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Marriage Book C - White
S-U Brides

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Smith, John M. Salors, Ina 4-7-1918 512 Bk C White
Crumbley, J.H. Salter, Ellar 12-21-1919 551 Bk C White
Reeves, Ben O. Samples, Jessie 3-28-1920 554 Bk C White
Carter, C.C. Sampson, Alberta 12-26-1917 505 Bk C White
Anderson, J.C. Sands, Alice 7-22-1901 132 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.T. Sands, Willie Belle 2-13-1916 460 Bk C White
Brown, D.F. Sangster, Agnes 12-7-1902 167 Bk C White
Fitagerald, Charlie Sangster, Emma 7-13-1902 154 Bk C White
Spires, Allen Saniford, Fouanner 8-9-1914 427 Bk C White
Lovett, H.C. Sapp, Dora 6-25-1905 231 Bk C White
Howell, Cicero Sapp, Fannie 12-31-1894 22 Bk C White
Barron, W.S. Sapp, Frances R. 8-4-1903 184 Bk C White
Wilson, Mat Sapp, Julia 12-8-1901 140 Bk C White
Moye, S.P. Sapp, Nora  9-22-1912 377 Bk C White
Wiggins, P.H. Saunders, Bessie 11-12-1905 239 Bk C White
Scott, Herbert L. Scott, Mrs. Rosa M. 9-24-1905 236 Bk C White
Grant, O.A. Segers, Maude 6-21-1907 277 Bk C White
Fowler, Lock K. Segors, Georgia 7-13-1902 154 Bk C White
Kidd, A.D. Segres, Clara 1-8-1911 346 Bk C White
Keen, James P. Self, Sibbie 12-26-1897 67 Bk C White
Spires, D.J. Selph, Eunie 7-18-1895 26 Bk C White
Prassey, J.A. Session, Ulabele 9-3-1905 234 Bk C White
Brown, Sam J. Settle, Katherine L. 12-3-1912 389 Bk C White
Milkins, Ray Settle, Mable C. 6-14-1920 563 Bk C White
Helms, Henry D. Sewell, Lilla E. 12-25-1918 523 Bk C White
Brown, Dewey Sewell, Willie Belle 8-1-1920 565 Bk C White
Calhoun, W.H. Shannan, Alice 4-5-1896 40 Bk C White
Robertson, H.L. Shannon, Bessie H. 10-31-1909 319 Bk C White
Ellis, G.C. Shannon, Emma (9-6-1909) 315LI Bk C White
Dyer, Paul Shannon, Ethel (12-16-1911) 366LI Bk C White
Coleman, W.A. Shannon, Mittie 10-16-1910 338 Bk C White
Leggette, J.E. Shannon, Sarah O. 4-24-1910 329 Bk C White
Johnson, J.T. Sheeley, Ella 1-5-1904 192 Bk C White
Burke, M.A. Sheffield, Belle 11-24-1912 389 Bk C White
Warren, P.E. Sheffield, Ethel 4-8-1917 486 Bk C White
Howard, Henry Sheffield, Sallie 12-23-1917 504 Bk C White
Pittman, James Lee Shepard, Tiny Eleanor 9-19-1897 58 Bk C White
Dean, Walter Shepherd, Carrie 12-23-1901 141 Bk C White
Gay, Edward C. Sheppard, Edna E. 11-30-1904 215 Bk C White
Barfield, M. Sheppard, Fannie 1-27-1904 193 Bk C White
Brown, J.C. Shomake, Gretchen 9-11-1918 520 Bk C White
Lamb, G.W. Simmons, Annie 8-29-1912 383 Bk C White
Smith, Charlie Simmons, Annie 1-16-1910 324 Bk C White
Taylor, George L. Simmons, Emma 1-14-1915 430 Bk C White
Pope, Robert Simmons, Mabel 11-23-1902 165 Bk C White
Fenn, Samuel R. Simmons, Ola 4-9-1896 40 Bk C White
Shaw, Major Simpson, Susie (1-15-1910) 324LI Bk C White
