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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Mack, H. G. Warren, Ida B. 9/2/1946 463 Bk D White
Maddox, Dennis Howard, Nancy 12/25/1932 194 Bk D White
Maddox, Emory Sumner, Rena 1/24/1931 164 Bk D White
Maddox, Jas H. Googe, Mary E. 11/2/1924 56 Bk D White
Maddox, Paul Warren Moore, Abbie Louise 6/21/1942 393 Bk D White
Majors, William M. Clements, Louise 1/26/1936 258 Bk D White
Malarir, Roney Withirington, Mildred 8/4/1937 286 Bk D White
Malone, Hout Gay, Susan Veleva 12/25/1951 568 Bk D White
Malone, John A. Martin, Hazel Edyth 4/19/1933 197 Bk D White
Maloy, J. H. Yancy, Sallie Mae 10/19/1941 373 Bk D White
Maloy, Jim Cravey, Isabelle 4/2/1928 114 Bk D White
Mance, J. B. Crozier, Tiny Estelle 6/26/1937 284 Bk D White
Mann, Joe Walter Rhodes, Ruby 10/28/1935 253 Bk D White
Mann, John Thomas Lee, Frankie Williams 10/12/1947 492 Bk D White
Mann, T.C. Adams, Ms. Nan 1/3/1942 383 Bk D White
Mann, W. D. Conner, Mary Elizabeth 5/28/1939 324 Bk D White
Manning, Albert Stuckey, Velma 5/16/1931 170 Bk D White
Manus, S. T. Michael, Bessie 7/12/1941 370 Bk D White
Marlowe, Harold Edwin Copeland, Margaret Evelyn 3/8/1947 478 Bk D White
Marry, B. P. Radford, Ophelia 6/28/1941 369 Bk D White
Marr, Thomas Frank Daniel, Louise 6/23/1942 393 Bk D White
Martin, A. J. Whitman, Louise 9/3/1938 311 Bk D White
Martin, Charlie A. Craft, Betty 7/31/1948 513 Bk D White
Martin, Clyde McDuffie, Margurite 7/1/1928 120 Bk D White
Martin, Conbin Littleton, Onie Lee 1/8/1949 520 Bk D White
Martin, Dewey R. McDuffie, Bessie Lee 6/5/1937 283 Bk D White
Martin, Ernest Weaver, Dottie 12/21/1933 212 Bk D White
Martin, Hal Story Walker, Williouse 11/10/1942 401 Bk D White
Martin, Hoyt Grantham, Hattie 9/6/1924 53 Bk D White
Martin, V.C. Jackson, Pauline 8/12/1923 34 Bk D White
Martin, William Whittle, Brooks 2/12/1934 218 Bk D White
Mascey, James O. Fountain, Hattie L. 11/22/1937 292 Bk D White
Mashburn, C.T. Cornelius, Luciel 1/3/1932 180 Bk D White
Mashburn, Delmar L. Hartsfield, Gwendolyn L.  7/26/1946 459 Bk D White
Mashburn, Emory M. Barfield, Elsie  6/9/1947 485 Bk D White
Mashburn, James Harold  Barfield, Doris Eugene 12/24/1947 499 Bk D White
Mashburn, James W. III Lide, Marcie Jo  6/5/1948 508 Bk D White
Mashburn, Thomas Riviere Wilson, Robbie Lou  3/17/1940 346 Bk D White
Massey, Joseph Harold McKenzie, Annie Laverne 5/18/1951 560 Bk D White
Massey, William Howard  Nutt, Erma  10/8/1945 441 Bk D White
Masters, John F. Mann, Ora Nancy  8/11/1927 102 Bk D White
Mathias, W. P. Gordon, Thelma  1/22/1928 112 Bk D White
Matthew, Archie Yawn, Eula Mae  1/28/1939 317 Bk D White
Matthews, James P. Waller, Estelle Therisa  5/4/1949 525 Bk D White
Matthews, Troy Smith, Gladys  5/24/1936 263 Bk D White
Matthios, Raymond C. Liles, Mary E.  3/17/1922 11 Bk D White
