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Marriage Book C - White
M-O Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Maddox, C.A. McCullars, Bessie E. 12-23-1920 573 Bk C White
Maddox, Carl Smith, Minnie 8-4-1907 279 Bk C White
Maddox, Charlie Z. Barber, Samantha 12-15-1912 388 Bk C White
Majors, Thurston Gibbs, Ella 10-2-1915 452 Bk C White
Malasier, John H. Holt, Martha J. 12-25-1898 84 Bk C White
Malpass, Nelms Campbell, Sallie 12-17-1902 168 Bk C White
Mangrum, H.L.D. Smith, Minnie (8-15-1908) 298LI Bk C White
Mangrum, Henry Smith, Mary 7-12-1908 297 Bk C White
Mangum, H.M. Smith, Charlett 11-4-1911 349 Bk C White
Mann, T.C., Jr. Russom, Pearl 1-7-1917 481 Bk C White
Mann, W.D. Mizelle, Edna 4-13-1904 199 Bk C White
Markert, William F. Brown, Clifford 12-8-1893 6 Bk C White
Markey, John M. Baker, Myrtle 11-1-1905 239 Bk C White
Marsh, William J. Croom, Rosa V. 12-4-1898 79 Bk C White
Marshall, Thomas W. Hogans, Annie (7-19-1902) 154LI Bk C White
Martin, E.F. Mitchell, Bell 1-11-1898 68 Bk C White
Martin, Floyd Henderson, Lula 1-14-1894 9 Bk C White
Martin, Floyd Freeberger, Isabelle 7-29-1916 469 Bk C White
Martin, Floyd H. Dodd, Edith 10-9-1919 542 Bk C White
Martin, Henry Coleman, Mattie 4-10-1909 309 Bk C White
Martin, Ira D. Bruce, Ada (3-27-1911) 350LI Bk C White
Martin, J.A. Standridge, Flora 7-12-1914 424 Bk C White
Martin, J.D. Owens, Sallie 5-27-1898 73 Bk C White
Martin, John R. Thompson, Lela (6-4-1914) 424LI Bk C White
Martin, Oscar C. Pierce, Viola P. 12-3-1911 365 Bk C White
Martin, P.M. Rhodes, Ola 7-31-1910 333 Bk C White
Mashburn, Elbert Reed, Minnie 6-4-1905 225 Bk C White
Mashburn, Henry, Jr. Johnson, Alma 12-27-1911 366 Bk C White
Mashburn, James Riviere, Cathleen 7-30-1916 467 Bk C White
Mashburn, James G. Persons, Abbie 7-28-1895 27 Bk C White
Mashburn, Thos. D. Reid, Laura 6-4-1903 179 Bk C White
Massee, J.C. Stewart, Sallie O. 7-6-1893 3 Bk C White
Massee, W.G. Holliday, Lena 8-23-1914 428 Bk C White
Massey, Jim H. Ray, Vera May 5-4-1919 533 Bk C White
Massey, Oco Proctor, Martha J. 2-20-1902 146 Bk C White
Massey, T.V. Turner, Mrs. S.M. (2-19-1920) 556LI Bk C White
Mauldin, M.C. Pierce, Alice 4-4-1915 445 Bk C White
Mauldin, W.T. McCall, Mattie V. 4-13-1910 329 Bk C White
May, John Spradley, Lavenia M 12-2-1900 118 Bk C White
Mayo, Guss Bryant, Ora (2-4-1896) 36LI Bk C White
Mayo, J.R. Statham, Sarah 6-14-1900 109 Bk C White
Mays, Postell Keen, Mary 5-2-1920 560 Bk C White
Mead, W.E. Wright, Effie 9-8-1901 135 Bk C White
Meadows, J.W. Merritt, Nancy E. 2-2-1899 88 Bk C White
