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Marriage Book C - White
H-I Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Hair, James J. Walden, Ella 11-1-1894 17 Bk C White
Hall, D.K. Smith, Mary 1-1-1911 345 Bk C White
Hall, Henry Gibbs, Rutha 7-7-1900 111 Bk C White
Hall, James Monroe Dicks, Mary Ann 12-27-1896 50 Bk C White
Hall, Lee Weaver, Nettie 12-1-1912 390 Bk C White
Hall, Preston Singletary, Georgia 7-16-1916 467 Bk C White
Hall, S.M. Sutton, Ida J. 4-26-1908 294 Bk C White
Hall, W.M. Barron, Pauline 5-13-1906 256 Bk C White
Ham, E.V. Fields, Minnie 7-25-1916 468 Bk C White
Ham, Freeman Jones, Lula 2-16-1913 395 Bk C White
Ham, J.R. Coley, Minnie Mae (10-7-1910) 338LI Bk C White
Ham, Johnnie Dennard, Martha E. 4-6-1916 463 Bk C White
Hamans, George W. Williams, Maggie 5-8-1904 201 Bk C White
Hamilton, Chas, B. Horne, Annie L. 10-6-1901 137 Bk C White
Hamilton, Charles R. Brown, Mary 5-1-1904 200 Bk C White
Hamilton, D.D. Mauldin, Rachel 4-24-1904 201 Bk C White
Hamilton, E.B. Brown, Bessie 6-23-1910 331 Bk C White
Hamilton, Edgar S. Cato, Daisy 12-31-1905 247 Bk C White
Hamilton, John H. Fisher, Lillie 11-4-1894 19 Bk C White
Hamilton, W.J. Ryles, Emma L. 5-19-1903 179 Bk C White
Hamm, Thomas L. Henson, Margret C. (8-6-1903) 179 Bk C White
Hammock, Henry Calhoun, Susie (1-11-1919) 527LI Bk C White
Hammock, J.T. Mitchell, Annie 9-27-1910 337 Bk C White
Hammond, George Carter, Julia 12-2-1904 209 Bk C White
Hampton, S.J. Spires, Betsie Jane 5-27-1919 534 Bk C White
Hanbery, M.H. Hopson, Tissie (2-20-1901) 124LI Bk C White
Hancock, Dave Hobby, Sarah (1-2-1904) 191LI Bk C White
Hancock, Fred Barrenton, Emma 11-6-1904 212 Bk C White
Hancock, G.W. Bowen, Ethel 10-9-1910 338 Bk C White
Hancock, J.J. King, Mary 5-26-1901 127 Bk C White
Hancock, Joe J. Perry, Ella 6-6-1909 311 Bk C White
Hancock, J.W. Moore, Alice 9-10-1908 300 Bk C White
Hancock, S.B. Bowen, Annie 12-24-1899 101 Bk C White
Hand, Plumer S. Gibbs, Susie A. 2-11-1917 484 Bk C White
Handley, David Elkins, Elizabeth 8-6-1899 94 Bk C White
Handley, G.W. Stone, Nannie 6-23-1912 379 Bk C White
Handley, O.S. Bush, Bashie 7-21-1916 468 Bk C White
Hannah, Frank Sutton, Vear 5-25-1913 400 Bk C White
Hannah, John McDonald, Ola 12-24-1911 367 Bk C White
Hannah, Murdock Gordon, Euna 5-4-1919 533 Bk C White
Hannah, Newton, P. Wilson, Mrs. Hattie 3-16-1919 530 Bk C White
Hannah, Thomas J. Odom, Gatsy 1-30-1910 325 Bk C White
Haralson, Raymond Wright, Lenora E. 8-1-1920 564 Bk C White
Hardin, Thomas P. Bowen, Sula 12-22-1898 84 Bk C White
Hardy, John H. Elkins, Mary E. 2-2-1898 69 Bk C White
Hargroves, Richard Ferrell, Irene 5-11-1919 534 Bk C White
Harington, Archie King, Carrie 9-21-1899 96 Bk C White
