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Marriage Book C - White
J-L Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Jackson, S.N. Cobb, Mary 4-15-1906 251 Bk C White
Jackson, Will J. Dubose, Sudie E. 4-1-1917 487 Bk C White
James, Thomas T. Strickland, Fleta G. 8-10-1897 56 Bk C White
James, William Harris, Mollie (5-27-1913) 401LI Bk C White
Jarrard, H.G. Yates, Bessie 3-1-1918 510 Bk C White
Jarrard, J.A. Bush, Celia V. 5-24-1917 491 Bk C White
Jenkins, James May, Mattie 6-27-1900 110 Bk C White
Jenkins, Robert Christmas, Mattie 4-12-1908 293 Bk C White
Jernigan, J.H. McDuffie, Mattie 11-21-1918 522 Bk C White
Jett, H.A. Nipper, Sarah A. 8-13-1911 348 Bk C White
Johnson, A.J. Addison, Viola G. 12-15-1912 391 Bk C White
Johnson, Amos Minshew, E.J. 12-18-1906 268 Bk C White
Johnson, C.B. Hall, Walty 11-21-1900 116 Bk C White
Johnson, Charlie Lacey, Lena 1-7-1905 221 Bk C White
Johnson, Clarence Blizard, Eula 12-13-1914 438 Bk C White
Johnson, E.W. Gordon, Edna 1-17-1897 51 Bk C White
Johnson, Frank Crenshaw, Emma 8-29-1915 450 Bk C White
Johnson, Frank H. Clements, Mary L. (9-3-1917) 497LI Bk C White
Johnson, Frank H. Bennett, Lula May 1-26-1919 527 Bk C White
Johnson, J.C. Keen, Lizzie 9-4-1902 157 Bk C White
Johnson, J.C. Gibbs, Anner 3-6-1912 372 Bk C White
Johnson, J.H. Mitchell, Fannie 5-28-1911 353 Bk C White
Johnson, J.I. Lacey, M.M. (11-25-1904) 214LI Bk C White
Johnson, J.N. King, Katie 9-1-1918 520 Bk C White
Johnson, J.T. Sheeley, Ella 1-5-1904 192 Bk C White
Johnson, James Howard, Missie 9-25-1893 4 Bk C White
Johnson, James A. Warren, Lucy 1-20-1918 507 Bk C White
Johnson, James I. May, Pearl 8-11-1901 132 Bk C White
Johnson, John Lister, Florence 4-26-1903 178 Bk C White
Johnson, John Gregory, Lizzie 8-28-1904 206 Bk C White
Johnson, John T. Atkinson. Eliza (5-5-1896) 42LI Bk C White
Johnson, L.E. Crenshaw, Emma (7-31-1914) 426LI Bk C White
Johnson, Mack Deen, Hattie 7-18-1903 182 Bk C White
Johnson, Ossie Bagwell, Mary J. 7-1-1917 493 Bk C White
Johnson, P.C. Owens, Pearl 8-27-1916 470 Bk C White
Johnson, P.F. Jones, Omie 4-7-1912 375 Bk C White
Johnson, P.M. Fitzgerald, Minnie 3-7-1920 557 Bk C White
Johnson, W.H. Martin, Irene 8-19-1894 16 Bk C White
Johnson, Willie Watson, Mamie 9-15-1907 281 Bk C White
Johnston, Theodore C. Cannon, Bertha C. 6-12-1915 447 Bk C White
Joiner, Curtis Barton, Lillie 12-8-1901 140 Bk C White
Joiner, Johnnie Daniels, Blanch 10-10-1919 543 Bk C White
Joiner, L.E. Thigpen, Mrs. Emma 1-31-1906 248 Bk C White
Joiner, L.F. Lawson, Ella 6-19-1920 563 Bk C White
Joiner, Levy Howard, Alice 7-17-1910 309 Bk C White
Jones, A.O. Croom, Gertrude 2-7-1897 52 Bk C White
Jones, C.E. Warren, Lillie 9-15-1907 281 Bk C White
Jones, Clarence Holmes, Willie 10-16-1909 318 Bk C White
Jones, E.E. Dickerson, Grace 12-31-1911 368 Bk C White
Jones, J.A. Bruce, Alice 12-26-1901 142 Bk C White
Jones, Joe Cranford, Rosa 1-20-1918 507 Bk C White
Jones, John Pope, Martha 5-11-1902 150 Bk C White
Jones, John Hillard, Sallie 6-18-1907 277 Bk C White
Jones, M.C. Fenn, Rena 10-15-1895 30 Bk C White