Meadows, Will Bolden, Belle 4-8-1917 487 Bk C White
Medows, Willie Crawford, Eva (4-1-1916) 463LI Bk C White
Melvin, Joe English, Nina 1-10-1900 103 Bk C White
Merritt, H.M. Bagwell, Jimmie 10-19-1919 545 Bk C White
Merritt, Henry Wilson, Eugene (1-1-1916) 459LI Bk C White
Merritt, T.M. Bagwell, Willie 7-11-1920 563 Bk C White
Meton, Charlton E. Alison Mary  Covington 10-27-1912 36 Bk C White
Milkins, Ray Settle, Mable C. 6-14-1920 563 Bk C White
Miller, r, B.J. Harvey, Eva 12-24-1906 386 Bk C White
Miller,  B.M. Young, Sallie 12-25-1913 413 Bk C White
Miller, Dallis Brown, Alma 12-25-1913 413 Bk C White
Miller, Erastus Jordan, Fannie 8-21-1914 428 Bk C White
Miller, J.H. Wilson, M.E. 1-27-1894 23 Bk C White
Miller, Jack Curtis, Lulia Belle 12-21-1913 411 Bk C White
Miller, James M. Wisham , Callie 7-24-1904 203 Bk C White
Miller, John Thomas Green Leila (2-22-1918) S10LI Bk C White
Miller, Joseph N. Barnes, Mrs. Josephine  M. 2-2-1913    396 Bk C White
Miller, Love Helms, Nannie  10-13-1907    283 Bk C White
Miller, S.A. Brown, Bessie  8-18-1901    133 Bk C White
Miller, W.B. Nixon, Beadle 2-2-1918 508 Bk C White
Miller, W.F. Gordon, Rosa  (12-16-1905) 244LI Bk C White
Mims, Homer J. McAnally, Annie 1-8-1899 86 Bk C White
Miner, J. Neal Coley, Annie Clide 12-10-1916 478 Bk C White
Mingo, Robert Graham, Laura 4-5-1896 40 Bk C White
Minshew, R.W. Player, Nancy L. 2-10-1901 124 Bk C White
Minshew, S.W. Player, Sibbie 12-18-1896 49 Bk C White
Minshew, T.L. Gibbs, Susan Ann 9-8-1895 28 Bk C White
Miolen, Odis Subbs, Cora Lee 8-9-1917 496 Bk C White
Miolen, W.O. Register, Arletha 3-19-1921 579 Bk C White
Mitchell, George D King, Lizzie 2-5-1899 89 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.A. Clark, May 264 affidavit rec Bk C White
Mitchell, J.C. Smithhart, Mattie  1-8-1905 220 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.C. Gaulding (Gaulden), Pearl  4-25-1912 375 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.J. Mann, Lena  11-14-1910 340 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.W. Bennett, Rubie  9-25-1920 567 Bk C White
Mitchell, John J. Clements, Evie  12-17-1899 99 Bk C White
Mitchell, L.E. Dicks, Kattie  10-9-1904 210 Bk C White
Mitchell, Noah Bennett, Essie  10-14-1920 569 Bk C White
Mitchell, S.I. McAnally, Bettie  3-3-1901 123 Bk C White
Mitchell, S.R. Pope, Amanda L.  4-21-1903 177 Bk C White
Mitchell, T.D. Blue, Rubie P.  1-31-1920 555 Bk C White
Mitchell, T.E. Coleman, Belle  7-2-1905 231 Bk C White
Mitchell, Thomas C. Fulgham, Essie O.  4-17-1910 328 Bk C White
Mitchell, William D. Clark, Blanch  10-27-1919 546 Bk C White