Harp, E.H. Brown, Roxie 6-7-1903 180 Bk C White
Harp, Henry A. Freeman, Lizzie I. 11-27-1898 81 Bk C White
Harp, W.I. McGinty, Celia Annie 10-7-1894 18 Bk C White
Harpe, J.M. Lovett, Mattie 10-12-1902 149 Bk C White
Harper, Alonzo Buchan, Eunice 7-8-1906 259 Bk C White
Harper, T.J. Rodgers, Annie 4-17-1904 198 Bk C White
Harper, W.W. Fountain, Lelia (12-23-1903) 190LI Bk C White
Harper, Walter Patterson, Annie Lee 8-18-1918 518 Bk C White
Harrell, Dosie Harrelson, Sussie 10-12-1902 160 Bk C White
Harrell, Elisha Fletcher, Mary Ann (7-1-1893) 2LI Bk C White
Harrell, G.W. Russom, Lillie 12-24-1915 458 Bk C White
Harrell, J.W. Brantley, Mazuria 3-9-1901 125 Bk C White
Harrell, John Bell, Mary J. 12-29-1904 218 Bk C White
Harrell, M.E. Blow, Edna 3-1-1903 174 Bk C White
Harrell, M.W. Stone, Georgia (5-13-1907) 275LI Bk C White
Harrell, Murrell Nixon, Rose (8-6-1920) 565LI Bk C White
Harrell, Theo Walker, Arlie 10-19-1919 544 Bk C White
Harrelson, Charles I. Bullington, Hattey 10-9-1898 78 Bk C White
Harrelson, M.R. Ashley, Frances 9-19-1897 58 Bk C White
Harris, C.B. Summer, Evie 7-3-1905 229 Bk C White
Harris, D.S. Calhoun, Luella 3-13-1894 11 Bk C White
Harris, J.H. Yawn, Mrs. Minnie Lee 11-12-1912 387 Bk C White
Harris, Jarvis B. Owens, Mary E. 6-17-1906 259 Bk C White
Harris, L.D. Adams, Ida 9-25-1906 264 Bk C White
Harris, R.H. Faircloth, Ana (12-27-1904) 219LI Bk C White
Harrison, J.D. Hart, Mrs. Mary 10-22-1916 473 Bk C White
Harrison, W.B. Nasworthy, Delia 9-5-1897 57 Bk C White
Harrison, W.J. Faircloth, Mary L. 4-12-1899 91 Bk C White
Hart, E.M. McCall, Mary 10-12-1905 237 Bk C White
Hartsfield, Arthur Keen, Adel 11-5-1911 363 Bk C White
Harvey, A. Carter, Leola 11-20-1904 213 Bk C White
Harvey, E.L. Causey, Ella 3-5-1916 461 Bk C White
Harvey, H.V. Faircloth, Emma 9-3-1910 336 Bk C White
Harvey, J.L. Barker, Edna 10-3-1899 96 Bk C White
Harvey, Monroe J. Hobby, Mary J. 10-2-1904 209 Bk C White
Harvey, W.A. Faircloth, Eva 12-13-1910 343 Bk C White
Harvey, W.E. Ham, Emma 5-27-1909 310 Bk C White
Haskins, James W. McDuffie, Clifford 11-18-1917 501 Bk C White
Hatcher, R.E. McAnally, Susie (12-23-1916) 479LI Bk C White
Hattiway, Elisha McAnally, Edna 4-2-1911 350 Bk C White
Hawkins, J.J. Grantham, Elmira 10-1-1911 358 Bk C White
Head, James Brown, Annie 1-24-1900 105 Bk C White
Hearn, J.A. Futch, Susie 10-16-1904 210 Bk C White
Hearth, T.N. Harden, Girtrude 12-29-1912 393 Bk C White
Heath, Stephen Davis, Elizabeth 1-25-1904 194 Bk C White
Helms, Frank Standridge, Cora 12-29-1912 394 Bk C White
Helms, H.A. Bellamy, Ollie 7-22-1917 495 Bk C White
Helms, H.A. Williams, Donnie 3-30-1919 531 Bk C White
Helms, H.L. Fussell, Bulah 4-21-1909 310 Bk C White
