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Marriage Book C - White
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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Singletary, John H. Vale, Mrs. Mary 6-27-1919 538 Bk C White
Stephens, J.C. Vanderbill, Duffle 12-22-1916 477 Bk C White
Gibbs, Fred Vaughn, Georgia 10-31-1915 455 Bk C White
Renfroe, W.H. Vaughn, Lena 9-1-1902 157 Bk C White
Goodwin, Joe Vaughn, Rissia 1-21-1912 367 Bk C White
Bacon, Cecil B. Vaughn, Sarah C. 7-25-1920 564 Bk C White
Guest, Allen Vaughn, Stella 3-27-1910 327 Bk C White
Dixon, William Veal, Irine 9-19-1904 207 Bk C White
Fountain, Walter Verner, Clencie 12-20-1908 304 Bk C White
Norton, Ed J. Vessel, Myrtle 1-28-1906 248 Bk C White
Cook, E.D. Vickers, Annie L. 2-7-1918 508 Bk C White
Smith, Thomas Vinson, Vickey 9-2-1905 234 Bk C White
Raffield, Leonard Vinson, Willie Mae 2-15-1906 249 Bk C White
Floyd, J.T. Vogt, Addie 11-9-1902 163 Bk C White
Smith, M.J., Jr. Waddell, Belle 4-4-1914 374 Bk C White
Hendrix, W.T. Wade, May 6-4-1910 330 Bk C White
Griggs, D.L. Walden, Edna 2-9-1908 289 Bk C White
Hair, James J. Walden, Ella 11-1-1894 17 Bk C White
Andrews, J.T. Walden, Lela 3-11-1906 252 Bk C White
Williams, E.M. Walden, Roxey L. 12-9-1894 20 Bk C White
Blizard, Oscar F. Walker, Annie 7-14-1911 356 Bk C White
Coleman, Ashley Walker, Annie 2-10-1897 52 Bk C White
Harrell, Theo Walker, Arlie 10-19-1919 544 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.P. Walker, Dora 12-14-1914 437 Bk C White
Brown, Horace Walker, Elizabeth (2-12-1921) 577LI Bk C White
Moor, Eastman Walker, Jane  5-3-1903 177 Bk C White
Hughes, Thos. A. Walker, Lollie Bell 2-19-1903 174 Bk C White
Brewer, C.F. Walker, Lora 9-18-1917 498 Bk C White
Yancey, A.J. Walker, Mamie S. 1-26-1902 145 Bk C White
Swain, William Walker, Mary 3-15-1903 175 Bk C White
Vail, Thos. L.C. Walker, Mary Virginia 10-20-1906 265 Bk C White
Brown, J.W. Walker, Mattie E. 12-11-1901 134 Bk C White
Taylor, Geo. L. Walker, Rebecca 4-23-1899 92 Bk C White
Parsons, Joseph B. Wallace, Mary A. 8-14-1904 206 Bk C White
Moore, George Wallice, Lizzie  6-5-1910 331 Bk C White
Wright, J.A. Walls, Mary (2-21-1905) 224LI Bk C White
Chapman, J.E. Walls, Nancy J. 12-22-1901 140 Bk C White
Atherton, Harry F. Ware, Ethel P. 9-17-1902 158 Bk C White
Ray, Claud Warren, Alma 8-17-1913 404 Bk C White
Woodard, Leavy Warren, Annie 3-19-1905 225 Bk C White
Titshaw, W.R. Warren, Annie Mae 7-16-1916 467 Bk C White
Faircloth, O.E. Warren, Belle 5-23-1912 374 Bk C White
Newell, Jeffle Warren, Davie 12-20-1908 304 Bk C White
McGinty, S.F. Warren, Edie 1-20-1907 271 Bk C White
McGlamery, Robt. M. Warren, H.C. 1-14-1900 102 Bk C White
Cadwell, B.H. Warren, Julia 5-16-1893 1 Bk C White
Coleman, Felton Warren, Lena 12-26-1909 321 Bk C White
Jones, C.E. Warren, Lillie 9-15-1907 281 Bk C White
Johnson, James A. Warren, Lucy 1-20-1918 507 Bk C White
Davidson, John S. Warren, Mary D. 12-27-1896 50 Bk C White
Ragan, W.P. Warren, Mattie 11-14-1893 6 Bk C White
Turner, H.A. Warren, Maymee 3-13-1910 327 Bk C White
Faircloth, L.F. Warren, Minnie 1-1-1905 219 Bk C White
Redock, W.H. Warren, Mrs. M.E. 5-10-1914 422 Bk C White
Henderson, J.M. Warren, Nealie 3-16-1919 530 Bk C White
