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Marriage Book C - White
S-U Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Salter, David Watson, Laura 2-20-1909 307 Bk C White
Salter, James N. Watson, Mattie 2-27-1898 70 Bk C White
Sanders, G.M. Harris, Lera 9-9-1919 541 Bk C White
Sanders, Walter H. McCollum, Mozell 1-2-1921 574 Bk C White
Sanford, Henry Spires, Dora 1-28-1912 370 Bk C White
Sanford, J.W. Tabb, Mollie 11-15-1914 434 Bk C White
Sapp, M.M. Ryals, Mary A. 8-7-1899 95 Bk C White
Sapp, S.W. Harper, Ethelyne 9-28-1919 542 Bk C White
Sapp, T.F. Keen, Fannie 4-15-1917 488 Bk C White
Sapp, Walter C. Wootten, Sallie 10-29-1919 546 Bk C White
Satterfield, Arthur J. Boney, Alice 7-27-1916 468 Bk C White
Saturday, General Carpenter, Edna 7-25-1915 450 Bk C White
Sawyer, W.T. Daniel, Lillia 6-29-1893 2 Bk C White
Scharf, FRanklyn F. Towler, Mrs. Mittie 9-6-1913 406 Bk C White
Schawers, J.J. King, Mrs. Gussie 7-19-1914 426 Bk C White
Schwalls, Lester Hutcherson, Amie Lee (1-29-1914) 418LI Bk C White
Scott, Herbert L. Scott, Mrs. Rosa M. 9-24-1905 236 Bk C White
Scott, Thurber T. Hamons, Maggie 12-25-1904 218 Bk C White
Sea, John Calhoun, Matilda 7-23-1905 232 Bk C White
Searight, Eugene Page, Mattie 3-26-1902 147 Bk C White
Sears, E.J. Pope, Edna 8-15-1909 314 Bk C White
Sego, E.A. Hall, Pearl 6-24-1906 258 Bk C White
Sego, E.E. Barker, Annie L. 6-16-1907 277 Bk C White
Self, Willie Warren, Pearl 8-20-1915 451 Bk C White
Selph, B.B. Mixon, Maud 10-6-1912 384 Bk C White
Session, Isaac Griffin, Ula (4-14-1902) 149LI Bk C White
Sewell, H.J. Causey, Aline 2-2-1921 576 Bk C White
Shales (Shores), David Merritt, Annie 9-16-1896 47 Bk C White
Shanley, J.W. Pierce, Lucie A. 9-8-1901 135 Bk C White
Shannon, Herbert Britt, Bertha 9-25-1909 316 Bk C White
Shannon, Sam Hannah, Mary E. 12-28-1902 170 Bk C White
Shaw, Major Simpson, Susie (1-15-1910) 324LI Bk C White
Sheffield, George Luthers, Cora 6-4-1916 465 Bk C White
Sheffield, N. White, Minnie 9-6-1919 541 Bk C White
Shell, Alva C. Pendergrast, Martha H. (9-5-1914) 430LI Bk C White
Shingler, J.M. Yancy, Maud 12-13-1900 119 Bk C White
Shipmen, J.H. Boon, Dora 5-14-1899 93 Bk C White
Shoemake, Charles E. Rodgers, Ida Lou 12-26-1907 286 Bk C White
Shoemake, Thomas M. Ham, Effie 10-17-1909 317 Bk C White
Sikes, J.E. Rycroft, Mary C. 2-2-1908 291 Bk C White
Simmons, Homer Fussell, Edna Ethel 10-26-1919 540 Bk C White
Simmons, J.F. Wright, Sarah J. 12-7-1902 166 Bk C White
Simmons, J.L. Statham, Mattie 1-28-1917 484 Bk C White
Simmons, J.T. Harvey, Ida 3-22-1903 176 Bk C White
