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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Cady, W. T. Brown, Gladys Gibson 12/16/1937 293 Bk D White
Cain, Franklin Mathis, Missouri 11/17/1928 128 Bk D White
Calhoun, Alvie Lee Clements, Johnnie Ruth 11/4/1949 537 Bk D White
Calhoun, J. W. Morgan, Lee Clara 4/17/1939 322 Bk D White
Calhoun, Jay Keel, Mildred 4/9/1940 348 Bk D White
Callaway, Benny Lee Luke, Dorothy Lee 4/23/1945 435 Bk D White
Campbell, Leonard Bowen, Grace 8/15/1942 396 Bk D White
Cannington, H. D. Stanley, Evelyn 3/11/1939 320 Bk D White
Cannington, J. C. Rogers, Louise 8/27/1938 310 Bk D White
Cannon, Earl M. Jr. Carroll, Ruby Lee 10/12/1910 356 Bk D White
Cannon, Hal W. Carroll, Mary 8/9/1932 188 Bk D White
Cannon, Miles Coby, Alma 10/16/1932 191 Bk D White
Cannon, Wiley Hilliard, Bessie 10/12/1935 252 Bk D White
Cantrell, T. M. Smith, Annie Pearl 3/16/1924 46 Bk D White
Carmichael, L. E. Lee, Alma A. 9/14/1928 123 Bk D White
Carraway, Sidney McDonald Carroll, Clara Louise 8/29/1946 462 Bk D White
Carrington, J. B. Harrell, Barber Lee 10/2/1927 106 Bk D White
Carroll, Thomas K. Brophy, Coll Zell 9/26/1939 334 Bk D White
Carswell, S. G. Adelaide, Sarman 7/20/1930 153 Bk D White
Cartwright, Curtis Mason  Keene, Sara Romelle 8/3/1941 372 Bk D White
Cason, B. B. Bennett, Lillie 8/16/1925 68 Bk D White
Cason, George Bennett, Beatrice 9/19/1935 251 Bk D White
Cason, J. H. Nobles, Evelyn Avan 5/18/1939 324 Bk D White
Cason, J. L. Collins, Nettie 2/1/1930 148 Bk D White
Cason, J. W. Cross, Edith 5/9/1931 169 Bk D White
Cason, James Smith, Cleo 2/3/1934 218 Bk D White
Cason, O. J. Hendley, Marie 5/25/1934 223 Bk D White
Cason, William Buford Johnson, Lois 4/29/1939 323 Bk D White
Chalker, Tom Owens, De Alva 6/15/1941 367 Bk D White
Chambeis, William Maxwell Cravey, Betty Mandy Lou 3/13/1931   Bk D White
Chanclor, Robert Warren, Geneva 12/25/1931 180 Bk D White
Chanclor, Willie Conner, Mary 10/4/1925 70 Bk D White
Chandler, John Johnson, Ethel 10/25/1943 416 Bk D White
Chandler, Johnnie Fogarty, Alma 7/25/1926 85 Bk D White
Chaple, Roger Mauldin, Katherine 3/12/1938 299 Bk D White
Chapman, Harold Warren, Madge 6/23/1939 327 Bk D White
Chapman, Maurice Wilson, Eulalie 12/25/1930 163 Bk D White
Chapman, Peter Joseph Holt, Hazel Elenor 5/18/1945 436 Bk D White
Chastain, D. M. Crenshaw, Mattie C. 11/6/1927 108 Bk D White
Chauncey, Frank M. McGuinty, Nancy 7/20/1938 306 Bk D White
Cherry, Alston McArthur, Mrs. Dora 12/27/1934 235 Bk D White
Childs, E. R. Faircloth, Nellie 10/6/1927 106 Bk D White
Childs, John H. Cordin, Mary 3/26/1933 196 Bk D White
Christmas, Gordon Fitzgerald, Lillian 1/25/1936 258 Bk D White
Christmas, Herbert Persall, Sara Ann 7/11/1949 531 Bk D White
Christmas, Marvin B. Moseley, Marilyn 6/17/1949 527 Bk D White
Christmas T. F. Atkinson, Jewel 6/18/1927 101 Bk D White
Clack, Daniel Gibbs, Velva 12/7/1929 145 Bk D White
Clack, Howard Poss, Irene 10/3/1930 157 Bk D White
Clack, Isaac Watson, Bessie 6/30/1933 231 Bk D White
