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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Anderson, Andrew C., Cilla 5/12/1928 329 Bk D Black
Shivers, A. C., Mattie Lee 4/22/1926 284 Bk D Black
Hodge, Warren Calips, Martha 12/24/1936 486 Bk D Black
Williams, B. Campbell, E. 12/4/1918 83 Bk D Black
Smith, Norman Cantelow, Mamie 3/20/1927 490 Bk D Black
Melvin, Marshall Carlton, Annie May 10/24/1928 336 Bk D Black
Williams, Turner Carson, Bulah 12/8/1922 216 Bk D Black
Jones, John Wesley Carson, Lula 9/28/1920 154 Bk D Black
Wicker, Willie Carswell, Clara Bell 5/15/1938 516 Bk D Black
Burden, Charlie Carswell, Hattie 3/18/1940 549 Bk D Black
Luciel, Henry Carswell, Hattie Lou 7/11/1920 148 Bk D Black
Brown, Washington Carter, Carrie May 12/27/1925 279 Bk D Black
McWilliams, James Carter, Cora B. 10/3/1925 272 Bk D Black
Williams, George Carter, Eva May 2/17/1924 245 Bk D Black
James, William Carter, Lela 7/20/1919 109 Bk D Black
Brown, Dave Carter, Leola 3/29/1923 225 Bk D Black
Adkinson, A.D. Carter, Lillie May 9/23/1923 237 Bk D Black
Harvey, Pleas Carter, Louise 9/8/1923 236 Bk D Black
Mathis, Charlie Carter, Louise 10/2/1920 155 Bk D Black
Jackson, Willie Carter, Mildred 8/12/1939 538 Bk D Black
Lillie, W.N. Carter, Pauline 3/7/1925 264 Bk D Black
Carson, Rosco Carthes, Martha May 4/17/1919 99 Bk D Black
Malcrum, Linton Carton, Mattie 11/30/1924 259 Bk D Black
Williams, Hirrie Caruthers, Annie D. 12/24/1938 527 Bk D Black
Brown, W. M. Cason, Gussie 12/30/1931 395 Bk D Black
Lawson, W.B. Cason, Tricillian 4/16/1933 411 Bk D Black
Brown, Joe Cavatt, Pearl 2/27/1919 95 Bk D Black
Jones, D. Chancey, Maude 12/24/1932 405 Bk D Black
Lemon, Olen Chandler, Thelma 11/3/1928 337 Bk D Black
Thomas, Joe Channell, Rosa Lee 12/5/1936 483 Bk D Black
Colson, Allen Chapman, I. L. 2-2628 325 Bk D Black
Fintch, Tom Chatmons, Mayra 10/28/1917 29 Bk D Black
Drane, Lester B. Chauncey, Bessie May 6/4/1938 517 Bk D Black
Jackson, Herbert Chauncy, Eugenia 9/21/1934 440 Bk D Black
Way, Calvin Cherry, Susanna 9/1/1928 333 Bk D Black
Dean, Mose Christopher, Essie 8/14/1920 150 Bk D Black
Taylor, Washington Chukes, Ella 6/3/1939 535 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie Claburn, Rosa Belle 11/20/1922 215 Bk D Black
Johnson, Clifton Clark, Bertha Mae 11/30/1940 560 Bk D Black
Hall, Autrey Clark, Cora 8/19/1923 235 Bk D Black
Kendrick, Jim Clark, Deanah 11/22/1918 82 Bk D Black
Daniels, Curtis Clark, Essie Mae 1/27/1940 547 Bk D Black
Brown, Joseph Clark, Essie May 3/29/1925 266 Bk D Black
Likely, Tred Clark, Hester 9/6/1919 116 Bk D Black
Reid, Henry Clark, Ida T. 3/31/1920 140 Bk D Black
Anderson, Hill Clark, Mamie Lee 3/11/1939 530 Bk D Black
