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Marriage Book C - White
V-Z Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Vail, Thos. L.C. Walker, Mary Virginia 10-20-1906 265 Bk C White
Vanzant, Garrett Gibbs, Lydia 1-22-1914 417 Bk C White
Vanzant, R.E. Gibbs, Lena 9-30-1912 384 Bk C White
Varn, W.L. Leroy, Onie 2-8-1911 347 Bk C White
Vaughn, Albert Spires, Annie 12-24-1911 367 Bk C White
Vaughn, Arthur O. Hogan, Mrs. Amanda C. 7-5-1914 424 Bk C White
Vaughn, Capt. B. Gibbs, Mary 9-11-1909 315 Bk C White
Vaughn, C.H. Crump, Berta 12-28-1919 553 Bk C White
Vaughn, G.J. Gibbs, Ida 3-2-1913 397 Bk C White
Vaughn, I.E. Womble, Belle 12-23-1900 120 Bk C White
Vaughn, J.T. Clark, Bonnie 12-26-1919 552 Bk C White
Vaughn, Robt. L. Maddox, Eva 9-15-1907 282 Bk C White
Vaughn, Wiley Roper, Ethel 6-15-1902 152 Bk C White
Verner, J.N. Faircloth, Lillie 8-28-1910 334 Bk C White
Verner, M.E. Lamb, Pearl 9-16-1906 262 Bk C White
Vinson, G.E. Hancock, Dora 10-17-1895 30 Bk C White
Vinson, Rolly Gibbs, Narcis 7-29-1900 112 Bk C White
Wacaster, Irwin Cofer, Ollie 11-9-1911 363 Bk C White
Wocoster, Jacob Cofer, Dovie 8-24-1912 382 Bk C White
Waddell, S.P. Owens, Hattie (6-3-1911) 353LI Bk C White
Waddell, S.P. Hardin, Ethel F. 8-4-1918 515 Bk C White
Wade, A.W. Clarance, Minnie O. 12-25-1910 344 Bk C White
Walden, Elemuel Bryon, Margret 7-25-1910 333 Bk C White
Walden, Irwin Cook, Hattie 5-2-1906 254 Bk C White
Walker, Carey E. Hunter, Fannie L. 12-25-1904 218 Bk C White
Walker, Dave Brown, May 4-10-1907 274 Bk C White
Walker, G.W. Parker, Georgia 8-30-1913 405 Bk C White
Walker, George Brown, Bernice 1-27-1918 508 Bk C White
Walker, Hampton McDuffie, Mary 7-28-1895 27 Bk C White
Walker, Hezzie Hamilton, Ida Lou 2-20-1916 460 Bk C White
Walker, J.E. Taylor, Eunice 5-29-1904 202 Bk C White
Walker, J.H. Weldon, S.J. 8-30-1903 184 Bk C White
Walker, J.L. Coleman, Sallie 9-7-1898 76 Bk C White
Walker, J.W. McAnally, V.L. 8-5-1905 234 Bk C White
Walker, J.W. Dowdy, S.L. 11-26-1907 285 Bk C White
Walker, James Bishop, Rosa (1-4-1902) 143LI Bk C White
Walker, James A. Gordon, Alice (6-3-1911) 353LI Bk C White
Walker, James K. Gibbs, Vina 12-17-1905 244 Bk C White
Walker, Joe Stone, Dicie E. 2-5-1905 223 Bk C White
Walker, John M. Lawson, Ada 2-25-1894 11 Bk C White
Walker, Otis Perry Page, Lillie May 2-8-1903 173 Bk C White
Walker, S.J. Brown, Mary J. 12-23-1902 165 Bk C White
Walker, S.J. Mitchell, Florence 12-31-1916 480 Bk C White
Walker, S.W. Fountain, Janie 7-20-1902 154 Bk C White
Walker, T.A. Brown, M.E. 1-8-1905 221 Bk C White
Walker, Wallace Dykes, Eliza Ann 8-26-1916 471 Bk C White
Wall, E. Hicks, Eddie 4-28-1897 53 Bk C White
Wallace, B.P. Evers, Malissie 2-25-1906 250 Bk C White
Wallace, E.S. Minshew, Margrett (2-15-1906) 249LI Bk C White
Wallace, Edward Coleman, Etta 1-26-1896 35 Bk C White
Wallis, Joe Cole, Effie (12-27-1909) 323LI Bk C White
