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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Sanders, J. C. Harrell, Dollie Mae 7/7/1934 225 Bk D White
Sangster, D. W. Bruce, Ida Mae 7/3/1933 203 Bk D White
Sapp, T. F. Wilson, Laura 3/24/1929 136 Bk D White
Sargent, Charles Arthur Maddox, Mary Nell 2/28/1942 385 Bk D White
Satterfield, Hubert Gibbs, Annie 9/30/1928 125 Bk D White
Scarborough, William Emory Peacock, Aldah Vancine 12/29/1941 381 Bk D White
Schwalbe, F.C. Bowers, Mary Ida 2/9/1924 45 Bk D White
Sears, Frank Blalock, Alstean 9/21/1930 156 Bk D White
Seigler, B.T. Brophy, Sue 6/9/1927 100 Bk D White
Sellers, Lewis Salter, Nora 2/8/1925 60 Bk D White
Selph, Cecil Donald Bloodsworth, Mildred 3/8/1941 364 Bk D White
Selph, Eschel Cannington, Ettawan 9/6/1928 123 Bk D White
Sercer, George W. Kelly, Alice Ruth 11/20/1947 496 Bk D White
Sercer, Joe Black, Georgia 10/2/1926 88 Bk D White
Sercer, Joseph Carl Martin, Gladys Lucille 7/3/1951 562 Bk D White
Sercer, J.T. Conner, Ruby Evelyn 12/10/1950 554 Bk D White
Sewell, Allen Miller, Sallie V. 12/14/1924 58 Bk D White
Sewell, Frank King, Rubie 4/20/1924 48 Bk D White
Sewell, Lawrence Teagle, Louise 8/20/1932 188 Bk D White
Shackelford, W.C. Warren, Leola 2/16/1924 45 Bk D White
Shedd, Clifford McCullough 7/3/1948 512 Bk D White
Shedd, Grady Stone, Ruth 6/22/1934 223 Bk D White
Shedd, Harley Bowman, Edna 11/4/1934 232 Bk D White
Shedd, John R. Conner, Ruth 7/13/1930 153 Bk D White
Shedd, Joseph A. Minyard, Eddice 2/11/1923 28 Bk D White
Sheffield, Benjamin V. Smith, Annie Ruth 11/30/1916 469 Bk D White
Sheffield, Bill Henry, Margaret 11/13/1941 379 Bk D White
Sheffield, Bryant Hammond, Dovie 9/5/1926 87 Bk D White
Sheffield, Earl Keen, Faustine 1/7/1939 317 Bk D White
Sheffield, George Parks, Leila 10/2/1937 290 Bk D White
Sheffield, Johnnie W. Garrison, Vera Mae 5/7/1923 31 Bk D White
Sheffield, John W. Parks, Corene 8/14/1936 267 Bk D White
Sheffield, Marvin Suggs, Ruth 7/1/1942 394 Bk D White
Sheffield, N.R. Rogers, Willie Bell 10/1/1933 209 Bk D White
Sheffield, W.C. Huett, Maggie 5/21/1926 81 Bk D White
Sheffield, Woodrow Jackson Bowen, Sarah Ruth 3/27/1947 480 Bk D White
Sheppard, Norris T. Armantroat, Nellie Theresa 8/23/1946 462 Bk D White
Shinkolser, Roscoe Kratzer, Ethel 5/11/1916 453 Bk D White
Shipp, Frank Walker, Alice 7/5/1924 50 Bk D White
Shoemake, Tom Gibson, Ms. Thelma 6/2/1937 283 Bk D White
Shumate, Robert Lee Bowen, Bessie Mae Walker 12/11/1950 555 Bk D White
Signers, Aaron Knox Stowe, Mattie Lee 3/17/1928 116 Bk D White
Simmons, Dannie Edward Bell, Annie Laura 2/11/1940 344 Bk D White