Simmons, J.R. Fenn, Lizzie V. 3-10-1918 510 Bk C White
Simmons, Lewis Harvey, Lilla Mae 8-9-1908 298 Bk C White
Simmons, W.D. Barker, Mary E. 1-12-1902 144 Bk C White
Simmons, Warren McNeel, Mattie 1-12-1911 346 Bk C White
Simmons, Willis Martin, India 9-20-1896 47 Bk C White
Singletary, J.H. Buller, Nancy 4-9-1908 292 Bk C White
Singletary, J.W. Rateree, Lula 11-4-1900 116 Bk C White
Singletary, John H. Vale, Mrs. Mary 6-27-1919 538 Bk C White
Skinner, William E. Lovelace, Mrs. Julia A. 8-5-1914 427 Bk C White
Skipper, Leroy Hopson, Ida 11-11-1900 115 Bk C White
Slade, W.C. Wootten, Carrie Christena 12-15-1909 321 Bk C White
Slaick, E.H. Eddy, Irene H. 3-14-1918 511 Bk C White
Slaughter, J.M. Deloach, Mollie (7-28-1897) 56LI Bk C White
Smilley, Lawton Rodgers, Ella 4-15-1906 254 Bk C White
Smith, Alva D. Phillips, Eula 3-31-1918 512 Bk C White
Smith, Andrew Peavy, Ellen 5-6-1911 352 Bk C White
Smith, B.G. Jordan, Ora 2-27-1911 348 Bk C White
Smith, B.J. McDuffie, Margia 12-26-1912 394 Bk C White
Smith, Barrie Lane, Dora 6-16-1906 256 Bk C White
Smith, Benjiman W. Roberts, Margarett C. 2-27-1896 38 Bk C White
Smith, C.M. Coleman, Minnie 4-16-1916 463 Bk C White
Smith, C.P. Handley, Annie 12-18-1898 82 Bk C White
Smith, Charlie Gordon, Bettie (6-23-1905) 230LI Bk C White
Smith, Charlie Simmons, Annie 1-16-1910 324 Bk C White
Smith, Charlie C. Willingham, Minnie 5-8-1921 581 Bk C White
Smith, E.G. Griffith, Ora 4-30-1906 255 Bk C White
Smith, Elijah Taylor, Carrie Belle 7-15-1906 244 Bk C White
Smith, G.L. Jett, Caplena 12-21-1919 551 Bk C White
Smith, George Owens, Katie 6-16-1918 515 Bk C White
Smith, Henry Grady Taylor, Bertha 12-17-1916 479 Bk C White
Smith, Hugh Broadiway, Ola 8-27-1911 359 Bk C White
Smith, Hugh Smith, Gracie 10-13-1912 385 Bk C White
Smith, J.C. Clements, Jane 1-4-1906 247 Bk C White
Smith, J.D. Burrell, Mardell 1-13-1921 574 Bk C White
Smith, J.G. Parsons, Annie 1-31-1914 440 Bk C White
Smith, J.H., Jr. Smith, Emma 12-29-1907 288 Bk C White
Smith, J.R. Dawson, Amanda 12-19-1909 321 Bk C White
Smith, J.W. Smith, Lula 11-20-1910 341 Bk C White
Smith, J. Daniel Gibbs, Annie 11-22-1894 19 Bk C White
Smith, James D. McRae, Carrie 12-1-1897 63 Bk C White
Smith, James H. Swain, Martha J. 12-9-1894 20 Bk C White
Smith, Joe L. Land, Ada 11-28-1920 571 Bk C White
Smith, John H. McDuffie, Susan M. 1-24-1893 2 Bk C White
Smith, John M. Salors, Ina 4-7-1918 512 Bk C White
Smith, John W. Cross, Bessie 7-28-1904 205 Bk C White
Smith, Joseph T. Bohannon, Celia E. 11-30-1919 547 Bk C White