Henderson, James Clark, Missie 3/28/1920 139 Bk D Black
Davis, Ben Clark, Olene 9/24/1939 539 Bk D Black
Reaves, Allen Clark, Oline 12/29/1941 584 Bk D Black
Coley, Charlie Clark, Rosa Lee 7/2/1927 296 Bk D Black
Smith, Willie Clark, Ruth Anna 4/1/1926 283 Bk D Black
Lewis, Abe Clark, Willie 7/10/1920 143 Bk D Black
Hendley, Ben Clark, Willie May 6/10/1924 250 Bk D Black
Respess, Henry Clay, Georgia 10/21/1918 78 Bk D Black
McLeod, John Clayton, Alberta 5/23/1920 145 Bk D Black
Morman, Lee Clayton, Clara 2/5/1922 197 Bk D Black
Simpson, Joe Clayton, Julia 1/18/1926 280 Bk D Black
Dean, Charlie Clayton, Susie May 11/25/1928 339 Bk D Black
Jenkins, Willie Clifford, Alice 3/9/1926 282 Bk D Black
Smith, Jim Cloud, M. 11/20/1921 189 Bk D Black
Taylor, Henry Cobb, A. 8/30/1927 310 Bk D Black
Bailey, Frank Cobb, M.B.   49 Bk D Black
Willis, Luchious Cobb, Maggie 12/6/1930 379 Bk D Black
Hayes, Hardy Cobb, Pinky 9/1/1917 25 Bk D Black
Jackson, Frank Cobb, Rosa Mae 10/7/1922 211 Bk D Black
Gary, L.C. Cobbett, Rosa Lee 2/15/1927 300 Bk D Black
Jones, Jodie Cobett, Maggie 12/27/1931 394 Bk D Black
Reves, Quillie Cody, Fannie 4/6/1941 566 Bk D Black
Duncan, Eugene Cody, Mary Lou 3/18/1925 265 Bk D Black
Copeland, Willie Coffee, Affie 4/9/1939 531 Bk D Black
Melvin, Isaac Coffee, Algertha 2/5/1938 510 Bk D Black
Pitts, Madison Frances Coffee, Andessa 12/11/1938 526 Bk D Black
Fuller, Ashley Coffee, Bertha 5/27/1922 178 Bk D Black
Dixon, Will Coffee, Eva 6/1/1929 350 Bk D Black
Collins, John W. Coffee, Neomi 1/13/1924 244 Bk D Black
Wilcox, John Henry Coffee, Nora Jane 4/4/1917 7 Bk D Black
McLeod, Steve Coffie, Pearlie 1/11/1920 131 Bk D Black
Chapman, Charlie Cogman, Pearlie 12/24/1922 219 Bk D Black
Odum, E. L. Colbert, Martha 5/5/1929 348 Bk D Black
Ryals, Mark Cole, Beatrice 6/21/1936 475 Bk D Black
Carter, Mack Cole, Minnie 12/6/1925 275 Bk D Black
Mincey, Oscar Coleman, Annie 4/2/1938 514 Bk D Black
Benjamin, G. W. Coleman, Emma 5/27/1934 435 Bk D Black
Smith, George Coleman, Mary Clifford 10/11/1941 573 Bk D Black
Roberson, John Coleman, Mary Etta 11/16/1923 239 Bk D Black
Wilson, Henry Coleman, Mary Etta 5/16/1921 176 Bk D Black
James, Richard Coleman, Melvina 2/22/1941 564 Bk D Black
Reeves, Tommie Coleman, Nora Lee 12/1/1923 240 Bk D Black
Carson, Roland Coleman, Sallie 6/21/1926 287 Bk D Black
Grover, Lewis Coley, Anna 9/30/1933 419 Bk D Black
Means, R. J. Coley, Anna 3/27/1932 397 Bk D Black
Davis, Will Coley, Georgia 4/5/1941 565 Bk D Black
Grace, Willie Coley, Mary 9/4/1927 311 Bk D Black
Hoggs, Ruffus Lee Coley, Mary Willa 11/29/1941 575 Bk D Black
Marsh, John A. Coley, Maurine 10/16/1937 503 Bk D Black
Taylor, W. J. Coley, Mildred 8/17/1935 458 Bk D Black