Mixon, G.C., Jr. Livingston, Sula  8-2-1911 358 Bk C White
Mixon, Geo. W. Story, Sallie  1-11-1900 103 Bk C White
Mixon, George C., Jr. Fountain, Annie B.  3-28-1905 226 Bk C White
Mixon, J.R. Smith, Lois N.  2-15-1903 174 Bk C White
Mixon, J.W. Martin, Ola May  10-28-1917 500 Bk C White
Mixon, James E. Graham, Lovyan  7-1-1894 14 Bk C White
Mixon, James H. Wilson, Margrett  9-22-1912 383 Bk C White
Mixon, James M., Jr. Moody, Zoe  10-2-1900 113 Bk C White
Mixon, L.T. Lovett, Mittie  3-19-1911 349 Bk C White
Mixon, Thomas E. Howard, Lillian  10-9-1893 5 Bk C White
Mixon, W.T. Weston, Jewell  11-24-1910 214 Bk C White
Mizelle, William Wilcox, Florence  12-3-1904 214 Bk C White
Movley, W.W. Tindall, Nina  5-23-1905 229 Bk C White
Monock, C.S. Newmans, Lula A.  8-22-1918 519 Bk C White
Monroe, J.E. Stone, Sarah 12-27-1893  8 Bk C White
Montkid, R.L. Collins, Mary  (12-30-1905) 247LI Bk C White
Moody, E.A. Dorsey, Mrs. Carrie  2-23-1906 250 Bk C White
Moor, Eastman Walker, Jane  5-3-1903 177 Bk C White
Moore, Claud Smith, Ola B.  (4-20-1918) 513LI Bk C White
Moore, D.B. Nipper, Nancy L.  12-17-1919 551 Bk C White
Moore, George Wallice, Lizzie  6-5-1910 331 Bk C White
Moore, H.B. Alison, Sarah Estha  12-20-1893 7 Bk C White
Moore, J.A. Fitzgerald, Nancy L.  1-30-1908 291 Bk C White
Morelan, Barnett Coleman, Minnie  1-14-1912 369 Bk C White
Morgan, Albert Atkinson, Mattie  4-19-1914 421 Bk C White
Morgan, George B. McLeod, Julia B.  8-10-1913 403 Bk C White
Morgan, J.L. Dickey, Emma  2-9-1899 89 Bk C White
Morgan, Lester J. Dennard, Bertha  6-26-1912 379 Bk C White
Morris, A.P. Hawkins, Jessie  10-21-1906 265 Bk C White
Morris, B.D. Marchman, Luna  4-10-1910 328 Bk C White
Morris, Hugh W. Smith, Maggie  9-4-1910 335 Bk C White
Morris, R.E. Mellett, Mary K.  6-10-1900 109 Bk C White
Morrison, McKeen C. Robertson, Dora Irene  6-11-1911 352 Bk C White
Mosley, R.L. Osburn, Flaudy  (7-7-1909) 312LI Bk C White
Moye, Bob Calhoun, Sula  5-20-1917 491 Bk C White
Moye, C.L. Powell, Mamie  8-27-1911 359 Bk C White
Moye, General Faircloth, Mary  1-3-1904 189 Bk C White
Moye, S.P. Sapp, Nora  9-22-1912 377 Bk C White
Moye, T.R. Leedy, Rilla  12-20-1899 99 Bk C White
Mulkey, Henry Carver, Dorrie  3-17-1906 252 Bk C White
Mulkey, Jake Mulkey, Betsy  11-26-1904 214 Bk C White
Mulley, Lindsey Mulkey, Ida  4-2-1905 226 Bk C White
Mullikin, J.D. Tison, Mamie  12-15-1919 550 Bk C White
Mullis, James C. Hannah, Katie  5-4-1919 533 Bk C White
Mullis, J.H. Smith, Izetta  (4-28-1917) 489LI Bk C White
Mullis, N.M. Eubanks, Chattie  1-16-1901 121 Bk C White