Helms, H.T. Bruce, M.E. (1-21-1895) 23LI Bk C White
Helms, Henry D. Sewell, Lilla E. 12-25-1918 523 Bk C White
Helms, John W. Statham, Abbie Belle 5-25-1919 535 Bk C White
Helms, Thomas Bellamy, May 6-25-1920 564 Bk C White
Henderson, J.M. Warren, Nealie 3-16-1919 530 Bk C White
Henderson, J.R. Hamilton, Clara 11-2-1902 162 Bk C White
Henderson, James M. Christmas, Lila 1-12-1902 144 Bk C White
Henderson, Lod H. Jones, Lizzie 7-16-1905 231 Bk C White
Henderson, Parker A. McCrimmon, Julia 10-1-1899 96 Bk C White
Henderson, W.H. Lacey, Nealy 10-14-1900 115 Bk C White
Hendley, Robert B. Gammage, Eula E. 9-13-1908 -299 Bk C White
Hendrix, J.B. Rhodes, Cora (4-19-1912) 376LI Bk C White
Hendrix, W.T. Wade, May 6-4-1910 330 Bk C White
Henry, Arthur L. Tomlinson, Alice 11-8-1899 97 Bk C White
Henry, Dave Smith, Ida 12-3-1899 97 Bk C White
Henson, J.A. Duvall, Carrie 8-9-1916 469 Bk C White
Herndon, L.L. Blalock, Leanna 12-24-1911 366 Bk C White
Hester, Isaih King, Ella 11-29-1908 295 Bk C White
Hickmon, Curtis E. Fenn, Genevive T. 6-26-1917 492 Bk C White
Hicks, Reece Pitts, Minnie 1-9-1913 395 Bk C White
Hickson, Mathew H. Johnson, Mrs. Georgia 3-4-1906 251 Bk C White
Hightower, T.C. Coleman, Georgia (8-3-1906) 262LI Bk C White
Hill, J. Thos. Dennard, Carrie C. (12-18-1894) 21LI Bk C White
Hill, Raymond Atkinson, Ola 7-11-1915 449 Bk C White
Hillard, Augustus Lowery, Susie A. (1-17-1912) 370LI Bk C White
Hilliard, Augustus Brown, Mary Susan 1-19-1913 396 Bk C White
Hilliard, Guss Jackson, Violla (3-12-1912) 373LI Bk C White
Hilliard, Herbert Yancey, Ruth (5-27-1919) 536LI Bk C White
Hilliard, Herman Conley, Docia (12-8-1917) 503LI Bk C White
Hilliard, Herman McCranie, Johnnie 8-4-1918 516 Bk C White
Hilliard, J.T. Hilliard, Lessie 2-1-1914 419 Bk C White
Hilliard, Walter Cook, Nina Mae 11-26-1912 389 Bk C White
Hillyard, James Yancey, Viola 7-9-1910 332 Bk C White
Hillyer, Sam Brown, Mary Lizzie (12-18-1909) 322LI Bk C White
Himes, Silas Roberson, Candis 12-16-1897 64 Bk C White
Hines, Addison Edwin Angeley, Boodie Bell 1-15-1902 144 Bk C White
Hobbs, T.F. McBryant, Lora 12-10-1893 7 Bk C White
Hobby, L. Cox, Ida 10-28-1903 187 Bk C White
Hogan, Jessie Paul, Mary 9-22-1896 46 Bk C White
Hogan, O.B. Leidy, Amanda C. 10-4-1905 237 Bk C White
Hogans, J.W. Wood, Sarah 8-12-1904 205 Bk C White
Hogsett, J.F. Spradlin, Burtha (12-5-1914) 436LI Bk C White
Holcomb, Alfred Ashley, Eliza A. 2-1-1894 10 Bk C White
Holiday, William Newell, Polly 3-8-1894 11 Bk C White
Hollingsworth, J.W. Moye, Lona 12-24-1908 302 Bk C White
Holliway, B.H. Garrett, Ollie 9-19-1909 316 Bk C White
Holliway, Murrell Keen, Emma 12-14-1913 411 Bk C White
Holt, J.E. Moore, Fannie 4-8-1906 253 Bk C White
