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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Cranford, John W. Adams, Dell 6/5/1948 508 Bk D White
McDuffie, Albin Adams, Ethel 12/9/1928 129 Bk D White
Lacey, D. H. Adams, Francis 2/19/1928 115 Bk D White
Gibbs, Curtis Howard Adams, Gwendolyn Faye  7/3/1949 529 Bk D White
Smith, Leary V. Adams, Janice 6/28/1943 412 Bk D White
Hood, Edwin Adams, Juanita 12/2/1950 553 Bk D White
McDuffie, R.B. Adams, Luree 10/21/1939 336 Bk D White
Oneal, J. M. Adams, Montine 10/18/1928 126 Bk D White
Howell, J. F. Adams, Ms. Lizzie 1/26/1939 317 Bk D White
Mann, T.C. Adams, Ms. Nan 1/3/1942 383 Bk D White
Mays, J. L. Adams, Pauline 6/10/1939 326 Bk D White
McDuffie, Audis Adams, Pearl 7/28/1936 265 Bk D White
Braden, Horace Addison, Mary Lynn 4/5/1941 365 Bk D White
Farrow, Roy Addison, Oeta 9/26/1926 88 Bk D White
Grantham, J. W. Addison, Offie A. 9/25/1927 105 Bk D White
Fisher, Alfred D. Addison, Onie 2/6/1937 278 Bk D White
Burnett, Charlie Addison, Thelma 3/15/1941 364 Bk D White
Carswell, S. G. Adelaide, Sarman 7/20/1930 153 Bk D White
Richey, James W. Adkinson, Juanita 8/16/1946 461 Bk D White
Hall, Clifford Agee, Glenn 11/20/1921 5 Bk D White
Conner, Walter Bryant  Akins, Ida Pearley 9/31/1947 490 Bk D White
Smith, Castio Alagood, Mattie 10/6/1928 125 Bk D White
Musselwhite, Edward Albriton, Hazel 7/17/1940 351 Bk D White
Fountain, Charlie Aldrich, Mary Frances 10/24/1939 336 Bk D White
Eaton, Wylie Thomas Alewin, Myrtice 2/26/1949 522 Bk D White
Warren, John W.  Alford, Hildred 7/20/1938 306 Bk D White
Harper, R. P. Allen, F.D. 12/24/1921 8 Bk D White
Jones, Wilbur Allen, Flossie 1/16/1943 405 Bk D White
Benson, M. F. Allen, Lerhma 12/27/1932 194 Bk D White
Gillis, Leroy Allen, Virginia Ruth 4/16/1952 572 Bk D White
Johnston, A. W. Allen, Willie B. 5/22/1927 98 Bk D White
Hayes, Woodrow Allison, Letha 1/24/1942 383 Bk D White
Holston, William H. Altee, Kathrine 1/31/1917 476 Bk D White
Simpson, T. P. Anderson, Minnie E. 4/16/1922 13 Bk D White
Anderson, Earl Albert Andrews, Charlotte 2/28/1951 558 Bk D White
Folds, Gerald L. Andrews, Gladys Warnell  11/14/1947 494 Bk D White
Cook, Elgie Gordon Jr.  Angley, Martha Viola 6/20/1942 392 Bk D White
Garrison, W. L. Ansley, Martha 5/31/1947 485 Bk D White
Barrett, I.B. Argo, Ruth 10/28/1939 337 Bk D White
Sheppard, Norris T. Armantroat, Nellie Theresa 8/23/1946 462 Bk D White
Walker, James Jefferson Arnold, Daisy Eloise 3/12/1937 279 Bk D White
Gibbs, Jimmie Ashley, Ellen 2/24/1940 345 Bk D White
Conway, Jack C.  Atchison, Annie Lee 12/16/1924 58 Bk D White
Christmas T. F. Atkinson, Jewel 6/18/1927 101 Bk D White
Snowden, J. H. Attaway, Honorine 8/16/1935 249 Bk D White
Green, Lewis Taylor Atwood, Dorothy Carol 10/5/1951 565 Bk D White
Livingston, Ralph Atwood, Elizabeth 11/18/1948 516 Bk D White
Land, Henry Cawley Atwood, Hattie Odelia 11/2/1946 463 Bk D White
Burnette, George Edward Aultman, Susan 2/10/1952 570 Bk D White
Mooney, Robert E. Autry, Flora E. 8/22/1931 173 Bk D White
O'Neal, Pierce Baggett, Vera Christine 11/26/1944 429 Bk D White