Mauldin, J. A. Wehunt, Winnie  8/24/1935 250 Bk D White
May, Alonzo Gibbs, Mrs. Fannie L. 10/12/1929 143 Bk D White
Mayo, Fred Oneal, Susie May 3/29/1925 62 Bk D White
Mays, Carl Spires, Laura May 12/31/1927 111 Bk D White
Mays, Earl Wright, Ms. Annie 2/24/1945 433 Bk D White
Mays, J. L. Adams, Pauline 6/10/1939 326 Bk D White
Mays, J. L. Cason, Doris 12/22/1935 255 Bk D White
Mays, Rosco Rowe, Mattie L. 3/17/1923 29 Bk D White
Meeks, Allen Mitchell Graham, Katherine O. 6/25/1947 486 Bk D White
Meeks, Elbert E. Guest, Marjorie Louise 7/15/1943 413 Bk D White
Meeks, James V. Haire, Johnnie 6/3/1926 82 Bk D White
Merritt, Henry M. Wofford, Jewell E. 1/17/1928 112 Bk D White
Metcalf, Millard Burch, Fannie Fay 4/8/1939 322 Bk D White
Miley, Cecil E. Hardy, Eva Margie R. 12/22/1951 567 Bk D White
Miller, Clarence Love Fountain, Gertrude 5/5/1935 243 Bk D White
Miller, Culley G. Clark, Lucile 12/25/1943 418 Bk D White
Miller, D.T. Helms, Bessie 3/30/1940 345 Bk D White
Miller, Edger Warren, Liddie 12/23/1928 130 Bk D White
Miller, Felton Gordon, Ruby Lynn 2/25/1940 344 Bk D White
Miller, Gordon Gordon, Cleo 5/30/1936 261 Bk D White
Miller, James Bruce, Lola Christine 5/6/1934 221 Bk D White
Miller, J. H. Coffee, Frausdelee 11/15/1922 23 Bk D White
Miller, Leon Bell, Florence 3/30/1935 396 Bk D White
Miller, Leon Helms, Mrs. Mary 3/30/1935 241 Bk D White
Miller, Lloyd L. Cook, Ruby 6/11/1929 138 Bk D White
Miller, Roy Conner, F. 4/19/1926 79 Bk D White
Miller, Walter Philips, Lorene 5/22/1933 198 Bk D White
Miller, William T. George, Alice 7/2/1924 50 Bk D White
Miller, W. M. Fenn, Robbie K. 12/27/1925 75 Bk D White
Milton, Carl J. Jordan, Sara Lynn 12/19/1948 517 Bk D White
Mims, W. W. Gordon, Alice 4/2/1931 167 Bk D White
Miner, C. W. Chalker, Estelle 10/21/1928 126 Bk D White
Minor, Roy Clifton Tippins, Frances Matilda 10/18/1937 493 Bk D White
Mitchell, Bud Jr. Hardy, Julia Mae 2/11/1944 419 Bk D White
Mitchell, Frank Brown, Marguerite 5/8/1942 389 Bk D White
Mitchell, James H. Hogan, Annie 1/15/1948 500 Bk D White
Mitchell, J.H. Jr. Gibbs, Edna 12/23/1928 131 Bk D White
Mitchell, Julian Warren Hudgens, Venice L. 10/19/1951 565 Bk D White
Mitchell, Richard Fitzgerald, Lorena 7/22/1933 204 Bk D White
Mitchell, Thomas H. Pope, Edna Mildred 3/13/1943 408 Bk D White
Mixon, Abner M. Souther, Hilda 3/19/1946 451 Bk D White
Mixon, Coley Stagham, Eva 3/20/1927 95 Bk D White
Mixon, E. A. Beall, L. Luciel 6/4/2029 138 Bk D White
Mixon, Elmo F. Hawks, Dorthy 9/1/1935 250 Bk D White
Mixon, Ernest Gammage, Audrey 11/27/1934 234 Bk D White
Mixon, G. C. Sr. McDuffie, Mrs. Tobe 8/30/1925 68 Bk D White
Mixon, Luther Walker, Annie 6/1/1924 49 Bk D White
Mixon, Tiney H. Harpe, OWe C. 1/21/1930 147 Bk D White
Mixon, Vere Nazworth, Lillian 4/2/1938 301 Bk D White
Mixon, W. C. Smith, Ida 10/29/1921 3 Bk D White
