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Marriage Book D - Black
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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Miles, Arthur Haire, Elizabeth 2/4/1939 528 Bk D Black
Brown, Kibbee Hall, C. 10/20/1926 292 Bk D Black
Brown, Jim Hall, Ezella 12/26/1920 159 Bk D Black
White, Claud Hall, Hattie 4/4/1924 247 Bk D Black
Jordan, Lewis Hall, Lillie 3/4/1923 223 Bk D Black
Shoats, Jacob Hall, Minnie Lee 6/1/1941 569 Bk D Black
Fuller, John T. Halley, Maggie 6/30/1918 66 Bk D Black
Newsom, Fletcher Halliburton, Sallie Ann 7/1/1919 107 Bk D Black
Smith, J. T. Ham, Rindy 10/31/1931 391 Bk D Black
Cole, Calvin Hamilton, Ernestine 3/1/1936 470 Bk D Black
Canida, Lon Hamilton, Lottie 12/27/1922 218 Bk D Black
Penn, Lewis Hamilton, Pearlie 3/6/1932 397 Bk D Black
Kirtz, Jerry Hamp, Mary 12-26-29. 366 Bk D Black
Bailum, G. Hampton, C.M. 8/13/1922 207 Bk D Black
Crook, Johnie Hampton, Mattie 12/25/1923 242 Bk D Black
Smith, Carnelius Hancock, Florence 8/24/1920 151 Bk D Black
Swearingame, M.D. Handy, Susie May 2/19/1921 170 Bk D Black
Brown, Jim Hardeman, Martha 9/18/1917 27 Bk D Black
Cromer, Willis Harden, Gussie 12/27/1925 278 Bk D Black
Fuller, Amos Harden, Mattie 10/19/1930 377 Bk D Black
Keeth, Arthur Harden, Pennie 8/10/1924 253 Bk D Black
Moore, C. Hardy, Minnie May 5/15/1918 61 Bk D Black
Hobbs, Joseph Hargrove, Mary 7/30/1933 415 Bk D Black
Williams, Robinson Harmon, Mary 9/4/1935 460 Bk D Black
Banks, Earnest Harpe, Lizzie 9/8/1917 25 Bk D Black
Bynium, Roosevelt Harper, Cullen 3/6/1937 489 Bk D Black
Woodard, J. C. Harper, Mattie Lee 4/7/1918 57 Bk D Black
Anderson, James Harper, Susie 8/22/1917 24 Bk D Black
Terrell, Eddie Harpes, Annie 4/12/1930 370 Bk D Black
Williams, Joseph W. Harrell, Essie May no dates 249 Bk D Black
Williams, Luther Harrell, Sadie 9/8/1920 151 Bk D Black
Smith, John Harris, A. 11/4/1928 338 Bk D Black
Bradley, Isaac Harris, Annie 6/10/1928 330 Bk D Black
Redik, Henry Harris, Annie 11/8/1919 121 Bk D Black
Thompson, Clark Harris, Annie 10/13/1917 30 Bk D Black
Clower, Willie Harris, Annie May 8/21/1937 500 Bk D Black
Carter, David Harris, Bertha M. 5/15/1937 494 Bk D Black
Lawson, B.T. Harris, Bessie May 6/13/1936 475 Bk D Black
Shelton, Gene Harris, Francis 12/26/1936 486 Bk D Black
Johnson, Henry Harris, Janie 1/13/1920 130 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Willie Harris, Julia Lee 2/24/1917 50 Bk D Black
Kent, Charlie Harris, Lela 4/14/1918 58 Bk D Black
Pitts, R. Harris, Lizzie 9/1/1930 375 Bk D Black
Rosser, Charlie Harris, Lula 8/31/1919 114 Bk D Black
Londy, Ned Harris, Malinda 4/8/1923 227 Bk D Black
Cook, J. C. Harris, May 9/27/1941 573 Bk D Black
Fuller, Willie Lee Harris, Susianna 10/1/1939 540 Bk D Black
Williams, A. Harrison, Mady 8/24/1930 375 Bk D Black
McCormick, Charlie Hartford, Mary Jane 3/16/1919 96 Bk D Black
Ross, Flemons Hartley, Mary Lizzie 12/26/1933 426 Bk D Black
Kitchens, R. Harvey, Ann 9/22/1918 73 Bk D Black
Roberson, James Harvey, Lillie Bell 2/21/1937 488 Bk D Black
McCoy, James Harvey, Lillie Belle 5/5/1928 329 Bk D Black
Scott, Henry Hawkins, Mattie 12/27/1928 342 Bk D Black
Smith, Charlie Hayes, Alice 7/14/1921 180 Bk D Black
Williams, James Hayes, Ola Mae 5/9/1942 583 Bk D Black
Duncan, Sam Hays, Leola 1/20/1918 45 Bk D Black
Lock, Abe Hayward, Lenester 11/2/1919 120 Bk D Black
Dollar, Luther Haywood, Ruth May 4/20/1924 246 Bk D Black
Davis, John D. Hayze, Rozella 4/5/1933 460 Bk D Black
White, Hezekiah Heard, Alice 5/8/1941 568 Bk D Black
Taylor, A. J. Henderson, Donie 1/12/1938 508 Bk D Black
Fuller, Warren Henderson, Mary 7/6/1930 374 Bk D Black
Moon, Jake Hendley, Alice 1/12/1919 89 Bk D Black
Welburn, Alex Hendley, Anna 12/8/1918 84 Bk D Black
Obley, Jimmie Hendley, Annie Mae 5/14/1939 533 Bk D Black
Wright, George Hendley, Rena 5/16/1926 285 Bk D Black
