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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Vandiviere, William M. J. Powell, Doris Jean 6/20/1946 457 Bk D White
Vanzant, Mayson Garrett Land, Ruby Louise 8/29/1942 397 Bk D White
Vaughn, A. J. McRanie, Anna 4/10/1936 262 Bk D White
Vaughn, Felton W. Tripp, Dorothy Mae 9/8/1945 441 Bk D White
Vaughn, Levi G. Simmons, Shirley 1/6/1943 405 Bk D White
Veal, Bige McKinley, Neva 7/18/1931 172 Bk D White
Veatch, Lawrence Sutton, Keanette 7/13/1940 351 Bk D White
Veazey, W.T. Brown, Mildred 6/8/1926 82 Bk D White
Vickers, Louis Smith Syms, Miriam 6/21/1940 350 Bk D White
Vinson, Aaron Calhoun, Etter 2/28/1926 77 Bk D White
Vinson, Roy Henderson, Montene 10/14/1934 229 Bk D White
Vinson, Roy Lowery, Mattie 4/26/1930 149 Bk D White
Vinson, William E. Wilson, Evelyn 12/25/1939 240 Bk D White
Vinson, W. L. Barton, Varah L. 6/15/1924 50 Bk D White
Waddell, B. F. Thompson, Girtrude 6/23/1926 83 Bk D White
Wagner, George Oliver McLeod, Cleo 12/12/1943 418 Bk D White
Waldrip, J. Willis Jr. Braswell, Reba Nadine 8/31/1946 462 Bk D White
Walker, Cecil Labritt Bullock, Marie 6/7/1942 391 Bk D White
Walker, D.C. Byers, Marie 1/1/1936 257 Bk D White
Walker, Edgar Earl Tucker, Gertrude Gwinnette 6/28/1947 487 Bk D White
Walker, George S. Dowdy, Evelyn 3/12/1945 433 Bk D White
Walker, Grady Dix, Myrtle 12/25/1940 360 Bk D White
Walker, James Charleston Henderson Hollis Elizabeth 4/13/1952 572 Bk D White
Walker, James Jefferson Arnold, Daisy Eloise 3/12/1937 279 Bk D White
Walker, Julian Clellon Cason, Irona Malina 5/23/1944 425 Bk D White
Walker, Marion Beenie Fincher, Irene 9/11/1940 353 Bk D White
Walker, Norman Jr. Keene, Willie Faye 5/27/1950 544 Bk D White
Walker, Reuben Arnold Wallace, Betty Jo 1/20/1952 569 Bk D White
Walker, W. A. Wilson, Gertrude 10/11/1936 271 Bk D White
Walker, Welman Pittman, Artie Joe 3/11/1948 502 Bk D White
Walker, William Albritten Sellers, Ethelene Euletha 9/6/1947

per Becky Spencer

Walker, Willie Mack Mathews, Nora 11/16/1946 467 Bk D White
Wall, George W. Maddox, Thelma 2/11/1945 432 Bk D White
Wallace, Harold Parkerson, Marjorie 7/25/1926 83 Bk D White
Wallace, Harold Glynn Huey, Wilma Frances 3/9/1951 559 Bk D White
Wallace, J. D. Smith, Corrie Mae 12/22/1923 44 Bk D White
Wallace, Jerone Duff Terry, Elise 12/11/1949 539 Bk D White
Walter, Albert Lee Walter, Arlene 1/4/1942 382 Bk D White
Walters, Andrew Jackson  Paulk, Frances Ferrell 12/10/1948 517 Bk D White
Walters, C.B. Grimstead, Laura Evelyn  1/3/1937 275 Bk D White
Walters, Guy Melton  Shaw, Viola Corene 10/6/1934 228 Bk D White
Wands, Charles  Blosser, Beatrice 1/4/1942 382 Bk D White
Ware, Lawton H.  Fisher, Mildred D. 2/17/1926 77 Bk D White
Warren, Alva  Roach, Margie 8/22/1931 173 Bk D White
Warren, Charles T.  Faircloth, Bessie 4/22/1925 63 Bk D White