Simmons, Ferrell Tucker, Elsie 7/21/1948 512 Bk D White
Simmons, J.C. Pate, Louise 4/25/1935 243 Bk D White
Simmons, Jessie Lonnie Pettit, Bettie Jane 2/2/1947 476 Bk D White
Simmons, Joe Foust, Mary 4/8/1932 185 Bk D White
Simmons, J.W. Dennard, Jimmie Evelyn 3/13/1941 364 Bk D White
Simmons, R. L. Burnett, Lelare 2/1/1939 318 Bk D White
Simpson, T. P. Anderson, Minnie E. 4/16/1922 13 Bk D White
Sims, J. Frank Doster, Martha A. 11/23/1921 5 Bk D White
Slade, Barney Maness, Vilane 2/28/1928 114 Bk D White
Slade, R. L. Jr. Thornton, Clarice 5/24/1941 366 Bk D White
Slade, R. L. Sr. Mullis, Mrs. Ethel 4/26/1947 482 Bk D White
Slade, Wallace Rhodes Burkett, Ruby Mae 5/27/1944 424 Bk D White
Slanghter, J. C. Stone, Julia Belle 6/18/1923 32 Bk D White
Smith, Alver Sutton, Edna 1/24/1937 277 Bk D White
Smith, Castio Alagood, Mattie 10/6/1928 125 Bk D White
Smith, C.A. Jones, Lucile 1/29/1940 343 Bk D White
Smith, C.F. Gazaway, Mary Clorene 12/25/1935 256 Bk D White
Smith, Claude Zollie Helms, Tessie 8/22/1942 396 Bk D White
Smith, David Smith, Jamie 7/7/1933 202 Bk D White
Smith, Eddie McDuffie, Leila 12/1/1923 42 Bk D White
Smith, Elisha Marchman, Vada 3/2/1941 363 Bk D White
Smith, Franklin Hollingsworth, Nadine 5/26/1944 425 Bk D White
Smith, G.A. Leslie, Laura Y. 12/25/1934 237 Bk D White
Smith, Homer H. Duvant, Clara 11/26/1947 497 Bk D White
Smith, Homer Lee Cornell, Odessa 3/13/1952 571 Bk D White
Smith, James W. Smith, Francis G. 7/16/1939 328 Bk D White
Smith, James Warren Hollingsworth, Odessa 5/28/1938 304 Bk D White
Smith, J. B. Gibbs, Mvrtice 10/22/1927 107 Bk D White
Smith, J. E. McKinley, Nancy Caroline 12/23/1936 274 Bk D White
Smith, J. F. Rodgers, Georgia A. 9/11/1922 20 Bk D White
Smith, J. H. Martin, Girtrude 10/18/1925 71 Bk D White
Smith, J. M. Helms, Alice Faye 12/24/1933 215 Bk D White
Smith, J. Mitch Meadows, Erma 10/8/1921 2 Bk D White
Smith, Joe Ogilvie, Bessie 9/19/1931 175 Bk D White
Smith, John Grimes, Nannie 8/21/1926 86 Bk D White
Smith, John Perry, Sue Hilda 6/11/1929 139 Bk D White
Smith, John H. Jr. Dozier, Beulah 9/14/1924 54 Bk D White
Smith, J.W. Harvey, Mrs. Eva 3/1/1936 260 Bk D White
Smith, J. W. Johnson, Sarah Pauline 4/4/1936 262 Bk D White
Smith, J. W. Lovett, Tissia May 12/27/1927 110 Bk D White
Smith, Leary V. Adams, Janice 6/28/1943 412 Bk D White
Smith, Leon P. Jr. Ware, Dorothy 8/23/1922 17 Bk D White
Smith, Lester D. Helms, Mary Virginia 3/13/1940 346 Bk D White
Smith, Macie Martin, Willie Mae 9/27/1925 70 Bk D White
Smith, Martin Mullis, Evelyn 10/8/1937 291 Bk D White