Reid, Charlie Coley, Rubie May 4/11/1920 141 Bk D Black
Lee, Robert E. Colling, Melvina 12/28/1922 218 Bk D Black
Weaver, Archie Collins, Annie Lee 6/3/1923 231 Bk D Black
Lawson, Elgie Collins, Maggie Lee 6/30/1918 66 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Robert Collins, Mattie Lee 6/11/1938 518 Bk D Black
Smith, Roosevelt Collins, Mattie Ree 11/7/1926 293 Bk D Black
Cromer, Jett Collins, P. 2/22/1925 264 Bk D Black
Lewis, Charlie Collins, Rebecca 12/2/1917 33 Bk D Black
Wallice, Arthur Collins, Susie 7/19/1919 110 Bk D Black
Holmes, Joe Colsom, Susie 4/24/1917 13 Bk D Black
Jackson, Will Colson, Fannie 12/16/1939 544 Bk D Black
Turner, G. Colson, Mamie 4/5/1925 266 Bk D Black
McCrary, Willie B. Colson, Martha 2/28/1920 135 Bk D Black
Dean, Will Colson, Mary Jane 2/7/1920 133 Bk D Black
Banks, John Albert Colson, Riley Mae 12/24/1940 561 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Frank Coney, Addie Mae 12/25/1938 527 Bk D Black
Cutler, Davis Coney, Lillie 4/24/1921 162 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Charlton Coney, M. 12/27/1924 261 Bk D Black
Brown, Ed Coney, Ozie 1/5/1934 428 Bk D Black
Rodgers, Sterling Coney, R. F. 12/20/1926 286 Bk D Black
Johnson, John Lee Coney, Sallie Lou 9/23/1932 401 Bk D Black
Williams, John H. Coney, Sarah 9/30/1917 28 Bk D Black
Anderson, Clarence Conyers, Ludie 8/20/1922 208 Bk D Black
White, Tom Coody, Eva Mae 6/29/1929 352 Bk D Black
Bennett, G. W. Cook, Cora Lee 1/26/1918 46 Bk D Black
Sykes, Henry Cook, Florrie 9/13/1922 210 Bk D Black
Phillips, Willie Cook, Henrietta 1/14/1924 244 Bk D Black
McCormick, Clarence Cook, Martha 1/27/1918 46 Bk D Black
Love, Eddie Cook, Mary Lou 10/16/1921 186 Bk D Black
Showers, T. Cook, Mollie 4/11/1926 283 Bk D Black
Williams, John Cook, Pearl 12/28/1929 364 Bk D Black
King, Clarence Cooper, Mary 7/27/1924 253 Bk D Black
Powe, Robert Cooper, Ruthie May 11/11/1922 213 Bk D Black
Holland, Jess Copeland, Lizzie 8/14/1938 519 Bk D Black
Lacy, Will Copeland, Marcelee 9/7/1929 354 Bk D Black
Fields, Andrew Corbett, Annie B. 10/11/1925 272 Bk D Black
Joiner, William Corbin, Cassie 3/8/1920 136 Bk D Black
Lane, J.C. Corey, R. Mae 11/13/1933 423 Bk D Black
Brown, Bill Cory, Annie 10/7/1919 118 Bk D Black
Howard, Willie Couger, L. 12/2/1926 295 Bk D Black
Richardson, David Crawford, Pauline 7/12/1936 477 Bk D Black
Fields, Mack Cromer, Lizzie 2/8/1920 133 Bk D Black
Young, Henry Crook, Sarah 2/6/1927 298 Bk D Black
Cook, Frank Crooks, Rosa 9/23/1928 335 Bk D Black
Jackson, J.C. Cross, L.B. 11/28/1937 504 Bk D Black
Champion, Dude Cruthers, Willie 8/23/1917 24 Bk D Black
Oliver, Lige Cullen, Annie Lou 9/10/1932 401 Bk D Black
