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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Dexter, James Jackson, Charlotte 10/20/1928 126 Bk D White
Wright, Tommie Jackson, Margaret 9/28/1946 464 Bk D White
Williams, James Elkin Jackson, Mary Magadalene 10/13/1946 465 Bk D White
Martin, V.C. Jackson, Pauline 8/12/1923 34 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, J.D. James, Annie Ruth 4/21/1935 243 Bk D White
Rawlins, John J. James, Laura Bell 11/21/1934 234 Bk D White
Dix, Marvin Collie Jenkins, Charlotte Delane 9/25/1949 536 Bk D White
Harvey, Elijah Elvin Jennings, Bernice Lee 8/15/1937 287 Bk D White
Hardwick, Luther H. Jernegan, Dorothy 11/29/1942 402 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Oscar DeweyJr. Jett, Geneva Corene 6/10/1944 425 Bk D White
Powers, Amburs Johns, Bertha 12/26/1922 26 Bk D White
Adams, Victor Johnson, Daisy 3/14/1936 261 Bk D White
Chandler, John Johnson, Ethel 10/25/1943 416 Bk D White
Bowen, James M., Jr. Johnson, Evelyn 5/22/1928 303 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Author Johnson, Flora 9/26/1942 399 Bk D White
Gregory, Ben L. Johnson, Fostelle 7/16/1949 531 Bk D White
Fletcher, B.H. Jr. Johnson, Gould 8/17/1935 249 Bk D White
Cason, William Buford Johnson, Lois 4/29/1939 323 Bk D White
Conner, L. B. Johnson, Mae 4/26/1925 64 Bk D White
Roberts, L. C. Johnson, Maudell 10/10/1932 191 Bk D White
Parker, Earl Johnson, Myrtle 10/5/1935 252 Bk D White
Layfield, William Johnson, Pearl 1/29/1926 76 Bk D White
Worley, Herbert W. Johnson, Ruby 11/2/1935 254 Bk D White
Rathburn, William Johnson, Ruby Lee 5/23/1947 484 Bk D White
Taylor, R.C. Johnson, Sara 5/11/1946 453 Bk D White
Smith, J. W. Johnson, Sarah Pauline 4/4/1936 262 Bk D White
Fogarty, Jesse Johnson, Vera 11/23/1940 358 Bk D White
Buttes, Lora Johnson, Vera G. 8/13/1926 81 Bk D White
Hinson, E. F. Jolley, Sarah P. 10/22/1931 177 Bk D White
McIntyre, Sam Jones, Clara Bell 5/11/1947 483 Bk D White
Duncan, L H. Jones, Edna Allene 11/27/1925 73 Bk D White
Smith, P. H. Jones, Elizabeth 5/27/1939 325 Bk D White
Helms, Raymond Jones, Ernestine 10/5/1929 143 Bk D White
Gregory, John J. Jones, Ethel Ruth 2/4/1940 339 Bk D White
Lowery, George Henry Jones, Evelyn 12/8/1950 554 Bk D White
McDuffie, Julian D. Jones, Flora 7/25/1922 16 Bk D White
Lowry, Harold W. Jones, Geraldine 8/19/1946 461 Bk D White
Reynolds, Miles A. Jones, Lola E. 1/23/1932 181 Bk D White
Smith, C.A. Jones, Lucile 1/29/1940 343 Bk D White
Gordon, A.A. Jones, Mary  12/23/1925 74 Bk D White
Robinson, Jack Jones, Olivia 11/5/1932 191 Bk D White
Keen, Frank Jones, Sallie Lou 9/7/1935 248 Bk D White
Farris, John Jackson Jones, Sarah Frances 1/31/1951 557 Bk D White