Lasley, Greenie Bagley, Bessie 4/26/1941 366 Bk D White
Greene, William Thomas  Bagwell, Mary Frances 3/21/1952 571 Bk D White
Warren, James  Bailey, Essie 12/18/1927 110 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Oscar D. Baker, Jewel 12/17/1921 7 Bk D White
King, Leonard Baker, Julia Bell 11/20/1932 192 Bk D White
Dismukes, J.T. Baker, Marguerite 10/28/1921 3 Bk D White
Barfield, Ernest Baldwin, Margaret 7/19/1941 370 Bk D White
Lane, J. R. Ball, Mattie L. 11/15/1930 159 Bk D White
Fowler, Herbert Ball, Stella 10/30/1921 3 Bk D White
Woods, Jake Bans, Eugenia 4/30/1947 483 Bk D White
Bennett, Bob Willard Barefoot, Lizzie Mae 10/13/1946 466 Bk D White
Johnson, Carl C. Barefoot, Minnie Lucy 9/5/1948 514 Bk D White
Mashburn, James Harold  Barfield, Doris Eugene 12/24/1947 499 Bk D White
Mashburn, Emory M. Barfield, Elsie  6/9/1947 485 Bk D White
Barefoot, Emory Barfield, Helen 1/31/1942 384 Bk D White
Watson, Carl Hiram Barfield, Irene 4/8/1944 422 Bk D White
McKinley, Roy Fredrick Barfield, Lennie Maude 2/16/1941 361 Bk D White
Tomlinson, Roy Barfield, Mary 5/8/1949 525 Bk D White
Weaver, Henry Barfield, Mary Louise 3/8/1950 542 Bk D White
Helms, Edward Leroy Barfield, Mattie Lou 6/20/1947 486 Bk D White
Hancock. J. H.  Barfield. Eva 10/1/1938 311 Bk D White
Watson, B. R. Barker, Bessie 5/8/1932 186 Bk D White
Clements, Charlie F. Barker, Myrtis 3/12/1932 184 Bk D White
Powell, Wilber Barker, Nannie Laurie 10/31/1934 232 Bk D White
Whittle, Thomas Melton Barker, Sallie Azile no date 524 Bk D White
Ledford, James Robert Barker, Sara Wynell 9/24/1950 552 Bk D White
Wilson, Lionel G. Barnes, Geneva 3/17/1949 523 Bk D White
Lindsey, Samuel Barnett, Lorene 11/4/1950 553 Bk D White
Keene, James W. Barrett, Ava Lee 5/28/1946 455 Bk D White
Oneal, J. L. Barrett, Lula Bell 11/28/1931 178 Bk D White
Bruce, Morris Barrett, Sue 8/29/1936 267 Bk D White
Ryals, John B. Barrow, Christine 8/31/1937 288 Bk D White
Warren, J.D.  Barton, Earnestine 3/12/1938 300 Bk D White
McLemore, Jessie Barton, Mary Frances 8/17/1945 439 Bk D White
Vinson, W. L. Barton, Varah L. 6/15/1924 50 Bk D White
Coleman, Wesley Batts, Lucile 10/12/1922 20 Bk D White
Moody, Ira Jr. Baxley, Merle 6/25/1939 326 Bk D White
Davis, Emmett Beal, Idell 6/24/1933 200 Bk D White
Godwin, Roscoe W. Beall, Cathryn 6/27/1937 284 Bk D White
Leverett, Ralph E. Beall, Francis 6/12/1927 100 Bk D White
Pace, John H. Jr. Beall, Gussie 7/4/1942 393 Bk D White
Mixon, E. A. Beall, L. Luciel 6/4/2029 138 Bk D White
Rathbun, Milton Bearer, Willie Mae 1/6/1940 342 Bk D White
Stubbs, George Verlon Beasley, Josephine 9/11/1948 515 Bk D White
Conner, Max  Beavers, Harriet 6/16/1941 368 Bk D White
Mobley, W. L. Belcher, Alma L. 12/6/1925 74 Bk D White
Lee, Joel B. Belding, Inez M. 11/10/1951 566 Bk D White
Simmons, Dannie Edward Bell, Annie Laura 2/11/1940 344 Bk D White
Miller, Leon Bell, Florence 3/30/1935 396 Bk D White
Talley, Homer C. Bell, Maggie 8/25/1935 248 Bk D White
Conley, William Bell, Roxie 10/5/1928 124 Bk D White
Hancock, Maxwell  Bellamy, Bernice 2/24/1935 240 Bk D White
