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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Pace, John H. Jr. Beall, Gussie 7/4/1942 393 Bk D White
Page, Jewell McCranie, Veloria 12/30/1921 9 Bk D White
Parham, W. C. Hill, Ruth Marie 12/22/1942 404 Bk D White
Parker, Earl Johnson, Myrtle 10/5/1935 252 Bk D White
parker, J. P. Pirkle, Rosa 11/17/1940 358 Bk D White
Parker, Layton Patterson, Ethelle 11/12/1935 254 Bk D White
Parkerson, Austin Horace, Jr. Guest, Agnes Wynelle 10/17/1942 400 Bk D White
Parks, Earlie Pearce, Cora 9/20/1930 156 Bk D White
Parks, Ellis Smith, Elsa May 4/20/1924 47 Bk D White
Parks, Johnie Buice, Georgia 12/26/1934 237 Bk D White
Parks, Lewis, Carlos McLemore, Mary Ethelene 8/14/1950 550 Bk D White
Parnell, R. L. Clark, Annie 6/19/1949 528 Bk D White
Parrott, R. H. Radford, Gladys V. 11/14/1931 177 Bk D White
Passmore, Marion Hammond, Louise 8/8/1942 396 Bk D White
Pate, Cleveland Warren, Christinw 6/27/1936 264 Bk D White
Pate, James H. Lacey, Nancy E. 9/14/1942 398 Bk D White
Pate, W. B. Macdonald, Janet 1/19/1936 258 Bk D White
Patten, W. L. Browning, Mrs. Piney 4/1/1944 422 Bk D White
Patterson, Homer G. Fussell, Evie Clifford 12/25/1935 255 Bk D White
Patterson, Homer Lee Patterson, Melba 1/24/1937 277 Bk D White
Patterson, Leonard W. Youngblood, Katherine 1/15/1936 257 Bk D White
Patterson, O.C. Parker, Oma 12/4/1923 42 Bk D White
Patterson, Tom Watson Day, Emma 8/5/1950 549 Bk D White
Patterson, W.C. Cason, Mae 1/15/1933 194 Bk D White
Paul, William Paul, Susan 3/5/1922 11 Bk D White
Paulk, James Ralph Gordon, Dorothy Elaine 9/8/1940 353 Bk D White
Payne, Barney Lee Thacker, Cora Bell 10/24/1946 466 Bk D White
Payne, J. D. Wells, Ina Mae 6/23/1947 486 Bk D White
Peacock, Felder Rhodes, Ina 10/4/1936 270 Bk D White
Peacock, Jesse Parham, Estelle 2/5/1937 278 Bk D White
Peacock, L. W. Reeves, Grace 9/14/1941 376 Bk D White
Peacock, L. W. Stone, Martha 11/16/1936 272 Bk D White
Peacock, Wesley Elder, Alma 12/30/1934 238 Bk D White
Pearce, Arrington NelsonCora Elizabeth 12/17/1948 518 Bk D White
Pearce, Clinton C. Owens, Jacqueline 7/12/1944 427 Bk D White
Pearce, E. H. Thompson, Edna 12/10/1922 25 Bk D White
Pearce, Robert J. Mashburn, Frances Anne  11/13/1949 538 Bk D White
Peavy, Frank Ward Graham, Betty 5/28/1946 454 Bk D White
Peavy, Hubert Brown, Flora May 4/16/1931 168 Bk D White
Peavy, Jerry McGlamery, Bessie 7/25/1925 66 Bk D White
Peavy, Lee L. Jr. Philips, Ollie Dell 9/4/1938 310 Bk D White
Peavy, Raymond Holland Hood, Sarah Eloise 7/12/1943 413 Bk D White
Peavy, Willis Harpe, L. Mae 8/7/1932 187 Bk D White
Peebles, L. O. Hamilton, Laura Julia 12/21/1941 381 Bk D White
Peel, C. B. Williams, Bessie M. 11/24/1923 41 Bk D White
Peery, Walton S. Rumph, Annette McLeod 2/4/1945 431 Bk D White
Pepper, Ezra Paul Lester, Mary Ann 3/23/1945 434 Bk D White
Peppers, J. E. Browning, Lonnie 9/14/1930 155 Bk D White
Peters, James Williford, Martha 9/7/1940 354 Bk D White
Peters, Raymond H. White, Inez 6/17/1944 426 Bk D White
Peterson, John Davis, Leila May 10/28/1928 126 Bk D White
Peterson, Johnnie Fernando Cravey, Willie B. no date 432 Bk D White
