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Marriage Book C - White
J-L Brides

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Owens, W.B. Jackson, Esther J. 6-11-1899 93 Bk C White
Pearce, Lonnie W. Jackson, Etta P. (8-20-1912) 382LI Bk C White
Bagley, William W. Jackson, Leonora E. 2-4-1904 195 Bk C White
Brown, Walter E. Jackson, Mary V. 12-31-1916 481 Bk C White
Futch, W.I. Jackson, Mrs. Alice 10-10-1909 317 Bk C White
Graham, Decatur Jackson, Pearl 6-23-1912 378 Bk C White
Hilliard, Guss Jackson, Violla (3-12-1912) 373LI Bk C White
Perry, W.B. Jacobs, Dora 6-19-1893 2 Bk C White
Smith, G.L. Jett, Caplena 12-21-1919 551 Bk C White
Youmans, A.S. Johnson, Adna 9-1-1914 429 Bk C White
Mashburn, Henry, Jr. Johnson, Alma 12-27-1911 366 Bk C White
Conner, John C. Johnson, Annie 5-25-1897 55 Bk C White
Carnes, C.C. Johnson, Blanch 3-15-1917 486 Bk C White
Baker, William H. Johnson, Callie (8-3-1918) 517LI Bk C White
Horne, J.P. Johnson, Carrie Mae 6-14-1914 424 Bk C White
Allen, J.E. Johnson, Dollie 2-25-1914 420 Bk C White
Carnes, Barney E. Johnson, Eleanor Mae 12-21-1920 573 Bk C White
Owens, Wm. J.G. Johnson, Ellen 10-25-1896 43 Bk C White
Williams, Edd Johnson, Erma B. 5-20-1906 257 Bk C White
Riviere, O.P. Johnson, Florence 8-9-1902 155 Bk C White
Brown, Tom Johnson, Gertrude 9-20-1916 472 Bk C White
Watson, Charlie Johnson, Lizzie 8-18-1907 280 Bk C White
Lacey, James Johnson, Mary (9-30-1905) 236LI Bk C White
Swain, William Johnson, Mary (12-17-1902) 168LI Bk C White
Black, Homer Johnson, Mattie 8-22-1920 566 Bk C White
New, Dewey Johnson, Mattie (4-10-1920) 559LI Bk C White
Wilson, Thomas Johnson, Mattie 10-15-1916 474 Bk C White
Hickson, Mathew H. Johnson, Mrs. Georgia 3-4-1906 251 Bk C White
Adkinson, Hizzy Johnson, Nancy E. 5-10-1896 42 Bk C White
Howell, H.D. Johnson, S.A.E. 1-5-1902 143 Bk C White
Rushin, Otis William Johnson, Sarah 4-27-1921 580 Bk C White
Cook, J.S. Joiner, Abbie 12-25-1900 120 Bk C White
Nixon, Cullen Joiner, Annie May 2-10-1921 577 Bk C White
Fleeman, Charlie Joiner, Carrie Mae (12-4-1909) 320LI Bk C White
Howell, J.F. Joiner, Edna 1-27-1907 271 Bk C White
Williamson, W.T. Joiner, Lizzie 7-11-1915 448 Bk C White
McLeod, William Joiner, Mollie 9-1-1904 207 Bk C White
Statham, Nathaniel Joiner, Vanneas (4-15-1911) 351LI Bk C White
Daniel, W.L. Jones, Annie 3-17-1912 373 Bk C White
Bagby, William M. Jones, Annie K. 3-23-1913 398 Bk C White
Parker, Robert A. Jones, Annie K. 2-13-1921 577 Bk C White
Bruce, Steve Jones, Ida May 1-11-1920 554 Bk C White
Noble, G.R. Jones, Lena 11-8-1904 213 Bk C White
Henderson, Lod H. Jones, Lizzie 7-16-1905 231 Bk C White
Ham, Freeman Jones, Lula 2-16-1913 395 Bk C White
Lovett, Marion Jones, Mattie 9-6-1899 95 Bk C White
Carmichael, John D. Jones, Minnie L. 1-12-1896 34 Bk C White
Lovett, G.W. Jones, Mollie (10-25-1902) 162LI Bk C White
Johnson, P.F. Jones, Omie 4-7-1912 375 Bk C White
Peacock, Looney 0. Jones, Sallie W. 12-25-1904 216 Bk C White