Craft, Walter Jones, Vanez 6/13/1942 392 Bk D White
Howell, Otis Jones, Ve Esta 6/29/1930 152 Bk D White
Bonner, John R. Jones, Vivian C. 12/30/1939 339 Bk D White
Milton, Carl J. Jordan, Sara Lynn 12/19/1948 517 Bk D White
Statham, H.A Jordan, Verna L. 12/23/1921 8 Bk D White
Thomas, Willie E. K., Nellie M. 2/6/1927 94 Bk D White
Calhoun, Jay Keel, Mildred 4/9/1940 348 Bk D White
Conner, Julius Keen, Blanch 12/17/1925 74 Bk D White
Wilson, W.B. Keen, Emmergene 10/12/1924 55 Bk D White
Sheffield, Earl Keen, Faustine 1/7/1939 317 Bk D White
Whittle, Wilbur Keen, Mattie Lee 5/29/1932 186 Bk D White
Collins, Googe Keen, Pearlie 2/18/1923 28 Bk D White
Turk, H.E. Keen, Ruby 10/4/1925 71 Bk D White
Luther, Lester Keen, Sibbie 8/23/1930 154 Bk D White
Burnette, Lonnie Keen, Thelma 6/11/1949 527 Bk D White
Bagwell, G. T. Keene, Annie B. 12/18/1927 110 Bk D White
Wilson, Warren J. Keene, E. 7/11/1926 83 Bk D White
Whittle, D. H. Keene, Ethel 10/25/1929 143 Bk D White
Davis, Lester Samuel Keene, Francis Juanita 10/15/1942 401 Bk D White
Goodman, William H. Keene, Hazel Erlene 6/4/1938 304 Bk D White
Hawkins, Herbert Keene, Irene 10/11/1936 271 Bk D White
Renew, Ernest Keene, Lavan 7/21/1934 225 Bk D White
Goodman, James E. Keene, Mattie Grace 12/7/1924 56 Bk D White
Cumbus, Willard Keene, Rosa Lee 7/4/1936 264 Bk D White
Cartwright, Curtis Mason  Keene, Sara Romelle 8/3/1941 372 Bk D White
Walker, Norman Jr. Keene, Willie Faye 5/27/1950 544 Bk D White
Sercer, George W. Kelly, Alice Ruth 11/20/1947 496 Bk D White
Pope, George Nick Kelly, Theresa 3/23/1949 529 Bk D White
Conley, William Kemp, Avis 4/22/1948 506 Bk D White
Biggers, Earl Preston Kennedy, Suda Marjolyn 7/19/1942 395 Bk D White
McWhorter, Shelton Othell Killiebrew, Mildred Faye 12/9/1950 554 Bk D White
Yawn, J. D.  Kinchens, Lorene 11/9/1930 159 Bk D White
Pope, Howard King, Annie 12/20/1941 380 Bk D White
Daniels, R. W. King, Eva 1/27/1932 182 Bk D White
Blow, C. W. King, Inez 6/26/1937 285 Bk D White
Willis, John King, Lillie Belle 12/18/1948 518 Bk D White
Herring, James Doyle King, Melba Ruth 4/12/1952 573 Bk D White
James, M. F. King, Ola Mae 7/22/1928 122 Bk D White
Cook, Clyde  King, Rosa Mae 12/7/1929 145 Bk D White
Sewell, Frank King, Rubie 4/20/1924 48 Bk D White
Gibbs, A.J. Jr. King, Zader May 4/29/1928 116 Bk D White
Joiner, Pete Kirkland, Gladys Roddie 12/9/1950 554 Bk D White
Ashe, James E. Kivy, Ida Pearl 3/3/1942 385 Bk D White
Farmer, Emmet Knight, Clinton 9/5/1939 332 Bk D White
Coleman, Walter Clarence  Knight, Emma Mae 7/1/1950 546 Bk D White
Lavender, Walter Knott, Bobbie Lee 7/8/1938 305 Bk D White
Shinkolser, Roscoe Kratzer, Ethel 5/11/1916 453 Bk D White