Warren, Charlie Jack  Gunter, Lois Hazel 10/22/1946 465 Bk D White
Warren, Earnest E.  Faircloth, Willie R. 1/29/1927 93 Bk D White
Warren, Henry C.  Willis, Maudie May 3/7/1936 260 Bk D White
Warren, Jack  Clements, Tibbie 4/12/1925 63 Bk D White
Warren, James  Bailey, Essie 12/18/1927 110 Bk D White
Warren, James  Moore, Mrs. Myrtle 2/21/1942 385 Bk D White
Warren, J.D.  Barton, Earnestine 3/12/1938 300 Bk D White
Warren, J. D. Warren, Lizzie 4/4/1933 197 Bk D White
Warren, Joe H  Phillips, Evelyn Christian 3/5/1944 421 Bk D White
Warren, Johnnie Hinton Watson, Lois Mildred 12/25/1939 342 Bk D White
Warren, John W.  Alford, Hildred 7/20/1938 306 Bk D White
Warren, Lawson Nipper, Myrtle 9/14/1934 227 Bk D White
warren, Ralph Waters, Virginia 10/1/1946 464 Bk D White
Wash, M. M. Fogarty, Bertha 9/10/1924 53 Bk D White
Waters, McArthur Haynie, Emmie L. 11/14/1928 127 Bk D White
Watson, A.B. Smith, Myrtle 3/19/1922 12 Bk D White
Watson, Arnell Wood, Irene 1/3/1929 133 Bk D White
Watson, B.M. Wade, Naomi 2/17/1924 45 Bk D White
Watson, B. R. Barker, Bessie 5/8/1932 186 Bk D White
Watson, Carl Hiram Barfield, Irene 4/8/1944 422 Bk D White
Watson, C.M. Conner, Emma 3/29/1931 168 Bk D White
Watson, Curtis Jackson  Whitley, Dorothy Lee 7/11/1942 394 Bk D White
Watson, Ernestine Ferrell, Virginia 2/6/1936 259 Bk D White
Watson, Ibra Lee Crenshaw, Martha 9/16/1950 551 Bk D White
Watson, O.C. Oneal, Mattie 10/16/1927 107 Bk D White
Watson, Otis Thompson, Emma Mae 1/20/1945 431 Bk D White
Watson, R.A. Gwaltney, Mattie 8/5/1926 85 Bk D White
Watson, R.C. Rawlins, Alice 8/6/1927 102 Bk D White
Watson, Thomas Dalryumple, Lillie 12/25/1932 193 Bk D White
Weaver, Henry Barfield, Mary Louise 3/8/1950 542 Bk D White
Weaver, Henry Powell, Mamie Lou 6/5/1940 349 Bk D White
Webb, C.W. Waters, Dollie 10/6/1923 38 Bk D White
Weir, J. H. Dyes, Annie 4/10/1926 78 Bk D White
Welch, K. W. Gaddy, Hazel 12/15/1927 109 Bk D White
Weldon, Delma McDuffie, Ruby 5/27/1938 303 Bk D White
Weldon, James Robert  Grantham, Ms. Sallie B. 10/17/1936 271 Bk D White
Weldon, Lewis Smith, Annie Mae 3/5/1938 299 Bk D White
Wells, David Craig, Irene 1/21/1949 520 Bk D White
Wells, Eugene Smith, Louise 7/4/1948 511 Bk D White
Wells, Preston Wright, Peggie 10/19/1942 400 Bk D White
Wessler, Frank J. Holliday, Elsie G. 6/20/1928 119 Bk D White
Westbrook, Grady A. Warren, Mattie Genelle 5/18/1946 452 Bk D White
Westbrook, John Jackson Conner, Mildred Missouri 6/23/1946 457 Bk D White
Wester, J.A. Willingham, Virginia 1/30/1938 296 Bk D White
Whatley, Hiraw Mills, Lovene 2/20/1924 46 Bk D White
Wheeler, Newton Caer, Mary 4/23/1938 302 Bk D White
White, E.E. Wofford, Eula 1/8/1922 9 Bk D White
White, Forris Franklin, Lois 4/10/1952 572 Bk D White
White, G.T. Hunt, Gladys 9/27/1939 334 Bk D White