Mobley, John D. Graves, Alma 12/24/1931 179 Bk D White
Mobley, W. L. Belcher, Alma L. 12/6/1925 74 Bk D White
Moncier, William Joseph  Cox, Clarice Lizzette 6/20/1951 561 Bk D White
Moody, Charles W. Campbell, Lonease 6/5/1946 456 Bk D White
Moody, Ira Jr. Baxley, Merle 6/25/1939 326 Bk D White
Mooner, Vernon D. Bisscher, Martha Lidia 8/25/1929 140 Bk D White
Mooney, Robert E. Autry, Flora E. 8/22/1931 173 Bk D White
Moore, Bobbie J. Goodwin, Opal May 10/10/1936 270 Bk D White
Moore, D. B. Morris, Ruby 8-15148 513 Bk D White
Moore, Ernest Blue, Loretta 12/30/1928 135 Bk D White
Moore, George David Lee, Kathryn Ann 1/15/1950 540 Bk D White
Moore, James A. Jr. Williford, Louise 4-2747 483 Bk D White
Moore, John Henry Stewart, Clarice 12/8/1934 234 Bk D White
Moore, Joseph Ernest Jr.  Fitzgerald, Betty 12/14/1941 380 Bk D White
Moore, Thomas Edgar McWhorter, Lois Ella 12/24/1947 498 Bk D White
Moore, William Jr. Stone, Marjorie 10-344 428 Bk D White
Moore, Willis Walding McDuffie, Lillie Louise 7/9/1939 328 Bk D White
Moore, W. R. Rhodes Bernice 7/4/1941 370 Bk D White
Mooreman, Ross G. Russell, Lillie B. 4/6/1937 279 Bk D White
Morehouse, Charley Deen, Lougene 10/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Morehouse J W Wilson, Annie 2/22/1934 219 Bk D White
Morris, Richard Theodore Selph, Wynette 9/13/1950 550 Bk D White
Morris, IRhoses, Pearl G. 11/11/1928 128 Bk D White
Morris, Robert Frank Hutts, Hazel 7/27/1943 414 Bk D White
Morrison, Jarrett G. Holt, Romelle 3/7/1948 503 Bk D White
Morrison, M. C. Jr. Boutte, Mary E. 1/25/1947 476 Bk D White
Morrow, Lester Powell, Rosa Lee 8/5/1941 372 Bk D White
Moss, Rubert Lee Stubbs, Estoria Juanita 9/5/1947 491 Bk D White
Moss, Starlin Benjamin Shirley, Margaret 9/13/1947 492 Bk D White
Moye, Julius E. Fenn, Rena Pearl 5/2/1924 48 Bk D White
Moye, William N. Visscher, Minnie G. 3/3/1927 95 Bk D White
Mullikin, J. D. McLeon, Myrtle 12/22/1929 146 Bk D White
Mullis, Charles Taylor, Geraldine 1/24/1948 500 Bk D White
Mullis, Edwin E. Hogan, Mlldren 11/3/1946 467 Bk D White
Mullis, James Lonnie Martin, Mamie 12/23/1930 160 Bk D White
Mullis, John Willie Lashley, Lydia Juanita 9/11/1948 514 Bk D White
Mullis, T. O. Whitman, Lizzie Mae 11/5/1927 108 Bk D White
Murphy, H. P. Jr. Wilkinosn, Willie H. 4/16/1927 96 Bk D White
Murphy, Willis Owens, Ola 2/12/1938 297 Bk D White
Murray, Bufford Ivey Selph, Geneva 9/29/1950 552 Bk D White
Murray, Melton Willis, Marzee 1/2/1948 499 Bk D White
Musselwhite, Edward Albriton, Hazel 7/17/1940 351 Bk D White
Musselwhite, William G. Wilson, Sara Marie 10/31/1948 516 Bk D White
Myers, Jim Stubbs, Elloween 11/26/1949 538 Bk D White
Myrick, Robert A. Faircloth, Lois Odell 12/3/1944 429 Bk D White
McAnally, Benjamin Moye Mount, Emma Mae 2/2/1946 447 Bk D White
McAnally, Moye Freeman, Kathlene 12/23/1938 519 Bk D White