Clack, J. C. Sutton, Elizabeth Annette 2/24/1951 558 Bk D White
Clack, T. A. Lawson, Myrtice 9/22/1927 104 Bk D White
Clapp, Rudolph Grantham, Louise 10/14/1945 442 Bk D White
Clark, A. E. Logan, Virginia 8/3/1942 385 Bk D White
Clark, Alfred Joseph Shedd, Robbie Lois 12/1/1951 567 Bk D White
Clark, Ellis Stewart, Catherine 9/2/1923 36 Bk D White
Clark, Frank Guthrie, Gillie 10/12/1924 55 Bk D White
Clark, Harris Duff Gibbs, Sarah Elizabeth 12/2/1950 553 Bk D White
Clark, Isaac Watson, Bessie 6/30/1933 201 Bk D White
Clark, L. D. Smith, Ida 12/22/1923 44 Bk D White
Clark, Lynn Owens, Alma 12/2/1923 38 Bk D White
Clark, Marvin Bruce, Paulene 6/8/1928 119 Bk D White
Clark, Vernon Schofield, Geannell 6/17/1949 527 Bk D White
Clark, William Burton Priest, Eunice 7/9/1939 326 Bk D White
Clark, William Regionald Yancey, Laura Belle 9/14/1942 398 Bk D White
Clarke, William Cranford, Mary Sue 9/28/1951 564 Bk D White
Clary, Rev. George Esmond Miller, Sarah 6/18/1943 411 Bk D White
Clayton, Clarence Ceal Martin, Ruby Irene 5/4/1935 244 Bk D White
Clements, A. G. Price, Annie Mae 12/25/1932 192 Bk D White
Clements, A. G. Carter, Mary Elizabeth 6/25/1939 324 Bk D White
Clements, Charlie F. Barker, Myrtis 3/12/1932 184 Bk D White
Clements, Dan Dunagan, Ruby Lee 11/25/1934 234 Bk D White
Clements, Frank M. Oliver, Christine 2/16/1929 135 Bk D White
Clelments, H. M. Studstill, Marie 7/30/1925 67 Bk D White
Clements, John W. Ogilvie, Annie V. 9/16/1923 37 Bk D White
Clements, Lamar Fordham, Anita 10/3/1942 399 Bk D White
Coffee, Darsey Walker, Gladys 4/20/1930 140 Bk D White
Coffee, James D. Harrell, Myrtice G. 8/5/1947 489 Bk D White
Coffee, Virgil Elkins, Annie May 8/7/1922 17 Bk D White
Cohen, Mitchell Statham, Vandella 12/24/1933 215 Bk D White
Coker, Walter Lewis Livingston, Addie E. 8/5/1951 563 Bk D White
Cole, Ivey Lee Guyton, Bertha 2/17/1928 114 Bk D White
Cole, J. W. Price, Eva 12/30/1926 92 Bk D White
Cole, Woodrow Bryant, Mrs. Julia 8/23/1940 352 Bk D White
Coleman, Alvin House, Hazel 4/18/1942 387 Bk D White
Coleman, Calvin Crower, Omajean 10/11/1947 493 Bk D White
Coleman, Calvin C. Stevens, Frances 7/30/1949 533 Bk D White
Coleman, Charles Ruben  Headen, Nola Faye 8/22/1949 535 Bk D White
Coleman, Clifford Reeves, Hazel 10/18/1931 176 Bk D White
Coleman, Crook Wofford, Ella Mae 11/14/1931 177 Bk D White
Coleman, Daniel E. Jr. Deloach, Corinne 5/29/1949   Bk D White
Coleman, Dave Dowdy, Queen 4/22/1923 30 Bk D White
Coleman, General Cole, Lougenia 11/5/1922 22 Bk D White
Coleman, George Williams, Thelma 9/26/1936 269 Bk D White
Coleman, Jack Clark, Ruby Nell 12/16/1950 555 Bk D White
Coleman, Lamb Wade, Carrie 11/25/1923 40 Bk D White
Coleman, Lowell C. Conley, Reba 6/12/1937 283 Bk D White
Coleman, Melvin McCranie, Sara 10/24/1947 494 Bk D White
Coleman, W. A. Owens, Claudia 12/23/1933 215 Bk D White
Coleman, Walter Gregory, Mildred 12/24/1933 216 Bk D White
Coleman, Walter Clarence  Knight, Emma Mae 7/1/1950 546 Bk D White
Coleman, Wesley Batts, Lucile 10/12/1922 20 Bk D White