White, Guy Jr. Sullivan, Eunice 4/29/1940 348 Bk D White
White, Hez Brownie, Mary Etta 8/4/1929 140 Bk D White
White, Hezakiah Sheffield, Mary Lou 10/9/1923 38 Bk D White
White, Jack Homer O'Leary, Evelyn Amanda 8/31/1951 564 Bk D White
White, J. B. Selph, Myrtle 6/23/1933 200 Bk D White
White, William W. Wheeler, Elizabeth 10/26/1941 378 Bk D White
White, W.T. Carnes, Julia W. 8/27/1922 18 Bk D White
Whitehead, John C. Watson, Grace 7/22/1944 428 Bk D White
Whiteman, William M. Daniels, Juanita 6/24/1933 203 Bk D White
Whitfield, W.C. Williford, Alma Irene 12/5/1937 293 Bk D White
Whitman, Sidney Walker, Dorothy 5/30/1925 64 Bk D White
Whitman, Thomas Fields, Gwyndolyn 8/11/1946 460 Bk D White
Whittle, Delma Hughes Jr. Ward, Reba Maurine 5/4/1952 574 Bk D White
Whittle, D. H. Keene, Ethel 10/25/1929 143 Bk D White
Whittle, Franklin Jackson Teagle, Tommie Obeda 2/11/1948 501 Bk D White
Whittle, J.E. Clements, Ethel Grace 12/25/1938 315 Bk D White
Whittle, Thomas Melton Barker, Sallie Azile no date 524 Bk D White
Whittle, Wilbur Keen, Mattie Lee 5/29/1932 186 Bk D White
Whittle, William J. Watson, Doris 12/21/1946 472 Bk D White
Whittle, William L. Dekle, Emily 9/11/1947 491 Bk D White
Wiggins, T.L. Turner, Evelyn 12/30/1922 27 Bk D White
Wilcox, George C. Gibbs, Vivian 12/22/1946 474 Bk D White
Wilcox, James L. Hurt, Agnes 3/15/1947 479 Bk D White
Wilcox, John M. Taylor, Emma 1/16/1926 75 Bk D White
Wilcox, Leroy Tomberlin, Verlin 7/1935 246 Bk D White
Wilcox, Mark Stone, Mattie 11/12/1921 5 Bk D White
Wilcox, M.B. Turner, Mattie L. 9/30/1928 125 Bk D White
Wilcox, M.B. Wilcon, Susie 2/12/1934 218 Bk D White
Wilcox, Tommie Day McLeod, Laura Virginia 6/9/1938 303 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Author Johnson, Flora 9/26/1942 399 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Bobbie Lee  Chaney, Myrtice 5/25/1946 455 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Clark White, Louise 12/4/1940 359 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Coris Dryver, Lina 7/9/1948 511 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Delma Gray, Joyce 12/12/1947 497 Bk D White
Wilkerson, George J. Fields, Sadie 9/27/1947 493 Bk D White
Wilkerson, G. J. Gerguson, Mrs. Hattie 7/14/1941 370 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Henry Dozier, Flora 10/23/1921 3 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Herbert Calhoun, Marvin 6/19/1944 426 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Jim Garner, Ava 3/29/1942 386 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Leonard Lewis Livingston, Jewell Mae 12/27/1947 498 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Oscar Williford, Virginia L. 12/21/1946 473 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Richard Watts, Evelyn 2/11/1945 432 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Wallace Sheffield, Marguerit 1/5/1942 383 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Willis Driver, Lougene 12/28/1948 518 Bk D White