Wallis, Walter Burch, Essie 5-18-1913 400 Bk C White
Walters, J.W. Reaves, Mrs. Sallie 1-13-1907 271 Bk C White
Ward, J.W. Little, Ida 6-14-1905 230 Bk C White
Ward, R.M. Griffith, Maud 6-7-1914 423 Bk C White
Wardsworth, H.M. Martin, Mrs. Mildred J. 2-29-1916 461 Bk C White
Ware, A.G. McDuffie, Abbie 10-26-1909 319 Bk C White
Ware, Dudley B. Bowen, Abba 4-15-1903 176 Bk C White
Ware, N.E. Rogers, Bessie N. 12-10-1902 167 Bk C White
Warren, C.C. Clements, Ida 9-17-1919 542 Bk C White
Warren, C.L. Banks, Dora 3-3-1909 307 Bk C White
Warren, C.L. Moye, Blanch 1-14-1917 482 Bk C White
Warren, Charlie Clements, Eva 6-29-1919 539 Bk C White
Warren, Charlie M. Oliver, Minnie Louise 1-2-1919 525 Bk C White
Warren, Charles R. Fuller, Gracie 7-17-1898 75 Bk C White
Warren, E.W. Wilson, Lizzie (10-6-1902)159LI Bk C White
Warren, George Harrelson, Lizzie 12-18-1898 82 Bk C White
Warren, George B. McBryant, Elizabeth 6-23-1895 26 Bk C White
Warren, H.C. Owens, Mary J. 12-26-1909 322 Bk C White
Warren, H.C. Nobles, Sarah May 2-5-1919 529 Bk C White
Warren, J.A. Gordon, Rosa 10-25-1896 48 Bk C White
Warren, J.A. Bunard, Ida 1-4-1914 415 Bk C White
Warren, J.B. Roberts, Martha J. 11-28-1897 63 Bk C White
Warren, J.D. Banks, Laura (2-25-1910) 326LI Bk C White
Warren, John T. McCall, Mattie 10-2-1898 66 Bk C White
Warren, P.E. Sheffield, Ethel 4-8-1917 486 Bk C White
Warren, R.E. Dennard, Annie 12-25-1895 33 Bk C White
Warren, T.M. Giles, Alice 3-26-1905 225 Bk C White
Warren, Theo Powers, Mattie 12-13-1908 302 Bk C White
Warren, Thomas E. Nutt, Nettie E. 10-13-1912 385 Bk C White
Warren, Thomas W. Gregory, Thanie 3-21-1900 104 Bk C White
Warren, W.J., Jr. Calhoun, Mary E. 3-20-1898 71 Bk C White
Warren, Wright Cockfield, Emma 4-6-1902 148 Bk C White
Waters, John D. Gibbs, Emily 5-25-1905 228 Bk C White
Watson, Charlie Johnson, Lizzie 8-18-1907 280 Bk C White
Watson, Dave Dickerson, Pearl 12-27-1908 305 Bk C White
Watson, E.M. Braswell, Ruby 2-18-1917 483 Bk C White
Watson, Elbert Holland, Margie (8-29-1908) 299LI Bk C White
Watson, F.T. Finleyson, Lula E. 12-25-1898 83 Bk C White
Watson, J.J. Mitchell, Essie 11-14-1906 266 Bk C White
Watson, J.T. Reynolds, Lizzie 12-15-1898 82 Bk C White
Watson, James T. Mixon, Mrs. Julia 5-28-1895 13 Bk C White
Watson, Jas. L. Mitchell, Sallie 12-27-1899 101 Bk C White
Watson, Joe Coleman, Angeline 12-24-1902 169 Bk C White
Watson, John Taylor, Janie 8-9-1908 298 Bk C White
Watson, John G. Crawford, Eva 7-1-1917 493 Bk C White
Watson, John R. Powers, Myrtle 2-1-1920 553 Bk C White
Watson, L.S. Reynolds, Stella 1-16-1917 482 Bk C White
Watson, Morris Moye, Mandie 7-8-1906 260 Bk C White
Watson, O.W. Belcher, Ella 7-23-1903 182 Bk C White
Watson, R.L. Owens, Sallie 11-15-1909 318 Bk C White
Watson, Stanley A. Haggard, Mary F. 12-9-1910 342 Bk C White
Watts, J.D. Green, Clyde 8-23-1901 133 Bk C White
