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Marriage Book D - Black
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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Durham, Boss Pace, Fannie 8/18/1935 459 Bk D Black
Cobb, Will Park, Carrie 3/17/1918 49 Bk D Black
Watson, John Park, Minnie Lee 8/8/1934 439 Bk D Black
Taylor, Jim Parker, Annie 6/28/1926 287 Bk D Black
Buckin, Johnie Parker, Bernice 4/10/1938 514 Bk D Black
Adams, Riley Edward Parker, Eula 11/13/1917 36 Bk D Black
Miller, Mitchell Parker, Lizzie Lou 10/29/1933 421 Bk D Black
Lancaster, James Parker, Mary 1/1/1917 1 Bk D Black
Taylor, Willie Parker, Rosa Lee 5/8/1928 329 Bk D Black
Dean, Richard Parker, Sarah Mae 5/30/1942 584 Bk D Black
Allen, Ben Parks, Catherine 3/5/1922 199 Bk D Black
Wheeler, G. Parks, Ethelene 8/25/1932 400 Bk D Black
Bleach, Rowoan Parks, Harriet 7/1/1917 19 Bk D Black
Taylor, Charlie Parlox, Leola 2/8/1928 323 Bk D Black
Butler, Will Parramore, Annie 2/3/1925 263 Bk D Black
Isles, peter Parrott, Minnie 6/29/1918 65 Bk D Black
Duncan, T. Pate, C.L. 2/9/1922 197 Bk D Black
Allen, Matthew Pate, Lena 12/18/1938 526 Bk D Black
Thomas, Willie B. Patrick, Minnie 5/3/1941 567 Bk D Black
Lowery, L.C. Patterson, Edna 7/21/1934 437 Bk D Black
Howard, Will Paul, W.B. 12/14/1935 466 Bk D Black
Gipson, E. Pauthill, Emma Lou 6/26/1921 179 Bk D Black
Brown, Charlie B. Peavey, Ida Lee 5/6/1939 533 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Lee Peavey, Mattie 6/20/1942 586 Bk D Black
McCormick, James Peavy, Fannie 4/17/1921 175 Bk D Black
Willis, Buster Peavy, Mattie 3/7/1936 471 Bk D Black
Gipson, Elijah Penn, C. 9/24/1921 185 Bk D Black
Brown, Daiset Penn, Carrie B. 6/27/1920 147 Bk D Black
Jackson, Calvin Penn, Dianna 11/9/1941 573 Bk D Black
Everson, J.W. Penn, Ethel Bell 9/25/1932 401 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Charlie Perry, Ella B. 1-2641 563 Bk D Black
Burgess, Josiah Perry, Viola 10/18/1931 391 Bk D Black
Carter, Elijah Person, Maggie 10/25/1930 378 Bk D Black
Parker, James Philips, R. Lee 9/23/1933 419 Bk D Black
Boney, James Phillips, Alice 5/12/1923 229 Bk D Black
Holloway, Andrew Phillips, Bertha M. 11/30/1924 259 Bk D Black
Malon, Willie Phillips, Carrie 12/23/1939 545 Bk D Black
McNeil, Willie M. Phillips, Dora L. 9/6/1926 290 Bk D Black
Smith, Solomon Phillips, Elizabeth 10/10/1937 502 Bk D Black
Bazen, G. L. Phillips, Lillie B. 9/8/1930 376 Bk D Black
Fuller, Early Phillips, Lula May 12/26/1933 426 Bk D Black
Harris, B. Phillips, M. Lee 6/13/1922 206 Bk D Black
Wilder, Robert Phillips, Ollie 6/20/1925 269 Bk D Black
Mack, Bart Phillips, Pearl 10/9/1922 211 Bk D Black
Raney, Pete Phillips, Rebecca 1/21/1921 168 Bk D Black
Harrell, J.B. Piltman, Susie 3/5/1928 326 Bk D Black