Williams, Boyette O. Yawn, Essie Mae 12/23/1950 555 Bk D White
Williams, Charley Gregory, Alice 7/20/1935 247 Bk D White
Williams, Gordon Lowery, Eva 9/4/1937 289 Bk D White
Williams, Henry L. Harrell, Clara 2/22/1941 362 Bk D White
Williams, H. W. Bussell, Ethel C. 4/27/1926 81 Bk D White
Williams, James Elkin Jackson, Mary Magadalene 10/13/1946 465 Bk D White
Williams, Jim Henry Goff, Essie 4/5/1924 62 Bk D White
Williams, Luther W. Smith, Thelma 6/22/1950 545 Bk D White
Williams, Oscar Malcolm Smith, Virgie 6/18/1949 538 Bk D White
Williams, Reiford Walker, Faye 7/15/1950 547 Bk D White
Williams, Robert H. Neely, Marie Hart 6/18/1951 561 Bk D White
Williams, W. A. Youngblood, Bertie Lee 9/22/1941 372 Bk D White
Williamson, Allen N. Taylor, Nina May 4/17/1926 78 Bk D White
Williamson, J. G. McCranie, Annie L. 1/14/1922 10 Bk D White
Williamson, Marvin Warren, Dorethy 4/16/1942 388 Bk D White
Williford, Joe Brown Miller, Mattie 9/21/1935 251 Bk D White
Williford, L. C. Griffith, Sara 1/1/1947 480 Bk D White
Williford, W. F. Ryals, Cassie 9/16/1941 374 Bk D White
Williford, W. L. Wofford, Alma 6/7/1924 49 Bk D White
Willingham, Harold Warren, Jaunita 8/8/1943 414 Bk D White
Willingham, Otis Greene, Lula Mae 7/10/1928 120 Bk D White
Willis, John King, Lillie Belle 12/18/1948 518 Bk D White
Willis, John S. Selph, Lois 8/8/1937 287 Bk D White
Willner, Monroe John Salter, Alice Priscilla 4/26/1952 574 Bk D White
Wilson, Albert Elder, Clovis 10/2/1927 105 Bk D White
Wilson, Alfred Bowman, Grace 1/28/1934 217 Bk D White
Wilson, Andrew J. Law, Sue Jean 7/18/1948 511 Bk D White
Wilson, Arlander Peacock, Grace 8/12/1939 330 Bk D White
Wilson, Floyd Coley, Christine 3/3/1937 280 Bk D White
Wilson, Frank White, Irise 12/25/1934 236 Bk D White
Wilson, Franklin Meeks, Lois 9/6/1925 69 Bk D White
Wilson, Henry Miller, Dorothy 1/2/1938 295 Bk D White
Wilson, Holland Allan Veal, Charlye 11/28/1946 468 Bk D White
Wilson, James Frank Yancey, Allene 8/20/1938 309 Bk D White
Wilson, J. N. Cohen, Georgia 1/27/1935 239 Bk D White
Wilson, Joe Gordon, Lillian 11/5/1922 23 Bk D White
Wilson, J. T. Britt, Gladys 1/9/1927 93 Bk D White
Wilson, Leonard Bowman, Lillie May 11/27/1926 90 Bk D White
Wilson, Lionel G. Barnes, Geneva 3/17/1949 523 Bk D White
Wilson, L. M. Oliver, Willie Belle 4/21/1922 14 Bk D White
Wilson, Thomas Ray, Dorothy 8/14/1937 288 Bk D White
Wilson, Warren J. Bullington, Wilma 9/4/1937 288 Bk D White
Wilson, Warren J. Keene, E. 7/11/1926 83 Bk D White
Wilson, W.B. Keen, Emmergene 10/12/1924 55 Bk D White
Wilson, W. F. Ware, Emma L. 1/30/1928 113 Bk D White
Winn, J. L. Lewis, Liew Ellen 6/9/1929 138 Bk D White
