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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Haire, Edward Pitts, Hazel 1/1/1941 360 Bk D White
Haire, J. T. Pierce, Susie 12/18/1933 214 Bk D White
Haire, Willie McGlamery, Minnie 11/17/1924 56 Bk D White
Hall, Clifford Agee, Glenn 11/20/1921 5 Bk D White
Hall, James Rawlins, Amanda 9/11/1931 174 Bk D White
Hall, James Richard Hardy, Louise 4/19/1949 523 Bk D White
Hall, M.A. Rogers, Alice 11/8/1936 272 Bk D White
Haman, Chas. Blow, Julia 6/23/1925 65 Bk D White
Hammond, J. A. Pilkenton, Naomi 8/27/1922 18 Bk D White
Hancock, E. L. Ware, Odessa 6/28/1924 50 Bk D White
Hancock, J. G. Summerford, Lixie 9/21/1929 142 Bk D White
Hancock. J. H.  Barfield. Eva 10/1/1938 311 Bk D White
Hancock, Maxwell  Bellamy, Bernice 2/24/1935 240 Bk D White
Hancock, William J.  McLemore, Ola 5/13/1922 14 Bk D White
Handley, Arthur Burnes  Tomberlin, Lura Bell 6/8/1946 456 Bk D White
Handley, Claude  Lacey, Zelma 7/6/1939 327 Bk D White
Handley, Harry Milton  Gibbs, Carolyn Marie 9/27/1949 534 Bk D White
Handley, O.S.  Ledford, Frances 8/4/1939 330 Bk D White
Handley, Vance  Pearce, Lucy 8/7/1938 308 Bk D White
Hannah, Edgar J.  Pope, Ruby B. 3/2/1946 450 Bk D White
Haralson, C.T.  Pope, Tommie 5/14/1930 150 Bk D White
Harason, Mose  Clark, Ruby 6/26/1937 284 Bk D White
Harden, Elton  Sheffield, Effie 1/4/1947 480 Bk D White
Hardin, Alton  Swymer, Hazel 2/16/1936 260 Bk D White
Hardin, Lewis  Stone, Grovenia 2/25/1936 259 Bk D White
Hardmon, Ardford  Spinks, Christine 2/6/1945 432 Bk D White
Hardwick, Clifford  Fussell, Leitha 2/2/1940 343 Bk D White
Hardwick, J.A.  Reaves, Mary Etta 8/26/1933 205 Bk D White
Hardwick, Luther H. Jernegan, Dorothy 11/29/1942 402 Bk D White
Hardy, Charles  Walker, Christine 9/26/1943 416 Bk D White
Hardy, D. L.  Hicks, Hellen 12/19/1930 161 Bk D White
Hardy, James A.  Youngblood, Mary Lunette 8/12/1944 427 Bk D White
Hardy, John Henry  Chanclor, Annie 9/6/1942 398 Bk D White
Hardy, Lillis C.  Newell, Annie B. 2/14/1938 298 Bk D White
Harp, Bob  Hancock, Bertha 5/7/1933 198 Bk D White
Harp, J.A. Gibson, Mary Magdaline  9/17/1938 311 Bk D White
Harp, Marion Frances Brock, Mary Elizabeth 2/11/1949 522 Bk D White
Harper, R. P. Allen, F.D. 12/24/1921 8 Bk D White
Harrell, A. L. Lewis, Lessie 12/23/1930 162 Bk D White
Harrell, Dupree Reynolds, Hazel 7/12/1950 547 Bk D White
Harrell, Elmer Williams, Vernita 2/19/1944 420 Bk D White
Harrell, Elmer Hardy, Elizabeth 6/29/1946 457 Bk D White
Harrell, Fate Ray, Vivian 1/13/1935 239 Bk D White
Harrell, Gary Reuben Bowen, Nell Beatrice 6/22/1943 412 Bk D White
Harrell, George H. Yancy, Sallie Mae 12/26/1949 539 Bk D White
Harrell, G. W. Howell, Grace 1/10/1935 238 Bk D White
Harrell, J. F. Maynard, Myrtle 11/7/1928 127 Bk D White
Harrell, J. W. Tomberlin, Dale 6/13/1927 100 Bk D White
Harrell, J. Y. Ray, Neily 9/22/1934 225 Bk D White
Harrell, Lawton Jr. Conners, Norman Mae 5/1/1928 117 Bk D White
Harrell, Therman Edwin Gill, Mamie Lou 2/7/1943 407 Bk D White