Watts, Joe Banks, Clara 1-15-1905 222 Bk C White
Watts, John McDuffie, Bell 5-18-1896 43 Bk C White
Watts, W.E. Downs, Lena B. 1-1-1896 34 Bk C White
Weaver, James J. Duggan, Nannie P. (1-18-1912) 378LI Bk C White
Weaver, Tom Collins, Rebecca 8-6-1918 517 Bk C White
Webb, A.I. Bean, Etta 1-2-1901 121 Bk C White
Webb, C.C. Elder, Elizabeth R. 10-30-1904 211 Bk C White
Webb, C.P. Conner, Mrs. Ella S. 7-31-1907 279 Bk C White
Webb, James Wood, Martha 3-26-1896 39 Bk C White
Webb, John Odom, Crecy (10-1=1904) 212LI Bk C White
Webb, John Brown, Laura 1-29-1905 222 Bk C White
Weldon, B.A. Clements, Ida 4-15-1906 253 Bk C White
Weldon, Bernard Conner, Leila 7-4-1911 355 Bk C White
Weldon, C.N. Winn, Mrs. Fannie S. 3-19-1905 224 Bk C White
Weldon, Glenn Keen, Alice 1-1-1911 345 Bk C White
Weldon, J.A. White, Erma 7-20-1919 539 Bk C White
Wellborn, W.R. Page, Tullis 11-27-1904 211 Bk C White
Wells, L.L. Stephenson, Winnie 7-11-1912 380 Bk C White
Wells, Thomas C. Weeks, Catherine 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Westbrooks, H.C. Page, Cleo 9-30-1917 499 Bk C White
Wester, D.J. Anderson, Hellen 8-25-1912 382 Bk C White
Wheeless, J.W. Mann, Mary E. 12-24-1916 480 Bk C White
Whitaker, J.I. Brown, Nannie 12-15-1907 287 Bk C White
White, E.E. Davis, Willie (1-17-1920) 555LI Bk C White
Whitehurst, L.J. Reid, Lillian 2-26-1899 90 Bk C White
Whitley, L.G. Dix, Mary Ella 12-28-1899 99 Bk C White
Whitlock, Barnel Howell, Emma Lee 6-8-1919 537 Bk C White
Whitlock, Lonnie Anderson, Bessie 12-25-1915 457 Bk C White
Whitlock, W.C. Ham, Kennie 12-17-1915 457 Bk C White
Whittle, B.W. Lacey, Annie Belle 1-30-1902 146 Bk C White
Whittle, Dave Dozier, Cora 6-18-1905 230 Bk C White
Whittle, J.T. Lacey, Mrs. Nancy 9-27-1894 16 Bk C White
Whittle, James Gibbs, Rosa 6-5-1904 203 Bk C White
Whittle, Joe Worsham, Jennie 12-25-1913 414 Bk C White
Wiggins, P.H. Saunders, Bessie 11-12-1905 239 Bk C White
Wilcox, Cicero Williamson, Carrie 12-6-1908 302 Bk C White
Wilcox, J.D. Wilcox, Sibbie 1-14-1912 370 Bk C White
Wilcox, John M. Causey, Mary S. 6-11-1899 93 Bk C White
Wilcox, John M. Fitzgerald, Harriett 1-7-1912 368 Bk C White
Wilcox, Mark B. Wilcox, Sallie J. 2-3-1901 123 Bk C White
Wilcox, T.D. Brown, Honor Jane 2-18-1917 485 Bk C White
Wilcox, Thos. P. Crittenton, Lula M. 12-19-1901 141 Bk C White
Wilcox, W.T. Barfield, Leona (4-20-1901) 127LI Bk C White
Wilder, Andrew M. Mixon, Elmira 4-16-1899 92 Bk C White
Wilkinson, Billie Stalls, Tilda 5-10-1920 561 Bk C White
Wilkinson, George Butler, Neely 9-17-1911 360 Bk C White
Wilkinson, W.H. Handrup, Ella 12-27-1893 8 Bk C White
Wilkinson, William Wright, Stella (3-29-1919) 531LI Bk C White
Willaford, James Byers, Minnie May 4-10-1904 197 Bk C White
Willcox, Jas. L. Brown, Ann 8-1-1894 16 Bk C White
Williams, Dewitt McCranie, Etta May 1-13-1919 526 Bk C White
Williams, E.M. Walden, Roxey L. 12-9-1894 20 Bk C White