Munk, J.T. Crawford, Mary  11-20-1895 32 Bk C White
Murphy, George Hall, Lizzie  10-26-1901 138 Bk C White
Murray, J.D. Fitzgerald, Sallie E.  8-26-1900 112 Bk C White
Murry, I.B. Fitzgerald, Bettie  7-26-1903 181 Bk C White
Murry, R.H. Colbert, Sussie  1-26-1904 194 Bk C White
Musselwhite, E.J. Cason, Isabella  1-7-1894 9 Bk C White
Musselwhite, E.J. Gibbs, Lemmie  9-10-1913 406 Bk C White
Musselwhite, J.J. Nipper, Bettie  7-10-1906 260 Bk C White
Myres, A. Drexler, Clemmentine  6-18-1900 109 Bk C White
McAnally, B.D. Collins, Lee  12-22-1918 524 Bk C White
McAnally, J.A. Hatcher, Maud  11-19-1916 370LI Bk C White
McAnally, R.L. Williford, Belle  (1-26-1912) 370LI Bk C White
McBryant, H.E. McDonald, Mamie 11-10-1918 522 Bk C White
McBryant, J.C. Summer, Pet 1-18-1904 193 Bk C White
McBryant, Samuel F. King, Sallie M. 9-26-1896 47 Bk C White
McCall, A.B. Outlaw, Vandella (5-23-1914) 423LI Bk C White
McCall, C.H. McKinley, Ida V. 9-19-1920 567 Bk C White
McCall, C.S., Jr. Swain, Mary M. 1-9-1894 9 Bk C White
McCall, C.W. Pierce, Alice 10-16-1904 210 Bk C White
McCall, D.M. Chapman, Inez (1-12-1917) 482LI Bk C White
McCall, Frank Berry, Eula 4-18-1919 532 Bk C White
McCall, G.D. Bowen, Mary E. 10-9-1894 18 Bk C White
McCall, James W. Pittman, Gussie E. 12-29-1915 459 Bk C White
McCall, John Newmans, Alice 10-8-1916 473 Bk C White
McCall, John A. Flowers, Ona 1-22-1899 88 Bk C White
McCall, Thomas D. Gordon, Mary J. 2-9-1902 146 Bk C White
McCall, W.A. Brown, Fannie B. 12-3-1893 6 Bk C White
McCall, W.C. Deloach, Retter 8-27-1900 112 Bk C White
McCall, W.C. Strickland, Bulah 9-3-1911 360 Bk C White
McClung, Luther Keen, Isola 2-2-1905 223 Bk C White
McConnell, Charles H. Futch, Mrs. Lola 4-9-1895 25 Bk C White
McCook, M. Minshew, Mary E. 10-20-1897 61 Bk C White
McCord, W.E. Hamiton, Zula B. 9-25-1907 282 Bk C White
McCorvey, J.F. Boman, Janie 1-12-1902 144 Bk C White
McCoy, Frank L. Brown, Jane 6-6-1893 1 Bk C White
McCranie, G.D. Faircloth, Emma 10-21-1917 494 Bk C White
McCranie, J.C. McLeod, Bulah 8-12-1917 496 Bk C White
McCranie, Mitch Williams, Annie Ruth 1-4-1919 525 Bk C White
McCranie, T.D. Womble, Jennie 12-6-1914 436 Bk C White
McCronkey, T.S. King, Mrs. Martha 3-14-1921 579 Bk C White
McCullar, J.O. Page, Zorna 1-8-1905 220 Bk C White
McCullar, Samuel J. Land, Estelle 11-10-1907 284 Bk C White
McCullars, Thomas Smith, Laura 12-25-1919 547 Bk C White
McCullars, W.J. Griffin, Lonie Lee 8-25-1918 519 Bk C White
McDaniel, David Smith, Ida 11-25-1902 136 Bk C White
McDaniel, James Williamson, Martha J. 10-2-1898 78 Bk C White
McDonald, J.C. Crozier, Eula Mae 11-2-1919 545 Bk C White