Peterson, Levins Studstill, Susie 3/2/1924 34 Bk D White
Peterson, Melvin Burnette, Edna 10/13/1949 537 Bk D White
Pfaff, T.E. Page, Elizabeth M. 5/11/1927 99 Bk D White
Phagan, B. G. Gidens, Sarah Tempton 7/17/1935 249 Bk D White
Phagan, Homer F. Harvey, Odelle 2/6/1943 407 Bk D White
Phagan, Leonard Martin, Evie L. 12/26/1928 134 Bk D White
Phillips, Homer Lancaster, Laura 2/10/1950 542 Bk D White
Phillips, Roy Brooks, Ruby Estelle 10/29/1938 312 Bk D White
Pike, Garvie M. Gibbs, Alice 9/14/1924 53 Bk D White
Pilkinton, Zebedee Broodaway, Grace 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Pines, Harry F. Hobbs, Gladys 7/28/1941 373 Bk D White
Pittman, Alex Hilliard, Shug 1/2/1929 133 Bk D White
Pittman, Bennie Lee Higgins, Jimmie R. 12/6/1947 497 Bk D White
Pittman, John Henry McIntyre, Christine 2/15/1946 448 Bk D White
Pitts, Billy Carpenter, Jeanette 12/9/1946 471 Bk D White
Pitts, Jim McDuffie, Bessie 5/29/1937 282 Bk D White
Pitts, John Bellamy, Dora 1/15/1922 10 Bk D White
Pitts, Preston Lee Townsend, Elnita 7/12/1947 487 Bk D White
Pleasants, William Abner Jr. Morgan, Helen 6/17/1943 412 Bk D White
Polland, Leonard Bruce, Hattie 7/30/1922 16 Bk D White
Ponder, J. J. Lee, Mrs. Martha Helen 2/12/1937 278 Bk D White
Pool, J. A. Radford, Mollie 4/13/1935 242 Bk D White
Poole, Charlie Herbert Cason, Bernice 2/26/1944 421 Bk D White
Poole, W. F. Green, Kate 4/13/1942 387 Bk D White
Pope, Bennie Richard Bowman, Carolyn 10/14/1951 565 Bk D White
Pope, George Nick Kelly, Theresa 3/23/1949 529 Bk D White
Pope, Howard King, Annie 12/20/1941 380 Bk D White
Pope, Jessie Thomas Ginn, Mary Helen 11/19/1942 402 Bk D White
Pope, Johnie Powers, Katie 10/8/1922 21 Bk D White
Pope, Robert Eugene Purser, Mary Elizabeth 2/3/1949 521 Bk D White
Pope, Willis Eugene Foster, Ophelia 7/16/1949 532 Bk D White
Pope, W. E. Smith, Lois 9/11/1932 189 Bk D White
Poppas, Joe Powell, Ms. Bessie 12/6/1936 273 Bk D White
Poppell, Ivy Calvin Jr. Poppell, Mildred Morris 9/16/1940 354 Bk D White
Poppell, J. B. Jr. Gordon, Odell 2/27/1936 260 Bk D White
Posey, J. Wilber Cornelison, Ruth 2/3/1939 318 Bk D White
Poss, Claude Parks, Oza Lee 8/27/1950 550 Bk D White
Poss, D. Crenshaw, Grace 10/3/1926 88 Bk D White
Poss, David Howell, Gene 7/12/1947 487 Bk D White
Poss, David Martin, Louise 11/24/1935 254 Bk D White
Powell, B. L. Hardy, Juanita 6/29/1942 393 Bk D White
Powell, Charlie G McKinney, Agnes Christine 8/14/1943 414 Bk D White
Powell, Wilber Barker, Nannie Laurie 10/31/1934 232 Bk D White
Powers, Albert Faircloth, Bessie May 7/30/1924 51 Bk D White
Powers, Amburs Johns, Bertha 12/26/1922 26 Bk D White
Powers, E. R. Faircloth, Estell 5/11/1926 80 Bk D White
Pridgen, James White, Minnie Florence 10/12/1949 537 Bk D White
Procter, J. B. Jr. Peacock, Vera 8/28/1937 289 Bk D White
Pruitt, G. W. Cannon, Rosamond 6/20/1928 118 Bk D White
Puckett, Whitt Herndon 5/1/1927 98 Bk D White
Quattlebaum, Robin David Bray, Elise Bruce 12/19/1943 417 Bk D White
Quillian, B.E. Jr. Blue, Virginia 12/17/1939 340 Bk D White
Rab urn, H. W. Bradford, Alma 4/2/1932 185 Bk D White
