Griffin Sallie L. 11-6-1866 58 A, A1
Combs Richard Hagans Eliza Ann 5-9-1872 112 A, A1
Spradley Charles Hall Hester Ann 3-15-1874 137 A, A1
Baskin James A. Hallensworth Elizabeth 7-26-1873 116 A, A1
Mann Thomas Halley Nancy Ann 7-19-1874 132 A, A1
Renfroe Nimrod Zacharia Halley Rebecca Jane 9-23-1875 155 A, A1
Vanadore William Halley Jane 12-9-1885 285 A, A1
McCall James Hally Jimiann 11-19-1878 190 A, A1
Smith Hiram Hamilton Winnie 3-13-1859 5 A, A1
Smith Jasper Hammons Florie Ann 2-20-1859 4 A, A1
Stone James Hammons Mary 11-23-1865 43 A, A1
Walker Joseph Hancock Sarah E. 12-21-1880 208 A, A1
Storey D. Handley Sarah 10-21-1869 97 A, A1
Luke John F. Handshake Margaret Jane 2-8-1877 173 A, A1
Turner Hyman M.M. Haralson Elizabeth 8-16-1874 133 A, A1
Marshall Allan Hardeson Catherine 12-12-1873 130 A, A1
Gammage W.H. Hart Phebean 9-30-1878 186 A, A1
Smith J.A.M. Harvey Missey 11-19-1885 283 A, A1
Swain Stephen A. Harvey Elizabeth 9-9-1877 177 A, A1
Witherington George W. Harvey Frances E. 12-19-1884 268 A, A1
Fuller Hannibal (Col) Hatton Mary (Col) 12-23-1875 157 A, A1
Taylor Henry H. Hawkins Catherine 12-18-1859 4 A, A1
Barker W.C. Hill Jane 2-8-1872 166 A, A1
Conner James Hill Elizabeth 3-30-1865 56 A, A1
Mashburn Thomas D. Hobby Nancy 12-17-1882 248 A, A1
Marshall Thomas Hogans Nancy 9-1-1867 69 A, A1
Smith James J. Hogans Martha Ann 3-30-1870 100 A, A1
Conner Green Hogsett A.L. 6-8-1865 41 A, A1
Turner Lewis Hollingsworth Julian 2-7-1878 180 A, A1
Baskins James O. Hollingsworth Elizabeth 1-26-1873 123 A, A1
Warren Thomas Holt Amellia 3-10-1864 35 A, A1
Welch William M. Hudley Mary 8-30-1885 282 A, A1
Fuller Ellice (Col) Huller Lizer (Col) 11-26-1868 83 A, A1
Teachey Clem (Col) Humphries Eliza (Col) 12-22-1866 51 A, A1
Handley George W. Hunter  Isabela 2-23-1876 165 A, A1
Mann George M. Hunter Elizabeth A. 6-1-1873 128 A, A1
Akins  M. C. Hunter Sibby 3-28-1878 181 A, A1
Eason James Hunter Jane 2-2-1882 238 A, A1
Hunter George C. Hunter Maryan Catherine 11-18-1877 180 A, A1
Faircloth  J.W. Ivey Louiza 10-10-1880 229 A, A1


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