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Marriage Book D - Black
C-D Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Cain, Sam Taylor, Lenora 7/6/1924 252 Bk D Black
Callaway, Frank Fleeman, Annie 7/12/1941 569 Bk D Black
Callaway, Jim Fuller, Ethel 3/26/1924 246 Bk D Black
Cambell, Spencer Spivey, Ester 8/20/1919 113 Bk D Black
Campbell, Clay Freeman, Jessie 1/27/1918 46 Bk D Black
Candis, Warren Bivins, Lucy 1/16/1921 167 Bk D Black
Canida, Lon Hamilton, Lottie 12/27/1922 218 Bk D Black
Cannon, Robert Holley, Girtrude 8/17/1920 150 Bk D Black
Carroll, C. J. Henry, J. Retha 7/5/1926 288 Bk D Black
Carson, Roland Coleman, Sallie 6/21/1926 287 Bk D Black
Carson, Rosco Carthes, Martha May 4/17/1919 99 Bk D Black
Carswell, Willie Fuller, P. 1/30/1928 321 Bk D Black
Carter, David Harris, Bertha M. 5/15/1937 494 Bk D Black
Carter, Elijah Person, Maggie 10/25/1930 378 Bk D Black
Carter, Ernest Smith, Mildred 5/31/1936 474 Bk D Black
Carter, G. C. Reid, Vera 7/17/1937 497 Bk D Black
Carter, G. W. Lamar, Edna G. 3/23/1927 301 Bk D Black
Carter, Henry Powell, Lizzie 1/19/1919 89 Bk D Black
Carter, James L. Nash, Cora Bell 4/19/1942 582 Bk D Black
Carter, L. C. Smith, Mattie 11/12/1927 315 Bk D Black
Carter, Mack Cole, Minnie 12/6/1925 275 Bk D Black
Carter, R. B. Woods, Sylvania 12/28/1933 371 Bk D Black
Carter, Will Blackshear, Katie Lee 4/25/1927 304 Bk D Black
Caruthers, Oscar Kellen, Agnes 11/6/1918 74 Bk D Black
Cary, C. J. Rawls, Willie 5/6/1935 455 Bk D Black
Cason, George Roberson, Mabell 9/15/1929 354 Bk D Black
Castle, Frank Taylor, Beatrice 9/5/1924 254 Bk D Black
Cezar, Cook Johnson, Ethel 4/7/1918 56 Bk D Black
Chambers, Ira D. Wilcox, Lois 9/1/1941 572 Bk D Black
Champion, Dude Cruthers, Willie 8/23/1917 24 Bk D Black
Chancey, J. H. Mayes, O. 5/22/1921 177 Bk D Black
Chandler, J. T. McCormick, Rosa Lee 4/12/1931 384 Bk D Black
Chandler, J. T. Bennett, Viola 8/10/1935 458 Bk D Black
Chaney, Dee Bohannon, Silley 1/14/1918 45 Bk D Black
Chaney, Elbert Jenkins, Andala Lee 7/13/1939 537 Bk D Black
Chapman, Charlie Cogman, Pearlie 12/24/1922 219 Bk D Black
Chapman, James Brimer, Lula 8/19/1939 537 Bk D Black
Cheese, H. Hill, Susie Mae 9/10/1932 400 Bk D Black
Chutes, Johnie Talton, Alberta 12/30/1923 241 Bk D Black
Clark, Abie Jordan, Leila 9/7/1919 116 Bk D Black
Clark, Bill Rawls, Fannie May 9/21/1935 461 Bk D Black
Clark, Charley Nedd, Maybel 7/10/1937 496 Bk D Black
Clarke, Charlie Smith, C. 7/16/1927 309 Bk D Black
Clark, Clarence Currie, Mamie Mae 9/2/1940 556 Bk D Black
Clark, Elbert Austin, Susie R. 11/17/1934 443 Bk D Black
Clark, Evans Bohannon, Sibbie 9/30/1926 292 Bk D Black