Smith, Max L. McDougald, Carrie 3/28/1932 185 Bk D White
Smith, Needham Nisi, Mary Van 1/6/1945 431 Bk D White
Smith, Paul Cannon, Willie Mae 7/1/1935 247 Bk D White
Smith, P. H. Jones, Elizabeth 5/27/1939 325 Bk D White
Smith, Riney M. Rooks, Lizzie 9/9/1923 36 Bk D White
Smith, Robert Powell, Nancy Jane 10/27/1934 232 Bk D White
Smith, Robert L. Cummings, Alene 12/24/1935 2~6 Bk D White
Smith, Roe Elder, Editha 10/27/1940 357 Bk D White
Smith, Rufus Faircloth, Allyne 11/25/1925 72 Bk D White
Smith, Thomas A. Chastine, Arvilla 11/19/1922 24 Bk D White
Smith, Thomas Jefferson Smith, Mrs. Bessie Howell 10/20/1942 400 Bk D White
Smith, H.W. Smith, Maggie 1/22/1933 195 Bk D White
Smith, Wilson Stone, Mary 10/28/1935 253 Bk D White
Smith, Wilson Watson, Beulah 4/11/1931 168 Bk D White
Smith, Woodrow W. Davis, Daisijo no date 349 Bk D White
Smith, Young J. Saterfield, Mildie 9/17/1949 535 Bk D White
Snowden, J. H. Attaway, Honorine 8/16/1935 249 Bk D White
Snowden, William R. Warbington, Barbara Ann  8/5/1946 460 Bk D White
Soloman, Andrew Hilliard, Mahaley 1/10/1946 446 Bk D White
Spears, William Ray George, Mary Lois 1/6/1951 556 Bk D White
Spillers, E. J. Lindsey, Mrs. Alice 12/17/1934 236 Bk D White
Spires, C. H. Miles, Bernice 4/25/1940 349 Bk D White
Spires, Edd Bowen, Ruby 10/18/1942 400 Bk D White
Spires, Emmett Hughes, Bessie Lou 9/6/1929 141 Bk D White
Spires, James J. Wilkerson, Gladys Pearl 5/8/1946 453 Bk D White
Spires, Junior Columbus Layfield, Leila 12/7/1940 359 Bk D White
Spires, Leroy Watson, Laurine 4/21/1934 221 Bk D White
Spivey, Woodrow Thomas Fussell, Louise 6/27/1937 285 Bk D White
Spurling, Dorsey Strozier, Rosa Lee 6/6/1942 392 Bk D White
Spurling, Oscar Griffith, Allie Mae 6/26/1951 561 Bk D White
Stafford, Gene DeLoach, Sallie Kate 9/10/1934 228 Bk D White
Stall, Tommie Watson, Eunice 6/6/1931 170 Bk D White
Standard, W.T. Doster, Pauline 10/15/1924 54 Bk D White
Standridge, William Henry George, DoraFrancis 8/6/1950 548 Bk D White
Stanford, Rufus L. Mitchell, Lillian E. 12/27/1946 472 Bk D White
Stanley, Ben Whiddon Housend, Harriet 5/19/1951 560 Bk D White
Stanley, C. H. Sanders, Louise 4/30/1939 324 Bk D White
Stanley, Edward Rowell, Jr. Wash, Geraldine 10/5/1941 377 Bk D White
Stanley, James Willis Clark, Arzelia 3/16/1940 347 Bk D White
Stanley, Leon A. Yawn, Pauline 3/18/1936 261 Bk D White
Stapelton, G.W. McIntyre, Mamie 1/28/1934 217 Bk D White
Stabpleton, Charles F. Fullbright, Milbra Irene 9/21/1937 290 Bk D White
Statham, Dave Peacock, Estelle 4/29/1933 198 Bk D White
Statham, David Hancock, Addie 12/18/1937 294 Bk D White