Smith, Jule A. Hunter, Sarah E. 5-21-1911 353 Bk C White
Smith, Lawrence Crane, Ada 10-26-1913 409 Bk C White
Smith, M.J., Jr. Waddell, Belle 4-4-1914 374 Bk C White
Smith, M.S. Grindle, Maud 12-28-1914 440 Bk C White
Smith, Marion Barker, Mary E. 9-18-1910 334 Bk C White
Smith, Noah T. Fussell, Sadie 9-8-1915 451 Bk C White
Smith, Oswell L. Howell, Bessie L. 10-17-1907 284 Bk C White
Smith, R.B. Bowen, Randie 10-1-1916 473 Bk C White
Smith, Robert Barrington, Nena 9-12-1906 256 Bk C White
Smith, Robert Loggins, Alice 1-2-1916 459 Bk C White
Smith, T.A. Studstill, Neppie (10-31-1916) 475LI Bk C White
Smith, T.H.L. Ball, Sallie 11-20-1901 139 Bk C White
Smith, T.L. Coleman, Pearlie 9-28-1919 542 Bk C White
Smith, Thomas Vinson, Vickey 9-2-1905 234 Bk C White
Smith, Thomas J. Gordon, Queen 3-12-1899 90 Bk C White
Smith, Virgil Lacey, Rosa Lee 10-3-1915 452 Bk C White
Smith, W.G. Patterson, Estell 11-1-1920 568 Bk C White
Smith, Walter T. Reynolds, Amy E. 1-15-1920 554 Bk C White
Smith, William D. Rooks, Amelia E. (12-3-1897) 63LI Bk C White
Smith, Willie Erskins, Claud 12-11-1906 267 Bk C White
Smithhart, D.E. Cobb, Rebecca 7-17-1893 3 Bk C White
Smithhart, D.E. Surrency, Sula 8-9-1902 156 Bk C White
Southwell, P.M. Wilson, Lillie 7-19-1903 182 Bk C White
Spencer, J.M. Snow, Ruby 9-27-1909 316 Bk C White
Spencer, W.L. McDuffie, Mary M. (7-25-1914) 426LI Bk C White
Spicer, L.J. Williamson, Annie 5-11-1902 149 Bk C White
Spires, Allen Saniford, Fouanner 8-9-1914 427 Bk C White
Spires, D.J. Selph, Eunie 7-18-1895 26 Bk C White
Spires, Lewis Turner, Mary 6-17-1906 259 Bk C White
Spires, R.A. Hughes, Janie 11-9-1919 546 Bk C White
Spradley, A.P Wheeler, Mollie 1-26-1898  64 Bk C White
Stackhouse, Tracy W. Barnes, Nina 12-26-1907 288 Bk C White
Standridge, Bryan Keen, Ola 12-21-1919 549 Bk C White
Stanford, D.D. Major, Othella (8-14-1918) 518LI Bk C White
Stanford, J.R. Collins, Dora 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Stanford, J.R. Hartlen, Iola (2-18-1921) 576LI Bk C White
Stanley, George Wilson, Mary Ella 11-5-1916 476 Bk C White
Stanley, J.H. Smith, Rebecca 8-17-1913 404 Bk C White
Statham, D.N. Brown, Mary E. 3-19-1911 349 Bk C White
Statham, John E. Elkins, Effie M. 3-7-1895 24 Bk C White
Statham, Nathaniel Joiner, Vanneas (4-15-1911) 351LI Bk C White
Statham, Nathaniel Buford, Kittie L. 5-3-1917 490 Bk C White
Statham, S.T. McCorvey, Mrs. Janie 4-16-1911 351 Bk C White
Stephens, J.C. Vanderbill, Duffle 12-22-1916 477 Bk C White
Stepp, Riley Cantrell, Lillie 8-13-1913 404 Bk C White
Stewart, C.J. Warren, Ollie 11-30-1901 138 Bk C White