Clark, Isiah Burnam, Belle 12/28/1919 128 Bk D Black
Clark, Israel Wilcox, Carrie 10/28/1933 421 Bk D Black
Clark, James Quinn, Amanda L. 10/1/1933 421 Bk D Black
Clark, Jasper Stanley, Carrie 1/2/1921 164 Bk D Black
Clark, Jene Sanders, Hattie 12/5/1922 216 Bk D Black
Clark, John Snipes, Josephine 8/18/1918 69 Bk D Black
Clark, John Smith, Susie 1/4/1923 221 Bk D Black
Clark, Lee Johnson, Kate 9/23/1917 27 Bk D Black
Clark, R. Majors, Maggie 9/6/1936 479 Bk D Black
Clark, Robert Lee Wallace, Carrie 1/13/1939 528 Bk D Black
Clark, Thomas Whipple, Mae L. 7/7/1935 457 Bk D Black
Clark, Walter Adams, Laura 1/15/1938 508 Bk D Black
Clarke, George Obery, Laura 2/27/1921 172 Bk D Black
Clarks, David Hicks, Rozine 5/21/1938 516 Bk D Black
Claton, Thomas Taylor, Maxie 9/16/1917 26 Bk D Black
Clements, Tommie Lee Isic, Viola 12/30/1932 405 Bk D Black
Clower, Willie Harris, Annie May 8/21/1937 500 Bk D Black
Coats, L. Bolkins, Dora 11/27/1926 294 Bk D Black
Cobb, Will Park, Carrie 3/17/1918 49 Bk D Black
Cochran, John Taylor, Clara 9/15/1930 377 Bk D Black
Coffee, Blondell Smith, Ruther 3/13/1938 511 Bk D Black
Coffee, G. H. Babb, Mary Ann 4/28/1919 100 Bk D Black
Coffee, I. C., Jr. Johnson, M. 8/23/1928 332 Bk D Black
Coffee, Lucius Powers, Elnester 2/14/1940 547 Bk D Black
Coffee, McKinley Smith, Ida Lee 5/26/1918 62 Bk D Black
Coffee, Richard Batton, Clara 2/26/1922 199 Bk D Black
Coffee, Van Buren Smith, Chester 7/3/1938 518 Bk D Black
Coffee, Will Solomon, Essie May 2/22/1937 488 Bk D Black
Coffee, William Towns, Ophelia 10/8/1923 237 Bk D Black
Colbert, Major Newberry, Laura 12/24/1928 341 Bk D Black
Colbert, Willie Davis, Florine 12/14/1939 544 Bk D Black
Cole, Calvin Hamilton, Ernestine 3/1/1936 470 Bk D Black
Cole, Calvin McCormick, Mary Liza 10/8/1939 541 Bk D Black
Coleman, Albert Mosher, D. Bell 8/26/1933 417 Bk D Black
Coleman, Chester Blackshear, Fannie Lee 12/15/1929 364 Bk D Black
Coleman, E. L. Miller, Elvira 12/21/1927 319 Bk D Black
Coleman, R. C. Melvin, Florence 4/25/1926 260 Bk D Black
Coleman, Tom Burnett, Leila 3/21/1919 97 Bk D Black
Coleman, Willie Adkins, Elnora 11/28/1920 158 Bk D Black
Coley, Charlie Clark, Rosa Lee 7/2/1927 296 Bk D Black
Coley, G. Batton, H. May 8/29/1927 310 Bk D Black
Coley, Ike Way, H. 3/3/1934 431 Bk D Black
Coley, Johnie Snipes, Clemetee 10/15/1927 314 Bk D Black
Coley, Monroe Borwn, Lillie 2/7/1934 429 Bk D Black
Coley, Willie Brown, Ola May 10/8/1925 272 Bk D Black
Collins, John W. Coffee, Neomi 1/13/1924 244 Bk D Black
Collins, William Lowery, Carrie 5/20/1942 583 Bk D Black
Collyer, Lee Davis, Rosa 3/5/1934 431 Bk D Black