Statham, H.A Jordan, Verna L. 12/23/1921 8 Bk D White
Statham, James Robert Powell, Pauline 12/24/1941 381 Bk D White
Statham, W. P. Craft, Irene 10/5/1935 252 Bk D White
Stephens, Barton Clark, lone 7/20/1940 351 Bk D White
Stephens, Eugene Brown, Mildred 4/26/1933 198 Bk D White
Stevens, James G. Coleman, Sarah Robbie 1/17/1948 500 Bk D White
Stewart, C.A. Jr. Crenshaw, Pearline 8/7/1927 101 Bk D White
Stewart, E. B. Powell, Massie Lou 2/9/1943 407 Bk D White
Stewart, Edgar Teagle; Bertie May 9/29/1928 124 Bk D White
Stewart, Joseph Lashley, Vera Mae 9/30/1946 464 Bk D White
Stewart, Sanders Clark, Bertie, E. 7/19/1923 33 Bk D White
Stewart, T. J. Clements, Mrs. John 5/29/1934 223 Bk D White
Stewart, Virgil Wilson, Ophelia 9/19/1930 156 Bk D White
Stewart, William Burt Pierce, Elsie Clyde 9/10/1933 205 Bk D White
Stillwell, James M. Copeland, Omer Pearl 10/3/1931 176 Bk D White
Stone, Alvin Holloway, Mildred 10/21/1945 442 Bk D White
Stone, Clarence Luther, Viola 9/27/1930 156 Bk D White
Stone, Curtis Chandler, Luciel 7/15/1928 121 Bk D White
Stone, Eldridge Bart Lindsey, Sudie Elizabeth 4/10/1948 504 Bk D White
Stone, G.E. Newell, Cleo 9/19/1931 175 Bk D White
Stone, Grady Hunter, Pauline 5/21/1944 424 Bk D White
Stone, H. D. Land, Alice 1/5/1936 256 Bk D White
Stone, John A. J. Ledford, Cora L. 9/30/1927 105 Bk D White
Stone, John M. Gladley, Mary Ruth 3/20/1948 504 Bk D White
Stone, J. P. Cranford, Nellie 10/3/1936 270 Bk D White
Stone, P. L. Peacock, Alma 5/12/1934 221 Bk D White
Stone, Roy Murphy, Ribie 3/18/1928 115 Bk D White
Stone, Russet Merritt, Joe 8/28/1941 375 Bk D White
Stone, Tracy Taylor, Viola 7/29/1939 329 Bk D White
Stonecypher, Harry L. Stone, Ruby Inez 9/30/1939 335 Bk D White
Story, Alex Jr. Howell, Essie May 8/7/1929 140 Bk D White
Story, Warren Haynie, Anna B. 12/26/1928 132 Bk D White
Strickland, James Rycraft, Martha 1/6/1932 180 Bk D White
Strickland, Olis F. DeLoach, lone 2/15/1925 33 Bk D White
Strickland, W. H. Williamson, Willie Clara 9/11/1938 311 Bk D White
Stripling, Charles Hobley Duncan, Joan 6/30/1949 530 Bk D White
Strom, Robert Webb, Frankie 10/14/1930 158 Bk D White
Stubbs, George Verlon  Beasley, Josephine 9/11/1948 515 Bk D White
Stubbs, G. L. Fitzgerald, Celia L. 11/11/1923 41 Bk D White
Stubbs, Herschel Ledford, Bertha 8/18/1954 226 Bk D White
Stubbs, Jessie Loyd Wilkerson, Judy Faustine 8/6/1949 533 Bk D White
Studstill, Paul H.  Dinkin, Lina Edith 6/9/1946 456 Bk D White
Studstill, Rervis Jerome Cook, Audrey 2/28/1947 478 Bk D White
Suggs, Bennie Holcomb, Ruth 7/16/1938 306 Bk D White