Conley, Ely Jones, Susie 1-3-1915 438 Bk C White
Carr, G.L. Jones, Willie 12-25-1907 288 Bk C White
Chanclor, R.P. Jordan, Addie 5-11-1913 400 Bk C White
Miller, Erastus Jordan, Fannie 8-21-1914 428 Bk C White
Bowen, Wright Jordan, Minnie 2-25-1912 393 Bk C White
Smith, B.G. Jordan, Ora 2-27-1911 348 Bk C White
Yawn, J.W. Jump, Lee 12-30-1905 246 Bk C White
McLeod, William Jump, Pearl 11-22-1914 435 Bk C White
Kinlaw, D.C. Kandley, Mrs. M.J. 11-25-1894 19 Bk C White
Hartsfield, Arthur Keen, Adel 11-5-1911 363 Bk C White
Weldon, Glenn Keen, Alice 1-1-1911 345 Bk C White
Wilson, H. Keen, Annie 9-9-1907 282 Bk C White
Eldridge, Homer J. Keen, Belle 12-3-1919 549 Bk C White
Baker, Owen Keen, Carrie 5-19-1918 514 Bk C White
Garrett, F.E. Keen, Ellen 1-12-1908 290 Bk C White
Gibbs, Dave Keen, Ellen (10-19-1902) 160LI Bk C White
Holliway, Murrell Keen, Emma 12-14-1913 411 Bk C White
Gibbs, Rollie Keen, Fannie 1-12-1908 290 Bk C White
Sapp, T.F. Keen, Fannie 4-15-1917 488 Bk C White
McClung, Luther Keen, Isola 2-2-1905 223 Bk C White
Johnson, J.C. Keen, Lizzie 9-4-1902 157 Bk C White
Stone, J.A. Keen, Louisa E. 12-31-1893 8 Bk C White
Wilson, James Lee Keen, Lugene 6-13-1915 447 Bk C White
Keel, Stephen Keen, Mamie 8-28-1898 76 Bk C White
Hutcherson, Leslie Keen, Mary 1-25-1908 306 Bk C White
Mays, Postell Keen, Mary 5-2-1920 560 Bk C White
Gibbs, W.C. Keen, Mattie 1-4-1900 102 Bk C White
Boman, J.J. Keen, Mollie 12-23-1897 66 Bk C White
Britt, Willis Keen, Nancy 12-3-1903 187 Bk C White
King, Willie Keen, Ola 1-1-1911 344 Bk C White
Standridge, Bryan Keen, Ola 12-21-1919 549 Bk C White
Parsons, Arthur W. Keen, Pearl 8-14-1918 518 Bk C White
Keen, Wm. A. Keen, Sarah E. 12-30-1894 22 Bk C White
Dorminey, Z.A. Keen, Sibbie 6-15-1902 151 Bk C White
Garrett, C.E. Keen, Zilphia (12-1-1906) 267LI Bk C White
Kurr, B.F. Kelly, Susie P. 2-6-1917 483 Bk C White
Lowie, J.R. Kidd, Latitia 6-1-1919 534 Bk C White
Kennedy, T.P. Killiard, Florence E. 5-18-1918 514 Bk C White
Bruce, W.O. Killibru, Clara Mae (12-18-1916) 479LI Bk C White
Brady, K.M. King, Ader E. 9-19-1897 58 Bk C White
Harington, Archie King, Carrie 9-21-1899 96 Bk C White
Hester, Isaih King, Ella 11-29-1908 295 Bk C White
Owens, J.N. King, Hattie M.  8-1-1920 565 Bk C White
Champion, G.W. King, Isabell 1-17-1903 172 Bk C White
Dickerson, Thomas King, Kate 7-2-1911 354 Bk C White
Johnson, J.N. King, Katie 9-1-1918 520 Bk C White
Mitchell, Teorge D King, Lizzie 2-5-1899 89 Bk C White
Hancock, J.J. King, Mary 5-26-1901 127 Bk C White
Schawers, J.J. King, Mrs. Gussie 7-19-1914 426 Bk C White
McCronkey, T.S. King, Mrs. Martha 3-14-1921 579 Bk C White
Beach, Jesse King, Rosa 11-9-1913 410 Bk C White
McBryant, Samuel F. King, Sallie M. 9-26-1896 47 Bk C White
Huling, Andrew Kirkley, Birtha 10-31-1897 61 Bk C White
Barker, Fritz Kitchen, Ola 1-20-1910 324 Bk C White
Prater, J.A. Kitchens, Arorra 12-21-1904 217 Bk C White