McDonald, Thomas Benson, Garlene 8-19-1918 519 Bk C White
McDuffie, Carl Duncan, Alma 2-1-1919 527 Bk C White
McDuffie, E.D. Wright, Alice (9-17-1898) 77LI Bk C White
McDuffie, Ed Blalock, Lusha 11-13-1904 213 Bk C White
McDuffie, G.R. Green, Mrs. J.R. 2-17-1918 508 Bk C White
McDuffie, George B. Renfroe, Anner E. 12-24-1901 142 Bk C White
McDuffie, J.A. McDuffie, Mary 6-23-1907 277 Bk C White
McDuffie, J.H. Barton, Rosa 12-24-1906 268 Bk C White
McDuffie, J.T. Brown, Letha L. 7-28-1912 381 Bk C White
McDuffie, John Revels, Minnie (7-14-1919) 539LI Bk C White
McDuffie, John D. Smith, Mary M. 12-25-1917 505 Bk C White
McDuffie, L.M. Blue, Carrie 5-3-1896 42 Bk C White
McDuffie, L.M. Burch, Dora 8-2-1908 297 Bk C White
McDuffie, Leon D. Pope, Donie Lee 11-15-1914 433 Bk C White
McDuffie, M.W. Barton, Luticia 3-10-1895 24 Bk C White
McDuffie, Manning Wilson, Essie 10-26-1913 408 Bk C White
McDuffie, Manning Smith, Martha 2-7-1915 441 Bk C White
McDuffie, Melch Smith, Eunie 12-24-1914 437 Bk C White
McDuffie, N.A. Smith, Annie 12-23-1914 439 Bk C White
McDuffie, Norman, Jr. McLemore, Pearl 9-14-1913 407 Bk C White
McEachin, Charles C. Dennard, Dora 5-3-1903 178 Bk C White
McEver, J.R. Smith, Ollie Dell 12-24-1911 366 Bk C White
McGee, V.B. Collins, T.M. 12-6-1908 303 Bk C White
McGinty, S.F. Warren, Edie 1-20-1907 271 Bk C White
McGinty, Toliver Faircloth, Callie 6-1-1913 401 Bk C White
McGlamery, Charlie Hollingsworth, Alma (5-21-1901) 128LI Bk C White
McGlamery, Robt. M. Warren, H.C. 1-14-1900 102 Bk C White
McGlamry, K.A. Warren, Rebecca L. 1-22-1899 88 Bk C White
McIntyre, Alex Gunn, Lizzie 8-31-1906 263 Bk C White
McKelvie, William Belcher, Mrs. Nancy 8-23-1914 428 Bk C White
McKie, Buron Bolden, Lillie Mae 4-22-1917 488 Bk C White
McKie, Hubert Heath, Girtrude 6-11-1916 465 Bk C White
McKinley, H.B. Conner, Mrs. Bessie 12-7-1919 548 Bk C White
McKinley, Horrace Holliday, Irene 8-20-1916 470 Bk C White
McKinley, M.L. Faircloth, Ola 12-20-1914 439 Bk C White
McKinley, Noel Faircloth, Pearlie (7-31-1909) 314LI Bk C White
McKinney, A.B. McDuffie, Lillie (1-10-1903) 171LI Bk C White
McKinney, A.B. Helms, Mrs. Mary M. 3-6-1903 175 Bk C White
McKinney, Herbert Guest, Rosa Lee 6-25-1921 582 Bk C White
McKinney, W.R. Gibbs, Janie 5-10-1904 198 Bk C White
McLamore, Charlie Griffin, Eula 3-27-1910 327 Bk C White
McLamore, Leon Hall, Linia (6-7-1906) 258LI Bk C White
McLamore, W.B. Minshew, Nancy M. 2-20-1906 249 Bk C White
McLauchlin, A.T. Carter, Annie (11-17-1910) 341LI Bk C White
McLean, Elvin P. Crawford, Cullin W. 7-5-1897 56 Bk C White