Newberry, Lucious Pinkney, Julia 4/27/1942 582 Bk D Black
Young, W. E. Pinkney, Vera 8/15/1940 555 Bk D Black
Gibson, Ebenezer Pittman, Carrie Jane 10/7/1933 420 Bk D Black
Powell, S. Pittman, Lizzie 11/2/1918 79 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie Pitts, A. Maud 11/17/1928 338 Bk D Black
Vickers, Oscar Pitts, Arlene 12/1/1934 444 Bk D Black
Lancaster, Lorender Pitts, Dority 7/25/1935 458 Bk D Black
Davis, John R. Pitts, Eunice 4/20/1937 492 Bk D Black
Edwards, Paton Pitts, Luvenia 11/28/1920 160 Bk D Black
Paul, Lee B. Plair, Irene 11/2/1935 463 Bk D Black
Harvey, Jack Platt, Stella 2/12/1928 322 Bk D Black
Harris, Clarence Player, Arlena 4/28/1922 204 Bk D Black
Staley, J. D. Player, Fannie 10/7/1928 336 Bk D Black
Goss, Davis Player, Roxie 10/12/1929 357 Bk D Black
Gipson, Solomon Pollock, A. 7/23/1921 181 Bk D Black
Way, Calvin Pollock, Laura 12/10/1922 217 Bk D Black
Davis, John Pollock, Ollie 4/3/1927 302 Bk D Black
Noy, Frank Ponder, Roxie 9/26/1926 291 Bk D Black
Hardin, Sam Poole, Marietta 6/24/1923 233 Bk D Black
Bryant, Oliver Poseges, G. Ann 12/23/1918 85 Bk D Black
House, B. Powell, Annie Mae 11/14/1931 392 Bk D Black
Walker, Samson Powell, Annie Mae 1/11/1929 344 Bk D Black
Smith, J. T. Powell, Annie May 6/27/1936 476 Bk D Black
Walton, Ossie Powell, Bessie M. 12/31/1931 393 Bk D Black
West, John Powell, Eula Mae 1/5/1918 87 Bk D Black
Fountain, Henry Powell, G. May 12/26/1933 427 Bk D Black
Carter, Henry Powell, Lizzie 1/19/1919 89 Bk D Black
Rens, John Powell, Louvernia 1/2/1938 508 Bk D Black
Lee, W.H. Powell, Mattie Bell 12/19/1932 404 Bk D Black
Jordan, George Powell, Minnie 7/7/1940 554 Bk D Black
Mann, Markie D. Powell, Roberta 2/19/1917 5 Bk D Black
Lawson, J.D. Powell, Viola 10/27/1935 463 Bk D Black
Dent, Jim Powell, Willie Pearl 9/14/1929 355 Bk D Black
Wiley, Henry Power, Mary 8/12/1917 14 Bk D Black
Coffee, Lucius Powers, Elnester 2/14/1940 547 Bk D Black
Manning, Sam Powers, Katie 6/29/1926 287 Bk D Black
McKalop, Leroy Preston, Verner 9/6/1936 479 Bk D Black
Walks, Bill Price, Mary 7/2/1928 331 Bk D Black
Kinchen, Oscar Prier, Ludell 3/11/1939 529 Bk D Black
Keith, Willie Prince, A. 11/11/1929 360 Bk D Black
Balom, Arthur Lee Pristine, Danniel 12/26/1940 561 Bk D Black
McClendon, Ed Pryor, Pearline 3/7/1931 382 Bk D Black
Jenkins, Robert Pullen, Leola 9/19/1926 290 Bk D Black
Clark, James Quinn, Amanda L. 10/1/1933 421 Bk D Black
Mack, Willie Quinn, Edna May 11/19/1919 123 Bk D Black
Smith, Sylvester Raney, Annie May 6/14/1925 269 Bk D Black
Respass, James Rawlins, Mamie 4/7/1940 551 Bk D Black
Hendley, Green Rawls, Amanda 6/3/1939 535 Bk D Black
Anderson, John Rawls, F. 11/18/1926 293 Bk D Black
Clark, Bill Rawls, Fannie May 9/21/1935 461 Bk D Black
Shiver, Eliger Rawls, M. 3/24/1929 347 Bk D Black
