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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Grooms

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Eaddy, Ezra E. Lane, Mrs. Mattie 5/14/1943 410 Bk D White
Earn, Hoyt B. Piper, Lillian Alberta 2/23/1941 362 Bk D White
Eason, Lonnie Ryals, Ms. Annie Laura 7/18/1941 371 Bk D White
Eastman, Henry McCall, Ida 11/9/1926 90 Bk D White
Eaton, Wylie Thomas Alewin, Myrtice 2/26/1949 522 Bk D White
Edge, Robert Louis Patterson, Evie Clifford 6/6/1943 411 Bk D White
Elder, Harper Peacock, Thelma 11/10/1934 233 Bk D White
Elder, James C. McBryant, Ledie 4/22/1923 29 Bk D White
Elder, James W. Hair, Kathleen 4/22/1931 169 Bk D White
Elder, Marvin Hawkins, Lucile 11/22/1925 73 Bk D White
Elder, Ralph Walters, Ada 4/18/1926 79 Bk D White
Elder, Ralph Moye Crosby, Bonnie Lee 4/26/1939 322 Bk D White
Elder, Ray Harrison, Bessie Lois 8/5/1939 330 Bk D White
Ellabee, Lawson Goodman, Ella Mae 4/26/1925 63 Bk D White
Elliott, B.E. Elliott, Drucilla Cornell 3/15/1941 364 Bk D White
Ergle, Howard Gilliam, Mildred 2/5/1949 521 Bk D White
Erwin, Thomas H. Wilson, Laverne 9/21/1931 122 Bk D White
Estes, Matt W. Holt, Annie Merle 4/16/1939 321 Bk D White
Etheridge, Ellis Thompson, Mary 10/7/1938 312 Bk D White
Ethridge, Willie B. Skipper, Florene Renfroe 2/22/1946 449 Bk D White
Evans, Bainor E. Gordon, Sarah F. 12/17/1945 445 Bk D White
Evans, Fred Martin, Beatrice 12/10/1927 109 Bk D White
Evans, John M. Whittle, Thelma D. 6/30/1940 350 Bk D White
Everett, Grady, Julius Hendley, Hazel Juanita 2/12/1949 521 Bk D White
Evers, Walter Cooley, Faustine 11/23/1940 358 Bk D White
Evitt, Roy Murray, Berta May 3/21/1929 136 Bk D White
Evitt, Roy Cone, Maudine 9/23/1936 269 Bk D White
Exum, John Junior Bellamy, Izetta 3/3/1947 478 Bk D White
Faircloth, Cecil A. Harpe, Lillian 1/20/1931 164 Bk D White
Faircloth, D.W. Watson, Ida May 4/9/1927 96 Bk D White
Faircloth, Edger Howell, Rosa Lee 1/7/1923 27 Bk D White
Faircloth, Elkin Rogers, Geida 5/26/1939 325 Bk D White
Faircloth, Elvin Clements, Rubye 9/20/1930 155 Bk D White
Faircloth, Horace Rhodes, Myrtle 11/28/1936 273 Bk D White
Faircloth, John T. Stevens, Paulene 11/24/1927 108 Bk D White
Faircloth, Leonard W. Dement, Joan 4/8/1949 524 Bk D White
Faircloth, Lloyd Robert McDuffie, Mattie Mattie McDuffie 1/2/1946 446 Bk D White
Faircloth, Loomis Gaston Masters, Lillian Elizabeth  6/15/1940 350 Bk D White
Faircloth, Loomis Gaston Brinkley, Nola Elizabeth  1/28/1946 447 Bk D White
Faircloth, T. L. McRae, Maggie Sue 2/4/1938 296 Bk D White
Faircloth, W. H. Sullivan, Vera O. 10/12/1933 209 Bk D White
Faircloth, Wyatt Stewart, Robbie Louise 5/27/1946 454 Bk D White
Farmer, Emmet Knight, Clinton 9/5/1939 332 Bk D White
Farr, Herman Parkerson, Dora B. 9/19/1930 154 Bk D White
Farr, W.F. Yates, Delta 12/19/1929 146 Bk D White
Farrell, Claude Howell, Alene 3/28/1936 262 Bk D White
Farris, John Jackson Jones, Sarah Frances 1/31/1951 557 Bk D White
Farrow, Alvin Ledord, Ruth 10/13/1940 356 Bk D White
Farrow, Ottis Smith, Myrtle 1/21/1942 381 Bk D White
Farrow, Ottis O'Neil, Amanda 5/20/1950 544 Bk D White