Colson, Allen Chapman, I. L. 2-2628 325 Bk D Black
Colson, Dennis Foye, Charlotte 1/6/1917 1 Bk D Black
Colson, Dennis Dean, Alice 3/20/1920 138 Bk D Black
Combs, J. H. Balding, N. 6/1/1929 350 Bk D Black
Coney, Charlie Fitzgerald, Ida B. 5/5/1929 349 Bk D Black
Coney, Cleveland McCormack, Ivey 12/26/1935 467 Bk D Black
Coney, D. C. Brown, Florence 12/5/1918 83 Bk D Black
Coney, Isaac Jones, Cintha 3/9/1930 369 Bk D Black
Coney, James Gibson, Irene 3/25/1937 490 Bk D Black
Coney, Joe Grant, Clara 12/26/1925 278 Bk D Black
Coney, John Reynolds, Beatrice 1/17/1921 167 Bk D Black
Coney, R. C. Allen, Ethel 10/23/1927 314 Bk D Black
Coney, Richmond White, Ida Mae 11/13/1929 361 Bk D Black
Coney, T. Asby, Clementine 11/13/1927 315 Bk D Black
Coney, Vivian Lampkin, Mollie 2/3/1934 429 Bk D Black
Coney, Willie C. Newberry, Betsie 3/6/1933 408 Bk D Black
Coney, Zeke Bridges, Roberta 11/4/1917 34 Bk D Black
Congleton, Frank Dennis, Julia 3/17/1918 53 Bk D Black
Coody, Matt DuBenjamin, Eva Mae 6/5/1927 306 Bk D Black
Cook, C. Smith, Daisie B. 1/25/1930 367 Bk D Black
Cook, Frank Crooks, Rosa 9/23/1928 335 Bk D Black
Cook, J. C. Harris, May 9/27/1941 573 Bk D Black
Cook, Ned Felder, Annie B. 6/15/1919 105 Bk D Black
Copeland, Charlie Barrow, Mattie 10/7/1918 76 Bk D Black
Copeland, Charlie Jones, M. Lee 3/15/1920 137 Bk D Black
Copeland, Enoch Mobley, Elizabeth 1/28/1921 169 Bk D Black
Copeland, Willie Coffee, Affie 4/9/1939 531 Bk D Black
Corbin, George Andrews, Bertha 3/2/1919 94 Bk D Black
Corbin, John Robinson, Jessie 3/28/1937 492 Bk D Black
Corey, Willie Taylor, Mariah 8/1/1920 149 Bk D Black
Cornell, N. Bradshaw, Beatrice 10/4/1931 389 Bk D Black
Crawford, Son Allen, Lizzie May 5/15/1920 145 Bk D Black
Crews, Henry Ross, Alberta 1/3/1920 129 Bk D Black
Cromer, Jett Collins, P. 2/22/1925 264 Bk D Black
Cromer, Willis Harden, Gussie 12/27/1925 278 Bk D Black
Crook, Johnie Hampton, Mattie 12/25/1923 242 Bk D Black
Crouch, Tom Adams, Lizzie 2/27/1928 325 Bk D Black
Crumpler, Elbert Mizell, L. 9/26/1931 389 Bk D Black
Cuffie, Mansfield Sparrow, Sallie 12/29/1928 342 Bk D Black
Cullins, D.E. Fuller, Elsie 11/3/1918 79 Bk D Black
Cummings, Jim Florence, Katie 1/4/1940 546 Bk D Black
Curr, Benny Mobley, Otice 3/2/1918 43 Bk D Black
Curry, C. J. Rawls, Willie 5/6/1935 455 Bk D Black
Cutler, Davis Coney, Lillie 4/24/1921 162 Bk D Black
Daniel, Samuel Wilcox, G.M. 12/23/1933 425 Bk D Black
Daniel, W.C. Davis, Bessie May 12/25/1919 127 Bk D Black
Daniels, Calvin Scott, Rosa Lee 9/23/1918 73 Bk D Black
Daniels, Charlie Brown, A. Lee 6/27/1926 287 Bk D Black