Williams, Edd Johnson, Erma B. 5-20-1906 257 Bk C White
Williams, Frank Moye, Nannie Mae 7-14-1918 516 Bk C White
Williams, Henry Nazewhithers, Lillie 8-5-1902 155 Bk C White
Williams, J.T. McDonald, Pearl 12-17-1911 365 Bk C White
Williams, Luther McLeod, Lela 11-7-1920 570 Bk C White
Williams, Mandy B. Calhoun, Ola 8-24-1918 519 Bk C White
Williams, Sidney Singletary, Betsy (8-26-1907) 280LI Bk C White
Williams, Steven Martin, Lotise (6-26-1894) 14LI Bk C White
Williamson, A.P. Stone, Mary Jane 3-8-1896 38 Bk C White
Williamson, D.V. Fitzgerald, Elizabeth 4-19-1899 92 Bk C White
Williamson, Morrice Conley, Docie 3-3-1919 528 Bk C White
Williamson, W.M. Lancaster, Mrs. Mary 5-29-1904 202 Bk C White
Williamson, W.T. Joiner, Lizzie 7-11-1915 448 Bk C White
Williford, Frank Wilson, Mary 6-20-1915 447 Bk C White
Williford, G.T.J. Spires, Fannie (1-27-1906) 248LI Bk C White
Williford, W.L. Gibbs, Lear Anna Bell 2-9-1896 36 Bk C White
Willingham, A.J. Smith, Mary C. 1-7-1918 506 Bk C White
Willingham, Earl Smith, Lena 4-23-1921 581 Bk C White
Willis, B.J. Land, Rosa E. 11-11-1900 116 Bk C White
Willis, Palarmon H. Brown, Lena 7-24-1896 43 Bk C White
Wilson, E.P. Cooper, Emma R. 11-23-1902 164 Bk C White
Wilson, G.M. Cooper, Jennie 4-28-1897 53 Bk C White
Wilson, G.T. Graham, Bettie 5-24-1897 54 Bk C White
Wilson, G.T. Graham, Laura 1-21-1903 172 Bk C White
Wilson, G.T. Osborn, Claudine 10-21-1914 432 Bk C White
Wilson, G.T. Lock, Ollie 3-27-1921 579 Bk C White
Wilson, G.W. McAllister, Annie E. 7-29-1906 261 Bk C White
Wilson, H. Keen, Annie 9-9-1907 282 Bk C White
Wilson, H.B. Nazworth, Allene 11-26-1916 477 Bk C White
Wilson, H.H. Braszele, Luvenia (3-5-1906) 251LI Bk C White
Wilson, Henry Wilson, Ida Lottie 4-9-1921 580 Bk C White
Wilson, Henry L. Hinson, Juanita 9-11-1916 472 Bk C White
Wilson, J.F. Clements, Maggie 10-10-1915 453 Bk C White
Wilson, J.N. Atkinson, Bannie 10-10-1915 453 Bk C White
Wilson, J. Chester Causey, Annie L. 12-26-1909 323 Bk C White
Wilson, James Lee Keen, Lugene 6-13-1915 447 Bk C White
Wilson, James P. Peavy, Pearlie 11-11-1900 117 Bk C White
Wilson, Jim Boman, Dovie (11-22-1902) 165LI Bk C White
Wilson, John Gibbs, Anner 6-4-1911 350 Bk C White
Wilson, John M. Stone, Nettie 12-28-1893 8 Bk C White
Wilson, Larkin W. Tippett, Clara M. 2-3-1912 371 Bk C White
Wilson, Leonard B. Taylor, Mary A.R. 8-27-1905 235 Bk C White
Wilson, Loam C. Britt, Bertha E. (11-22-1907) 285LI Bk C White
Wilson, Loam C. Gibbs, Mahalee 9-6-1908 299 Bk C White
Wilson, Mat Sapp, Julia 12-8-1901 140 Bk C White
Wilson, N.P. (Pleas) Ryals, Lula 12-6-1898 81 Bk C White
Wilson, R.L. Mann, Emma 2-23-1896 37 Bk C White
Wilson, S.K. Minshew, Elizabeth 9-28-1902 158 Bk C White
Wilson, S.P. Cook, Neoma 5-9-1897 54 Bk C White
Wilson, S.P. Lovett, Rutha 4-24-1904 200 Bk C White
Wilson, Samuel Bruce, Susie 6-6-1909 311 Bk C White