Benchina, Louis Kosnerl, Antonia 5-10-1914 422 Bk C White
Whittle, B.W. Lacey, Annie Belle 1-30-1902 146 Bk C White
Evans, Lamar Lacey, Etta 11-7-1915 455 Bk C White
Johnson, Charlie Lacey, Lena 1-7-1905 221 Bk C White
Blizard (Blizzard), Edgar 
Lacey, Lura
10-11-1908 300
Bk C White
Johnson, J.I. Lacey, M.M. (11-25-1904) 214LI Bk C White
Whittle, J.T. Lacey, Mrs. Nancy 9-27-1894 16 Bk C White
Henderson, W.H. Lacey, Nealy 10-14-1900 115 Bk C White
Peacock, Charlie Lacey, Ola 3-30-1907 273 Bk C White
Smith, Virgil Lacey, Rosa Lee 10-3-1915 452 Bk C White
Bundrick, J.J. Lacey, Vanie 7-6-1904 203 Bk C White
Coffee, J.B Lacy, Ida 6-26-1898 74 Bk C White
Cooper, C.F. Laidler, Tallulah Estell 2-30-1901 122 Bk C White
Eason, J.H. Lamar, Annie Lee 10-14-1917 498 Bk C White
Batton, Make Lamb, Fannie 7-3-1900 lic iss. Bk C White
Taylor, G.R. Lamb, Lena (6-25-1901) 130LI Bk C White
Fisher, W.P. Lamb, Maude 3-19-1905 224 Bk C White
Verner, M.E. Lamb, Pearl 9-16-1906 262 Bk C White
Daniels, R.S. Lamb, Sallie 12-9-1900 118 Bk C White
Williamson, W.M. Lancaster, Mrs. Mary 5-29-1904 202 Bk C White
Smith, Joe L. Land, Ada 11-28-1920 571 Bk C White
Gibbs, Albert Land, Alver 12-26-1915 457 Bk C White
Gibbs, R.A. Land, Annie 4-14-1901 126 Bk C White
Peacock, Benjamin W. Land, Bessie L. 5-15-1910 330 Bk C White
McCullar, Samuel J. Land, Estelle 11-10-1907 284 Bk C White
Rhodes, John Land, Nancy (12-15-1897) 64LI Bk C White
Willis, B.J. Land, Rosa E. 11-11-1900 116 Bk C White
Brown, George Land, Sarah 11-1-1914 431 Bk C White
Bruce, J.L. Land, Sarah A. 9-6-1903 184 Bk C White
Cone, S.W. Land, Sibbie 2-9-1896 35 Bk C White
Smith, Barrie Lane, Dora 6-16-1906 256 Bk C White
Graham, Joe Langford, Dasie (6-24-1916) 465LI Bk C White
Brown, D.P. Langford, Marrie 8-15-1909 314 Bk C White
Crumbley, Hardy L. Langley, Katie May (7-2-1917) 493LI Bk C White
Painter, C.F. Lappin, Addie C. 4-8-1896 41 Bk C White
Porter, Geo. Laten, Sarah 11-23-1903 187 Bk C White
Cambell, J.P. Law, Mary E. 5-4-1919 532 Bk C White
Rhodes, J.A. Law, Mollie 8-19-1906 262 Bk C White
Keen, Phillip Lawrence, Mrs. Mattie 5-14-1916 464 Bk C White
Walker, John M. Lawson, Ada 2-25-1894 11 Bk C White
Brown, B.W. Lawson, Carrie (1-25-1918) 507LI Bk C White
Coleman, J.A., Jr. Lawson, Dora 10-25-1900 114 Bk C White
Pearson, Samuel R. Lawson, Dora A. 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Joiner, L.F. Lawson, Ella 6-19-1920 563 Bk C White
Blizard, Oscher Lawson, Julia 12-24-1905 245 Bk C White
Outlaw, T.J. Lawson, Martha (Mattie)  9-26-1895 29 Bk C White
Thompson, John A. Lawson, Roxie 3-6-1901 126 Bk C White
Eaton, J.B. Layfield, Ida 12-16-1916 478 Bk C White
Thompson, Dan Layfield, Lilly Belle 1-30-1921 575 Bk C White
Cross, E.W. Ledford, Ethel (12-17-1908) 303LI Bk C White
Stone, W.B. Ledford, Lillie 4-8-1917 487 Bk C White
Barber, James F. Ledford, Mary J. 12-28-1913 413 Bk C White
Turner, Vance Ledford, Nellie 1-2-1921 573 Bk C White
Batton, Rufus A. Lee, Mary C. 2-1-1900 105 Bk C White