Daniels, Curtis Clark, Essie Mae 1/27/1940 547 Bk D Black
Daniels, Edward Shelton, Willie Mae 4/2/1933 410 Bk D Black
Daniels, H. McRae, Bessie 7/4/1926 288 Bk D Black
Daniels, Levi Blackshear, Addie J. 12/18/1921 192 Bk D Black
Daniels, Sam Wright, Martha 2/22/1919 94 Bk D Black
Daniels, Will McCants, Viola 6/21/1919 106 Bk D Black
Dantley, Wesley McBurrows, Omeda 2/8/1941 563 Bk D Black
Dantley, Willie A. McBurrows, Odessa 9/21/1939 539 Bk D Black
Darridg, Joe Washington, Ethel 11/14/1931 392 Bk D Black
Davenport, Luther Smith, Lena Mae 5/27/1939 534 Bk D Black
Davis, Andrew Brown, Mary 3/6/1937 488 Bk D Black
Davis, Arthur Kelly, Clara 12/9/1920 161 Bk D Black
Davis, Ben Clark, Olene 9/24/1939 539 Bk D Black
Davis, Benjamin Dowdell, Mary Lee 9/30/1929 356 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie Claburn, Rosa Belle 11/20/1922 215 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie Pitts, A. Maud 11/17/1928 338 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie Jones, W. Mae 2/16/1930 369 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie C. McBurrows, Leila 9/2/1933 418 Bk D Black
Davis, Darfield Ford, Clara 3/28/1920 139 Bk D Black
Davis, Ed Dykes, Arena 11/14/1919 122 Bk D Black
Davis, Henry Howard, Eva 9/20/1926 291 Bk D Black
Davis, Howard Davis, Beulah 6/10/1934 437 Bk D Black
Davis, James Miller Legrear, Verstel 1/25/1942 579 Bk D Black
Davis, J.D. Jones, Beatrice 1/26/1930 367 Bk D Black
Davis, Jim Dixon, Angeline 9/22/1918 73 Bk D Black
Davis, Jim Gainey, Carrie 10/21/1931 390 Bk D Black
Davis, John Pollock, Ollie 4/3/1927 302 Bk D Black
Davis, John D. Jackson, Rochelle 11/19/1919 122 Bk D Black
Davis, John D. Hayze, Rozella 4/5/1933 460 Bk D Black
Davis, John R. Pitts, Eunice 4/20/1937 492 Bk D Black
Davis, Leroy BAnks, Annie May 11/23/1924 259 Bk D Black
Davis, Orell Taylor, Rose 11/3/1940 560 Bk D Black
Davis, Van McCormick, Mattie 1/20/1929 345 Bk D Black
Davis, Will Coley, Georgia 4/5/1941 565 Bk D Black
Davis, Willie Ratus Burton, Ida B. 4/15/1935 452 Bk D Black
Dawson, Willie Ford, Emma 9/12/1918 71 Bk D Black
Days, Bent Baskins, Mariah 1/2/1927 296 Bk D Black
Dean, Charlie Dean, Lizzie 12/21/1919 125 Bk D Black
Dean, Charlie Clayton, Susie May 11/25/1928 339 Bk D Black
Dean, Clemon Davis, Elberta 6/16/1923 232 Bk D Black
Dean, Jessie B. Marshall, Ethel 12/28/1921 163 Bk D Black
Dean, Mose Christopher, Essie 8/14/1920 150 Bk D Black
Dean, Mose Brown, Vina 3/10/1928 324 Bk D Black
Dean, Richard Brown, Elizabeth 6/6/1926 286 Bk D Black
Dean, Richard Parker, Sarah Mae 5/30/1942 584 Bk D Black
Dean, Will Colson, Mary Jane 2/7/1920 133 Bk D Black