Pitts, John Bellamy, Dora 1/15/1922 10 Bk D White
Exum, John Junior Bellamy, Izetta 3/3/1947 478 Bk D White
Lindsey, Walter Bellamy, Julia 9/15/1928 124 Bk D White
Davis, George H. Bellflower, Willa Mae 3/6/1938 299 Bk D White
Russom, Curtis Bellowy 3/8/1925 61 Bk D White
Cason, George Bennett, Beatrice 9/19/1935 251 Bk D White
Jones, W. A. N. Bennett, Laura 7/16/1936 265 Bk D White
Cason, B. B. Bennett, Lillie 8/16/1925 68 Bk D White
Dix, Thomas Bennett, Lillie 11/23/1935 254 Bk D White
Nutt, Dewey Benson, Bertis Cortez 6/19/1937 284 Bk D White
McCullough, J. H. Benson, Ornie 1/31/1930 148 Bk D White
Bagley, R. L., Jr. Biggs, Pearl 4/11/1937 281 Bk D White
Mooner, Vernon D. Bisscher, Martha Lidia 8/25/1929 140 Bk D White
Funderburk, J.C. Black, Blanch 6/27/1925 66 Bk D White
Sercer, Joe Black, Georgia 10/2/1926 88 Bk D White
Kovosh, Anton Black, Liney 9/5/1928 123 Bk D White
Wright, J.W. Black, Mattie 7/24/1926 84 Bk D White
Barfield, Alton Black, Pauline 10/1/1933 207 Bk D White
Conner, T. O.  Black, Versa 6/14/1933 199 Bk D White
Harrington, J. H. Blackstock, Anna L. 2/22/1929 135 Bk D White
Sears, Frank Blalock, Alstean 9/21/1930 156 Bk D White
Lovett, Wyley Blalock, Elva 9/28/1935 251 Bk D White
Bolton, Ossie Clifford Blalock, Minnie Lou 11/25/1921 6 Bk D White
Broadway, I.G. Blalock, Viola 8/21/1925 68 Bk D White
Reynolds, J. L. Blasingame, Kate 4/3/1943 409 Bk D White
Selph, Cecil Donald Bloodsworth, Mildred 3/8/1941 364 Bk D White
Wands, Charles  Blosser, Beatrice 1/4/1942 382 Bk D White
Haman, Chas. Blow, Julia 6/23/1925 65 Bk D White
Moore, Ernest Blue, Loretta 12/30/1928 135 Bk D White
Quillian, B.E. Jr. Blue, Virginia 12/17/1939 340 Bk D White
Keen, D. Z. Bohannon, A. 4/17/1927 97 Bk D White
Dowdy, Hezzie Welton Bohannon, Bonnie Bell 6/5/1948 509 Bk D White
Tripp, Clyde Bohannon, Jimmie 8/30/1930 153 Bk D White
Mayfield, Oscar Bohannon, Susie Bell 5/7/1944 423 Bk D White
McKie, Howell Boldin, June 11/24/1923 41 Bk D White
Conner, T. O. Jr.  Boling, Mary Evelyn 12/9/1945 444 Bk D White
Jarrard, Jason Bond, Paulene 8/11/1931 172 Bk D White
Morrison, M. C. Jr. Boutte, Mary E. 1/25/1947 476 Bk D White
Bell, Dave M. Bovem, Nora 3/11/1946 450 Bk D White
Hilliard, Sam Jr. Bowen, Annie Belle 12/25/1942 404 Bk D White
Leggett, T. J. Bowen, Annie Laura 10/3/1936 269 Bk D White
Lancaster, H.C. Bowen, Beatrice 11/30/1921 6 Bk D White
Shumate, Robert Lee Bowen, Bessie Mae Walker 12/11/1950 555 Bk D White
Royal, E. H. Bowen, Carrie Bell 3/18/1935 241 Bk D White
Campbell, Leonard Bowen, Grace 8/15/1942 396 Bk D White
Tomberlin, Charles W. Bowen, Johnie Kate 3/1/1952 570 Bk D White
Worley, Herman Bowen, Lillian 12/20/1941 380 Bk D White
Dowdy, James Bowen, Mary Evelyn 5/23/1945 437 Bk D White
Harrell, Gary Reuben Bowen, Nell Beatrice 6/22/1943 412 Bk D White
Spires, Edd Bowen, Ruby 10/18/1942 400 Bk D White
Turk, Morris Bowen, Ruby Ernestine 4/23/1937 280 Bk D White
Sheffield, Woodrow Jackson Bowen, Sarah Ruth 3/27/1947 480 Bk D White
Conner, Moye  Bowen, Willie Clare 4/20/1940 348 Bk D White
Schwalbe, F.C. Bowers, Mary Ida 2/9/1924 45 Bk D White