Braswell, James Warren, Nora 11-12-1905 240 Bk C White
Knight, John H. Warren, Nora Belle 7-31-1918 517 Bk C White
Witherington, James F. Warren, Ola 9-25-1910 337 Bk C White
Stewart, C.J. Warren, Ollie 11-30-1901 138 Bk C White
Parks, Blackston M. Warren, Ophelia 2-15-1904 195 Bk C White
Davis, John 0. Warren, Pearl 7-27-1916 468 Bk C White
Self, Willie Warren, Pearl 8-20-1915 451 Bk C White
McGlamry, K.A. Warren, Rebecca L. 1-22-1899 88 Bk C White
Dollar, J.N. Warren, Sarah J. (4-7-1900) 107LI Bk C White
Wood, Gordon Warren, Sarah J. 4-12-1908 294 Bk C White
Fields, Zero Warren, Willie 6-25-1916 466 Bk C White
Davis, J.W. Watson, Annie 12-6-1894 20 Bk C White
Cathey, H.C. Watson, Annie Le 1-6-1915 440 Bk C White
Graham, J.G. Watson, Bula 10-23-1898 79 Bk C White
Proctor, John A. Watson, Christian C. (2-10-1894) 11LI Bk C White
Lawson, Turner Watson, Ella 1-14-1906 246 Bk C White
Newell, E.J. Watson, Elner 11-11-1900 117 Bk C White
Clark, T.S. Watson, Georgia 1-2-1916 435 Bk C White
Salter, David Watson, Laura 2-20-1909 307 Bk C White
Taylor, W.A. Watson, Liddie C. 10-27-1901 136 Bk C White
Dowdy, Robert Watson, Lydia 2-2-1902 145 Bk C White
Grimes, E.G. Watson, Maggie (5-9-1907) 278LI Bk C White
Johnson, Willie Watson, Mamie 9-15-1907 281 Bk C White
Jones, V.B. Watson, Mary 12-13-1906 268 Bk C White
Keen, J.A. Watson, Mary 8-25-1898 75 Bk C White
Taylor, Albert Watson, Mary 12-26-1915 458 Bk C White
Salter, James N. Watson, Mattie 2-27-1898 70 Bk C White
Braswell, S.L. Watson, Minnie 12-31-1916 464 Bk C White
Eldridge, H.J Watson, Polly 5-31-1894 lic iss Bk C White
Clements, James Watts, Daisy 4-16-1905 227 Bk C White
Ingram, Henry Weaver, Jennie 12-16-1910 343 Bk C White
Hall, Lee Weaver, Nettie 12-1-1912 390 Bk C White
Nunnery, E.L. Webb, Camilla 1-8-1899 87 Bk C White
Paul, James Webb, Eliza 8-21-1896 45 Bk C White
Glisson, O.S. Webb, M.L. 3-22-1899 91 Bk C White
Griswold, W. Webb, Mary 11-21-1897 62 Bk C White
Griffin, James Webb, Mary Fannie 3-15-1896 38 Bk C White
Peterson, Will Webb, Rebecca 1-10-1908 289 Bk C White
Wells, Thomas C. Weeks, Catherine 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Hutcherson, H.B. Weeks, Clela 7-15-1908 295 Bk C White
Lashley, E.E. Weeks, Elizabeth P. 10-14-1912 385 Bk C White
Riviere, H.W. Weeks, Lena 6-4-1902 150 Bk C White
Walker, J.H. Weldon, S.J. 8-30-1903 184 Bk C White
Ennis, Zadock V. Wells, Leila A. 12-29-1898 86 Bk C White
Cooper, B.B. West, Dora A. 9-22-1902 158 Bk C White
Mixon, W.T. Weston, Jewell  11-24-1910 214 Bk C White
Barker, Rubin J. Wethernton, Cora 2-7-1909 307 Bk C White
Crook, N.A. Weton, Mrs. T.B. 8-21-1913 405 Bk C White
Adkinson, Bryant Wheeler, Ellen (1-4-1904) 192LI Bk C White
Bellflowers, E.B. Wheeler, Ellen (12-10-1904) 217LI Bk C White
Spradley, A.P Wheeler, Mollie 1-26-1898  64 Bk C White
Dubose, A.E. Wheeler, Mrs. C.B. 6-23-1912 379 Bk C White
Carmichel, F.A. Whiddon, Hattie (7-13-1904) 204LI Bk C White
Nelson, John Henry White, Annie 7-3-1911 355 Bk C White
Loyd, John Henry White, Annie L. 1-23-1910 325 Bk C White
Weldon, J.A. White, Erma 7-20-1919 539 Bk C White
Huling, Albert White, Fannie 3-30-1898 72 Bk C White
Pirkle, Dozier A. White, Jessie C. 7-12-1906 261 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.T., Jr. White, Mamie 8-31-1919 540 Bk C White