Moye, T.R. Leedy, Rilla  12-20-1899 99 Bk C White
Hogan, O.B. Leidy, Amanda C. 10-4-1905 237 Bk C White
Beckham, O.F. Leidy, Mary E. 9-24-1905 235 Bk C White
Braswell, D.B. Lemon, Nellie 2-17-1918 509 Bk C White
Varn, W.L. Leroy, Onie 2-8-1911 347 Bk C White
Ellis, James H. Lewis, Mattie C. 4-18-1904 200 Bk C White
Greer, Luther P. Linder, Alma 11-10-1913 410 Bk C White
Dyes, William Lindsay, Lilla May 4-27-1919 532 Bk C White
Keen, John H. Lindsey, Rosa 6-3-1906 258 Bk C White
Hopson, Wiley Linzay, Burter 9-23-1900 114 Bk C White
Johnson, John Lister, Florence 4-26-1903 178 Bk C White
Cherry, W.A. Little, Belle 1-10-1900 103 Bk C White
Griffin, Archie Little, Dollie 4-6-1898 72 Bk C White
Ward, J.W. Little, Ida 6-14-1905 230 Bk C White
Sykes, L.S. Little, Lucy 2-1-1898 69 Bk C White
Reaves, T.A. Livingston, Eliza 8-14-1917 496 Bk C White
Richey, A.J. Livingston, Mae 8-11-1907 280 Bk C White
Faircloth, Bennett R. Livingston, Maude 6-25-1905 230 Bk C White
Peterson, John Livingston, May (12-6-1902) 167LI Bk C White
Mixon, G.C., Jr. Livingston, Sula  8-2-1911 358 Bk C White
Calhoun, Lum Lloyd, Mattie 9-24-1911 358 Bk C White
Wilson, G.T. Lock, Ollie 3-27-1921 579 Bk C White
Cantrell, Fred Lockaby, Sallie 6-13-1920 562 Bk C White
Clements, G.W. Lockamy, Odell 12-18-1916 480 Bk C White
Loveless, Thomas A. Lockamy, Odell (11-14-1914) 434LI Bk C White
Smith, Robert Loggins, Alice 1-2-1916 459 Bk C White
Keen, Luther Lollis, Bessie Mae 12-12-1914 438 Bk C White
Goodin, Harry J. Lollis, Gladys 9-27-1919 543 Bk C White
Fussell, David R. Lollis, Janie Lee 2-20-1919 529 Bk C White
Brown, Lance Long, Annie (2-1-1913) 396LI Bk C White
Elder, C.C. Long, Annie (10-21-1912) 386LI Bk C White
Keen, T.W. Long, Georgia 10-1-1911 361 Bk C White
Keen, W.H. Long, Sarah (5-6-1911) 352LI Bk C White
Keen, W.H., Jr. Long, Sarah 12-25-1914 439 Bk C White
Clements, S.W. Lovelace, Mary (7-4-1911) 356LI Bk C White
Skinner, William E. Lovelace, Mrs. Julia A. 8-5-1914 427 Bk C White
Coleman, William T. Lovelace, Sally 4-7-1907 274 Bk C White
Clements, S.W. Loveless, Mary 4-28-1912 376 Bk C White
Chalker, E.L. Lovett, Beatrice 12-29-1913 415 Bk C White
Crook, N.A. Lovett, Catherine 12-9-1894 19 Bk C White
Crenshaw, Charlie Lovett, Lena (4-11-1904) 199LI Bk C White
Gibbs, Willis Lovett, Lincey 9-25-1895 29 Bk C White
Arnett, T.D. Lovett, Mary 1-4-1903 170 Bk C White
Thomas, S.L. Lovett, Mary R. Lena 1-7-1906 243 Bk C White
Harpe, J.M. Lovett, Mattie 10-12-1902 149 Bk C White
Mixon, L.T. Lovett, Mittie  3-19-1911 349 Bk C White
Wilson, S.P. Lovett, Rutha 4-24-1904 200 Bk C White
Yawn, H.T. Lowery, Dad 11-21-1920 571 Bk C White
Hillard, Augustus Lowery, Susie A. (1-17-1912) 370LI Bk C White
King, Henry L. Luke, Mary E. 10-19-1913 407 Bk C White
King, John A. Luke, Mrs. C.S.F. 4-3-1907 274 Bk C White
Sheffield, George Luthers, Cora 6-4-1916 465 Bk C White



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