Whitehead, Bennett Rawls, Mary E. 3/22/1920 138 Bk D Black
Baskins, Ezekil Rawls, Mattie Lou 7/11/1931 387 Bk D Black
West, Adam Rawls, Rosa Lee 10/20/1921 187 Bk D Black
Smith, J. D. Rawls, Rosa Mae 12/24/1939 545 Bk D Black
Cary, C. J. Rawls, Willie 5/6/1935 455 Bk D Black
Curry, C. J. Rawls, Willie 5/6/1935 455 Bk D Black
Brown, J. W. Ray, Geneva 8/8/1926 289 Bk D Black
Martin, Edmon Ray, Molly 3/13/1919 95 Bk D Black
Taylor, James Reaves, Alice Mae 7/17/1937 497 Bk D Black
Thompson, Clark Reaves, Laura 12/22/1934 445 Bk D Black
Paul, Willie Record, Leola 6/2/1934 436 Bk D Black
Whitsett, Judson Redding, Annie B. 10/5/1919 119 Bk D Black
Lee, Damon Redding, N. Belle 3/12/1922 200 Bk D Black
Lawrence, Ed Redding, Pet 3/8/1922 199 Bk D Black
Eckles, John Redin, Ellen 3/3/1917 7 Bk D Black
Hays, Will Redmon, Nealy 11/12/1935 464 Bk D Black
Edwards, Tom Reed, Allicia 12/23/1917 39 Bk D Black
Andrews, Prince Reeves, Alice 11/24/1928 338 Bk D Black
Sutton, Robert Reeves, Katie 12/21/1919 125 Bk D Black
Hagan, John Reeves, Mary 6/18/1921 179 Bk D Black
Harris, George Reeves, Mattie Lee 3/27/1931 383 Bk D Black
Williams, Eugene Reeves, Mitt 4/30/1938 515 Bk D Black
McCormick, Joe Reid, A. 9/24/1927 312 Bk D Black
Foster, Sam Reid, Alice 10/27/1918 78 Bk D Black
Fuller, Fred Reid, Annie Bell 7/3/1936 476 Bk D Black
Floyd, James Reid, Catherine 12/30/1937 507 Bk D Black
Smith, Will Reid, Centenial 4/13/1919 99 Bk D Black
Brown, Arthur Reid, Fannie 3/11/1923 224 Bk D Black
Argust, J. C. Reid, Franciner 6/22/1933 414 Bk D Black
Lee, Lawrence Reid, Katie May 3/30/1935 452 Bk D Black
Howard, Willie Joe Reid, Lillie Mae 5/24/1941 568 Bk D Black
Mumford, Willie B. Reid, Lottie Mae 1/27/1929 345 Bk D Black
Harris, B.J. Reid, Lucile 8/25/1936 478 Bk D Black
Atwater, Robert Reid, Lucy May 8/27/1922 209 Bk D Black
Stokes, Charlie Jr. Reid, Lula 5/13/1917 14 Bk D Black
Lugas, Chat Reid, M. 2/10/1927 299 Bk D Black
Adams, Tom Reid, Mary 3/31/1934 433 Bk D Black
Allen, Jesse B. Reid, Mattie Lee 7/14/1923 234 Bk D Black
Staley, J. T. Reid, Mattie Maud 12/24/1924 261 Bk D Black
Stanley, Charley Reid, Mattie Maue 1/24/1935 447 Bk D Black
Turner, Lee A. Reid, Minnie 11/8/1921 188 Bk D Black
Watkins, M. Reid, O. 11/1/1920 157 Bk D Black
Reid, Ross Reid, Ruth Edna 9/24/1938 518 Bk D Black
Carter, G. C. Reid, Vera 7/17/1937 497 Bk D Black
Robinson, Nathaniel Reliford, Clifford 6/8/1924 251 Bk D Black
King, C.A. Reves, Alice 1/2/1918 43 Bk D Black
Coney, John Reynolds, Beatrice 1/17/1921 167 Bk D Black
Dollar, James Reynolds, Blanch 3/6/1922 199 Bk D Black
Fuller, George Reynolds, Margrett 1/28/1934   Bk D Black
Ruskin, Charlie Reynolds, Rilla 11/1/1920 158 Bk D Black
Marshall, Dan Rhodes, Viola 4/7/1918 56 Bk D Black