Harrington, J. H. Blackstock, Anna L. 2/22/1929 135 Bk D White
Harris, Alton Dozier, Thelma 12/22/1942 404 Bk D White
Harris, Dorris Clifford Thompson, Lou V. 10/28/1944 428 Bk D White
Harris, Doyle Thompson, Gwendolyn 2/15/1946 449 Bk D White
Harris, J. H. Williamson, Louise 3/8/1934 220 Bk D White
Harris, Sherril Reid, Lucy 6/16/1926 82 Bk D White
Harrison, Andrew Kincey Waters, Bessie 10/9/1943 416 Bk D White
Harrison, John L. Livingston, Ollie Mae 5/23/1942 390 Bk D White
Harrison, Waldo Goodwyn, Leigh 8/22/1926 86 Bk D White
Hart, Frank Morgan, Irene 10/21/1934 231 Bk D White
Hart, L.P. Ledford, Anna 11/30/1928 129 Bk D White
Hart, Quitman Watson, Inell 1/25/1947 475 Bk D White
Hart, T. R. Harden, Carrie 1/2/1939 316 Bk D White
Hart, William Harris Gordon, Mrs. Kathleen 5/26/1951 560 Bk D White
Harvey, Clark C. Colley, Bonnie L. 12/24/1922 25 Bk D White
Harvey, David E. Taylor, Pauline 3/9/1947 479 Bk D White
Harvey, Elijah Elvin Jennings, Bernice Lee 8/15/1937 287 Bk D White
Harvey, G. T. Owens, Abbie 10/11/1930 157 Bk D White
Harvey, Henry Burnett, Leva 5/12/1934 222 Bk D White
Harvey, Herman Studstill, Zula B. 7/19/1925 64 Bk D White
Harvey, J. T. Thompson, Inez 10/9/1927 105 Bk D White
Harvey, Lester Sutton, Christine 7/2/1930 360 Bk D White
Harvey, Perry McDonald  Vaughn, Myrtle Darling 5/25/1924 49 Bk D White
Harvey, Rubin M. Faircloth, Ella J. 12/24/1922 25 Bk D White
Harvey, Steven L. Clark, Geraldine 10/11/1947 493 Bk D White
Harvey, William E. Ginn, Opal 1/9/1936 257 Bk D White
Hatch, John G. Hancock, Edna R. 11/27/1924 57 Bk D White
Hattaway, W. M. Shedd, Imogene 5/19/1934 222 Bk D White
Hawkins, Alton Willingham, Bernice 8/18/1940 352 Bk D White
Hawkins, George Ethridge Ginn, Jo Ann Marie 7/17/1949 531 Bk D White
Hawkins, Harvey Eugene  Corley, Ellen Louise 6/6/1937 283 Bk D White
Hawkins, Herbert Keene, Irene 10/11/1936 271 Bk D White
Hayes, Edger Gay, Mary 6/27/1930 151 Bk D White
Hayes, Woodrow Allison, Letha 1/24/1942 383 Bk D White
Hearn, Vernice Law Carter, Lucy Nell 9/5/1943 415 Bk D White
Helms, A. J. Daniels, Doris 9/30/1939 334 Bk D White
Helms, C. D. Statham, Odessa 12/24/1938 316 Bk D White
Helms, Clark C. McKinney, Mary Neomi 2/28/1948 502 Bk D White
Helms, Cooper Raines, Eunice 8/26/1928 122 Bk D White
Helms, Dan McIntyre, Evelyn 5/17/1939 323 Bk D White
Helms, Edward Brown, Mary Fronie 1/24/1948 500 Bk D White
Helms, Edward Leroy Barfield, Mattie Lou 6/20/1947 486 Bk D White
Helms, H.A. Bruce, Clara Mae 12/29/1927 111 Bk D White
Helms, J. R. Griffin, Lucile 9/6/1924 52 Bk D White
Helms, Oliver D. Standridge, Pearlee 3/26/1927 95 Bk D White
Helms, Raymond Jones, Ernestine 10/5/1929 143 Bk D White
Helms, Thomas Franklin  Brown, Grace 8/22/1951 563 Bk D White
Helms, Thomas Roy Rhodes, Johnnie Mae 12/8/1945 445 Bk D White
Henderson, Earl R. Brown, Mildred 11/4/1945 443 Bk D White
Henderson, Herman Jesse  Whittle, Juanita 9/26/1949 536 Bk D White
Henderson, J. B. Rhodes, Jewell 12/26/1926 91 Bk D White