Jones, Marion Burnhard, Nonie 10-22-1911 362 Bk C White
Jones, S.O. Grinstead, Catherine 7-11-1909 313 Bk C White
Jones, Thomas Reed, Willie (7-13-1912) 380LI Bk C White
Jones, Thomas Martin, Eula 11-24-1912 388 Bk C White
Jones, V.B. Watson, Mary 12-13-1906 268 Bk C White
Jones, W.B. Barnes, Nettie 12-24-1899 100 Bk C White
Jones, W.M. Fountain, Mary 8-26-1893 4 Bk C White
Jordan, Albert Fitzgerald, Ida 1-4-1894 9 Bk C White
Jordan, Gordon L. Bagby, Rosa L. 11-11-1900 117 Bk C White
Jump, George Yancey, Eva 3-9-1912 373 Bk C White
Keel, Stephen Keen, Mamie 8-28-1898 76 Bk C White
Keen, Charles T. Powell, Nora 7-8-1900 111 Bk C White
Keen, J.A. Watson, Mary 8-25-1898 75 Bk C White
Keen, J.A. Smithhart, Lizzie 10-26-1902 161 Bk C White
Keen, J.B. Young, Nancy 8-17-1905 236 Bk C White
Keen, J.H. Turner, Taithey 7-15-1902 153 Bk C White
Keen, James P. Self, Sibbie 12-26-1897 67 Bk C White
Keen, Joe Anderson, Willie 4-2-1909 309 Bk C White
Keen, John H. Lindsey, Rosa 6-3-1906 258 Bk C White
Keen, Josiah McDuffie, Tracy M. 9-4-1904 207 Bk C White
Keen, L.H. Hartsfield, Flora 5-4-1905 228 Bk C White
Keen, Luther Lollis, Bessie Mae 12-12-1914 438 Bk C White
Keen, Oscar Conner, Sallie 12-28-1919 553 Bk C White
Keen, Phillip Turner, Rutha 10-10-1901 137 Bk C White
Keen, Phillip Lawrence, Mrs. Mattie 5-14-1916 464 Bk C White
Keen, T.W. Long, Georgia 10-1-1911 361 Bk C White
Keen, W.H. Long, Sarah (5-6-1911) 352LI Bk C White
Keen, W.H., Jr. Long, Sarah 12-25-1914 439 Bk C White
Keen, Wm. A. Keen, Sarah E. 12-30-1894 22 Bk C White
Keeny, W.R. Blow, Florence 6-3-1906 258 Bk C White
Kelley, Chas. O. Guthrie, Belle 2-29-1920 556 Bk C White
Kelley, Ross Proctor, Alice 6-16-1919 537 Bk C White
Kelley, Sam Hightower, Emma 4-15-1914 421 Bk C White
Kendrick, Arthur Spivey, Della 8-20-1910 334 Bk C White
Kennedy, Foster Harris, Minnie Lee 12-27-1913 415 Bk C White
Kennedy, T.P. Killiard, Florence E. 5-18-1918 514 Bk C White
Kennedy, W.H. Bishop, M.A. 2-4-1902 146 Bk C White
Kenney, John T. Roberts, Bernice I. 6-2-1904 202 Bk C White
Kennon, Tommie Carter, Mary 12-21-1904 208 Bk C White
Ken, Richard H. Mayo, Mary N. 1-15-1899 88 Bk C White
Kidd, A.D. Segres, Clara 1-8-1911 346 Bk C White
Kilgore, Swannie Busbie, Ida 3-15-1909 308 Bk C White
King, A.J. Nipper, Sudie 12-22-1912 392 Bk C White
King, Ben McKinney, Martha 11-27-1910 342 Bk C White
King, David M. Gordon, Arsey 10-28-1894 18 Bk C White
King, E.P. Miller, Annie Belle 4-2-1905 226 Bk C White
King, G.W. Clark, Mabel 9-22-1912 383 Bk C White
King, Henry L. Luke, Mary E. 10-19-1913 407 Bk C White
King, Henry L. Stanton, Mamie A. 1-1-1919 525 Bk C White
King, J.A., Jr. Henderson, Fannie 12-23-1917 502 Bk C White
King, J.B. Barnes, Lissie 3-9-1904 197 Bk C White
King, J.B. Hartsfield, Mae 8-18-1907 280 Bk C White
King, J.L. Cole, Eve 2-23-1915 442 Bk C White
King, James M. Greson, Della 1-10-1894 10 Bk C White
King, John A. Luke, Mrs. C.S.F. 4-3-1907 274 Bk C White
King, John M. Burnett, Genevery 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
King, John W. Perry, Maudie Lee 10-6-1895 30 Bk C White