Winn, R. N. Musselwhite, Lemmie 12/10/1933 210 Bk D White
Wischkaemper, Theodore F. P. McLeod, Rose Frances 3/19/1949 523 Bk D White
Wisham, P.G. Cole, Ms. Alma 9/2/1939 331 Bk D White
Wishard, Raymond Smith, Lois 5/5/1939 323 Bk D White
Witherington, James W. Reynolds, Mary Ellen 5/21/1941 367 Bk D White
Wofford R. L. Bullington Ella Mae 9/12/1931 175 Bk D White
Wood, Eddie V. Rhodes, Odell 12/31/1935 255 Bk D White
Wood, Edwin R. Gunn, Martha Lou 11/6/1926 89 Bk D White
Wood, G. O. Moore, Ruby 10/8/1922 21 Bk D White
Wood, L. B. Smith, Letha 12/25/1948 519 Bk D White
Wood, Leo Verlin Cook, Ruth 12/3/1932 192 Bk D White
Woodard, Hoke Daire, Lucile 8/17/1933 205 Bk D White
Woods, Jake Bans, Eugenia 4/30/1947 483 Bk D White
Wooten, P.D. Jr. Warrick, Hazel 11/4/1939 337 Bk D White
Workman, Hugh R. Hooks Mildred 7/16/1934 224 Bk D White
Worley, Herbert W. Johnson, Ruby 11/2/1935 254 Bk D White
Worley, Herman Bowen, Lillian 12/20/1941 380 Bk D White
Worley, Horace Durham, Beatrice 12/25/1938 315 Bk D White
Worley, R. W. Story, Fostella 9/4/1940 353 Bk D White
Wright, Alonzo Conner, Stella 8/25/1929 141 Bk D White
Wright, George Clayton, Jewel L. 7/6/1929 139 Bk D White
Wright, George Prince Olivier, Edith Winfred 10/15/1944 428 Bk D White
Wright, James McLemore, Mary Lee 6/29/1933 201 Bk D White
Wright, J.W. Black, Mattie 7/24/1926 84 Bk D White
Wright, Loren Burnett, Bessie 2/23/1936 259 Bk D White
Wright, Oliver Youngblood, Maud 12/3/1933 211 Bk D White
Wright, Robert Brantley, Opal 9/19/1942 398 Bk D White
Wright, Tommie Jackson, Margaret 9/28/1946 464 Bk D White
Wright, Willie C. Burnett, Lillian 12/12/1942 404 Bk D White
Yancey, A.C. Dixon, Doris 8/30/1941 377 Bk D White
Yancey, David C. Wilcox, Geraldine 12/25/1950 556 Bk D White
Yancey, Jack Stewart, Mammie M. 2/12/1940 344 Bk D White
Yancey, Leonard Hart, Mary Lois 8/6/1949 533 Bk D White
Yancey, Max Lepper, Dawn Elinore 1/1/1949 520 Bk D White
Yarbrough, Aubra   Wendt, Charlotte 11/15/1947 495 Bk D White
Yarbrough, Edward  Whittle, Faustine 6/14/1941 368 Bk D White
Yawn, Henry Thomas Jr. Cason, Emmie Mynell 1/5/1945 444 Bk D White
Yawn, J. D.  Kinchens, Lorene 11/9/1930 159 Bk D White
Yawn, Tommie  Herrington, Alma 2/21/1931 166 Bk D White
Yawn, W. J.  Nobles, Ella 10/4/1930 153 Bk D White
Young, Vernon  Edwards, Betty 12/21/1946 473 Bk D White
Young, W. O.  Clements, Mary L. 12/10/1923 42 Bk D White
Young, Woodrow  Rutledge, Mary Lou 2/14/1948 501 Bk D White
Youngblood, Edward Carroll  Gibbs, Myrtle Lou 10/18/1947 494 Bk D White
Youngblood, Lewis  Howell, Eugenia 8/20/1938 308 Bk D White
Youngblood, P.C.  Mygrams, Bertha Mae 11/7/1931 177 Bk D White
Youngblood, Perry C.  Rountree, Bessie May 9/7/1924 53 Bk D White
Zeesman, Benjamin  Varner, Sara Myrtle 5/18/1935 245 Bk D White


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