Cook, Mash  Lacey, Mary 1/12/1928 112 Bk D White
Pate, James H. Lacey, Nancy E. 9/14/1942 398 Bk D White
Rhodes, Edward Eugene Lacey, Thelma 5/13/1944 424 Bk D White
Handley, Claude  Lacey, Zelma 7/6/1939 327 Bk D White
McDonald, Cleo Ellis Laidler, Mary Lou 8/18/1944 428 Bk D White
Hughes, J. B. Lamb, Lona 5/11/1935 244 Bk D White
Barfield, Thomas Lee Lambert, Ruby Veanna 10/31/1934 232 Bk D White
Lott, Elwin Shirah Lancaster, Grace 4/14/1945 435 Bk D White
Phillips, Homer Lancaster, Laura 2/10/1950 542 Bk D White
Jones, E. C. Lancaster, Louise 9/15/1929 142 Bk D White
Burnham, Hugh Lancaster, Myrtle Eliza. 6/1/1947 485 Bk D White
Stone, H. D. Land, Alice 1/5/1936 256 Bk D White
McBryd, Daniel Hubert Land, Evelyn 8/11/1946 459 Bk D White
Comblee, Council Land, Mary Alice 8/5/1950 549 Bk D White
Vanzant, Mayson Garrett Land, Ruby Louise 8/29/1942 397 Bk D White
Holton Mathew Lane Lula 11/19/1922 23 Bk D White
McLemore, Jefferson Lane, Arcieline 10/1/1932 190 Bk D White
Eaddy, Ezra E. Lane, Mrs. Mattie 5/14/1943 410 Bk D White
Gregory, C.M. Langley, Katie 4/19/1929 137 Bk D White
O'Neal, E. T. Lashley, Inez 12/10/1939 339 Bk D White
Long, Charlie C. Lashley, L. Juanita 2/8/1946 448 Bk D White
Mullis, John Willie Lashley, Lydia Juanita 9/11/1948 514 Bk D White
Stewart, Joseph Lashley, Vera Mae 9/30/1946 464 Bk D White
Dennard, W. I. Lasseter, Lillian 2/22/1934 219 Bk D White
Hendricks, Roy Lasseter, Madge 11/22/1931 178 Bk D White
Trussell, H. L. J. Lasseter, Myrna 3/14/1936 261 Bk D White
Gregory, W. H. Jr. Laster, Zelma Estelle 10/16/1926 89 Bk D White
Berryhill, J. W. Lavina, Rudolph 11/29/1925 73 Bk D White
Wilson, Andrew J. Law, Sue Jean 7/18/1948 511 Bk D White
Goodwin, Alvin Lawson, Bertha 12/19/1931 179 Bk D White
Clack, T. A. Lawson, Myrtice 9/22/1927 104 Bk D White
McGlamry, Ernest Layfield, Annie 7/24/1941 371 Bk D White
Gibbs, Adren Layfield, Hazel 2/3/1946 448 Bk D White
Spires, Junior Columbus Layfield, Leila 12/7/1940 359 Bk D White
Hart, L.P. Ledford, Anna 11/30/1928 129 Bk D White
Stubbs, Herschel Ledford, Bertha 8/18/1954 226 Bk D White
Jones, J. W. Ledford, Bessie 4/21/1934 221 Bk D White
Stone, John A. J. Ledford, Cora L. 9/30/1927 105 Bk D White
Henry, Green Ledford, Elorn 1/9/1926 75 Bk D White
Handley, O.S.  Ledford, Frances 8/4/1939 330 Bk D White
Garrison, Aylmer Ledford, Lucile 9/2/1939 332 Bk D White
McGlamory, Joe Mack Ledford, Myrtle 3/13/1948 503 Bk D White
McKinney, Joseph M. Ledford, Willie 4/5/1946 452 Bk D White
Farrow, Alvin Ledord, Ruth 10/13/1940 356 Bk D White
Carmichael, L. E. Lee, Alma A. 9/14/1928 123 Bk D White
Holman, S. B.  Lee, Annie Minnie 11/26/1925 73 Bk D White