Railey, Robert Peacock Hudson, Lois Miline 2/5/1938 296 Bk D White
Rathbun, Milton Bearer, Willie Mae 1/6/1940 342 Bk D White
Rathburn, William Johnson, Ruby Lee 5/23/1947 484 Bk D White
Ratterree, Holland Cason, Francis 11/5/1939 338 Bk D White
Rawlins, Jim Moore, Evie Lee 12/31/1939 342 Bk D White
Rawlins, John J. James, Laura Bell 11/21/1934 234 Bk D White
Rawlins, R. D. Henderson, Thelma 4/20/1940 348 Bk D White
Rawlins, William Laurence Braziel, Mary Lenoir 2/22/1943 408 Bk D White
Ray, Bennie Vaughn, Mattie Lou 12/21/1938 314 Bk D White
Ray, Cecil Griffin, Myrtlean 7/15/1939 328 Bk D White
Ray, Elmer Ellis, Deloriese 6/15/1946 456 Bk D White
Ray, J. H. Clark, Nannie Jane 11/23/1939 338 Bk D White
Ray, Paul Eure, Thelma Louise 3/6/1939 320 Bk D White
Rea, C. G. Garner, Sinthia 12/27/1922 26 Bk D White
Reaves, Carlton Moore, Elise 9/21/1937 290 Bk D White
Reaves, Jim McBryant, Ethic 12/25/1928 132 Bk D White
Reaves, Monroe Dowdy, Mary 3/10/1945 433 Bk D White
Reed, Esco Sewell, Alma Lee 11/23/1932 192 Bk D White
Reed, Felton Day, Clarice 4/24/1937 282 Bk D White
Reed, Ralph Wood, Pauline 10/14/1923 39 Bk D White
Reeves, Bennie Wilkerson, Grace 10/17/1941 377 Bk D White
Reeves, Thomas W. McCall, Virginia Luate 8/25/1936 267 Bk D White
Reeves, W. H. Peppers, Montene 10/8/1934 229 Bk D White
Reeves, W. S. Fowler, Edith 12/18/1921 7 Bk D White
Register, Noah C. Peavy, Lina 7/3/1922 16 Bk D White
Reid, Robert H. Hillis, Frances L. 12/4/1948 517 Bk D White
Reid, Samuel F. Goodman, Dorothy 4/2/1945 434 Bk D White
Renew, Ernest Keene, Lavan 7/21/1934 225 Bk D White
Renfroe, C. F. Cadwell, Daisy 4/16/1922 14 Bk D White
Renfroe, Herman Coleman, Billie Ruth 2/20/1927 477 Bk D White
Renfroe, L. C. Fenn, Jewell 5/20/1934 219 Bk D White
Renfroe, Paul Snooks, Blanche Elizabeth 8/28/1938 310 Bk D White
Renfroe, W. H. Reaves, Lydia 8/22/1927 103 Bk D White
Revel, Buford Harrell, Johnnie Lee 7/24/1938 305 Bk D White
Revell, James Gutherie, Ellie 3/26/1922 12 Bk D White
Reynolds, Charles Madison Howell, Jeannine 6/4/1948 508 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Burton, Helen Jeanette 7/13/1944 427 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Harold Cauley, Mildred Beatrice 12/18/1942 403 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Harold Robitzsch, Jacquelyn Lutrell 4/2/1938 301 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Lee Whitman, Jennie Lee 2/15/1941 361 Bk D White
Reynolds, J. L. Blasingame, Kate 4/3/1943 409 Bk D White
Reynolds, Major Brown, Patricia Ruth 1/18/1947 475 Bk D White
Reynolds, Miles A. Jones, Lola E. 1/23/1932 181 Bk D White
Rhodes, Clarence E. Dockery, Thelma 8/6/1949 534 Bk D White
Rhodes, Earnest McGlamery, Eva 12/31/1927 111 Bk D White
Rhodes, Edward Eugene Lacey, Thelma 5/13/1944 424 Bk D White
Rhodes, Grady S. Powers, Irene 10/15/1922 22 Bk D White
Rhodes, G.T. Davidson, Dorris 3/22/1925 62 Bk D White
Rhodes, J. A. Elder, Eva 11/2/1930 158 Bk D White
Rhodes, James A. Elder, Irene 3/5/1922 12 Bk D White
Rhodes, Joe Conner, Pauline 3/7/1926 77 Bk D White
Rhodes, John A. Tomberlin, Vera 2/26/1922 11 Bk D White
Rhodes, M. C. Townsend, Lois 12/6/1936 273 Bk D White