Stewart, Lester Ranow, Lovie (7-6-1904) 204LI Bk C White
Stone, Archie Slaughter, Mattie 2-21-1915 443 Bk C White
Stone, Bister Fountain, Mary 3-3-1901 125 Bk C White
Stone, J.A. Keen, Louisa E. 12-31-1893 8 Bk C White
Stone, J.A. Stidman, Lydia 2-7-1904 195 Bk C White
Stone, J.L. Stone, Sallie 7-8-1900 110 Bk C White
Stone, J.M. Bagwell, Annie 2-12-1911 347 Bk C White
Stone, J.P. Slaughter, Annie 12-20-1914 435 Bk C White
Stone, L.T. Carroll, Annie 11-16-1902 164 Bk C White
Stone, P.F. Cooper, Minnie M. 7-1-1900 110 Bk C White
Stone, R.L. Tomberlin, Ada 7-30-1902 155 Bk C White
Stone, Rollie V. Mattox, Mollie 9-15-1901 134 Bk C White
Stone, S.D. Bagwell, Leatie 7-26-1913 403 Bk C White
Stone, T.E. Stevens, Carrie 12-9-1899 98 Bk C White
Stone, T.O. Batton, Mattie 1-1-1904 191 Bk C White
Stone, W.B. Ledford, Lillie 4-8-1917 487 Bk C White
Stone, W.J. Carroll, Nancy 10-13-1901 138 Bk C White
Stone, William T. Phillips, Etha 2-3-1904 193 Bk C White
Stoneycypher, Nake L. Owens, Annie E. 7-19-1914 425 Bk C White
Strickland, Broxton Hannah, Nancy (3-4-1919) 529LI Bk C White
Strickland, C.P. Robertson, Grace L. 3-29-1920 574 Bk C White
Strickland, I.E. Roberts, A. Blanch 2-23-1912 372 Bk C White
Strickland, S.H. Fulgham, Mabel C. 6-9-1901 129 Bk C White
Stringfield, Henry Ross, Della (3-17-1896) 38LI Bk C White
Stripling, R.S. Faircloth, Ella 7-4-1906 260 Bk C White
Stubbs, A.A. Daugherty, Clauda Mae 7-21-1915 449 Bk C White
Stubbs, S.H. Adison, Ather 2-2-1908 291 Bk C White
Stuckey, John Hardy, Dora Bella 6-26-1921 582 Bk C White
Stuckey, W.T. McRae, Lucile 3-21-1920 558 Bk C White
Stwele, Oscar McCranie, Pearl 10-4-1914 431 Bk C White
Sudderth, I.M. Harris, Lola (10-15-1916) 475LI Bk C White
Suggs, Cecil Brown, Josephine 10-28-1920 569 Bk C White
Suggs, J.E. McDowell, Rubie 10-26-1913 409 Bk C White
Summer, Walter Elliott, Anner 2-26-1899 89 Bk C White
Summerour, W.F. Hamilton, Gertrude 5-13-1915 446 Bk C White
Sutton, B.C. Miller, Roxie 10-14-1906 265 Bk C White
Sutton, C.O. Bagwell, Minnie 8-11-1915 450 Bk C White
Sutton, Charlie Smith, Susie 9-14-1904 208 Bk C White
Sutton, H.F., Jr. Mixon, Penelpha 4-15-1917 488 Bk C White
Sutton, J.C. Ray, Lula 9-8-1901 135 Bk C White
Sutton, J.S. Wynn, Mamie C. 3-27-1902 148 Bk C White
Sutton, Victor Smith, Tee (12-21-1918) 524LI Bk C White
Sutton, W.T. Owens, Mattie 3-30-1913 398 Bk C White
Swain, J.C. Moye, Blanch 10-26-1913 408 Bk C White
Swain, James Fountain, Mary 12-5-1894 12 Bk C White
Swain, S.Y. Roberson, Clara (9-14-1907) 282LI Bk C White