McBryant, Grady Reeves, Inez 8/20/1938 309 Bk D White
McBryant, Joe Hendrix, Alice 4/15/1923 30 Bk D White
McBryant, S. F. Rogers, Lehr 3/17/1928 115 Bk D White
McBryant, Willia Gibbs, Vera Mae 7/22/1939 329 Bk D White
McBryd, Daniel Hubert Land, Evelyn 8/11/1946 459 Bk D White
McCall, C.S.J. Cason, Jeraldine F 5/6/1934 220 Bk D White
McCall, F.H. Rainey, Easter 9/30/1934 229 Bk D White
McCall, G.D.J. Sutton, Lillian 9/9/1930 154 Bk D White
McCall, George Dixon, Nellie 2/25/1932 183 Bk D White
McCall, J. G. Stanley, Julia Odom 1/21/1943 406 Bk D White
McCall, John A. Vorus, Elizabeth 4/28/1935 242 Bk D White
McCall, Milzey Ely Smith, Mary Kate 4/12/1945 434 Bk D White
McCall, Roy Parks, Sarah 4/15/1923 30 Bk D White
McCall, W. C. Jr. Rooney, Myra E. 10/3/1938 312 Bk D White
McCalla, Clarence Wayne  Fenn, Irene Simmons 6/15/1935 246 Bk D White
McClain, H.C. Davidson, Estelle 2/3/1931 165 Bk D White
McClain, J. H. Thompson, Cleo 12/22/1923 43 Bk D White
McClain, W. F. Tedders Verna 1/22/1943 406 Bk D White
McCloud, Elvin Cravey, Mattie 5/12/1947 480 Bk D White
McCranie, Doyle Carroll, Mildred 6/20/1948 510 Bk D White
McCranie, George Parkerson, Pearl 10/16/1921 2 Bk D White
McCranie, James E. Parker, Pauline 8/19/1950 550 Bk D White
McCullars, James Natkin, Willie Mae 3/18/1949 520 Bk D White
McCuller, A. J. Stone, Betty 2/25/1939 319 Bk D White
McCullough, J. H. Benson, Ornie 1/31/1930 148 Bk D White
McDaniel, B. F. Dowdy, Lina 12/24/1930 162 Bk D White
McDaniel, R. L. Burkett, Louise 5/17/1930 150 Bk D White
McDonald, Cleo Ellis Laidler, Mary Lou 8/18/1944 428 Bk D White
McDonald, Lavoyd T. Conner, Paulette 7/27/1946 459 Bk D White
McDougald, George R. Walker, Lounell 4/16/1935 242 Bk D White
McDuffie, Albin Adams, Ethel 12/9/1928 129 Bk D White
McDuffie, Alex Samples, Gussie 12/30/1937 294 Bk D White
McDuffie, Audis Adams, Pearl 7/28/1936 265 Bk D White
McDuffie, Donald H. Williford, Christine 5/13/1945 437 Bk D White
McDuffie, Earl P. Smith, Ruby 7/12/1946 458 Bk D White
McDuffie, Emmett Duncan, Leno 10/25/1928 127 Bk D White
McDuffie, Everette Spire, Leila 8/7/1937 287 Bk D White
McDuffie, Evins Pines, Louise 3/12/1948 503 Bk D White
McDuffie, Harold Clifton  Cook, Willene 3/17/1950 542 Bk D White
McDuffie, J. M. Ogilvie, Essie B. 2/23/1925 61 Bk D White
McDuffie, John Mullis, Viola 9/17/1922 19 Bk D White
McDuffie, John Thomas  Guinn, Erline 12/28/1946 474 Bk D White
McDuffie, Julian Conner, Elise Jenette 10/23/1937 291 Bk D White
McDuffie, Julian D. Jones, Flora 7/25/1922 16 Bk D White
McDuffie, Leon Marline Mays, Euritha 5/13/1944 423 Bk D White
McDuffie, Raymond McLemore, Clyde 12/29/1935 257 Bk D White
McDuffie, R.B. Adams, Luree 10/21/1939 336 Bk D White
McDuffie, Robert Bryant, Velma Lorene 12/23/1947 498 Bk D White
McDuffie, Wiley Milton Hinley, Alma Laverne 2/25/1939 318 Bk D White