Miller, Charlie Rice, Ola Mae 3/16/1940 548 Bk D Black
Devaughn, Olis Richardson, L. 1/19/1926 280 Bk D Black
Prince, Robert Richland, Clara 10/10/1924 256 Bk D Black
Johnson, Albert Riggins,_Beulah 3/29/1918 53 Bk D Black
Williams, James Riley, Hattie 3/3/1935 450 Bk D Black
Talton, Lamar Riley, Sallie May 1/26/1924 244 Bk D Black
Munson, Leroy Riley, Viola 4/13/1918 58 Bk D Black
Martin, Willie Ringo, Arie Mae 8/30/1941 571 Bk D Black
Martin, Jonnie Roberson, Annie 11/10/1935 464 Bk D Black
Hamilton, Malachi Roberson, L.B. 2/11/1928 324 Bk D Black
Cason, George Roberson, Mabell 9/15/1929 354 Bk D Black
Hall, Johnie R. Roberson, Rosa May 4/3/1921 172 Bk D Black
Watosn, Early Roberson, Rosella 11/21/1936 483 Bk D Black
Denmark, John Roberts, Clara 4/27/1918 60 Bk D Black
Taylor, Jim Robinson, Corena 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Johnson, Henry Robinson, Ida 2/24/1918 50 Bk D Black
Corbin, John Robinson, Jessie 3/28/1937 492 Bk D Black
James, Richard Robinson, Mary 1/19/1923 222 Bk D Black
Freeman, Oscar Rodgers, Leola 9/8/1919 116 Bk D Black
Walker, Ellis Rogers, Ella L. 12/6/1937 504 Bk D Black
Stokes, Charley Jr. Rogers, Florence 2/4/1935 449 Bk D Black
Evans, Lonzie Rogers, G. 4/13/1929 348 Bk D Black
Jackson, David Rogers, Gladys 10/27/1929 359 Bk D Black
Taylor, L. Rogers, Gladys 9/23/1933 419 Bk D Black
Jones, Willie Rogers, Laura 11/12/1917 35 Bk D Black
Munford, Rydell Rogers, Lula B. 6/16/1942 585 Bk D Black
Smith, Wise Rogers, Susie 8/6/1933 416 Bk D Black
Allen, Richard Rolbert, Alice 12/24/1937 506 Bk D Black
Crews, Henry Ross, Alberta 1/3/1920 129 Bk D Black
Shiver, Elijah Ross, Daisy May 4/12/1930 370 Bk D Black
Taylor, Bob Ross, Eva 11/11/1921 189 Bk D Black
Washington, General Ross, Minnie 8/14/1919 113 Bk D Black
Earl, Will Lee Rountree, Annie B. 11/28/1927 317 Bk D Black
McBurrows, L.C. Rouse, Della 8/30/1939 538 Bk D Black
Raven, John Royal, Verdell 7/6/1926 288 Bk D Black
Lowery, Allen Rozier, Carrie May 9/21/1920 153 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Ben Rozier, Eldora 5/27/1922 205 Bk D Black
Johnson, Edward Rozier, Lupere 12/27/1923 242 Bk D Black
Virgie, Charlie Rozier, Mamie 4/27/1917 10 Bk D Black
Shiver, Mose Rozier, Mary 3/29/1920 140 Bk D Black
Jones, Ed Rozin, Nora 10/25/1919 120 Bk D Black
Rozier, Oscar Rubbard, Rosa P. 11/2/1929 360 Bk D Black
Richard son, Henry C. Ryals, Bernice 12/26/1935 468 Bk D Black
Pitts, Curtis Ryals, Hattie May 7/21/1935 457 Bk D Black
Brantley, Will Ryals, Maggie 9/20/1920 153 Bk D Black
Walker, James Ryals, Ruby Lee 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Bazen, W.A. Ryle, Faustine 12/26/1934 445 Bk D Black
Steele, Willie Ryles, Maggie 7/6/1919 108 Bk D Black



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