Keen, P. S. Bowman, 1. 9/21/1930 155 Bk D White
Pope, Bennie Richard Bowman, Carolyn 10/14/1951 565 Bk D White
Shedd, Harley Bowman, Edna 11/4/1934 232 Bk D White
Wilson, Alfred Bowman, Grace 1/28/1934 217 Bk D White
Wilson, Leonard Bowman, Lillie May 11/27/1926 90 Bk D White
Collins, J. W. Bowman, Myrtle L. 11/20/1934 233 Bk D White
Coley, H. L. Bowman, Pearl 12/4/1921 5 Bk D White
Hillard, Newt Bracewell, Martha 2/6/1943 407 Bk D White
Rab urn, H. W. Bradford, Alma 4/2/1932 185 Bk D White
Brown, C. H. Brady, Addie 2/7/1932 182 Bk D White
Brown, Alvin Brady, Vernell 7/29/1950 548 Bk D White
Burnett, Dell Brannen, Georgia 5/19/1935 245 Bk D White
Wright, Robert Brantley, Opal 9/19/1942 398 Bk D White
Bullock, L. A. Brantly, Alice Marie 12/21/1946 471 Bk D White
Barfield, Cleveland Wilson Braswell Voncile Eliza. 8/23/1941 374 Bk D White
Jones, Ronald Braswell, Aubrey 8/18/1935 249 Bk D White
Davidson, N. V. Braswell, Corene 7/24/1931 172 Bk D White
Waldrip, J. Willis Jr. Braswell, Reba Nadine 8/31/1946 462 Bk D White
Quattlebaum, Robin David Bray, Elise Bruce 12/19/1943 417 Bk D White
Dowdy, Mack Braziel, Essie Mae 12/25/1930 163 Bk D White
Gordon, Hewlette A. Braziel, Joan  3/31/1946 452 Bk D White
Bennett, Osco L. Braziel, Lonelle 11/18/1939 338 Bk D White
Rawlins, William Laurence Braziel, Mary Lenoir 2/22/1943 408 Bk D White
Gordon, Jackson E. Braziel, Mildred Francis  10/26/1941 378 Bk D White
Cromer, A. J. Brewer, Annie Mae 5/10/1924 49 Bk D White
Holt, Walter A. Brewer, Pearl 8/13/1950 548 Bk D White
Brown, Fred, Jr. Bridges, Inez 7/11/1937 487 Bk D White
Barfield, H. C. Bridges, Mrs. Ethel 10/19/1941 378 Bk D White
Faircloth, Loomis Gaston Brinkley, Nola Elizabeth  1/28/1946 447 Bk D White
Nutt, Felton Brinson, Celia 8/30/1936 268 Bk D White
Lashley, Luther Britt, Birdie 7/30/1938 307 Bk D White
Conley, Gordon Britt, Daisey 4/5/1937 281 Bk D White
Wilson, J. T. Britt, Gladys 1/9/1927 93 Bk D White
Jackson, Clyde Britt, Lena May 9/7/1929 142 Bk D White
Cumbus, John F. Britt, Mattie Grace 4/13/1924 47 Bk D White
Keen, Lamar Britt, Sallie 3/22/1924 47 Bk D White
Jackson, Ernest Elmer Britt, Willie Maude 2/20/1952 570 Bk D White
Harp, Marion Frances Brock, Mary Elizabeth 2/11/1949 522 Bk D White
Pilkinton, Zebedee Broodaway, Grace 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Phillips, Roy Brooks, Ruby Estelle 10/29/1938 312 Bk D White
Carroll, Thomas K. Brophy, Coll Zell 9/26/1939 334 Bk D White
Seigler, B.T. Brophy, Sue 6/9/1927 100 Bk D White
Hilliard, Archie Brown, Bernice 6/23/1941 369 Bk D White
Burk, W. F. Brown, Bessie Louise 8/1/1934 226 Bk D White
Lasseter, Maxwell C. Brown, Elva 12/19/1943 418 Bk D White
Land, Seab Brown, Fannie L. 5/13/1928 117 Bk D White
Peavy, Hubert Brown, Flora May 4/16/1931 168 Bk D White
Nobles, Odell Brown, Geneva 12/8/1946 470 Bk D White
Cady, W. T. Brown, Gladys Gibson 12/16/1937 293 Bk D White
Helms, Thomas Franklin Brown, Grace 8/22/1951 563 Bk D White
Kirkland, Thomas E. Brown, Ilene 9/11/1924 54 Bk D White
Sumner, Selman Brown Brown, Lola 3/3/1940 346 Bk D White
Teddars, S.G. Brown, Lucile 3/25/1923 29 Bk D White