McLemore, Jesse Howell, Mary 8-17-1919 540 Bk C White
McLemore, John W. Bagley, Unice 7-23-1921 583 Bk C White
McLemore, Joseph Rhodes, Mary E. 12-25-1919 552 Bk C White
McLemore, M. Dean, Lizzie 6-8-1895 28 Bk C White
McLeod, Alex Hinson, Belle 6-9-1918 514 Bk C White
McLeod, Allie McLeod, Carrie 9-9-1917 490 Bk C White
McLeod, C.R. Mitchell, Emmie 6-17-1915 447 Bk C White
McLeod, D.L. McAllister, Obedience 8-18-1907 279 Bk C White
McLeod, J.H. Dennard, Edith 11-21-1920 570 Bk C White
McLeod, Lee Smith, Willie Mae (10-28-1918) 521LI Bk C White
McLeod, William Joiner, Mollie 9-1-1904 207 Bk C White
McLeod, William Straton, Jimmie 3-3-1909 308 Bk C White
McLeod, William Jump, Pearl 11-22-1914 435 Bk C White
McMillen, Solon Homer Tiffany, Mrs. Florence Patten 5-2-1920 560 Bk C White
McNair, Thos. R. Harrell, Burtha J. (10-16-1915) 454LI Bk C White
McNair, W.G. Pace, Rubie 7-4-1913 402 Bk C White
McNamara, J.W. Hardeman, Annie 10-24-1897 60 Bk C White
McNamora, J.W. Hardemon, Annie (12-14-1896) 50LI Bk C White
McNeese, Augustus Chaney, Mattie Kate (6-5-1902) 1S1LI Bk C White
McQueen, Martin A. Yates, Mary B. 1-16-1898 68 Bk C White
McRae, Charles D. Reid, Lizzie Lee 12-22-1893 5 Bk C White
McRae, Clyde Ashley, Rutha 12-22-1904 216 Bk C White
McRae, J.E. Mitchell, Lougene 1-22-1901 122 Bk C White
McRae, Waldo E. Womble, Minnie 5-30-1909 310 Bk C White
McSwain, Thomas Nasworthy, Minnie Lee 7-18-1915 449 Bk C White
Nance, Jas. F. Stubbs, Rubie E. 10-17-1909 317 Bk C White
Nasworth, A. Mann, Sallie 12-9-1894 20 Bk C White
Nasworthy, W.A. McCall, Rebecca 12-26-1897 65 Bk C White
Neese, H.M. Tyler, Margret 6-29-1919 538 Bk C White
Nelson, John Henry White, Annie 7-3-1911 355 Bk C White
Nesmith, J.B. Evans, Babe 7-25-1901 132 Bk C White
New, Dewey Johnson, Mattie (4-10-1920) 559LI Bk C White
Newell, Alfred Massey, Gussie 3-29-1914 420 Bk C White
Newell, E.J. Watson, Elner 11-11-1900 117 Bk C White
Newell, E.M. Hunter, Carrie May (1-18-1919) 528LI Bk C White
Newell, E.M. Stone, Mrs. Annie 11-16-1919 547 Bk C White
Newell, Jeffle Warren, Davie 12-20-1908 304 Bk C White
Newman, J.W. Beckham, Flora 1-6-1898 67 Bk C White
Newman, J.W. McDuffie, Abbie 7-24-1904 204 Bk C White
Newman, J.W. Hatcher, Aline 3-23-1909 309 Bk C White
Newmans, Lonnie Heath, Alma 3-12-1916 462 Bk C White
Nicholson, E.F. Rodgers, Virgie Mae 6-17-1906 259 Bk C White
Nicholson, O.H. Taylor, Mary J. (12-19-1917) 504LI Bk C White
Nipper, H.F. Hall, Teepie 9-29-1905 236 Bk C White
Nipper, J.R. Hall, Frances 10-26-1905 238 Bk C White
Nipper, Jas. A. Mitchell, Emma 5-2-1897 54 Bk C White