Farrow, Roy Addison, Oeta 9/26/1926 88 Bk D White
Faulk, Lester Cook, Corine 8/8/1933 202 Bk D White
Fee, Frank H. Mixon, Jeannette 4/17/1938 301 Bk D White
Fenn, C. L. Graham, Lenore 7/5/1933 201 Bk D White
Finleyson, Charles A. Jr. Cheek, Martha Elizabeth  7/10/1949 490 Bk D White
Fisher, Alfred D. Addison, Onie 2/6/1937 278 Bk D White
Fisher, Frank B. Pope, Carrie Lella 7/28/1934 226 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Aaron Gibbs, Mildred 8/16/1937 287 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Charles C. Stone, Lorene 3/16/1946 451 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Dodd Murphy, Geraldine 8/15/1948 513 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, H.D. Standridge, Ruby 8/28/1937 289 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Herbert Clements, Wilma Nell 3/31/1940 347 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, James David Moss, Frances 8/9/1947 489 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, J.D. James, Annie Ruth 4/21/1935 243 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, J. D. Cobb, Orba Vera 9/6/1942 397 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, J. R. Wilcox, Mary 5/18/1924 48 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Norman Marcus Gibbs, Virginia Dore 4/21/1942 388 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Raymond Stone, Lucile 12/17/1944 430 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Robert B. Fitzgerald, Mary Emma 2/21/1941 361 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Sam Gibbs, Lela 11/30/1933 212 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, S.E. Martin, Dora 10/7/1928 124 Bk D White
Fletcher, B.H. Jr. Johnson, Gould 8/17/1935 249 Bk D White
Flowers, Edwin Jewel Rhodes, Jurrell 5/15/1938 303 Bk D White
Floyd, A.J. Lupo, Inez 12/31/1922 27 Bk D White
Fogarty, Jesse Johnson, Vera 11/23/1940 358 Bk D White
Fogarty, Lester E. Morrison, Davie 5/11/1947 483 Bk D White
Folds, Gerald L. Andrews, Gladys Warnell  11/14/1947 494 Bk D White
Folds, J. T. Brown, Mary Ann 6/26/1948 510 Bk D White
Ford, B.P. Futch, Annie Geraldine 1/5/1933 194 Bk D White
Ford, Reuben T. Powell, Mrs. Rachell 12/14/1941 380 Bk D White
Forehand, Henry I. McLeod, Mrs. Imogene 1/1/1946 446 Bk D White
Foster, James Watt Wilson, Darlene 4/8/1950 543 Bk D White
Fountain, Charlie Aldrich, Mary Frances 10/24/1939 336 Bk D White
Fountain, Donald Howe Rogers, Cleo Izetta 6/30/1951 561 Bk D White
Fountain, J. D. Smith, Bulah 10/4/1930 157 Bk D White
Fountain, Leon Warren Helms, Myrtle Dean 7/19/1943 413 Bk D White
Fountain, William Rufus  Newell, Cora Lee 9/20/1946 463 Bk D White
Fowler, Herbert Ball, Stella 10/30/1921 3 Bk D White
Free, Luther Lord, Lola 9/16/1928 102 Bk D White
Freeman, J.A. Glenn, Mary George 11/24/1938 313 Bk D White
Fulghum, Charles Crisp Culpepper, Gladine 6/6/1946 457 Bk D White
Fulghum, J.A. Faircloth Fannie Mae 3/3/1932 184 Bk D White
Fulghum, J. D. Hancock, Doshia 12/27/1930 163 Bk D White
Fulghum, Jessie Dillard Dwight, Nancy Irene 9/4/1945 440 Bk D White
Fulghum, William Otis Peavy, Ethel 1/24/1942 384 Bk D White