Carroll, C. J. Henry, J. Retha 7/5/1926 288 Bk D Black
Jackson, Charlie Hester, Minnie Belle 2/5/1928 322 Bk D Black
Gartrell, Will Hicks, Dora Bell 2/3/1917 4 Bk D Black
Wood, Tom Hicks, Janie Belle 6/1/1919 102 Bk D Black
Clarks, David Hicks, Rozine 5/21/1938 516 Bk D Black
Brewer, Kelley Higgins, Annie May 7/1/1923 233 Bk D Black
Fason, R.L. Hill, Callie 9/13/1931 388 Bk D Black
Riley, Dan Hill, Caroline 6/11/1922 206 Bk D Black
Parker, William Hill, Celia May 11/4/1933 422 Bk D Black
Newberry, Robt. Hill, Clayton 9/14/1930 376 Bk D Black
McCormick, Norah Hill, Daisy 2/27/1932 397 Bk D Black
Jackson, John A. Hill, Edna May 12/11/1926 294 Bk D Black
Richardson, George Hill, Eliza 11/11/1919 121 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Walter Hill, F. Lou 3/10/1928 326 Bk D Black
Jackson, D.J. Hill, Ida B. 10/2/1926 292 Bk D Black
Brown, George Hill, Lizzie 12/23/1928 340 Bk D Black
Bleach, Harrison Hill, Lovenia 12/12/1939 544 Bk D Black
Turner, Lewis Hill, Mandy E. 12/9/1917 35 Bk D Black
Smith, Luther Hill, Mary Ida 9/21/1924 255 Bk D Black
Cheese, H. Hill, Susie Mae 9/10/1932 400 Bk D Black
Jackson, Frank Hill, Tempie 5/27/1939 534 Bk D Black
Brown, James Hill, Viola 4/13/1919 97 Bk D Black
Johnson, Rutland Hilliard, Irene 12/16/1923 241 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Dave Hinson, Belle 12/24/1918 83 Bk D Black
Williams, John Hobbs, Maggie 2/4/1921 170 Bk D Black
Samuel, Walter Holcomb, Elsie 11/30/1927 317 Bk D Black
Cannon, Robert Holley, Girtrude 8/17/1920 150 Bk D Black
Manning, Willie Hollingsworth, Sibbie 5/19/1919 102 Bk D Black
Brown, Mathis Hollingsworth, Thelma 1/21/1936 468 Bk D Black
Fitzgerald, Dan Hollingworth, Rachel 9/19/1925 271 Bk D Black
Sanders, Henry Holliway, Lula 1/25/1919 90 Bk D Black
Kitchens, Eunice Holt, D. Bell 11/6/1927 314 Bk D Black
Mills, William Holt, Johnnie May 12/25/1935 467 Bk D Black
Walker, Mose Hooks, Elcie 11/27/1911 575 Bk D Black
Kinsey, Zeb Hopkins, Emma 11/24/1918 82 Bk D Black
Brown, Joseph H. Hopkins, Maggie C. 12/23/1920 162 Bk D Black
Franklin, John Hopkins, Sallie 4/12/1925 267 Bk D Black
Riley, Artis Horne, Carlonia 4/27/1936 473 Bk D Black
Mungen, Albert Horne, Christine 1/3/1936 468 Bk D Black
Hill, John L. Horne, Margret 1/14/1928 320 Bk D Black
Manning, Willie Horne, Pretty 12/30/1920 163 Bk D Black
Lucas, Jobe Horne, Susie 3/11/1922 200 Bk D Black
Floyed, George Hoskins, Maylizer 2/8/1919 92 Bk D Black
Broadfield, C. Housel, Annie B. 5/21/1922 204 Bk D Black
Williams, Willie Houser, Fannie Mae 5/13/1923 228 Bk D Black
Noles, James Howard, C. 12/23/1925 277 Bk D Black
O'Neal, John Howard, Emma 3/18/1922 201 Bk D Black
Taylor, Heziekiah Howard, Emma Lou 10/1/1939 540 Bk D Black
Davis, Henry Howard, Eva 9/20/1926 291 Bk D Black
Jones, B.J. Howard, Sadie B. 4/1/1939 530 Bk D Black
Martin, Walter Howard, Viola 9/9/1918 71 Bk D Black
Penn, Eligha Howell, Laura Mae 12/1/1935 465 Bk D Black
White, Tom Hubbard, Rosa 1/2/1921 164 Bk D Black
Elliott, Major Hughes, Cattie 3/8/1924 246 Bk D Black
Marrow, William Hughes, Dessie 11/5/1928 338 Bk D Black
Everson, J.C. Hughes, Maggie 7/2/1922 207 Bk D Black
Ashley, West Hughes, Mary Lou 6/10/1917 5 Bk D Black
Jenkins, Will Hughes, Miley 10/28/1928 337 Bk D Black
Ross, Charlie Hunchman, Allie 4/2/1917 9 Bk D Black
Taylor, Willie B. Hunt, Lizzie 4-8110 550 Bk D Black
Thomas, Robert Hunt, May Ola 9/22/1929 356 Bk D Black
McCrary, Richelow Hunt, Willie Lou 6/28/1927 307 Bk D Black
Sikes, Willie C. Ingrum, Moena 12/1/1918 83 Bk D Black
Clements, Tommie Lee Isic, Viola 12/30/1932 405 Bk D Black
Williams, Frank Iverson, Gladis 7/3/1930 375 Bk D Black
Hunter, Crawford Iverson, Martha J. 3/3/1918 51 Bk D Black
Lewis, Albert Iverson, Mildred 11/2/1935 464 Bk D Black
Moore, Flag Iverson, Willie Mae 12/2/1928


Bk D Black



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