Dewiner, W.M. White, Martha R. 3-30-1898 72 Bk C White
Sheffield, N. White, Minnie 9-6-1919 541 Bk C White
Thompson, R.F. White, Minnie 4-28-1909 310 Bk C White
Conley, J.M. White, Mrs. M.E. 4-22-1920 560 Bk C White
Epps, J.W. White, Orell (12-17-1913) 411LI Bk C White
Gibbs, Billie White, Virgie B. 12-24-1905 243 Bk C White
Lovett, John F., Jr. Whiten, Mary M. 4-16-1906 254 Bk C White
Anderson, H.J. Whitlock, Evie (8-30-1916) 471LI Bk C White
Brazil, Earnest Whitten, Ella Mae 2-6-1916 459 Bk C White
Noble, Joseph C. Whitten, Vesta Kate 6-10-1913 399 Bk C White
Parsons, J.B. Whittle, Emma 6-9-1901 129 Bk C White
Wright, Jasper Whittle, Ida B. 3-23-1902 147 Bk C White
Gordon, W.W. Whittle, Judia (Judy) 2-16-1896 36 Bk C White
Ball, Sam Whittle, Sallie 9-27-1908 300 Bk C White
Rice, Carl S. Wilbanks, Daisey L. 7-14-1905 232 Bk C White
Fisher, A.C. Wilcox, Abbie 34-1906 251 Bk C White
Tomberlin, George S. Wilcox, Bettie 2-13-1917 484 Bk C White
Mizelle, William Wilcox, Florence  12-3-1904 214 Bk C White
Fulgham, George Wilcox, Ida 11-4-1916 476 Bk C White
Rawlins, J.J. Wilcox, Martha (10-17-1903) 186LI Bk C White
Tomberlin, J.W. Wilcox, Martha 12-27-1911 368 Bk C White
Land, J.B. Wilcox, Saide 12-17-1905 245 Bk C White
Wilcox, Mark B. Wilcox, Sallie J. 2-3-1901 123 Bk C White
Wilcox, J.D. Wilcox, Sibbie 1-14-1912 370 Bk C White
Powell, N.P. Wilder, Emma 6-20-1908 296 Bk C White
Peterson, A.B., Jr. Wilkinson, Sarah L. 10-23-1919 545 Bk C White
Parker, James P. Wilks, Annie 8-18-1895 28 Bk C White
McCranie, Mitch Williams, Annie Ruth 1-4-1919 525 Bk C White
Helms, H.A. Williams, Donnie 3-30-1919 531 Bk C White
Garrison, Hammond Williams, Janie 12-6-1908 302 Bk C White
Hamans, George W. Williams, Maggie 5-8-1904 201 Bk C White
Yarbrough, Thos. Williams, Mamie 1-8-1905 220 Bk C White
Carswell, Clyde B. Williams, Mary H. 6-14-1908 296 Bk C White
Barfield, Adolphus Williams, Mattie 5-29-1898 73 Bk C White
Goff, W.J. Williams, Mrs. Lou 11-30-1919 548 Bk C White
Spicer, L.J. Williamson, Annie 5-11-1902 149 Bk C White
Wilcox, Cicero Williamson, Carrie 12-6-1908 302 Bk C White
Rowe, J.R. Williamson, Ellen 7-4-1915 448 Bk C White
McDaniel, James Williamson, Martha J. 10-2-1898 78 Bk C White
McAnally, R.L. Williford, Belle  (1-26-1912) 370LI Bk C White
Lowery, John Williford, Clifford 3-6-1916 461 Bk C White
Smith, Charlie C. Willingham, Minnie 5-8-1921 581 Bk C White
Talley, J.F. Wilson, Birdie (3-2-1909) 308LI Bk C White
Toney, Robt. Wilson, Dora 12-27-1903 191 Bk C White
Gibbs, James J. Wilson, Emma 12-24-1908 304 Bk C White
McDuffie, Manning Wilson, Essie 10-26-1913 408 Bk C White
Merritt, Henry Wilson, Eugene (1-1-1916) 459LI Bk C White
Fountain, Samuel Wilson, Fannie 6-15-1907 276 Bk C White
Pressley, Clide Wilson, Flora (9-25-1920) 567LI Bk C White
Lacey, Joe Wilson, Gon 9-18-1920 570 Bk C White
Wilson, Henry Wilson, Ida Lottie 4-9-1921 580 Bk C White
Coleman, Lewis, Jr. Wilson, Jane T. 8-20-1899 95 Bk C White
Turk, Guy Wilson, Kate 5-25-1919 533 Bk C White
Southwell, P.M. Wilson, Lillie 7-19-1903 182 Bk C White
Coleman, Charlie Wilson, Lizzie 4-22-1903 178 Bk C White
Warren, E.W. Wilson, Lizzie (10-6-1902)159LI Bk C White