Fuller, E.T. Powell, Leila Mae 3/1/1941 363 Bk D White
Fuller, Hoyt Cline Hardeman, Annie C. 3/31/1951 559 Bk D White
Fuller, Thomas Albert Youngblood, Tiny Ruth 1/20/1951 556 Bk D White
Fuller, Wadie E. McLendon, Nellie 8/14/1938 308 Bk D White
Fuller, W. E. Stone, Rhea Virginia 9/14/1940 354 Bk D White
Fultz, B.E. Simmons, Mildred 6/9/1932 187 Bk D White
Funderburk, George Wood, Betsie 5/6/1923 30 Bk D White
Funderburk, J.C. Black, Blanch 6/27/1925 66 Bk D White
Funderburk, W.A. Smith, Carrie V. 11/23/1926 90 Bk D White
Furney, Arthur Burke, Sallie Bell 5/31/1942 391 Bk D White
Fussell, James Chambless  Sumner, Francis 11/26/1942 402 Bk D White
Futch, C.R.  Hitchcock, May Bell 12/24/1929 146 Bk D White
Futch, George Thurmond  Gordon, Tibbie Arean 7/6/1945 438 Bk D White
Futch, Reuben A. Gibbs, Marie 12/24/1939 341 Bk D White
Futch, Thomas Harry Merritt, Mary Lizzie 3/22/1950 543 Bk D White
Gammage, J.D. Mixon, Ruth 8/20/1922 17 Bk D White
Gammage, J.D. Guy, Gladys Lucile 9/29/1940 355 Bk D White
Gammage, Wilbur H. Highsmith, Myrtice C. 4/24/1937 282 Bk D White
Gardner, D. N. Mays, Dollie 6/18/1933 200 Bk D White
Garner, James Ellis, Oveline 3/9/1940 346 Bk D White
Garner, Thomas Wiley Griffin, Sarah 8/4/1951 563 Bk D White
Garrett, C.C. Conner, Thelma 6/22/1939 327 Bk D White
Garrett, Chester Conner, Hazel 5/27/1933 199 Bk D White
Garrett, J.M. Lewis, Willie J. 9/20/1939 333 Bk D White
Garrison, Aylmer Ledford, Lucile 9/2/1939 332 Bk D White
Garrison, Clifton Farrow, Ruth 1/18/1947 475 Bk D White
Garrison, Clifton Harris Smith, Helen Naomi 5/19/1950 544 Bk D White
Garrison, Elvyn McLemore, Vera 8/31/1934 227 Bk D White
Garrison, J. R. Gilbert, Bertha May 10/12/1923 39 Bk D White
Garrison, Robert Reeves, Margarette 9/24/1941 374 Bk D White
Garrison, Walter Whittle, Lorena 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Garrison, W. L. Ansley, Martha 5/31/1947 485 Bk D White
Garvin, James William Crenshaw, Hortense E. 4/8/1947 481 Bk D White
Gaudy, Harvey, Jr. Miley, Fannie Bell 1/7/1950 540 Bk D White
Gaughf, Jessie Delson Turner, Annie Laura 11/10/1951 566 Bk D White
Gazaway, Otis Turk, Lucy Mae 6/7/1931 170 Bk D White
George, S.D. Bruce, Dora Lee 9/16/1923 36 Bk D White
Gibbs, Aaron Rhondes, Annie Wilmer 12/23/1939 340 Bk D White
Gibbs, Adren Layfield, Hazel 2/3/1946 448 Bk D White
Gibbs, A.J. Jr. King, Zader May 4/29/1928 116 Bk D White
Gibbs, Andrew Owens, Nettis 6/15/1930 151 Bk D White
Gibbs, A.P. Richey,Martha Christine  5/18/1936 454 Bk D White
Gibbs, Bobby Harold Pope, Ola Nell 2/5/1952 569 Bk D White
Gibbs, Charles A. Guest, Carlynne 9/11/1943 415 Bk D White
Gibbs, Clarence Owens, Ida 12/21/1930 101 Bk D White
Gibbs, Curtis Howard Adams, Gwendolyn Faye  7/3/1949 529 Bk D White
Gibbs, Durwood Mullis, Ruth 4/13/1947 481 Bk D White
Gibbs, Edgar Clark, Ruby 3/31/1934 220 Bk D White
Gibbs, Eldredge Reeves, Catherine 6/23/1934 224 Bk D White
Gibbs, Erlie Mashburn, Jenette 1/13/1935 239 Bk D White
Gibbs, Fred Mitchell, Annie May 8/31/1929 141 Bk D White
Gibbs, Harvey Jackson Merrett, Bethany Anne 4/26/1947 482 Bk D White
Gibbs, Henry Ivery, Mary 11/28/1943 417 Bk D White