Williams, Hershal Cummings, Emma 11/24/1922 215 Bk D Black
Brown, Eugene Cummings, Fahell 3/3/1939 529 Bk D Black
Sparrow, Emmett Cummings, Florine 3/27/1938 513 Bk D Black
Rawls, Cleveland Cummings, Ida Mae 10/5/1931 390 Bk D Black
Clark, Clarence Currie, Mamie Mae 9/2/1940 556 Bk D Black
Snell, John H. Dancels, Mary Lou 9/14/1919 117 Bk D Black
Rawls, L. C. Daniel, Hattie Lee 11/2/1930 378 Bk D Black
Atwater, Alison Daniels, Catheron 11/29/1917 38 Bk D Black
Johnson, Ernest Lee Daniels, Essie Jackson 5/3/1942 582 Bk D Black
Dennis, Jordan Daniels, F. 2/18/1928 324 Bk D Black
Williams, Charlie Daniels, R. 12/21/1925 277 Bk D Black
White, Tommie Daniels, Rosa 12/25/1919 127 Bk D Black
Wood, Lee Dantney, Julia Ann 10/25/1938 523 Bk D Black
Anderson, Lewis Datton, May Belle 9/12/1920 151 Bk D Black
Mitchell, George Davis, Annie Lizzie 5/2/1920 144 Bk D Black
Field, R.B. Davis, Annie M. 10/26/1935 462 Bk D Black
Daniel, W.C. Davis, Bessie May 12/25/1919 127 Bk D Black
Davis, Howard Davis, Beulah 6/10/1934 437 Bk D Black
Johnson, John Davis, Cora Lee 12/26/1929 365 Bk D Black
Jones, Sam Davis, Della 12/25/1928 341 Bk D Black
Dean, Clemon Davis, Elberta 6/16/1923 232 Bk D Black
Colbert, Willie Davis, Florine 12/14/1939 544 Bk D Black
Munroe, John Davis, Gussie Lee 11/18/1921 190 Bk D Black
Johnson, George Davis, Hattie 3/1/1925 264 Bk D Black
Bell, Alex Davis, Jewell 10/21/1939 541 Bk D Black
Peavy, Hayward Davis, Kate 9/18/1937 501 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Emory Davis, Lillie Belle 11/19/1922 214 Bk D Black
Taylor, William Davis, Lillie Mae 5/14/1939 533 Bk D Black
Stevens, Walter Davis, Malneta 11/13/1941 574 Bk D Black
Stretcher, Joe B. Davis, Minnie 4/1/1923 225 Bk D Black
Nesbitt, H. C. Davis, Nettie 10/10/1921 186 Bk D Black
Alexander, Jessie Lee Davis, Nina Mae 9/19/1941 572 Bk D Black
Linton, John Davis, Ola May 9/22/1929 356 Bk D Black
Taylor, Willie Davis, Ollie Mae 6/22/1941 569 Bk D Black
Thornton, George Davis, Orcela 11/4/1939 542 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Willie Davis, Reva 1/26/1919 90 Bk D Black
Collyer, Lee Davis, Rosa 3/5/1934 431 Bk D Black
Jordan, Griffin Davis, Rosa Belle 3/3/1917 7 Bk D Black
Jones, Will Davis, Rosa Lee 3/13/1937 489 Bk D Black
Eunice, C.L. Davis, Thelma 9/30/1935 461 Bk D Black
Fuller, F.W. Dawson, Eva May 4/24/1937 493 Bk D Black
Way, S. W. Dawson, Ida 3/19/1925 265 Bk D Black
Walton, George Dawson, Malene 6/28/1936 476 Bk D Black
Johnson, T. Day, Lizzie 1/16/1927 297 Bk D Black
Colson, Dennis Dean, Alice 3/20/1920 138 Bk D Black
Felton, O.B. Dean, Annie M. 10/12/1924 256 Bk D Black
Williams, Jesse Dean, Bettie 7/6/1923 233 Bk D Black
Denmark, John Edd Dean, Leola 10/18/1921 187 Bk D Black