Nunnally, Cleon Sims, Clara 2-1-1918 507 Bk C White
Williams, Sidney Singletary, Betsy (8-26-1907) 280LI Bk C White
Gibbs, West Singletary, Effie 3-29-1908 293 Bk C White
Hall, Preston Singletary, Georgia 7-16-1916 467 Bk C White
Kirnan, John Skipper, Fannie 2-16-1896 37 Bk C White
Stone, J.P. Slaughter, Annie 12-20-1914 435 Bk C White
Lee, Lott Warren Slaughter, Elizabeth 12-25-1913 412 Bk C White
Googe, Charles, H. Slaughter, Lora M. 9-22-1901 136 Bk C White
Stone, Archie Slaughter, Mattie 2-21-1915 443 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, J.D. Smith, Annie 2-6-1901 123 Bk C White
McDuffie, N.A. Smith, Annie 12-23-1914 439 Bk C White
Revels, W.A. Smith, Annie L. 1-1-1920 549 Bk C White
Player, Asa Smith, Belle (7-6-1900) 111LI Bk C White
Barton, J.T. Smith, Betsie 4-19-1903 177 Bk C White
Bishop, Joe Smith, Bettie (9-15-1902) 157LI Bk C White
Mangum, H.M. Smith, Charlett 11-4-1911 349 Bk C White
Carson, C.I. Smith, Cora 12-12-1914 436 Bk C White
Braddy, James Smith, Cordelle (12-22-1904) 218LI Bk C White
Smith, J.H., Jr. Smith, Emma 12-29-1907 288 Bk C White
McDuffie, Melch Smith, Eunie 12-24-1914 437 Bk C White
Smith, Hugh Smith, Gracie 10-13-1912 385 Bk C White
Henry, Dave Smith, Ida 12-3-1899 97 Bk C White
McDaniel, David Smith, Ida 11-25-1902 136 Bk C White
Mullis, J.H. Smith, Izetta  (4-28-1917) 489LI Bk C White
Hood, J.S. Smith, Kate 6-6-1912 378 Bk C White
McCullars, Thomas Smith, Laura 12-25-1919 547 Bk C White
Willingham, Earl Smith, Lena 4-23-1921 581 Bk C White
Dowdy, Frank Smith, Lizzie (1-25-1905) 223LI Bk C White
Reaves, W.H. Smith, Lizzie 8-25-1907 269 Bk C White
Revels, James A. Smith, Lois 7-6-1919 538 Bk C White
Mixon, J.R. Smith, Lois N.  2-15-1903 174 Bk C White
Smith, J.W. Smith, Lula 11-20-1910 341 Bk C White
Morris, Hugh W. Smith, Maggie  9-4-1910 335 Bk C White
Dubose, W.J. Smith, Malissia 12-19-1901 141 Bk C White
McDuffie, Manning Smith, Martha 2-7-1915 441 Bk C White
Hall, D.K. Smith, Mary 1-1-1911 345 Bk C White
Mangrum, Henry Smith, Mary 7-12-1908 297 Bk C White
Barton, S.B. Smith, Mary A. 12-3-1902 166 Bk C White
Willingham, A.J. Smith, Mary C. 1-7-1918 506 Bk C White
McDuffie, John D. Smith, Mary M. 12-25-1917 505 Bk C White
Cross, J.D. Smith, Mattie 3-2-1902 147 Bk C White
Reid, S.J. Smith, Maude (4-30-1894) 13LI Bk C White
Maddox, Carl Smith, Minnie 8-4-1907 279 Bk C White
Mangrum, H.L.D. Smith, Minnie (8-15-1908) 298LI Bk C White
Barton, S.J. Smith, N.C. (6-19-1899) 94LI Bk C White
Cook, E.C. Smith, Nannie E. 12-17-1905 242 Bk C White
Carter, M.L. Smith, Nettie 10-18-1911 361 Bk C White
Cook, John B. Smith, Ola A. 12-29-1897 66 Bk C White
Moore, Claud Smith, Ola B.  (4-20-1918) 513LI Bk C White
McEver, J.R. Smith, Ollie Dell 12-24-1911 366 Bk C White
Stanley, J.H. Smith, Rebecca 8-17-1913 404 Bk C White