Butler, Edwin Brown, Lula 10/20/1934 231 Bk D White
Mitchell, Frank Brown, Marguerite 5/8/1942 389 Bk D White
Folds, J. T. Brown, Mary Ann 6/26/1948 510 Bk D White
Davis, Samuel Carlton Brown, Mary Clara 7/27/1949 532 Bk D White
Helms, Edward Brown, Mary Fronie 1/24/1948 500 Bk D White
Conner, T. O.  Brown, Mattie 6/25/1922 15 Bk D White
Henderson, Earl R. Brown, Mildred 11/4/1945 443 Bk D White
Stephens, Eugene Brown, Mildred 4/26/1933 198 Bk D White
Veazey, W.T. Brown, Mildred 6/8/1926 82 Bk D White
Reynolds, Major Brown, Patricia Ruth 1/18/1947 475 Bk D White
Howe, Lewis Brown, Viola 5/15/1922 14 Bk D White
Rogers, Curtis F. Brown, Willie Mae 2/5/1946 448 Bk D White
White, Hez Brownie, Mary Etta 8/4/1929 140 Bk D White
Peppers, J. E. Browning, Lonnie 9/14/1930 155 Bk D White
Patten, W. L. Browning, Mrs. Piney 4/1/1944 422 Bk D White
Brown, W. R. Broxton, Cathrine 8/10/1946 460 Bk D White
Helms, H.A. Bruce, Clara Mae 12/29/1927 111 Bk D White
George, S.D. Bruce, Dora Lee 9/16/1923 36 Bk D White
Polland, Leonard Bruce, Hattie 7/30/1922 16 Bk D White
Sangster, D. W. Bruce, Ida Mae 7/3/1933 203 Bk D White
Miller, James Bruce, Lola Christine 5/6/1934 221 Bk D White
Clark, Marvin Bruce, Paulene 6/8/1928 119 Bk D White
Cole, Woodrow Bryant, Mrs. Julia 8/23/1940 352 Bk D White
McDuffie, Robert Bryant, Velma Lorene 12/23/1947 498 Bk D White
Keen, Willie B. Bufford, Leitha Mae 5/19/1934 222 Bk D White
Parks, Johnie Buice, Georgia 12/26/1934 237 Bk D White
Luther, Johnnie Bullingron, Gayaluss 5/9/1928 117 Bk D White
Wofford R. L. Bullington Ella Mae 9/12/1931 175 Bk D White
Adams, Felton Bullington, Dessa 5/1/1942 389 Bk D White
Luther, Lucius Bullington, Lida May 9/5/1925 69 Bk D White
Wilson, Warren J. Bullington, Wilma 9/4/1937 288 Bk D White
Walker, Cecil Labritt Bullock, Marie 6/7/1942 391 Bk D White
Metcalf, Millard Burch, Fannie Fay 4/8/1939 322 Bk D White
Burnham, Billie Burch, Leila 9/30/1939 334 Bk D White
Burnam, Herbert Burch, Verna lee 1/18/1947 475 Bk D White
Rus, Ervin Burd, Martha 7/14/1947 488 Bk D White
Furney, Arthur Burke, Sallie Bell 5/31/1942 391 Bk D White
McDaniel, R. L. Burkett, Louise 5/17/1930 150 Bk D White
Slade, Wallace Rhodes Burkett, Ruby Mae 5/27/1944 424 Bk D White
Beall, Allie Marion Burkett, Zelma Nan 12/18/1949 540 Bk D White
Wright, Loren Burnett, Bessie 2/23/1936 259 Bk D White
Simmons, R. L. Burnett, Lelare 2/1/1939 318 Bk D White
Harvey, Henry Burnett, Leva 5/12/1934 222 Bk D White
Wright, Willie C. Burnett, Lillian 12/12/1942 404 Bk D White
Peterson, Melvin Burnette, Edna 10/13/1949 537 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Burton, Helen Jeanette 7/13/1944 427 Bk D White
Laidler, John Solomon Busbee, Madelyn Christine 3/14/1947 479 Bk D White
Williams, H. W. Bussell, Ethel C. 4/27/1926 81 Bk D White
McLemore, W. H. Bussell, Fay 1/3/1931 164 Bk D White
Jackson, Garrett Bussey, Allie Mae 12/3/1921 7 Bk D White
Tucker, Chester Lee Butler, Rebecca 2/12/1938 297 Bk D White
Walker, D.C. Byers, Marie 1/1/1936 257 Bk D White




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