McFee, John Richard Gessendanner, Maxine 8/26/1941 374 Bk D White
McGee, Fred Eugene Howard, Joyce Nell 7/31/1949 533 Bk D White
McGinnis, Gordie Dorminey, Mildred 1/2/1949 519 Bk D White
McGlamary, Charley Statham, Juanita 1/10/1934 212 Bk D White
McGlamary, Dewy Massee, Burls 8/11/1935 248 Bk D White
McGlamery, E. L. Faircloth, Allie B 2/5/1928 113 Bk D White
McGlamery, John B. McKinney, Carrie 4/11/1925 62 Bk D White
McGlamory, Joe Mack Ledford, Myrtle 3/13/1948 503 Bk D White
McGlamory, Neil Hubert  Hunt, Emmie 2/12/1938 298 Bk D White
McGlamory, Scott McKinney, T. 1/15/1927 93 Bk D White
McGlamory, Taft McKinney, Rhoda 3/17/1934 220 Bk D White
McGlamory, Wilmer Robitzsch, Louise 11/23/1937 292 Bk D White
McGlamry, Ernest Layfield, Annie 7/24/1941 371 Bk D White
McIntyre, Sam Jones, Clara Bell 5/11/1947 483 Bk D White
McIntyre, Tommie McCranie, Alice Lee 10/1/1950 552 Bk D White
McKay, L.A. Crenshaw, Mary J. 7/4/1926 83 Bk D White
McKay, Willie G. Crozier, Mary E. 8/3/1951 562 Bk D White
McKie, George Marvin Guest, Thelma Louise 9/23/1933 207 Bk D White
McKie, Howell Boldin, June 11/24/1923 41 Bk D White
McKie, Marvin Tedders, Ovida 2/8/1942 384 Bk D White
McKie, William Howard Mays, Louise 7/20/1943 413 Bk D White
McKinley, Olan Colbert Cason, Serena Inell 11/27/1942 403 Bk D White
McKinley, Roy Fredrick Barfield, Lennie Maude 2/16/1941 361 Bk D White
McKinley, William Cecil Gregory, Mary Elizabeth 12/24/1939 341 Bk D White
McKinney, Albert Conner, Charlott 12/26/1928 131 Bk D White
McKinney, Bland Rhodes, Mardell 12/15/1946 471 Bk D White
McKinney, Charlie Miller, Mildred 10/23/1931 176 Bk D White
McKinney, Frank Edward Roland, Mary Ellen 11/9/1951 566 Bk D White
McKinney, Joseph M. Ledford, Willie 4/5/1946 452 Bk D White
McKinney, Lewis McGlamery, Orene 6/6/1925 64 Bk D White
McLemore, E.D. Jr. White, Tommie Mae 3/19/1938 300 Bk D White
McLemore, Jefferson Lane, Arcieline 10/1/1932 190 Bk D White
McLemore, Jessie Barton, Mary Frances 8/17/1945 439 Bk D White
McLemore, Joseph Schell, Mrs. Frances B. 12/7/1946 470 Bk D White
McLemore, M. J. Hunt, Robbie Sue 7/10/1935 266 Bk D White
McLemore, W. H. Bussell, Fay 1/3/1931 164 Bk D White
McLeod, Philip Taylor, Henrietta 8/21/1938 309 Bk D White
McMichen, Absey D. Harp, Irene 5/10/1923 31 Bk D White
McRae, Earl Gay, Jerlene 1/25/1942 383 Bk D White
McRae, Grover V. Davis, Betty 12/25/1943 419 Bk D White
McRanie, Dennis Cadwell, Doyle 9/6/1925 69 Bk D White
McWhorter, Alvin Eugene Minschew, Fonnie Inez 12/22/1946 472 Bk D White
McWhorter, George McCall, Lucile 7/4/1937 285 Bk D White
McWhorter, Harold Whittle, Joanne 8/5/1950 548 Bk D White
McWhorter, J.B. Stonecypher, Mardelle 10/28/1939 337 Bk D White
McWhorter, Lewis Tomberlin, Mary Evelyn  11/9/1945 443 Bk D White
McWhorter, L. M. Carter, Ethel May 11/25/1925 72 Bk D White
McWhorter, Roy Gibbs, Rubie 12/25/1924 58 Bk D White