Gibbs, Henry Milton Goodwin, Sallie Mae 12/25/1939 342 Bk D White
Gibbs, Homer Stewart Grace 4/5/1941 366 Bk D White
Gibbs, Jackie Dennard Hunter, Sara Laverne 12/30/1949 539 Bk D White
Gibbs, Jimmie Ashley, Ellen 2/24/1940 345 Bk D White
Gibbs, J.T. Jr. Stone, Inez 2/16/1940 344 Bk D White
Gibbs, Lamb Stonecypha, Wynell 9/21/1935 251 Bk D White
Gibbs, Lucius Smith, Bulah 4/1/1929 137 Bk D White
Gibbs, Marcus Palmer, Oppie L. 12/29/1928 133 Bk D White
Gbbs, Marion Spires, Ms. Lula 9/30/1945 441 Bk D White
Gibbs, R.V. Richey, Celie 4/1/1938 300 Bk D White
Gibbs, Tom McWhorter, Eva 5/5/1946 453 Bk D White
Gbbs, Wesley Palmer, Bertha 3/30/1929 136 Bk D White
Gibbs, Willie Alton McCall, Frances 2/3/1951 557 Bk D White
Gibson, W.F. Dyes, B. Mae 12/28/1924 59 Bk D White
Giddens, Huey David Mathis, Margaret Lawson  6/5/1942 390 Bk D White
Gilbert, J.C. Holland, Alva 8/21/1938 309 Bk D White
Gillis, John D. Sheffield, Pauline 1/7/1939 316 Bk D White
Gillis, Leroy Allen, Virginia Ruth 4/16/1952 572 Bk D White
Ginn, J. R. Simmons, Mattie 10/3/1932 190 Bk D White
Gladden, J. W. Reaves, Floy L. 1/30/1926 76 Bk D White
Glover, Douglas Walker, Justine 11/3/1940 357 Bk D White
Godwin, Roscoe W. Beall, Cathryn 6/27/1937 284 Bk D White
Goff, Ashley Wise, Pauline 9/6/1931 174 Bk D White
Goff, Dave Harvey, Ella 5/16/1926 80 Bk D White
Goins, R. L. Dicks, Tempie R.E. 4/29/1928 116 Bk D White
Goldwin, M. L. Ewing, Rosemary 2/22/1947 477 Bk D White
Goodman, Claude C. Fitzgerald, Julia 3/13/1937 279 Bk D White
Goodman, James E. Keene, Mattie Grace 12/7/1924 56 Bk D White
Goodman, J. L. Pittmann, Nellie 12/17/1927 110 Bk D White
Goodman, Virgil V. Cannon, Mildred 5/15/1948 506 Bk D White
Goodman, William G. Hutchens, Gloria 6/3/1950 545 Bk D White
Goodman, William Greer  Luke, Bettie Yvonne 11/18/1946 469 Bk D White
Goodman, William H. Keene, Hazel Erlene 6/4/1938 304 Bk D White
Goodmann, Claud Conner, Gladys 12/6/1924 57 Bk D White
Goodowns, Thomas J. Yancey, Agnes 5/2/1935 243 Bk D White
Goodwin, Alvin Lawson, Bertha 12/19/1931 179 Bk D White
Goodwin, Clayton Teagle, Lora 1/12/1935 238 Bk D White
Goodwin, W. B. Collins, Willard 11/16/1933 211 Bk D White
Goodwyne, Claude Nutt, Bernice 1/11/1934 216 Bk D White
Googe, Alton Sheffield, Vera 2/13/1932 183 Bk D White
Goode, Jesse Finleyson, Ruby Tippett  11/21/1940 358 Bk D White
Goode, Pittman Howell, Pearl A.  11/26/1931 178 Bk D White
Googe, R. L. Parker, Minnie  6/20/1931 171 Bk D White
Gordon, A.A. Jones, Mary  12/23/1925 74 Bk D White
Gordon, Alva E. Faircloth, Lottie L.  5/11/1945 435 Bk D White
Gordon, Charles Everett  Fugua, Nannie Mary 8/6/1933 204 Bk D White
Gordon, David Monroe Taylor, Lois Mae  12/27/1947 499 Bk D White
Gordon, Duff Henderson, Virgie  11/4/1923 40 Bk D White
Gordon, Duff B. Warren, Thelma  6/3/1923 32 Bk D White
Gordon, Hewlette A. Braziel, Joan  3/31/1946 452 Bk D White
Gordon, Jackson E. Braziel, Mildred Francis  10/26/1941 378 Bk D White
Gordon, James O. Stewart, Ida Mae 8/1/1950 549 Bk D White
Gordon, J. D. Harris, Frances  10/2/1949 536 Bk D White
Gordon, Jewell Collins, Ellie L.  2/25/1940 345 Bk D White