Swain, T.E. McDaniel, Sallie (9-14-1900) 113LI Bk C White
Swain, William Johnson, Mary (12-17-1902) 168LI Bk C White
Swain, William Walker, Mary 3-15-1903 175 Bk C White
Swanson, Paul Beall, Lizzie 12-26-1906 268 Bk C White
Sykes, L.S. Little, Lucy 2-1-1898 69 Bk C White
Sykes, Lance Mulnax, Cora 3-16-1913 397 Bk C White
Talley, I.W. Pope, Susie 9-8-1907 281 Bk C White
Talley, J.F. Harvey, Tris Lee 2-25-1906 249 Bk C White
Talley, J.F. Wilson, Birdie (3-2-1909) 308LI Bk C White
Talley, Z.B. Griffith, Mollie 12-15-1907 286 Bk C White
Tankersley, S.J. Bussell, Eva Mae 12-11-1917 503 Bk C White
Tanner, Bird Butterworth, Jannie 1-31-1904 194 Bk C White
Tapley, N.A. Dailey, Maggie 6-28-1916 467 Bk C White
Taylor, A.D. Floyd, Annie 4-18-1915 445 Bk C White
Taylor, Albert Watson, Mary 12-26-1915 458 Bk C White
Taylor, D.L. Hogan, Annie May 9-20-1917 499 Bk C White
Taylor, Dennis Coleman, Mary 3-19-1895 25 Bk C White
Taylor, G.R. Lamb, Lena (6-25-1901) 130LI Bk C White
Taylor, Geo. L. Walker, Rebecca 4-23-1899 92 Bk C White
Taylor, George L. Simmons, Emma 1-14-1915 430 Bk C White
Taylor, J. Horton Mann, Callie B. 11-12-1913 410 Bk C White
Taylor, Jessie Smith, Sarah 6-16-1920 554 Bk C White
Taylor, Johnnie Presley, Hinny 5-25-1919 535 Bk C White
Taylor, Solomon Ambrose, Missoura 7-16-1905 232 Bk C White
Taylor, W.A. Watson, Liddie C. 10-27-1901 136 Bk C White
Taylor, W.J. Collins, Jessie (7-5-1911) 356LI Bk C White
Taylor, W.M. Gibbs, Mary E. 6-16-1898 74 Bk C White
Teagle, Nathaniel Olds, Sadie 9-12-1910 335 Bk C White
Teele, W.A. Gladen, Fannie 1-8-1905 221 Bk C White
Terry, Earl Coleman, Tincy (9-29-1909) 317LI Bk C White
Terry, J.M. Cantrell, Ellen 11-8-1908 301 Bk C White
Terry, S.C. Rodgers, Katie 12-3-1911 365 Bk C White
Terry, Thompson Ferguson, Mattie (12-27-1905) 246LI Bk C White
Thigpen, Eugene C. Mitchell, Mae 11-3-1901 124 Bk C White
Thigpen, Joe D. Mizell, Alice 6-7-1903 180 Bk C White
Thigpen, John A. Mitchell, Emma 8-30-1896 46 Bk C White
Thigpen, L.B. Mizelle, Oizzie 9-13-1904 207 Bk C White
Thomas, S.L. Lovett, Mary R. Lena 1-7-1906 243 Bk C White
Thomas, T.H. Reeves, Lida 7-6-1902 153 Bk C White
Thomason, C.L. Anderson, Jennie 12-27-1906 270 Bk C White
Thompson, A.L. Thompson, Mary Jane 1-6-1901 122 Bk C White
Thompson, C.R. Conner, Emma 12-21-1898 83 Bk C White
Thompson, Chas. F. Mashburn, Justine 12-26-1918 524 Bk C White
Thompson, D.W. Bohannon, Crissie 12-16-1900 119 Bk C White
Thompson, Dan Layfield, Lilly Belle 1-30-1921 575 Bk C White
Thompson, J.U. Ray, Carrie 7-18-1897 56 Bk C White
Thompson, James L. Nasworthy, Nora (12-21-1905) 243LI Bk C White