King, Leon Hickmon, Maud 4-10-1910 328 Bk C White
King, Thomas Greeson, Cammie 10-9-1904 209 Bk C White
King, W.A. Gibbs, Ina (7-24-1920) 564LI Bk C White
King, W.L. Young, Ida 11-27-1912 389 Bk C White
King, William D. Gorday, Ella M. 7-19-1896 44 Bk C White
King, Willie Keen, Ola 1-1-1911 344 Bk C White
Kinlaw, D.C. Kandley, Mrs. M.J. 11-25-1894 19 Bk C White
Kirnan, John Skipper, Fannie 2-16-1896 37 Bk C White
Kirtley, R.D. Powell, Nora 7-29-1906 262 Bk C White
Knight, Jack Gibbs, Mary 2-14-1914 419 Bk C White
Knight, John H. Warren, Nora Belle 7-31-1918 517 Bk C White
Kurr, B.F. Kelly, Susie P. 2-6-1917 483 Bk C White
Lacey, E.R. McDuffie, Lucile 10-24-1920 569 Bk C White
Lacey, J.A. McDuffie, Lizzie 6-7-1908 295 Bk C White
Lacey, J.B. Odom, Crisy 11-19-1905 240 Bk C White
Lacey, J.G. McDuffie, Ida 8-26-1911 359 Bk C White
Lacey, James Johnson, Mary (9-30-1905) 236LI Bk C White
Lacey, Joe Wilson, Gon 9-18-1920 570 Bk C White
Lacey, John H. Harris, Alma V. 12-26-1920 573 Bk C White
Lacey, Johnie Martin, Alver 9-5-1909 315 Bk C White
Lacey, Robert Linzey Pendergrast, Laurian Pearl 6-25-1916 466 Bk C White
Lacey, Seaborn Martin, Minnie  9-17-1899  95 Bk C White
Lacey, William Christmas, Eula 1-25-1903 172 Bk C White
Laidler, J.C. Doster, Carrie 11-29-1916 478 Bk C White
Lamb, David A. Piland, Mamie E. (9-16-1896) 47LI Bk C White
Lamb, G.W. Dimmons, Sussie 12-24-1903 190 Bk C White
Lamb, G.W. Simmons, Annie 8-29-1912 383 Bk C White
Lamb, Hub Holliway, Dora 1-14-1909 306 Bk C White
Lamb, J.D. Finch, Mrs. Mae 8-20-1916 470 Bk C White
Lamb, John Homer Hill, Edna Elizabeth 10-26-1902 160 Bk C White
Lamb, W.G. McCall, Ola (4-23-1906) 254LI Bk C White
Land, E.D. Patterson, Neoma 3-5-1921 577 Bk C White
Land, Fed Clance, Evie 6-22-1913 401 Bk C White
Land, Fred Parson, Lizzie 1-20-1898 68 Bk C White
Land, George Cawley, Clyde 12-21-1919 551 Bk C White
Land, J.B. Wilcox, Saide 12-17-1905 245 Bk C White
Land, J.C. Martin, Mattie 12-24-1895 33 Bk C White
Land, Jesse Wright, Lizzie 11-5-1916 476 Bk C White
Land, Robert Bowman, Minnie 12-12-1920 572 Bk C White
Land, Wesley Carr, Mrs. Willie 11-30-1919 548 Bk C White
Lane, G.M. Bullington, Hettie M. 12-13-1899 98 Bk C White
Lane, J.T. Coleman, Matilda 1-15-1914 417 Bk C White
Lane, John Dennis, Emma 8-1-1903 183 Bk C White
Lane, W.W. Gorday, E.S. 6-27-1902 150 Bk C White
Laricy, J.H. Elkins, Nancy J. 1-13-1897 51 Bk C White
Lashley, E.E. Weeks, Elizabeth P. 10-14-1912 385 Bk C White
Lasseter, A.Z. Fitzgerald, Edna 2-22-1920 556 Bk C White
Lasseter, C.C. Poole, Mattie 5-3-1905 227 Bk C White
Lasseter, S.P. Barnes, May 12-26-1899 101 Bk C White
Lasseter, Zadock Wilder Allen, Eva Gertrude 6-14-1894 14 Bk C White
Lavender, Roy Guest, Georgia 8-2-1909 314 Bk C White
Law, Gaston Gaines, Annie B. 4-9-1911 351 Bk C White
Lawhorn, T.J. Gibbs, Viola 4-13-1904 199 Bk C White
Lawson, James E. Stevens, Annie B. 2-23-1920 556 Bk C White
Lawson, Turner Watson, Ella 1-14-1906 246 Bk C White
Lawson, W.A. Statham, Annie 8-13-1902 156 Bk C White
Layfield, D. Hardy, Elon 12-22-1907 285 Bk C White