Taylor, Jessie Smith, Sarah 6-16-1920 554 Bk C White
Garman, W.D. Smith, Sarah J. 8-2-1905 233 Bk C White
Sutton, Charlie Smith, Susie 9-14-1904 208 Bk C White
Sutton, Victor Smith, Tee (12-21-1918) 524LI Bk C White
Player, Z.T. Smith, Totha 4-5-1895 25 Bk C White
Allen, Herbert Smith, Viola 7-7-1912 380 Bk C White
McLeod, Lee Smith, Willie Mae (10-28-1918) 521LI Bk C White
Eubanks, J.L. Smith, Willie May 3-3-1907 272 Bk C White
Keen, J.A. Smithhart, Lizzie 10-26-1902 161 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.C. Smithhart, Mattie  1-8-1905 220 Bk C White
Braswell, J.E. Smithhart, Viola 8-13-1905 234 Bk C White
Davis, George H. Snow, Anner L. 11-26-1902 165 Bk C White
Spencer, J.M. Snow, Ruby 9-27-1909 316 Bk C White
Ratterree, Luroy Spears, Cleo 9-17-1911 360 Bk C White
Beall, William R. Spell, Alma M. 9-23-1903 179 Bk C White
Vaughn, Albert Spires, Annie 12-24-1911 367 Bk C White
Hampton, S.J. Spires, Betsie Jane 5-27-1919 534 Bk C White
Sanford, Henry Spires, Dora 1-28-1912 370 Bk C White
Bowen, Charlie Spires, Dovie Lou 8-5-1918 516 Bk C White
Howell, Willis Spires, Estell 9-5-1920 566 Bk C White
Williford, G.T.J. Spires, Fannie (1-27-1906) 248LI Bk C White
Conley, Calvin Spires, Mettie 3-18-1917 486 Bk C White
Kendrick, Arthur Spivey, Della 8-20-1910 334 Bk C White
Bundrick, B. Spivey, Lila 7-28-1916 469 Bk C White
May, John Spradley, Lavenia M 12-2-1900 118 Bk C White
Hogsett, J.F. Spradlin, Burtha (12-5-1914) 436LI Bk C White
Wilkinson, Billie Stalls, Tilda 5-10-1920 561 Bk C White
Braziel, Tip Standridge, Cleo 7-30-1916 464 Bk C White
Helms, Frank Standridge, Cora 12-29-1912 394 Bk C White
Martin, J.A. Standridge, Flora 7-12-1914 424 Bk C White
Rooks, Perry Stanley, Berta 1-25-1913 414 Bk C White
King, Henry L. Stanton, Mamie A. 1-1-1919 525 Bk C White
Elkins, O.B. Statham, Abbie 12-27-1899 102 Bk C White
Helms, John W. Statham, Abbie Belle 5-25-1919 535 Bk C White
Lawson, W.A. Statham, Annie 8-13-1902 156 Bk C White
Bush, William Statham, Lill 6-29-1919 537 Bk C White
Simmons, J.L. Statham, Mattie 1-28-1917 484 Bk C White
Evans, G.W. Statham, Sarah 8-27-1919 540 Bk C White
Mayo, J.R. Statham, Sarah 6-14-1900 109 Bk C White
Bloodsworth, Z.M. Stephens, Sallie Mae 12-15-1912 391 Bk C White
Wells, L.L. Stephenson, Winnie 7-11-1912 380 Bk C White
Lawson, James E. Stevens, Annie B. 2-23-1920 556 Bk C White
Stone, T.E. Stevens, Carrie 12-9-1899 98 Bk C White
Massee, J.C. Stewart, Sallie O. 7-6-1893 3 Bk C White
Stone, J.A. Stidman, Lydia 2-7-1904 195 Bk C White
Inglett, Thomas Stone, Annie 11-1-1905 239 Bk C White
Walker, Joe Stone, Dicie E. 2-5-1905 223 Bk C White
Young, G.W. Stone, Elizer 12-16-1900 119 Bk C White
Richey, John Henry Stone, Emma Elizabeth 5-28-1920 562 Bk C White
Brown, Jackson W. Stone, Emma O. 7-21-1901 131 Bk C White