Rhodes, S. J. Taylor, Rachel 11/9/1921 4 Bk D White
Richey, Earl Jackson Livingston, Betty Louise 6/10/1949 527 Bk D White
Richey, James W. Adkinson, Juanita 8/16/1946 461 Bk D White
Ricks, George Everette Jr. Peavy, Katherine 7/13/1946 459 Bk D White
Ridgeway, W. W. McLemore, Janie Mae 4/23/1930 149 Bk D White
Ridley, Loyd Gibbs, Gladys 8/6/1939 330 Bk D White
Robenson, William Mays, Ianther 2/11/1949 522 Bk D White
Roberts, Edison Newman, Reuviel 7/2/1939 325 Bk D White
Roberts, L. C. Johnson, Maudell 10/10/1932 191 Bk D White
Roberts, Marcus A. Ellerber, Frances 5/22/1944 425 Bk D White
Roberts, Willie T. Stanford, Susie 10/4/1951 470 Bk D White
Robertson, R.P. Slaton, Mary J. 4/23/1922 13 Bk D White
Robinson, Carlton Smith, Irene 1/26/1936 259 Bk D White
Robinson, Jack Jones, Olivia 11/5/1932 191 Bk D White
Robinson, Joe Sam Mixon, Nell 3/26/1944 421 Bk D White
Robinson, John O. Coleman, Wilma Evelyn 7/27/1941 371 Bk D White
Rockwell, Paul Clark, Ora Selita 12/7/1942 403 Bk D White
Rogers, A. J, Coley, Mildred 3/26/1933 196 Bk D White
Rogers, Albert W. Pierce, Addie Sue 3/7/1921 4 Bk D White
Rogers, Curtis F. Brown, Willie Mae 2/5/1946 448 Bk D White
Rogers, Ed Frank Haynes, Annie Evelyn 4/11/1942 388 Bk D White
Rogers, J. J.  Sutton, Mattie 9/25/1933 207 Bk D White
Ross, Derrell Cadwell, Lula Janet 3/10/1947 478 Bk D White
Ross, T. C.  Willcox, Vivian 9/13/1941 376 Bk D White
Roundtree, Harold Crenshaw, Bobbie Ruth 7/16/1949 532 Bk D White
Roundtree, Robert H. Parkerson, Lois 7/2/1949 530 Bk D White
Rountree, Earnest L. Wright, Lucy May 6/28/1925 65 Bk D White
Rountree, Herman Haralson, Evelyn 10/29/1937 300 Bk D White
Rountree, Troy Wright, Celie 1/15/1929 134 Bk D White
Rowe, W. F. Merritt, Ada 7/14/1928 121 Bk D White
Rowe, W. F. Smith, Overa 7/29/1923 34 Bk D White
Rowland, Earlie Philips, Fleetie 7/31/1938 307 Bk D White
Rowland, Willie Harrell, Mary 11/17/1934 233 Bk D White
Royal, D. C. Peebles, Sarah 9/5/1936 268 Bk D White
Royal, E. H. Bowen, Carrie Bell 3/18/1935 241 Bk D White
Royal, George Fussell, Lou Jean 9/11/1932 189 Bk D White
Rumph, George W. McLeod, Alice 7/2/1922 15 Bk D White
Rus, Ervin Burd, Martha 7/14/1947 488 Bk D White
Russell, John Wesley Jr. Coe, Mary Hazel 2/10/1951 558 Bk D White
Russom, Curtis Bellowy 3/8/1925 61 Bk D White
Russom, John E. Griffin, Ruby Lee 1/9/1932 181 Bk D White
Rutland, George Q. Holt, Mary Frances 3/15/1948 503 Bk D White
Rutland, Lewis Williamson, Pearl 9/1/1942 397 Bk D White
Rutledge, Earl Sikes, Rita Lonelle 11/17/1951 567 Bk D White
Rutledge, Elbert Lockheart, Pearl 4/29/1950 543 Bk D White
Rutledge, Elbert E. Henry, Helen 5/3/1946 452 Bk D White
Ryals, Dan J. McDuffie, Mrs. Martha S.  4/15/1944 422 Bk D White
Ryals, George L. Jr. Cumo, Anna 5/28/1941 367 Bk D White
Ryals, John B. Barrow, Christine 8/31/1937 288 Bk D White
Ryals, Manning Fogarty, Curtis 12/17/1932 193 Bk D White
Ryals, Tommie Lee Hollingsworth, Ethel 9/25/1937 290 Bk D White
Rycroft, E. M. Youngblood, Bertha 6/14/1934 223 Bk D White
Ryles, Dan J. Loure, Rilia May 5/5/1935 244 Bk D White


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