Layfield, Duce Braswell, Effie 12-24-1903 190 Bk C White
Layfield, E.I. Conner, Alice L. 8-18-1918 518 Bk C White
Ledbetter, J.C. Hunt, Euna 10-12-1900 114 Bk C White
Ledford, Geo. Gibbs, Eland 1-10-1915 441 Bk C White
Ledford, Phillip Holt, Trollie 1-6-1918 506 Bk C White
Lee, John T., Jr. Freeman, Alice 8-29-1912 383 Bk C White
Lee, Lott Warren Slaughter, Elizabeth 12-25-1913 412 Bk C White
Lee, R.E. Cohen, Nannie 12-23-1894 21 Bk C White
Leggette, J.E. Shannon, Sarah O. 4-24-1910 329 Bk C White
Lemon, W.N. Harpe, Minnie (1-25-1917) 483LI Bk C White
Leverett, A.J. Allen, Dessie Maye 7-3-1921 582 Bk C White
Lewis, A.J. Graham, Susie D. 12-9-1906 267 Bk C White
Lewis, Hardy Brook, Birdie (1-13-1898) 68LI Bk C White
Lewis, T.W. Hightower, Francis R. 2-28-1909 308 Bk C White
Lister, W.J. Banks, Eula 12-25-1910 343 Bk C White
Little, A.Z. Procter, S.M. 12-16-1894 21 Bk C White
Little, John G. Dean, Anna Bell 4-2-1894 12 Bk C White
Little, P.S. Green, Cortes 6-29-1910 331 Bk C White
Littlefield, T.P. Modlin, Helen 11-21-1896 49 Bk C White
Livingston, Audie Taylor, Rebecca 10-8-1902 160 Bk C White
Livingston, Frank Stone, Victoria 11-23-1920 571 Bk C White
Livingston, John J. Cantrell, Alice C. 6-9-1918 515 Bk C White
Livingston, John J. Crenshaw, Willie Mae 3-12-1920 557 Bk C White
Livingston, Luther Coleman, Martha 3-24-1895 25 Bk C White
Livingston, Luther Fitzgerald, Mrs. Ida 6-12-1920 562 Bk C White
Ligan, W.T. Collins, Mrs. Mary 10-21-1912 385 Bk C White
Lollis, Rozell Guest, Bessie 5-1-1910 329 Bk C White
Long, John Ryals, Chattie 10-24-1909 319 Bk C White
Lott, D.W. Dean, Nettie 2-14-1900 105 Bk C White
Love, J.W. Harvey, Belle 12-19-1909 321 Bk C White
Loveless, Thomas A. Lockamy, Odell (11-14-1914) 434LI Bk C White
Lovett, G.W. Jones, Mollie (10-25-1902) 162LI Bk C White
Lovett, H.C. Sapp, Dora 6-25-1905 231 Bk C White
Lovett, J.C. Anderson, Essie 1-4-1914 416 Bk C White
Lovett, J.E. Adams, Minnie 12-22-1912 393 Bk C White
Lovett, J.F. Winslett, Eugenic 12-2-1900 117 Bk C White
Lovett, James F. Pope, Laura 4-1900 273 Bk C White
Lovett, John F., Jr. Whiten, Mary M. 4-16-1906 254 Bk C White
Lovett, Marion Jones, Mattie 9-6-1899 95 Bk C White
Lovett, Moses McDuffie, Lillie 11-1-1908 301 Bk C White
Lovett, R.T. Cook, Claudia Lee 7-8-1915 448 Bk C White
Lovett, Robert Blue, Mary Lottie 6-1-1919 536 Bk C White
Lowery, B.M. Buckhalter, Nannie (9-23-1911) 361LI Bk C White
Lowery, Byron Reeves, Lizzie 11-15-1905 240 Bk C White
Lowery, John Williford, Clifford 3-6-1916 461 Bk C White
Lowie, J.R. Kidd, Latitia 6-1-1919 534 Bk C White
Loyd, John Henry White, Annie L. 1-23-1910 325 Bk C White
Loyd, Will Coby, Annie Lou 6-12-1921 582 Bk C White
Luke, Charlie J. Taylor, Nannie Lee 4-27-1912 375 Bk C White
Luke, James Perry, Neoma 9-10-1901 133 Bk C White
Luke, Jessie Taylor, Mary 6-5-1895 26 Bk C White
Luke, T.J. Wootten, Ollie 10-10-1900 108 Bk C White
Luke, W.R. Horton, Mae (8-31-1904) 206LI Bk C White
Lupo, R.L McKinney, Nannie L. 10-14-1900 115 Bk C White


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