Denmark, Edgar Batton, Neoma 10/9/1924 257 Bk D Black
Denmark, John Roberts, Clara 4/27/1918 60 Bk D Black
Denmark, John Edd Dean, Leola 10/18/1921 187 Bk D Black
Dennard, John Lewis, Ethel 8/11/1919 112 Bk D Black
Dennis, Jordan Daniels, F. 2/18/1928 324 Bk D Black
Dennis, Sampson Griffin, Winnie 5/22/1936 473 Bk D Black
Dent, Jesse Felder, Cora 4/21/1917 12 Bk D Black
Dent, Jim Powell, Willie Pearl 9/14/1929 355 Bk D Black
Dent, Jim Lewis, Ruby 11/6/1935 463 Bk D Black
Dent, Willie Spanks, Lizzie 6/6/1917 16 Bk D Black
Deshae, Jim Brown, Isabell 8/21/1926 289 Bk D Black
Devaughn, Olis Richardson, L. 1/19/1926 280 Bk D Black
DeVaughn, Otis Fuller, Willie Belle 1/10/1920 131 Bk D Black
Dewhart, Sam Gennings, Ida 11/10/1918 80 Bk D Black
Dishazor, Doctor Brown, Rosa 3/3/1928 325 Bk D Black
Dixon, Eddie James, Alma 6/6/1942 584 Bk D Black
Dixon, Gene Miller, Laura M. 5/23/1936 474 Bk D Black
Dixon, George Dyke, Jessie 3/22/1917 10 Bk D Black
Dixon, Jane Gaston, Cora May 11/29/1927 317 Bk D Black
Dixon, Mose Fuller, Rufus 1/11/1920 131 Bk D Black
Dixon, Moses Johnson, Elizabeth 7/4/1919 108 Bk D Black
Dixon, Wesley Gross, Rosie L. 3/23/1919 96 Bk D Black
Dixon, Will Coffee, Eva 6/1/1929 350 Bk D Black
Dollar, James Reynolds, Blanch 3/6/1922 199 Bk D Black
Dollar, Luther Haywood, Ruth May 4/20/1924 246 Bk D Black
Dorsey, Dock Wilcox, Ina May 6/30/1919 107 Bk D Black
Dorsey, T. Fletcher Wilder, H. 9/16/1933 418 Bk D Black
Doster, Isiah Brown, Callie 9/22/1938 520 Bk D Black
Doster, Jim Kendrick, Mary 6/2/1921 178 Bk D Black
Dowdell, Arthur Curtis Fields, Kate Ethel 7/8/1938 519 Bk D Black
Drane, Lester B. Chauncey, Bessie May 6/4/1938 517 Bk D Black
Draper, James Johnson, Mattie 5/21/1935 455 Bk D Black
Dubignon, Harry Thomas, Mattie 2/9/1919 92 Bk D Black
Duhart, Henry Norwood, Lula 8/20/1918 69 Bk D Black
Duhart, Oscar Bean, Edith 8/21/1937 499 Bk D Black
Duncan, Eugene Cody, Mary Lou 3/18/1925 265 Bk D Black
Duncan, Sam Hays, Leola 1/20/1918 45 Bk D Black
Duncan, T. Pate, C.L. 2/9/1922 197 Bk D Black
Duncan, Will Fields, Louise 9/11/1938 521 Bk D Black
Duncan, William Johnson, Nettie 2/8/1919 93 Bk D Black
Dupree, N. Strickland, Alice 6/8/1924 251 Bk D Black
Durham, Boss Pace, Fannie 8/18/1935 459 Bk D Black
Durham, Step Foster, Alice 10/28/1939 542 Bk D Black
Durham, Thomas Smith, R. 4/10/1927 303 Bk D Black
Durr, Adison Bundridge, Marie 5/26/1939 534 Bk D Black
Dwight, Rufus McNary, Amanda 1/17/1942 578 Bk D Black
Dykes, Charlie Kendrick, Margaret 1/23/1927 296 Bk D Black
Dykes, Otha D. McCormick, Marie 1/23/1938 509 Bk D Black



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