Nipper, W.A. Brown, Maggie 12-24-1914 439 Bk C White
Nix, Doc Wyatt, Virginia 11-6-1898 80 Bk C White
Nixon, Cullen Joiner, Annie May 2-10-1921 577 Bk C White
Noble, G.R. Jones, Lena 11-8-1904 213 Bk C White
Noble, Joseph C. Whitten, Vesta Kate 6-10-1913 399 Bk C White
Noble, William McCook, Lula 3-18-1900 106 Bk C White
Norris, John B. Roberts, Rosa B. 12-15-1895 33 Bk C White
Norris, W.T. Hussey, Annie 9-23-1894 17 Bk C White
Norton, Ed J. Vessel, Myrtle 1-28-1906 248 Bk C White
Nunnally, Cleon Sims, Clara 2-1-1918 507 Bk C White
Nunnery, E.L. Webb, Camilla 1-8-1899 87 Bk C White
Oderfield, Victor Brooks, Beatris 12-4-1898 81 Bk C White
Odom, E.A. Hopson, Matilda 4-19-1894 12 Bk C White
Odom, J.A. Gibbs, Sallie 6-5-1898 73 Bk C White
Odom, J.L. Odom, Rachel 2-25-1901 125 Bk C White
Odom, J.W. Clements, Annie 1-8-1906 247 Bk C White
Odum, Lee Dykes, Mrs. Mollie 1-18-1915 441 Bk C White
Odum, Wash Wright, Ada Rebecca 12-7-1902 166 Bk C White
Ogilvie, W.H. Miller, Pearl 12-6-1900 118 Bk C White
Oglesby, J.M. Bloodworth, Lizzie 10-15-1903 186 Bk C White
Olds, Amos W. Cross, Mary 12-30-1906 270 Bk C White
Olds, P.E. Hill, Lizzie 12-5-1912 390 Bk C White
Olds, Vernon D. Taylor, Susie 5-5-1912 376 Bk C White
Oliver, E.M. Carnes, Susie K. 11-13-1916 477 Bk C White
Oliver, Wm. C. Mixon, Minnie E.  2-18-1897 52 Bk C White
O'Neal, James Calhoun, Lina  4-19-1903 177 Bk C White
Osborn, R.G. Howington, Cora  10-25-1910 339 Bk C White
Outlaw, T.J. Lawson, Martha (Mattie)  9-26-1895 29 Bk C White
Owens, C.J. Henderson, Eliza J.  2-11-1917 485 Bk C White
Owens, Curtis Peacock, Audre G.  (4-28-1917) 489LI Bk C White
Owens, J. Hardy Doster, Nannie  7-19-1905 233 Bk C White
Owens, J.N. King, Hattie M.  8-1-1920 565 Bk C White
Owens, J.W. Bishop, Nannie  12-10-1904 215 Bk C White
Owens, James Martin, Frances  4-15-1897 53 Bk C White
Owens, James Crawford, Martha A.  8-28-1904 206 Bk C White
Owens, James D. Cobb, Ella  8-13-1893 3 Bk C White
Owens, Jessie A. Faulkner, Sussie  5-28-1902 150 Bk C White
Owens, Joe Herndon, Claudie 4-1-1917 472 Bk C White
Owens, John Bishop, Eunice (11-24-1904) 213LI Bk C White
Owens, John J. Meadows, Georgia 9-8-1901 134 Bk C White
Owens, Thos. H. Mitchell, Lucy Estell 6-9-1907 276 Bk C White
Owens, W.B. Jackson, Esther J. 6-11-1899 93 Bk C White
Owens, W.M. Ambrose, Lizzie 1-26-1902 145 Bk C White
Owens, Wm. J.G. Johnson, Ellen 10-25-1896 43 Bk C White
Owens, William Sutton, Emma (12-20-1907)287LI Bk C White
Owens, William Henry Clark, Bertha 3-4-1917 485 Bk C White


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