Henderson, John Henry Hollingsworth, Hazel 11/6/1937 291 Bk D White
Henderson, M. M. Reese, Daisy 12/23/1921 8 Bk D White
Hendley, Otis Crosby, Lucile 3/11/1932 184 Bk D White
Hendricks, Roy Lasseter, Madge 11/22/1931 178 Bk D White
Henry, Green Ledford, Elorn 1/9/1926 75 Bk D White
Henry, Winton Helms, Ann 8/13/1949 534 Bk D White
Herndon, Royal Deloach, Mattie Mae 12/25/1928 129 Bk D White
Herrick, Chas M. Parrish, Lunelle 9/10/1927 103 Bk D White
Herring, James Doyle King, Melba Ruth 4/12/1952 573 Bk D White
Herring, Johnnie Taylor, Lucile 10/7/1934 230 Bk D White
Hewett, R. W. Mitchell, Julia Rebecca 12/25/1931 180 Bk D White
Hickman, Curtis Russell Smith, Little Irene 6/12/1945 438 Bk D White
Hickman, Lynwood Elbert McLeod, Jamie Edith 3/16/1943 408 Bk D White
Higgins, Verner Lee Rhodes, Jimmie 9/13/1941 376 Bk D White
Highsmith, Edwin Frasier, Carolyn 11/8/1947 494 Bk D White
Highsmith, James A. Sangster, Christine 12/27/1948 519 Bk D White
Highsmith, John C. Ross, Ethel 12/8/1946 471 Bk D White
Hill, John Arthur Prevatt, Mildren Ethel 8/30/1947 489 Bk D White
Hilliard, Archie Brown, Bernice 6/23/1941 369 Bk D White
Hilliard, Carey W. Swain, Marion 3/3/1946 450 Bk D White
Hilliard, Edmond Reaves, Bessie Lee 12/12/1936 274 Bk D White
Hilliard, Herbert Davis, Rubie 10/4/1921 1 Bk D White
Hillard, Herman Moon, Bulah 10/27/1923 40 Bk D White
Hillard, Newt Bracewell, Martha 2/6/1943 407 Bk D White
Hilliard, Richard Mixon, Verna May 8/7/1924 51 Bk D White
Hilliard, Richard Dowdy, Bessie 8/13/1941 373 Bk D White
Hilliard, Roy Harrell, Mary Clifford 6/30/1949 529 Bk D White
Hilliard, Sam Jr. Bowen, Annie Belle 12/25/1942 404 Bk D White
Hilliard, S. J. Spires, Rachel 1/15/1944 419 Bk D White
Hilliard, S. J. Pruett, Mildred 3/1/1946 449 Bk D White
Hilliard, S. J. Selph. Lizzie Oreita 9/4/1948 514 Bk D White
Hilliard, Sylvester Yancey, Kathrine 1/19/1935 240 Bk D White
Hilliard, V.C. Feanders, Louise 8/1/1942 395 Bk D White
Hilliard, Willie Pittmann, Gladys 12/27/1936 275 Bk D White
Hinson, E. F. Jolley, Sarah P. 10/22/1931 177 Bk D White
Hinton, Edd Whitlock, Pauline 4/1/1939 321 Bk D White
Hitson, G. W. Hart, Lena 11/26/1927 109 Bk D White
Hitson, Milton Sanders, Josephine 8/17/1940 352 Bk D White
Hitson, Travis Sanders, Barbara 1/14/1940 343 Bk D White
Hitson, William Helms, Rosa 7/3/1937 285 Bk D White
Hobbs, Joy Osborn, Ethel 7/5/1930 152 Bk D White
Hobby, Archie Hogan, Frances 4/11/1942 381 Bk D White
Hodge, Thomas W. Martin, Virginia 7/12/1946 458 Bk D White
Hodnett, Otis Moreland, Omar 9/14/1930 155 Bk D White
Hodmutt, A.A. Clements, Minnie Lee 3/8/1925 60 Bk D White
Hogan, James B. DuBose, Rosa Bell 7/3/1948 511 Bk D White
Holland, W. D. Goodman, Claudie N. 10/9/1926 89 Bk D White
Holliday, Thomas A. Cook, Dora Lois 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Holliday, D. M. Collins, Nina 11/28/1931 179 Bk D White
Holliday, Earl McGlamory, Ethel 5/21/1922 15 Bk D White
Holliday, Earl T. Hannah, Zelma 10/20/1939 336 Bk D White
Hollingsworth, Charles O. Clark, Jewell Jacqueline 2/5/1952 569 Bk D White