Wilson, Thomas Pope, Mattie 12-20-1912 387 Bk C White
Wilson, Thomas Johnson, Mattie 10-15-1916 474 Bk C White
Wilson, W.A. Conner, Gertrude 8-4-1918 517 Bk C White
Wilson, W.A. Price, Florence 9-26-1920 567 Bk C White
Wilson, W.W. Pope, Ida Mae 4-30-1905 228 Bk C White
Wilson, Wash McDuffie, Hattie 12-25-1914 440 Bk C White
Windham, Clinton L. Barnes, Annie 10-4-1917 499 Bk C White
Windham, Willard Howell, Bertice 10-29-1902 161 Bk C White
Wingate, J.F. Wingate, Lizzie 2-17-1907 272 Bk C White
Winn, Charlie Roberts, Julia 1-1-1905 219 Bk C White
Winn, Chas. 0. Altman, Maggie 8-2-1903 183 Bk C White
Winn, John Roberts, Frances 4-16-1905 211 Bk C White
Winn, Lue Pitts, Bessie 12-21-1919 550 Bk C White
Winn, R.L. Pitts, Birtris 1-25-1914 418 Bk C White
Winslett, A.M. Ashley, Mrs. Emma 1-31-1906 248 Bk C White
Wisham, B.W. Gorday, Mrs. Catherine 1-18-1903 171 Bk C White
Wisham, J.B. Robinson, Clara Mae 11-17-1912 387 Bk C White
Witherington, James F. Warren, Ola 9-25-1910 337 Bk C White
Wood, C.G. Mitchell, Lula 1-2-1910 323 Bk C White
Wood, Everett Hogan, Mary 1-28-1911 346 Bk C White
Wood, Gordon Warren, Sarah J. 4-12-1908 294 Bk C White
Wood, William D. Barker, Rosa Elizabeth 5-18-1898 72 Bk C White
Woodard, Leavy Warren, Annie 3-19-1905 225 Bk C White
Woofter, George B. Phillips, Lizzie 1-4-1899 86 Bk C White
Woolley, Nathan Miller, Lottie 3-17-1902 147 Bk C White
Wootten, P.D. Dennard, Dora 6-2-1901 128 Bk C White
Wootten, Thomas H. Pitts, Mae 11-15-1914 434 Bk C White
Wright, D.R. McCall, Ella 7-15-1903 181 Bk C White
Wright, Elias Turner, Bula 8-16-1896 45 Bk C White
Wright, J.A. Walls, Mary (2-21-1905) 224LI Bk C White
Wright, Jasper Whittle, Ida B. 3-23-1902 147 Bk C White
Wright, Thomas C. Coleman, Nancy 5-6-1906 255 Bk C White
Wynn, Jas. M. Bohannon, Lillie 3-10-1901 126 Bk C White
Yancey, A.J. Walker, Mamie S. 1-26-1902 145 Bk C White
Yancey, Liwis D. Dowdy, Jesse Mae 10-19-1919 544 Bk C White
Yancey, Marsh Camble, Mary Lou 11-23-1913 411 Bk C White
Yarbray, J.S. McIntyre, Florence (12-28-1906) 270LI Bk C White
Yarbrough, Thos. Williams, Mamie 1-8-1905 220 Bk C White
Yates, Fred English, Alice 1-2-1901 323 Bk C White
Yates, J.Q., Jr. Evans, Nettie Mae 2-24-1918 509 Bk C White
Yawn, Calvin Dowdy, Annie (1-27-1903) 173LI Bk C White
Yawn, H.D. Calhoun, Susie 8-26-1907 281 Bk C White
Yawn, H.T. Lowery, Dad 11-21-1920 571 Bk C White
Yawn, J.W. Jump, Lee 12-30-1905 246 Bk C White
Yawn, James Faircloth, Lillie 1-5-1908 289 Bk C White
Yawn, James Dorden, Barry (4-5-1913) 398LI Bk C White
Yawn, Rubin Cobb, Janie 8-25-1912 382 Bk C White
Yawn, Willie Rogers, Clara 11-6-1909 320 Bk C White
Youmans, A.S. Johnson, Adna 9-1-1914 429 Bk C White
Young, G.W. Stone, Elizer 12-16-1900 119 Bk C White
Young, George M. Ball, Mattie 1-18-1898 63 Bk C White
Young, S.S. Player, Donar 12-20-1900 120 Bk C White




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