Mann, John Thomas Lee, Frankie Williams 10/12/1947 492 Bk D White
Butler, Gussie B. Jr. Lee, Hazel Kathleen 12/24/1947 498 Bk D White
Bowen, C. M. Lee, Kate 6/24/1926 82 Bk D White
Moore, George David Lee, Kathryn Ann 1/15/1950 540 Bk D White
Ponder, J. J. Lee, Mrs. Martha Helen 2/12/1937 278 Bk D White
Yancey, Max Lepper, Dawn Elinore 1/1/1949 520 Bk D White
Smith, G.A. Leslie, Laura Y. 12/25/1934 237 Bk D White
Pepper, Ezra Paul Lester, Mary Ann 3/23/1945 434 Bk D White
Harrell, A. L. Lewis, Lessie 12/23/1930 162 Bk D White
Winn, J. L. Lewis, Liew Ellen 6/9/1929 138 Bk D White
Garrett, J.M. Lewis, Willie J. 9/20/1939 333 Bk D White
Mashburn, James W. III Lide, Marcie Jo  6/5/1948 508 Bk D White
Benson, Esco Liland, Ruby 7/18/1928 121 Bk D White
Matthios, Raymond C. Liles, Mary E.  3/17/1922 11 Bk D White
Dunagan, Claud Jr. Lindsey, Annie Lou 3/8/1952 570 Bk D White
Spillers, E. J. Lindsey, Mrs. Alice 12/17/1934 236 Bk D White
Stone, Eldridge Bart Lindsey, Sudie Elizabeth 4/10/1948 504 Bk D White
Jordan, L. D. Littlefield 6/25/1941 368 Bk D White
Martin, Conbin Littleton, Onie Lee 1/8/1949 520 Bk D White
Coker, Walter Lewis Livingston, Addie E. 8/5/1951 563 Bk D White
Richey, Earl Jackson Livingston, Betty Louise 6/10/1949 527 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Leonard Lewis Livingston, Jewell Mae 12/27/1947 498 Bk D White
Harrison, John L. Livingston, Ollie Mae 5/23/1942 390 Bk D White
Rutledge, Elbert Lockheart, Pearl 4/29/1950 543 Bk D White
Bolden, W. H. Lockney, Lula 11/26/1921 6 Bk D White
Clark, A. E. Logan, Virginia 8/3/1942 385 Bk D White
Free, Luther Lord, Lola 9/16/1928 102 Bk D White
Jackson, Charlie Lott, Ruth 12/21/1930 162 Bk D White
Ryles, Dan J. Loure, Rilia May 5/5/1935 244 Bk D White
King, Luther Lovett, Elizabeth 7/22/1926 84 Bk D White
Smith, J. W. Lovett, Tissia May 12/27/1927 110 Bk D White
Williams, Gordon Lowery, Eva 9/4/1937 289 Bk D White
Howell, Alex Lowery, Lola 4/30/1927 98 Bk D White
Vinson, Roy Lowery, Mattie 4/26/1930 149 Bk D White
Dewey, Ray Lowery, Onnie L. 7/13/1929 139 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Jack Lowery, Pearl 5/22/1943 410 Bk D White
Daniels, J. R. Lowie, Nina 9/13/1932 190 Bk D White
Hopkins, Calvin Lollis, Pansey 9/1/1924 52 Bk D White
Goodman, William Greer  Luke, Bettie Yvonne 11/18/1946 469 Bk D White
Callaway, Benny Lee Luke, Dorothy Lee 4/23/1945 435 Bk D White
Floyd, A.J. Lupo, Inez 12/31/1922 27 Bk D White
Luther, Levi Luther, Lucile 11/16/1946 469 Bk D White
Anderson, Edwin luther, Lydia Mae 3/18/1939 320 Bk D White
Anderson, Roy Luther, Susie 12/24/1939 341 Bk D White
Stone, Clarence Luther, Viola 9/27/1930 156 Bk D White




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