Thompson, James U. Peterson, Rebecca (10-10-1901) 138LI Bk C White
Thompson, John A. Lawson, Roxie 3-6-1901 126 Bk C White
Thompson, R.F. White, Minnie 4-28-1909 310 Bk C White
Thompson, Thurston Rowe, Alice 7-19-1911 357 Bk C White
Thornburg, L.W. Stubbs, Annie 10-26-1913 408 Bk C White
Tillman, William H. Chapman, Malissie 12-22-1915 457 Bk C White
Tippens, L.G. Mashburn, Mary C. 10-15-1916 474 Bk C White
Tippett, G.H. Dickenson, Callie 12-25-1898 84 Bk C White
Tippett, J.D. Bullington, Hattie 10-10-1906 264 Bk C White
Tison, Arthur Holmes, Lula 4-27-1913 399 Bk C White
Tison, William Berry, Sallie 12-29-1907 289 Bk C White
Titshaw, H.C. Howell, Marie 9-18-1910 336 Bk C White
Titshaw, L.C. Folds, Mrs. Nettie 11-8-1914 433 Bk C White
Titshaw, Roy Harvey, Lillie 7-4-1915 448 Bk C White
Titshaw, W.R. Warren, Annie Mae 7-16-1916 467 Bk C White
Tolson, W.L. Harrell, Cora Lee 6-2-1918 514 Bk C White
Tomberlin, George S. Wilcox, Bettie 2-13-1917 484 Bk C White
Tomberlin, J.W. Miller, Alice 3-27-1898 71 Bk C White
Tomberlin, J.W. Wilcox, Martha 12-27-1911 368 Bk C White
Tomberlin, Jno. A. Harrell, Masouria 6-3-1917 492 Bk C White
Tomberlin, W.A. Huff, Bessie L. 11-3-1916 475 Bk C White
Tombley, S.J. Causey, Essie Clide 12-22-1912 391 Bk C White
Toney, Robt. Wilson, Dora 12-27-1903 191 Bk C White
Towns, Madison Medards, Mary 1-12-1919 526 Bk C White
Tracy, S.T. Darby, Sadie 10-27-1895 31 Bk C White
Tripp, George D. Ridley, Annie E. 5-28-1919 536 Bk C White
Tripp, Willie W. Yawn, Annie Belle 1-5-1921 574 Bk C White
Troup, J.T. Miller, Ina P. 12-3-1905 241 Bk C White
Troup, Joshua W. Miller, Dora V. 8-21-1904 204 Bk C White
Tucker, William Dixon, Louisa (5-10-1894) 13LI Bk C White
Turbeville, George Mills, Mandie 9-22-1918 520 Bk C White
Turk, Charles B. Moore, Elizabeth 12-26-1906 270 Bk C White
Turk, Guy Wilson, Kate 5-25-1919 533 Bk C White
Turk, J.H. Hood, Birdie 6-30-1911 355 Bk C White
Turner, H.A. Warren, Maymee 3-13-1910 327 Bk C White
Turner, J.A., Jr. Thirst, Anner Mary 11-21-1920 571 Bk C White
Turner, Lee R. Barnes, Winney B. 11-18-1906 265 Bk C White
Turner, Vance Ledford, Nellie 1-2-1921 573 Bk C White
Turner, W.A. Brown, Burta 5-24-1914 422 Bk C White
Turnipseed, Marion F. McCrimmon, Sallie E. 8-27-1903 184 Bk C White
Tyler, James F. McDaniel, Ordie 1-26-1919 528 Bk C White
Tyson, William S. Mead, Laura A. 11-21-1897 62 Bk C White
Underwood, G.Y. Hughes, Minnie 3-31-1901 126 Bk C White
Uren, G.H. Cadwell, Beulah 3-8-1921 578 Bk C White




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