Gordon, John A. Gibbs, Mavis Marie  7/30/1950 547 Bk D White
Gordon, John B. Gammage, Ela May  4/12/1936 262 Bk D White
Gordon, Lamar Settles, Betty  11/26/1946 469 Bk D White
Gordon, Marlin Helms, Abbie Iota  11/3/1939 337 Bk D White
Gordon, Marvin Helms, Martha Jeanette  2/24/1939 319 Bk D White
Gordon, Thelbert Turk, Annie Grace  1/24/1952 569 Bk D White
Gordon, Walter Clyde Teagle, Rebecca  8/29/1937 289 Bk D White
Gordon, Wilber Duff Helms, Hazel Christine 7/17/1938 306 Bk D White
Gordon, William Herman  Richey, Aldine Eleanor  6/2/1935 245 Bk D White
Gordon, Wilmer Posey, Leita  8/8/1936 266 Bk D White
Graham, C.A. Mixon, Lorie Ann  6/26/1928 120 Bk D White
Graham, Crady Hill, Lubi  1/14/1927 94 Bk D White
Graham, Hensley Daniels, LaVerne  5/30/1948 507 Bk D White
Graham, J.S. Jr. Elkins, Laura  10/4/1922 20 Bk D White
Graham, R.M. Easterlin, Margaret Powell 6/1/1941 368 Bk D White
Graham, Thomas Taylor, Mary Louise 6/11/1948 509 Bk D White
Graham, Thomas H. Hendricks, Estell 1/3/1926 75 Bk D White
Grantham, Henry Cohen, Addie 2/26/1934 219 Bk D White
Grantham, J. W. Addison, Offie A. 9/25/1927 105 Bk D White
Grantham, Lonnie Revels, Sallie B. 12/31/1927 111 Bk D White
Green, Jim Reeves, Inez 10/8/1933 208 Bk D White
Green, Lewis Taylor Atwood, Dorothy Carol 10/5/1951 565 Bk D White
Greene, William Thomas  Bagwell, Mary Frances 3/21/1952 571 Bk D White
Greenwood, El Carol V. Hopson, Wilma Ernestine  11/19/1945 443 Bk D White
Greer, Fred Green, Lenora 5/12/1932 186 Bk D White
Gregory, Ben L. Johnson, Fostelle 7/16/1949 531 Bk D White
Gregory, Billy Goodwyne, Ruth 9/16/1950 551 Bk D White
Gregory, C.M. Langley, Katie 4/19/1929 137 Bk D White
Gregory, J. L. Gammage, Lizzie Belle 7/5/1925 66 Bk D White
Gregory, John J. Jones, Ethel Ruth 2/4/1940 339 Bk D White
Gregory, Lester Harris Gordon, Judie Will 7/9/1949 531 Bk D White
Gregory, Wendell Wright, Gladys 7/30/1948 512 Bk D White
Gregory, W. H. Jr. Laster, Zelma Estelle 10/16/1926 89 Bk D White
Gregory, William Albritte  Hancock, Juanita 1/25/1950 541 Bk D White
Grice, James William Wells, Edith 10/26/1944 429 Bk D White
Grice, Lewis McLemore, Adell 2/16/1929 135 Bk D White
Griffin, Alvin Williamson, Gladys Marie 4/24/1948 504 Bk D White
Griffin, Loyd F. Harris, Hazel 10/2/1945 441 Bk D White
Griffin, W. C. Everett, Maggie Grace 12/5/1937 292 Bk D White
Griffin, William C. Coleman, Faye 6/26/1948 510 Bk D White
Griner, Aubrey Holt, Myrtle Hope 11/11/1928 128 Bk D White
Griner, J. F. Pilkinton, Ruth 12/16/1926 91 Bk D White
Grinstead, George Richardson, Louise 9/4/1922 19 Bk D White
Grooms, James Tripp, Wylene 11/15/1947 495 Bk D White
Guest, Calvin Walker, Bernice 9/11/1943 415 Bk D White
Guest, C.B. McKie, Lillian 10/13/1929 143 Bk D White
Guest, W. H. McKinney, Lizzie P. 3/22/1930 148 Bk D White
Gulledge, Dewey Hancock, Nettie 6/10/1928 119 Bk D White
Gulledge, Dewey, Jr. Conner, Mary Waunice 6/8/1950 545 Bk D White
Gunter, Fred Wright, Mamie 9/11/1934 227 Bk D White
Gunter, W. L. C. Moore, Letitia 1/29/1928 113 Bk D White
Guthrie, Steve McKie, Ethel 10/19/1924 55 Bk D White


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