Coleman, Wilton Page, Vera Kate 3/12/1938 299 Bk D White
Coley, C. Shedd, Ethel 3/5/1932 183 Bk D White
Coley, H. L. Bowman, Pearl 12/4/1921 5 Bk D White
Colley, H.V. Farr, Inez 6/25/1922 15 Bk D White
Collier, Leroy L. Wilkerson, Mildred 8/13/1945 444 Bk D White
Collins, Ed Clements, Ruth 3/27/1926 77 Bk D White
Collins, Googe Keen, Pearlie 2/18/1923 28 Bk D White
Collins, Jesse Paul Mays, Alice Margaret 3/10/1945 433 Bk D White
Collins, J. W. Bowman, Myrtle L. 11/20/1934 233 Bk D White
Collins, Thomas J. Hamil, Lucile 8/18/1923 34 Bk D White
Comblee, Council Land, Mary Alice 8/5/1950 549 Bk D White
Cone, S. J. Freeman, Sadie Joe 6/11/1933 199 Bk D White
Conley, Defoe Fellows, Lucy 3/29/1941 365 Bk D White
Conley, Gordon Britt, Daisey 4/5/1937 281 Bk D White
Conley, Ira J. Moore, Norma 12/19/1946 473 Bk D White
Conley, J. D. Sheffield, Allean 12/14/1934 235 Bk D White
Conley, James M. Selph, Ouida 12/22/1946 474 Bk D White
Conley, James Thomas Harrell, Christine 7/31/1938 307 Bk D White
Conley, John Henry Ryals, Mildred 4/23/1942 389 Bk D White
Conley, Robert Fussell, Jonnie Mae 2/2/1940 343 Bk D White
Conley, S. F. Moye, Francis 8/1/1934 226 Bk D White
Conley, William Bell, Roxie 10/5/1928 124 Bk D White
Conley, William Kemp, Avis 4/22/1948 506 Bk D White
Conner, A. F. Gibbs, Minnie L. 5/12/1923 31 Bk D White
Conner, Bivins Moore, Lois 9/2/1939 332 Bk D White
Conner, Dewey Crenshaw, Ollie 7/31/1938 307 Bk D White
Conner, E. Cornelius Waldrop, Addie May 7/18/1936 265 Bk D White
Conner, Guy Ponder, Sarah 2/28/1935 240 Bk D White
Conner, Homer L. Mullis, Wilhelmina 7/31/1943 414 Bk D White
Conner, J. L. Haralson, Lenore 4/13/1929 137 Bk D White
Conner, John Green Davidson, Velma 8/8/1933 202 Bk D White
Conner, Julius Keen, Blanch 12/17/1925 74 Bk D White
Conner, L. B. Johnson, Mae 4/26/1925 64 Bk D White
Conner, Leonard Wilbur  Guest, Lucile 1/3/1942 382 Bk D White
Conner, Max  Beavers, Harriet 6/16/1941 368 Bk D White
Conner, Mitchell  Peavy, Cleo 3/5/1922 11 Bk D White
Conner, Moye  Bowen, Willie Clare 4/20/1940 348 Bk D White
Conner, O. C.  Chanclor, Zula 3/6/1932 184 Bk D White
Conner, Ozie  Chanclor, Lola 7/18/1931 171 Bk D White
Conner, T.C.  Herndon, Clifford 2/23/1929 135 Bk D White
Conner, T. O.  Brown, Mattie 6/25/1922 15 Bk D White
Conner, T. O.  Black, Versa 6/14/1933 199 Bk D White
Conner, T. O. Jr.  Boling, Mary Evelyn 12/9/1945 444 Bk D White
Conner, Walter Bryant  Akins, Ida Pearley 9/31/1947 490 Bk D White
Conner, W.C.  Posy, Reba 12/8/1940 359 Bk D White
Conner, Walter Grady  Crenshaw, Vera Mae 7/28/1934 225 Bk D White
Conner, Willie  DeLoach, Pearl 9/5/1926 86 Bk D White
Conway, Jack C.  Atchison, Annie Lee 12/16/1924 58 Bk D White
Cook, Albert Bussell  Peavy, Matha Louise 8/29/1936 268 Bk D White
Cook, Clyde  King, Rosa Mae 12/7/1929 145 Bk D White
Cook, Earl Addison  Wilkerson, Essie Estelle 6/24/1950 546 Bk D White
Cook, Elgie Gordon Jr.  Angley, Martha Viola 6/20/1942 392 Bk D White
Cook, Ernest W.  Yarbrough, Eva Nell 5/23/1942 390 Bk D White