Nolt, J.F. Nobles, Mary 3-16-1920 557 Bk C White
Holt, O.C. Gibbs, Martha 11-11-1917 501 Bk C White
Holt, W.A. Moore, Fannie 1-30-1907 272 Bk C White
Holt, W.A. Tison, Mamie 3-28-1915 444 Bk C White
Holton, Raymond O. Oliver, Edna B. 12-27-1920 572 Bk C White
Hood, J.S. Smith, Kate 6-6-1912 378 Bk C White
Hooper, Greenville Helms, Mattie 11-24-1912 388 Bk C White
Hopson, I.W. Griffin, Nellie 7-18-1894 15 Bk C White
Hopson, J.C. Davidson, Lena 10-20-1918 521 Bk C White
Hopson, J.L. Bowen, Maria 12-14-1919 550 Bk C White
Hopson, J.S. Hizer, Sadie (12-26-1916) 480LI Bk C White
Hopson, Wiley Linzay, Burter 9-23-1900 114 Bk C White
Horn, James Rollins, Mollie (8-28-1895) 28LI Bk C White
Horn, James M. Brady, Emma 11-6-1898 79 Bk C White
Horn, M.C. Hunter, Harrett L. 11-7-1895 31 Bk C White
Horne, J.M. Barrett, Lizzie 12-14-1899 98 Bk C White
Horne, J.P. Johnson, Carrie Mae 6-14-1914 424 Bk C White
Horne, Jonas Odum, Matilda 9-18-1906 263 Bk C White
Home, W.H. Fitzgerald, Fannie (7-9-1901) 131LI Bk C White
House, E.L. Cato, Cora 5-19-1907 275 Bk C White
Howard, Henry Sheffield, Sallie 12-23-1917 504 Bk C White
Howard, J.T. Davis, Lela Belle (5-18-1912) 377LI Bk C White
Howell, A.E. Nasworth, Fannie 9-6-1896 46 Bk C White
Howell, Cicero Sapp, Fannie 12-31-1894 22 Bk C White
Howell, Fred Frost, Julia 7-8-1914, 425 Bk C White
Howell, H.D. Johnson, S.A.E. 1-5-1902 143 Bk C White
Howell, J.F. Joiner, Edna 1-27-1907 271 Bk C White
Howell, John R. Guest, Jessie Lou 10-1-1911 361 Bk C White
Howell, Willis Spires, Estell 9-5-1920 566 Bk C White
Hoyt, Lee Googe, Lola 5-21-1901 128 Bk C White
Huff, J.T. Reynolds, Nettie 10-28-1899 97 Bk C White
Hughes, Fred Howell, Ina 9-18-1910 336 Bk C White
Hughes, Thos. A. Walker, Lollie Bell 2-19-1903 174 Bk C White
Huling, Albert White, Fannie 3-30-1898 72 Bk C White
Huling, Andrew Kirkley, Birtha 10-31-1897 61 Bk C White
Hunt, J.A. Clark, Sallie 12-24-1899 100 Bk C White
Hunter, O.W. Belcher, Mary 12-20-1903 189 Bk C White
Hunter, R.T. Rowe, Carrie Mae 6-25-1911 354 Bk C White
Hunter, Robert V. Hunter, Laura 12-7-1918 523 Bk C White
Hunter, W.D. Roberts, Lella 9-16-1897 57 Bk C White
Hutcherson, H.B. Weeks, Clela 7-15-1908 295 Bk C White
Hutcherson, Leslie Keen, Mary 1-25-1908 306 Bk C White
Hutchinson, W.E. Henson, Mrs. Lillie 12-18-1918 523 Bk C White
Hyde, G.W. Davis, Edna 3-25-1900 106 Bk C White
Inglett, Jasper Barentine, Mary 9-12-1902 157 Bk C White
Inglett, Thomas Stone, Annie 11-1-1905 239 Bk C White
Ingram, Henry Weaver, Jennie 12-16-1910 343 Bk C White
Irby, E.H. Hardeman, May 2-18-1900 106 Bk C White
Ivey, Albert J. Riviere, Addie Estell 3-28-1894 12 Bk C White

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