Bruce, A.M. Stone, Frances L. 1-17-1900 104 Bk C White
Harrell, M.W. Stone, Georgia (5-13-1907) 275LI Bk C White
Floyd, W.M. Stone, Ida 4-11-1900 107 Bk C White
Barrentine, James Stone, Mary 5-22-1898 73 Bk C White
Williamson, A.P. Stone, Mary Jane 3-8-1896 38 Bk C White
Newell, E.M. Stone, Mrs. Annie 11-16-1919 547 Bk C White
Handley, G.W. Stone, Nannie 6-23-1912 379 Bk C White
Wilson, John M. Stone, Nettie 12-28-1893 8 Bk C White
Stone, J.L. Stone, Sallie 7-8-1900 110 Bk C White
Monroe, J.E. Stone, Sarah 12-27-1893  8 Bk C White
Livingston, Frank Stone, Victoria 11-23-1920 571 Bk C White
Cole, Edd Stone, Winnie Jane 8-17-1913 404 Bk C White
Chambless, William Columbus Storey, Ollie 11-21-1916 478 Bk C White
Paulk, Warren J. Story, Lela 11-23-1910 341 Bk C White
Mixon, Geo. W. Story, Sallie  1-11-1900 103 Bk C White
McLeod, William Straton, Jimmie 3-3-1909 308 Bk C White
Bishop, E.M. Streddon, Hepsie 5-8-1904 201 Bk C White
McCall, W.C. Strickland, Bulah 9-3-1911 360 Bk C White
James, Thomas T. Strickland, Fleta G. 8-10-1897 56 Bk C White
Thornburg, L.W. Stubbs, Annie 10-26-1913 408 Bk C White
Nance, Jas. F. Stubbs, Rubie E. 10-17-1909 317 Bk C White
Brophy, James Stuckey, Mollie 9-21-1913 406 Bk C White
Smith, T.A. Studstill, Neppie (10-31-1916) 475LI Bk C White
Miolen, Odis Subbs, Cora Lee 8-9-1917 496 Bk C White
Harris, C.B. Summer, Evie 7-3-1905 229 Bk C White
McBryant, J.C. Summer, Pet 1-18-1904 193 Bk C White
Smithhart, D.E. Surrency, Sula 8-9-1902 156 Bk C White
Owens, William Sutton, Emma (12-20-1907)287LI Bk C White
Hall, S.M. Sutton, Ida J. 4-26-1908 294 Bk C White
Clements, George Sutton, Leila 1-4-1914 416 Bk C White
Griffeth, Dene Sutton, Mrs. Susie 6-30-1912 379 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, Henry S. Sutton, Thelma 10-15-1916 474 Bk C White
Hannah, Frank Sutton, Vear 5-25-1913 400 Bk C White
Fountain, James Swain, Frances 12-22-1894 13 Bk C White
Catthey, James Swain, Josephine (1-26-1914) 417LI Bk C White
Daniels, A.C. Swain, Malissa 6-29-1902 152 Bk C White
Smith, James H. Swain, Martha J. 12-9-1894 20 Bk C White
Fountain, Wm. Swain, Mary (1-23-1896) 44LI Bk C White
McCall, C.S., Jr. Swain, Mary M. 1-9-1894 9 Bk C White
Burdick, Benj. L. Swain, Mollie 11-24-1901 127 Bk C White
Sanford, J.W. Tabb, Mollie 11-15-1914 434 Bk C White
Calhoun, J.M. Tankersley, Ida 9-6-1908 299 Bk C White
Ferguson, Geo. Tankersley, Ida (8-18-1908) 298LI Bk C White
Ashley, George R. Taylor, Alice N. 3-22-1903 176 Bk C White
Pike, James J. Taylor, Annie Mae 8-3-1912 381 Bk C White
Smith, Henry Grady Taylor, Bertha 12-17-1916 479 Bk C White
Paul, Sam Taylor, Bessie 7-8-1918 515 Bk C White
Smith, Elijah Taylor, Carrie Belle 7-15-1906 244 Bk C White
Walker, J.E. Taylor, Eunice 5-29-1904 202 Bk C White