Cook, Eugene  Weldon, Ruby 2/13/1948 501 Bk D White
Cook, Grady  Gibbs, Doris 7/19/1941 371 Bk D White
Cook, James  Watson, Mary E. 10/10/1926 89 Bk D White
Cook, J. D. Jr.  Smith, Olive Elise 12/20/1933 214 Bk D White
Cook, Kenneth Giles  Cook, Evelyn 7/15/1945 436 Bk D White
Cook, Mash  Lacey, Mary 1/12/1928 112 Bk D White
Cook, Perry Lock  Davis, Doris Ann 12/10/1950 555 Bk D White
Cook, Roy M.  Walker, Ida 11/6/1921 4 Bk D White
Cook, U.S. Peavy, Laura Pauline 5/11/1936 263 Bk D White
Cook, William Cleveland Daniels, Bernice 6/29/1941 369 Bk D White
Cook, W.T. Peaty, Ruby Irene 1/10/1932 181 Bk D White
Cooley, Albert C. Evers, Annie Maude 9/21/1940 355 Bk D White
Copeland, Guy Coleman, Lorene 8/22/1936 267 Bk D White
Copeland, Henry Owens, Maggie 4/14/1923 29 Bk D White
Corbin, Robert C. Ewing, Mary 9/6/1930 154 Bk D White
Corey, Crawford Wood, Birtie Mae 8/19/1939 331 Bk D White
Corley, Dewey McGlamory, Lousie 11/21/1937 292 Bk D White
Cornell, James Walter Cook, Mary Gladys 12/20/1951 567 Bk D White
Cornell, Judson Taylor, Mattie 12/27/1928 130 Bk D White
Corrie, Christopher Dale, Annie Joe 8/18/1935 250 Bk D White
Craft, A. J. Hodge, Mary 5/9/1932 186 Bk D White
Craft, Andrew Jackson Whitley, Sara Lane 1/24/1945 431 Bk D White
Craft, DeLeon Wilson, Stella May 4/13/1935 242 Bk D White
Craft, James Sherling, Pauline 2/14/1931 166 Bk D White
Craft, Walter Jones, Vanez 6/13/1942 392 Bk D White
Crain, L. P. McDougald, Edna May 1/31/1931 165 Bk D White
Cranford, Floyd Hobbs, Ottie Grace 2/19/1941 361 Bk D White
Cranford, Henry Smith, Ola 1/12/1932 181 Bk D White
Cranford, J. D. Gammage, Faustine 5/30/1936 263 Bk D White
Cranford, Jewell Jackson Harvey, Nettie E. Nettie E. Harvey 6/3/1945 435 Bk D White
Cranford, John W. Adams, Dell 6/5/1948 508 Bk D White
Cranford, Ozzie Smith, Fannie Pearl 3/11/1935 241 Bk D White
Cravey, William Marvin Jr. McCrainie, Lottie Janelle 6/23/1944 426 Bk D White
Cravy, Guss Hart, Julia 5/9/1930 150 Bk D White
Crawford, Cliff Studstill, Lucile 10/23/1921 1 Bk D White
Crawford, James H. Harpe, Odessa 11/20/1926 90 Bk D White
Crawley, James F. Mercer, Nell 5/13/1947 484 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Cecil Calhoun, Sarah 12/28/1935 256 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Delmar Rudolph Patridge, Helen Gertrude 5/23/1947 484 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Edgar Stewart, Lucy 11/10/1934 233 Bk D White
Crenshaw, George E. Mays, Hilda Reba 7/25/1949 530 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Jack Lowery, Pearl 5/22/1943 410 Bk D White
Crenshaw, John Goodwin, Edna 4/12/1930 149 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Oscar D. Baker, Jewel 12/17/1921 7 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Oscar DeweyJr. Jett, Geneva Corene 6/10/1944 425 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Willie E. Goodwin, Alice 1/12/1935 238 Bk D White
Crenshaw, W. H. Youngblood, Clara Mae 2/26/1939 319 Bk D White