Hollingsworth, Joseph F.  Newman, Thelma Margene 9/21/1947 492 Bk D White
Holloway, Willie W.  Goodman, Ethel Lee 8/25/1945 440 Bk D White
Holman, S. B.  Lee, Annie Minnie 11/26/1925 73 Bk D White
Holston, William H. Altee, Kathrine 1/31/1917 476 Bk D White
Holt, Clarence Howard Gordon, Goldie Jacquelyn 12/25/1951 568 Bk D White
Holt, Everett Reid, Daisy 11/19/1923 41 Bk D White
Holt, James Alonzie Richie, Pearl 6/30/1934 216 Bk D White
Holt, J. C. Walls, Mrs. Ruth 11/10/1946 458 Bk D White
Holt, John C. Jr. Talley, Elevyan 8/8/1926 85 Bk D White
Holt, Walter A. Brewer, Pearl 8/13/1950 548 Bk D White
Holt, Welburn Suggs, Beatrice 9/26/1926 87 Bk D White
Holley, Les Martin, Lizzie 10/12/1931 176 Bk D White
Holton, Lindsey Eugene  Nolan, Annie Mildred 7/2/1949 530 Bk D White
Holton Mathew Lane Lula 11/19/1922 23 Bk D White
Hood, Edwin Adams, Juanita 12/2/1950 553 Bk D White
Hood, Lee Pace, Evelyn 9/6/1926 87 Bk D White
Hoover, Ancil Elder, Gertrude 10/20/1923 40 Bk D White
Hopkins, Calvin Lollis, Pansey 9/1/1924 52 Bk D White
Horn, E. V. Mashburn, Alma 9/30/1922 20 Bk D White
Horne, Francis Garrett, Elizabeth 5/18/1935 245 Bk D White
Horne, Guy Watson, Hazel 6/6/1947 485 Bk D White
Horne, Julius Pope Conley, Johnie May 12/24/1937 294 Bk D White
Horton, Arnold Guinn, Rozelle 5/1/1948 506 Bk D White
Horton, James J. Maddox, Mary Ewley 6/12/1935 246 Bk D White
Horton, Pete Campbell, Mary Julia 4/23/1938 301 Bk D White
Horton, Stanley Graham, Maxine 10/20/1916 467 Bk D White
Horton, Vernon Mays, Ruby 9/30/1933 208 Bk D White
Howe, Lewis Brown, Viola 5/15/1922 14 Bk D White
Howell, Alex Lowery, Lola 4/30/1927 98 Bk D White
Howell, Earl S. Clements, Lucile 12/15/1934 236 Bk D White
Howell, Harry McGlamery, Lora 11/4/1928 127 Bk D White
Howell, J. F. Adams, Ms. Lizzie 1/26/1939 317 Bk D White
Howell, J. L. Smith, Mary 4/23/1927 97 Bk D White
Howell, Otis Jones, Ve Esta 6/29/1930 152 Bk D White
Howell, Wilmer McReady, Pearl 7/28/1937 286 Bk D White
Hodson, Robert L. Rabon, Ruth 1/28/1943 406 Bk D White
Hughes, J. B. Lamb, Lona 5/11/1935 244 Bk D White
Huguley, George Reeves, Martinez 6/1/1948 508 Bk D White
Humphries, C. H. Faircloth, Sallie 7/3/1933 203 Bk D White
Humphries, Roscoe E. Smith, Lois 3/27/1943 409 Bk D White
Hunnicutt, William S. Pritchett, Alice Gertrude 4/30/1943 409 Bk D White
Hunter, Clyde Tomberlin, Gertrude 7/27/1923 35 Bk D White
Hunter, Clyde B. Rhodes, O. 1/2/1927 92 Bk D White
Hunter, George C. Guest, Mildred 9/3/1933 205 Bk D White
Hunter, Henry Conner, Eula May 10/31/1925 72 Bk D White
Hunter, Tillman Guest, Faustine 8/13/1933 204 Bk D White
Hurst, Robert L. Causey, Doris 8/19/1931 173 Bk D White
Hutchinson, Alsioe Dyes, Louvinia 11/26/1930   Bk D White
Hutchinson, Fred B. Raby, Minnie 3/14/1935 240 Bk D White
Hutchinson, Wilmer Dunagan, Lillie Mae 12/27/1930 163 Bk D White
Hyde, Milton West, Doris 2/14/1935 239 Bk D White
Ivey, W. D. Newman, Hattie 10/10/1928 125 Bk D White


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