McWhorter, Shelton Othell Killiebrew, Mildred Faye 12/9/1950 554 Bk D White
Nasworthy, William Gray, Alberta 1/13/1950 541 Bk D White
Neal, James Eugene Dennard, Estelle 9/10/1925 69 Bk D White
Nelson, Charlie N. Maloy, Rosa 12/12/1951 563 Bk D White
Nelson, Robert E. Howell, Eva 12/26/1926 92 Bk D White
Newell, Frank Statham, Rebecca 5/2/1931 169 Bk D White
Newell, Henry Nutt, Tommie 11/5/1949 538 Bk D White
Newell, Mack Watson, Lorraine 6/24/1949 528 Bk D White
Newman, William A. Sutton, Joyce 12/18/1949 544 Bk D White
Newmans, James Riley Ware, Julia Frances 9/12/1946 464 Bk D White
Newsome, J. D. Ray, Lois 11/8/1936 271 Bk D White
Nipper, J. S. Copeland, Bertha 8/20/1932 189 Bk D White
Nipper, Troy Westbrook, Louise 8/17/1949 535 Bk D White
Nobles, A. J. Ray, Susie 11/5/1924 56 Bk D White
Nobles, Odell Brown, Geneva 12/8/1946 470 Bk D White
Nobles, R.A. Calhoun, Lola Mae 12/21/1924 58 Bk D White
Norman, I. K. Powell, Verlie Mae 6/30/1930 152 Bk D White
North, George E. Faircloth, Ava A. 6/25/1925 65 Bk D White
Nutt, Dewey Benson, Bertis Cortez 6/19/1937 284 Bk D White
Nutt, Felton Brinson, Celia 8/30/1936 268 Bk D White
Nutt, Kenneth, Jr. Conner, Edwina 12/31/1949 540 Bk D White
Nutt, T.M. Goodwyne, Julia 3/21/1931 167 Bk D White
Oakes, Alton Clark, Willie Lou 10/15/1934 230 Bk D White
Oakes, Cecil Isom Peppers, Mozell 6/16/1936 264 Bk D White
Ogilvie, Carmon McKinney, Cora 8/1/1925 67 Bk D White
Olds, Lesley Mauldin, Ruth 6/4/1932 187 Bk D White
Oleary, Patrissia Rhodes, Julia 9/16/1926 88 Bk D White
O'Neal, C. L. Haire, Geneva 8/31/1940 353 Bk D White
O'Neal, E. T. Lashley, Inez 12/10/1939 339 Bk D White
O'Neal, J.D. Nutt, Eunice 3/23/1930 148 Bk D White
Oneal, J. L. Barrett, Lula Bell 11/28/1931 178 Bk D White
Oneal, J. M. Adams, Montine 10/18/1928 126 Bk D White
O'Neal, J. M. Sanders, Ruby 2/25/1934 218 Bk D White
O'Neal, Pierce Baggett, Vera Christine 11/26/1944 429 Bk D White
Orr, Phil Grimes, Christene 12/19/1924 57 Bk D White
Outlaw, T. J. Fogarty, Irene 1/9/1927 93 Bk D White
Owen, Ernest McDuffie, Montene 5/23/1934 222 Bk D White
Owens, Calvin Touchton, Lena 10/9/1948 515 Bk D White
Owens, Charles Alton Williamson, Lillian Estelle 6/4/1936 263 Bk D White
Owens, Curtis Warren, Oma 9/5/1923 36 Bk D White
Owens, H. Salter, Mary 11/2/1927 107 Bk D White
Owens, Harry Hughes, Grace 12/23/1928 128 Bk D White
Owens, John Doster McLeod, Martha Louise 8/1/1942 395 Bk D White
Owens, John Wallace Crenshaw, Fannie Wilma 12/27/1949 539 Bk D White
Owens, Leonard Clements, Edna 11/25/1934 234 Bk D White
Owens, Linton S. New, Mary L. 7/21/1928 122 Bk D White
Owens, L. S. Youngblood, Emma Lorene 10/8/1939 335 Bk D White
Owens, Sam Reid Crosby, Lola Mae 12/25/1936 274 Bk D White
Owens, W. J. Davis, Vera Mae 5/19/1923 31 Bk D White


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