Summerfield, E.E. Fowler, Sarah Lucile 12/25/1936 275 Bk D White
Summerford, W.P. Whittle, Ida May 12/23/1923 43 Bk D White
Sumner, Selman Brown Brown, Lola 3/3/1940 346 Bk D White
Sutton, B.C. Hatten, Inez 12/23/1934 237 Bk D White
Sutton, B.C. Jr. Morrison, Annie Maude 4/21/1933 231 Bk D White
Sutton, Charles D. Dunegan, Myrtice 1/3/1942 382 Bk D White
Sutton, Clifton Parrish, Pauline 10/11/1934 229 Bk D White
Sutton, Felton Smith, Carribell 10/7/1933 208 Bk D White
Sutton, H. A. Vaughn, Paulene 5/26/1928 118 Bk D White
Sutton, Henry B. Perdue, Netty 4/8/1939 321 Bk D White
Sutton, J. F. Newmans, Myra 10/22/1922 21 Bk D White
Sutton, Thurman Maddox, Gussie 1/13/1929 134 Bk D White
Sutton, William Elbert  Dunnagan, Gladys 7/18/1942 394 Bk D White
Swafford, Leonard Wilkerson, Ida May 8/14/1933 204 Bk D White
Swain, Noah Davis, Ester 3/25/1942 386 Bk D White
Swords, A. J. Jr. Mclnis, Evelyn L. 9/19/1923 37 Bk D White
Swymer, C.F. Jr. Stilwell, Luciel 2/7/1931 166 Bk D White
Swymer, Roy C. Campbell, Beatrice 5/26/1916 455 Bk D White
Talley, Homer C. Bell, Maggie 8/25/1935 248 Bk D White
Talley, Jesse Martin, Blondee 6/26/1935 246 Bk D White
Talley, T. W. Pope, Annie Bell 10/23/1935 253 Bk D White
Tapley, Hardwick D. Hitchinson, Helen A. 6/25/1949 529 Bk D White
Taylor, Albert Gibbs, Fannie 4/26/1925 61 Bk D White
Taylor, Birt Hall, Leila 12/28/1944 430 Bk D White
Taylor, Grady Bernard Spires, Rachel Christine 4/19/1952 573 Bk D White
Taylor, Henry Mitchell  McCall, Velma 8/8/1936 266 Bk D White
Taylor, James E. Perry, Bobbie Jean 4/13/1947 481 Bk D White
Taylor, Jessie C. Paulk, Margaret Louise 11/26/1947 496 Bk D White
Taylor, John C. Carroll, Sara Mirrell 5/22/1917 484 Bk D White
Taylor, John Henry Shedd, Ruby Iona 8/16/1917 489 Bk D White
Taylor, J. T. Cravey, Florence 1/25/1942 384 Bk D White
Taylor, Loyd M. McCullough 10/18/1946 466 Bk D White
Taylor, M. J. Pickren, Mary 9/28/1911 376 Bk D White
Taylor, Monroe Gibbs, Tilda 7/25/1926 84 Bk D White
Taylor, Palmer Greene, Lillian 2/16/1946 449 Bk D White
Taylor, R.C. Johnson, Sara 5/11/1946 453 Bk D White
Taylor, Sam McLemore, Nora 12/24/1938 315 Bk D White
Teagle, Herman Patterson Faldine 9/25/1939 333 Bk D White
Teagle, N.L. McLemore, Mrs. Mary 7/3/1935 247 Bk D White
Teal, Woodrow Wilson Daniels, Gladys, Corene 10/22/1939 335 Bk D White
Teddars, S.G. Brown, Lucile 3/25/1923 29 Bk D White
Tedders, Joe Martin, Pauline 6/23/1941 369 Bk D White
Tedders, Roscoe Watson, Claudia Mae 8/9/1945 439 Bk D White
Terrell, Joe Ellis, Ezzie Mae 9/8/1940 354 Bk D White