Cribbs, Ralph H. Potter, Johnnie Mae 4/9/1949 524 Bk D White
Crinshaw, Thurman Simmons, Ethell 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Cromer, A. J. Brewer, Annie Mae 5/10/1924 49 Bk D White
Cross, Jim Tom Gordon, Geraldine 1/1/1939 316 Bk D White
Cross, Lloyd D. Cox, Hartie Ruth 10/4/1935 252 Bk D White
Crozier, C. L. Gillham, Mary L. 5/10/1928 118 Bk D White
Crumbly, H. J. Minyard, C. 4/25/1926 79 Bk D White
Crumley, H. D. Newell, Onnie Christine 12/3/1938 314 Bk D White
Crumley, Hoke Smith Collins, Lessie 1/18/1937 277 Bk D White
Crumley, Robert Lee Cason, Ruby Evelyn 12/2/1939 338 Bk D White
Crump, Charles Lee Jr. Roberts, Delores Arlene 6/3/1949 526 Bk D White
Crumpler, Edward A. Sheffield, Minnie 2/16/1939 318 Bk D White
Crumpton, Millard Taylor, Inez 1/14/1933 195 Bk D White
Culpepper, Royce Poss, Jeanette 2/21/1938 298 Bk D White
Cumbus, Delmar Newman, Louise 5/4/1924 48 Bk D White
Cumbus, John F. Britt, Mattie Grace 4/13/1924 47 Bk D White
Cumbus, Willard Keene, Rosa Lee 7/4/1936 264 Bk D White
Cummings, J. G. Willis, P. 4/23/1927 97 Bk D White
Curtis, S.S. Troupe, Thelma 5/26/1941 367 Bk D White
Dalrumple, James Crumbley, Burtha 9/27/1931 175 Bk D White
Daniel, A. O. Williams, Etta Mae 3/6/1928 115 Bk D White
Daniels, J. R. Lowie, Nina 9/13/1932 190 Bk D White
Daniels, R. W. King, Eva 1/27/1932 182 Bk D White
Daniels, Virgil Elmer Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth 1/27/1950 541 Bk D White
Darsey, Homer A. Pendergrast, Eunice H. 11/26/1921 6 Bk D White
Davenport, G.M. Drew, Martha 3/31/1929 136 Bk D White
Davidson, N. V. Braswell, Corene 7/24/1931 172 Bk D White
Davis, Delbert Grady Cook, Sarah Mozelle 9/26/1947 492 Bk D White
Davis, Emmett Beal, Idell 6/24/1933 200 Bk D White
Davis, George H. Bellflower, Willa Mae 3/6/1938 299 Bk D White
Davis, Howard F. Meadows, Mattie F. 4/11/1925 63 Bk D White
Davis, Huey Lee Parker, Daisy E. 5/24/1952 574 Bk D White
Davis, James H. Watson, Ruby F. 11/20/1927 108 Bk D White
Davis, James Ira Daniels, Loyce 3/8/1952 571 Bk D White
Davis, J. D. Peebles, Margaret 12/23/1933 214 Bk D White
Davis, Lester Samuel Keene, Francis Juanita 10/15/1942 401 Bk D White
Davis, O. G. Davis, Ollie Mae S. 3/17/1940 347 Bk D White
Davis, Owen G. Sikes, Ollie May 12/24/1933 216 Bk D White
Davis, Richard D. Poss, Catherine 2/18/1944 420 Bk D White
Davis, Robert McKie, Nora Lee 4/11/1939 322 Bk D White
Davis, Samuel Carlton Brown, Mary Clara 7/27/1949 532 Bk D White
Davis, Walter Addison Morehouse, Amy Irene 5/21/1949 526 Bk D White
Davis, Wilbert Clayton Pike, Martha Elizabeth 5/6/1944 423 Bk D White
Davis, William Frank Cason, Naomi Lee 7/11/1950 546 Bk D White
Davis, Willie Conner, Ophelia 9/11/1927 104 Bk D White
Day, Pelter Pickren, Louise 7/9/1940 352 Bk D White
DeLoach, Henry Williams, V. Lee 10/16/1927 106 Bk D White
DeLoach, Jeronne Miller, Mary Lou 12/29/1926 92 Bk D White
Dennard, Joe M. Revells, Annie L. 5/27/1923 32 Bk D White
Dennard, T.E. Mann, Marilu 11/12/1933 210 Bk D White
Dennard, Thomas J. Jr. McGlamory, Jewell 11/5/1922 23 Bk D White