Miller, J.H. Wilson, M.E. 1-27-1894 23 Bk C White
Mixon, James H. Wilson, Margrett  9-22-1912 383 Bk C White
Williford, Frank Wilson, Mary 6-20-1915 447 Bk C White
Stanley, George Wilson, Mary Ella 11-5-1916 476 Bk C White
Hannah, Newton, P. Wilson, Mrs. Hattie 3-16-1919 530 Bk C White
Ford, Fred C. Wimer, May B. 11-18-1897 61 Bk C White
Fendley, William J. Windham, Mrs. Bertice 12-25-1905 245 Bk C White
Wingate, J.F. Wingate, Lizzie 2-17-1907 272 Bk C White
Weldon, C.N. Winn, Mrs. Fannie S. 3-19-1905 224 Bk C White
Lovett, J.F. Winslett, Eugenic 12-2-1900 117 Bk C White
Conner, L.W. Winslett, Lena L. 2-23-1898 70 Bk C White
Miller, James M. Wisham , Callie 7-24-1904 203 Bk C White
Vaughn, I.E. Womble, Belle 12-23-1900 120 Bk C White
McCranie, T.D. Womble, Jennie 12-6-1914 436 Bk C White
McRae, Waldo E. Womble, Minnie 5-30-1909 310 Bk C White
Griffin, William H. Wood, Margarett 8-6-1893 3 Bk C White
Webb, James Wood, Martha 3-26-1896 39 Bk C White
Douglass, Frank Wood, Mary 6-6-1900 109 Bk C White
Hogans, J.W. Wood, Sarah 8-12-1904 205 Bk C White
Brown, A.B. Woodward, Texan 5-20-1896 43 Bk C White
Patten, N.M. Woolvin, Annie E. 7-12-1911 356 Bk C White
Graddick, Chas, P. Woolvin, Matilda 8-12-1917 496 Bk C White
Slade, W.C. Wootten, Carrie Christena 12-15-1909 321 Bk C White
Pittman, Silas Wootten, Izzia 10-22-1905 238 Bk C White
Luke, T.J. Wootten, Ollie 10-10-1900 108 Bk C White
Sapp, Walter C. Wootten, Sallie 10-29-1919 546 Bk C White
Davis, H.D. Worsham, Girtrude 4-14-1896 41 Bk C White
Whittle, Joe Worsham, Jennie 12-25-1913 414 Bk C White
Odum, Wash Wright, Ada Rebecca 12-7-1902 166 Bk C White
Cooper, G.W. Wright, Alice 12-10-1899 98 Bk C White
McDuffie, E.D. Wright, Alice (9-17-1898) 77LI Bk C White
Cason, William H. Wright, Annie D. 4-30-1911 351 Bk C White
Mead, W.E. Wright, Effie 9-8-1901 135 Bk C White
Haralson, Raymond Wright, Lenora E. 8-1-1920 564 Bk C White
Land, Jesse Wright, Lizzie 11-5-1916 476 Bk C White
Simmons, J.F. Wright, Sarah J. 12-7-1902 166 Bk C White
Wilkinson, William Wright, Stella (3-29-1919) 531LI Bk C White
Clack, John Wyatt, Levy 12-9-1900 118 Bk C White
Nix, Doc Wyatt, Virginia 11-6-1898 80 Bk C White
Reaves, G.M. Wynn, Eudell 8-21-1916 470 Bk C White
Sutton, J.S. Wynn, Mamie C. 3-27-1902 148 Bk C White
Jump, George Yancey, Eva 3-9-1912 373 Bk C White
Burnham, B.B. Yancey, Hattie 10-11-1914 431 Bk C White
Hilliard, Herbert Yancey, Ruth (5-27-1919) 536LI Bk C White
Hillyard, James Yancey, Viola 7-9-1910 332 Bk C White
Shingler, J.M. Yancy, Maud 12-13-1900 119 Bk C White
Jarrard, H.G. Yates, Bessie 3-1-1918 510 Bk C White
Pratt, Horace L. Yates, Leila 10-12-1920 568 Bk C White
McQueen, Martin A. Yates, Mary B. 1-16-1898 68 Bk C White
Christman, Shilon Yates, Sallie 10-12-1920 568 Bk C White
Tripp, Willie W. Yawn, Annie Belle 1-5-1921 574 Bk C White
Harris, J.H. Yawn, Mrs. Minnie Lee 11-12-1912 387 Bk C White
Renfroe, William H. Young, Abbie 1-18-1898 66 Bk C White
Coley, J.D. Young, Elizabeth 12-19-1897 65 Bk C White
King, W.L. Young, Ida 11-27-1912 389 Bk C White
Gardner, Z.T. Young, Mary O. 10-7-1898 78 Bk C White
Keen, J.B. Young, Nancy 8-17-1905 236 Bk C White
Miller,  B.M. Young, Sallie 12-25-1913 413 Bk C White




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