Terry, Garlon M. Parkerson, Adaloyd 12/25/1943 418 Bk D White
Terry, O. L. Gregory, Bessie Irene 12/12/1935 253 Bk D White
Thomas, Willie E. K., Nellie M. 2/6/1927 94 Bk D White
Thomaston, Lester Donalson, Christine 6/19/1949 528 Bk D White
Thompson, Charlie Peppers, Jesse 12/5/1942 403 Bk D White
Thompson, Ed Hobbs, Rubie Lee 11/19/1930 160 Bk D White
Thompson, J. P. Warren, Jewell 7/10/1932 187 Bk D White
Thompson, Robert Howell, Emmelene 12/18/1938 314 Bk D White
Thompson, Romney William Green, Maggie 1/3/1943 405 Bk D White
Thompson, Sam Massey, Audrey 12/18/1937 293 Bk D White
Thornburg, John W. Farrow, Launa 1/13/1934 217 Bk D White
Thornton, G.C. Cook, Mary Willie 12/22/1931 179 Bk D White
Thurston, Haynes Vaughn, Jacqueline 3/31/1941 365 Bk D White
Tippett, Rev. J. T. Dorsey, Elise 6/1/1943 410 Bk D White
Tippins, Leroy Jr. Holt, Marguertia 11/16/1940 357 Bk D White
Titshaw, J. B. Harris, Sarah 10/13/1940 356 Bk D White
Titshaw, Lewis Morgan, Mable 11/25/1936 273 Bk D White
Tomberlin, Charles W. Bowen, Johnie Kate 3/1/1952 570 Bk D White
Tomberlin, George S. Rogers, Martha L. 9/28/1925 70 Bk D White
Tomberlin, John H. Wright, Elva 9/14/1934 228 Bk D White
Tomberlin, M.D. Wilson, Rebecca 4/14/1929 137 Bk D White
Tomberlin, William W. Robitzsch, Betty Jean 11/14/1948 516 Bk D White
Tomberlin, Willie F. Dowdy, Lucretia 12/24/1939 341 Bk D White
Tomlinson, F. N. Daugherty, Mary Marqueritte 1/3/1925 59 Bk D White
Tomlinson, Roy Barfield, Mary 5/8/1949 525 Bk D White
Tompkins, G.B. Moore, Ruth 8/6/1922 17 Bk D White
Trabulsy, Michael Faircloth, Dorothy 2/8/1947 477 Bk D White
Treadwell, William F. Seagraves, ON 9/20/1939 333 Bk D White
Tripp, Clyde Bohannon, Jimmie 8/30/1930 153 Bk D White
Tripp, James D. Conner, Hermie 12/26/1933 214 Bk D White
Tripp, Morris P. Rhodes, Mary Lorene 11/10/1938 313 Bk D White
Trussell, H. L. J. Lasseter, Myrna 3/14/1936 261 Bk D White
Tucker, Chester Lee Butler, Rebecca 2/12/1938 297 Bk D White
Tucker, M. R. Ford, Mary Lois 1/1/1937 276 Bk D White
Tuggle, Durwood Owens, Mary P. 7/11/1924 51 Bk D White
Turk, Elbert Teagle, Emmie Lee 7/2/1930 152 Bk D White
Turk, Eugene McLeroy, Jeanette 10/1/1949 536 Bk D White
Turk, Grover Peacock, Thelma 12/22/1934 236 Bk D White
Turk, H.E. Keen, Ruby 10/4/1925 71 Bk D White
Turk, Morris Bowen, Ruby Ernestine 4/23/1937 280 Bk D White
Turner, G.W. Jr. Wilcox, Elve 12/24/1928 131 Bk D White
Turner, Hiram Steward, Linie 9/30/1945 440 Bk D White
Turner, Willie Dodd, Blanch 10/25/1925 72 Bk D White
Twiggs, James  Copeland, Eunice 3/2/1940 345 Bk D White


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