Dennard, W. I. Lasseter, Lillian 2/22/1934 219 Bk D White
Dent, William Ralph Whiteman, Lila E. 11/22/1933 211 Bk D White
Dewey, A. Spradley, Cleo 4/25/1927 98 Bk D White
Dewey, Ray Lowery, Onnie L. 7/13/1929 139 Bk D White
Dexter, James Jackson, Charlotte 10/20/1928 126 Bk D White
Dickens, P.C. Jr. Terrell, Wynell V. 1/25/1951 557 Bk D White
Digby, John H. McDuffie, Clara Jo 6/3/1945 437 Bk D White
Dimsdale, W.E. Taylor, Pearl 3/12/1927 95 Bk D White
Dismukes, J.T. Baker, Marguerite 10/28/1921 3 Bk D White
Dix, James Giddens, Viola 5/24/1942 390 Bk D White
Dix, James Sheffield, Martha Lee 11/30/1949 538 Bk D White
Dix, J. T. Dowdy, Shirley 1/21/1950 541 Bk D White
Dix, Marvin Collie Jenkins, Charlotte Delane 9/25/1949 536 Bk D White
Dix, Thomas Bennett, Lillie 11/23/1935 254 Bk D White
Dollar, James McGlamory, Susie Bell 12/5/1941 379 Bk D White
Dominey, B.F. Mygrant, Jeanette No Date 495 Bk D White
Donahue, John Winston Moon, Elois 11/12/1942 402 Bk D White
Dooley, Hoyt C. Hogan, Kate 1/14/1938 295 Bk D White
Dooley, Ralph Clayton, Inez 2/6/1928 114 Bk D White
Dorminey, Edward Daniels, Betty 4/1/1950 543 Bk D White
Dorminey, Elijah Vanzant, Mabel 12/24/1922 25 Bk D White
Dorminey, Horace Franklin Hall, Sebbie 4/7/1942 387 Bk D White
Dorough, Jim Waldrop, Faustine 8/1/1937 286 Bk D White
Dorsey, James B. Tabor, Nina Claire 10/10/1937 291 Bk D White
Doster, James Norman Faircloth, Ellen 1/1/1928 112 Bk D White
Doster, J. N. Peavy, Eunice 11/25/1932 193 Bk D White
Doster, John P. Veal, Mrs. Eroyce Statham 8/9/1941 372 Bk D White
Doster, Mitchell, G.J. Wood, Thelma Estelle 8/29/1936 268 Bk D White
Doster, Norman Brown Crum, Lilly Lorraine 11/26/1942 386 Bk D White
Doster, P.E. Jr. Rhodes, Mary Will 6/4/1938 304 Bk D White
Dowdy, Hezzie Welton Bohannon, Bonnie Bell 6/5/1948 509 Bk D White
Dowdy, James Bowen, Mary Evelyn 5/23/1945 437 Bk D White
Dowdy, James Jackson Clements, Lucile 4/8/1944 422 Bk D White
Dowdy, John Farr, Evelyn 1/31/1932 182 Bk D White
Dowdy, Mack Braziel, Essie Mae 12/25/1930 163 Bk D White
Dowdy, Shepherd Mitchell, Elsie 9/29/1923 37 Bk D White
Dowdy, T. R. Tomberlin, Sallie Mae 2/12/1933 196 Bk D White
Dowdy, Tom William Westberry, Opaline 8/18/1950 549 Bk D White
Dozier, John Allen Gibbs, Mary Etta 1/8/1938 295 Bk D White
Drew, John S. Jr. Eakley, Elize Dent 2/4/1949 521 Bk D White
Dunagan, Claud Jr. Lindsey, Annie Lou 3/8/1952 570 Bk D White
Dunagan, Edgar Turk, Vera 12/30/1928 132 Bk D White
Dunagan, Henry Grady Sutton, Sarah Evelyn 9/3/1951 564 Bk D White
Duncan, Gerald Hinton Holt, Nellie Sue 5/22/1949 525 Bk D White
Duncan, L H. Jones, Edna Allene 11/27/1925 73 Bk D White
Duncan, W.D. Carmack, Ruel 1/27/1924 45 Bk D White
Durden, Morgan L. Durden, Hattie Conley 4/19/1952 573 Bk D White
Durham, Edwin Cook, Mattie Clara 11/11/1942 401 Bk D White
Duvall, R.A. Smith, Mattie Lucile 8/21/1937 288 Bk D White
Dykes, W.B. McNeil, Verna P. 5/29/1927 99 Bk D White


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