Allen, George Dean, Lizzie 11/23/1919 123 Bk D Black
Dean, Charlie Dean, Lizzie 12/21/1919 125 Bk D Black
Fleming, Collie Dean, Lizzie 2-8-18- 47 Bk D Black
Bishop, William Dean, Sarah 11/19/1927 316 Bk D Black
Harris, Will Dean, Susanna 12/28/1919 124 Bk D Black
Congleton, Frank Dennis, Julia 3/17/1918 53 Bk D Black
McGriff, Willie Dennis, Sarah Jane 8/23/1936 478 Bk D Black
Williams, Sam Dent, Annie May 4/7/1930 369 Bk D Black
Whitehead, Robert Dent, Dealia 3/28/1931 383 Bk D Black
Fields, Owen deVaughn, Hattie Lee 12/25/1917 41 Bk D Black
Reece, Tommie Dickson, Edie Mae 12/1/1941 575 Bk D Black
Springfield, Eddie Dillama, Julia 1/23/1929 345 Bk D Black
Brown, John H. Dinkins, Amanda 3/20/1923 224 Bk D Black
Mills, Willie Dixon, Ada Mae 6/7/1930 373 Bk D Black
Davis, Jim Dixon, Angeline 9/22/1918 73 Bk D Black
Lawson, L.J. Dixon, Correll 12/25/1936 485 Bk D Black
Buford, Marshall Dixon, Lizzie 1/20/1917 3 Bk D Black
Sutton, Charlie Dixon, Louise 6/1/1929 351 Bk D Black
Jones, Will Dixon, Rebecca 6/25/1923 233 Bk D Black
Reed, Eugene Dixon, Viola 9/22/1935 461 Bk D Black
Smith, Peter Lee Doster, Annie Lucile 10/25/1941 573 Bk D Black
Furr, S.H. Doster, E. 5/8/1918 61 Bk D Black
Penn, Rubin Doster, Lizzie 2/19/1922 198 Bk D Black
Henderson, James Dotson, Lucinda 5/3/1931 385 Bk D Black
Taylor, Henry Dott, Sis 7/17/1919 109 Bk D Black
Belmand, Cleveland Dotts, Florine 11/14/1937 503 Bk D Black
Mathews, James Dowdell, Alberta 2/12/1927 299 Bk D Black
Davis, Benjamin Dowdell, Mary Lee 9/30/1929 356 Bk D Black
Hunt, Jones Dowdy, Josephine 9/9/1923 235 Bk D Black
Hunt, Melvin Dowdy, Willie Lou 2/17/1924 246 Bk D Black
Brown, Abie Drizon, Sallie 9/6/1930 376 Bk D Black
Coody, Matt DuBenjamin, Eva Mae 6/5/1927 306 Bk D Black
Aycock, Jas A. Dubinon, Lola Mae 8/27/1932 400 Bk D Black
Brown, Lonnie Duhart, Lou Ann 4/24/1919 100 Bk D Black
McAdoo, Lucious Duhart, Lula 2/11/1925 263 Bk D Black
Everson, Haley Dukes, Lizzie Mae 11/15/1923 239 Bk D Black
Mills, Willie J. Duncan, Lizzie 12/23/1939 546 Bk D Black
Standard, Jesse Dunn, Ethel Lee 2/14/1937 487 Bk D Black
Munford, Willie Dunn, Mary 2/15/1936 470 Bk D Black
Fitzgerald, Normon Durham, Willie May 1/9/1939 527 Bk D Black
Stanley, Benjamin Durms, Leola 4/1/1939 531 Bk D Black
Dixon, George Dyke, Jessie 3/22/1917 10 Bk D Black
Davis, Ed Dykes, Arena 11/14/1919 122 Bk D Black
Wood, Tom Dykes, Beatrice Lee 2/1/1939 528 Bk D Black
Wiley, Henry Dykes, Henrietta 9/29/1918 74 Bk D Black
Holt, Herbert Dykes, Ida May 3/4/1918 53 Bk D Black
Whitemore, W. H. Dykes, Margret 6/27/1936 475 Bk D Black
Wilson, Leo Dykes, Rutha 11/11/1917 33 Bk D Black


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