Watson, John Taylor, Janie 8-9-1908 298 Bk C White
Brown, Frank Taylor, M.C. 11-10-1902 163 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.A. Taylor, Margrett 10-7-1897 58 Bk C White
Brown, Love Taylor, Martha (9-20-1895) 29LI Bk C White
Luke, Jessie Taylor, Mary 6-5-1895 26 Bk C White
Wilson, Leonard B. Taylor, Mary A.R. 8-27-1905 235 Bk C White
Nicholson, O.H. Taylor, Mary J. (12-19-1917) 504LI Bk C White
Bowen, Wiley Taylor, Mrs. Lizzie (2-12-1908) 292LI Bk C White
Luke, Charlie J. Taylor, Nannie Lee 4-27-1912 375 Bk C White
Livingston, Audie Taylor, Rebecca 10-8-1902 160 Bk C White
Olds, Vernon D. Taylor, Susie 5-5-1912 376 Bk C White
Garner, Clark Terry, Oda 9-17-1916 473 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, T.W. Terry, Oner 12-29-1912 394 Bk C White
Joiner, L.E. Thigpen, Mrs. Emma 1-31-1906 248 Bk C White
Turner, J.A., Jr. Thirst, Anner Mary 11-21-1920 571 Bk C White
Rogers, J.E. Thompson, Ada M. 10-19-1920 543 Bk C White
Martin, John R. Thompson, Lela (6-4-1914) 424LI Bk C White
Thompson, A.L. Thompson, Mary Jane 1-6-1901 122 Bk C White
Roberts, H.F. Thompson, Mittie A. (8-27-1901) 134LI Bk C White
McMillen, Solon Homer Tiffany, Mrs. Florence Patten 5-2-1920 560 Bk C White
Fordham, W.F. Tindall, Fleta C. 12-26-1906 263 Bk C White
Movley, W.W. Tindall, Nina  5-23-1905 229 Bk C White
Wilson, Larkin W. Tippett, Clara M. 2-3-1912 371 Bk C White
Calhoun, G.L. Tippett, Emma 9-11-1909 316 Bk C White
Rainey, B.F. Tippett, Eva 5-21-1899 91 Bk C White
Holt, W.A. Tison, Mamie 3-28-1915 444 Bk C White
Mullikin, J.D. Tison, Mamie  12-15-1919 550 Bk C White
Stone, R.L. Tomberlin, Ada 7-30-1902 155 Bk C White
Peebles, F.L. Tomberlin, Maggie 10-20-1910 338 Bk C White
Henry, Arthur L. Tomlinson, Alice 11-8-1899 97 Bk C White
Scharf, FRanklyn F. Towler, Mrs. Mittie 9-6-1913 406 Bk C White
Ball, James D. Townsend, Alice 10-20-1902 161 Bk C White
Brown, W.O. Townsend, Sarah 7-7-1903 181 Bk C White
Faircloth, Henry Tripp, Georgia 11-25-1915 456 Bk C White
Bush, John A. Tullice, Onie 8-26-1916 471 Bk C White
Fogarty, D.T. Turner, Ada 11-29-1906 266 Bk C White
Wright, Elias Turner, Bula 8-16-1896 45 Bk C White
Rooks F.M. Turner, E.A. 10-28-1900 116 Bk C White
Conner, A.C. Turner, Emma 6-5-1908 296 Bk C White
Spires, Lewis Turner, Mary 6-17-1906 259 Bk C White
Cone, James Turner, Minnie Pearl 1-20-1920 555 Bk C White
Massey, T.V. Turner, Mrs. S.M. (2-19-1920) 556LI Bk C White
Keen, Phillip Turner, Rutha 10-10-1901 137 Bk C White
Keen, J.H. Turner, Taithey 7-15-1902 153 Bk C White
Bernhard, Thomas Tycroft, Allie 6-13-1909 312 Bk C White
Powell, C.O. Tyler, Charity 11-23-1901 140 Bk C White
Neese, H.M. Tyler, Margret 6-29-1919 538 Bk C White
Peek, Thomas Underwood, Willie 1-2-1911 345 Bk C White



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